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  1. In the link you sent, they lined up in a 5-3-2 with no Sterling and Sane/mahrez
  2. Id recommend keeping the tactic the same with their personal traits of cutting in from the wing, the wingers will still get around 10+ goals and assists if they are good enough but if you want, just change the RW to IW(S) with stay wider and take more risks and the LW to a IF(S) on stay wide Don't put "Roam from position" If theres a match which you want to base the tactic off in particular then ill try to replicate it
  3. No problem, also attached my 4-3-3 variant but dont remember how recent i updated it Would love to see how it works out for you,if possible leave updates on this thread please PEP 4-2-4.fmf PEP 4-4-2.fmf PEP2021 4-3-3.fmf
  4. Won the UCL and league (+community shield and super cup) while winning 9-0 in the final against Ajax with Lukaku bagging 6 The play style is accurate to how Pep plays with the Gundogan role(with the exception of goal involvement due to the lack of players that fit the role) replicating especially well
  5. The updated version for FM21 and it works much better (which is probably due to the 2 beasts uptop whose stats have been unreal) Started off poor for the first 5-6 games and we are still in February with these stats The wingers have constantly been injured so their stats do not really reflect how much they influence this team The first image is the tactic for when we play teams we are confident of beating or with a single striker whereas the second tactic is for a more conservative approach Recently sold Mount for £178mill due to his agent being annoying and not signing an extension so currently having to play Gilmour there for the last 3/4 games
  6. In terms of using Haaland, I wouldnt, I only signed him cuz i managed him with my previous side for like a decade and then he was available on a free Im fairly sure his average rating is high cuz i only use him as a sub or against small teams And heres the 2 tactics, they may have been tweaked around since then (Also these are on fm20) PEPS 4-4-2.fmf Peps City 21.fmf
  7. Heres the 4-3-3 varient Just beat City 5-0 in the cup with this variant (which I only use when I have used the 4-4-2 version for long periods of times and feel like switching it up a bit)
  8. With that being said,here is my new and updated take on this system I applied all of the points and understanding and used it to make this tactic. The only difference is that the system is flipped to match my team as, my team is better down the left. Also, the Rodri role is supposed to be on DLP(D), but you can switch it around The Gundogan role is instructed to move further forwards and move into channels, if i need a goal, i tend to change from support to attack. The striker on the opposite side to the gundogan role has been told to play wider so that it can mimic that 5 at the top with gundogan in the half space. In game, depending on opposition,I tinker with the fullbacks, either creating as close to a 3-3-4 , 2-3-5 , or even 3-2-5 as possible I usually switch between this and a watered down version of the system which was heavily inspired by the videos i watched of fergie 07/08 side that is more counter attacking based
  9. Pep's 4-4-2 Things I Noticed: 1.) During the UCL games and some league games, I noticed that City more commonly used a 4-4-2 system then the usually associated 4-3-3 which would then in turn press with a 4-4-2 shape due to either Bernado or KDB pressing higher up. Now at times, depending on Gundogans movements, you can see the double false 9's staying wide to help the winger overload the sides(Sometimes the full backs would join in with either their overlaps or underlaps) and then when City wanted to further their torture Gundogan would sometimes join the attack to add another option with Cancelo then covering him in a double pivot with Rodri. 2.) During the Burnley game a while ago, I had noticed that on the ball they shifted into a shape similar to Cruyffs total football team with the 3-4-3 diamond sometimes, which i reckon was Peps attempt to succeed with his predecessors system. This point doesnt offer much, but felt like saying it as i used this point to help build this system initially. 3.) (This point may be pure waffle, as this is my assumption from watching videos off youtube of this side) In terms of Champions League performances, I drew comparisons with Fergies 07/08 side and the way Fergie managed his side in the UCL. Some of these comparisons include the fact that Pep would willingly concede possession sometimes and drop into a 4-4-2 ( PSG game being the prime example of this) and as said in *point 1*, rather then Peps use of free 8's, he would use a solid base in midfield with Rodri and Gundogan staying back. Theres also the fact that both sides had essentially no pure strikers and both front two's dropping deep to get balls sometimes. Obviously Pep has his own tricks added in to the system but these are things i found similar nonetheless.
  10. The main problem im having is how to fully utilise the SS or is this as good as i can get with that role Id have thought that by dropping the striker and having him start deeper in a AM slot, it would help us in possession but it somehow has seemed detrimental or perhaps its something in my tactic
  11. Ive been switching between AP(S) and Mezzala support to get a role where he goes essentially into a wingback area sometimes to get the ball but i feel like his role is the one im struggling most to recreate. Inregards to defensive shape im happy with how we have been as ive seen the 4-4-2 shape in defence at by making the mezzala close down more. i thought of this but i thought it would isolate the SS too much but i may try again And also for the IW(s), ive noticed when hes paired with and IWB, he has a wide start position so ive just decided that my more techincal fullback will be a IWB while my faster and better crossing fb will be WB(s)
  12. When City came to Stamford Bridge last month, i grew fascinated by the way he set the team especially the De Bruyne role that game, Although you can say the role was a F9, he ended up dropping deeper then a F9 can do in the game which is why I've used him as a SS Since this game, I've watched more of their games and have found roles i believe are accurate to the team however for some reason i cant consistently get 55+% If possible can you provide feedback Peps City 21.fmf
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