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  1. The main problem im having is how to fully utilise the SS or is this as good as i can get with that role Id have thought that by dropping the striker and having him start deeper in a AM slot, it would help us in possession but it somehow has seemed detrimental or perhaps its something in my tactic
  2. Ive been switching between AP(S) and Mezzala support to get a role where he goes essentially into a wingback area sometimes to get the ball but i feel like his role is the one im struggling most to recreate. Inregards to defensive shape im happy with how we have been as ive seen the 4-4-2 shape in defence at by making the mezzala close down more. i thought of this but i thought it would isolate the SS too much but i may try again And also for the IW(s), ive noticed when hes paired with and IWB, he has a wide start position so ive just decided that my more techincal
  3. When City came to Stamford Bridge last month, i grew fascinated by the way he set the team especially the De Bruyne role that game, Although you can say the role was a F9, he ended up dropping deeper then a F9 can do in the game which is why I've used him as a SS Since this game, I've watched more of their games and have found roles i believe are accurate to the team however for some reason i cant consistently get 55+% If possible can you provide feedback Peps City 21.fmf
  4. Is it possible to have my fullbacks mark opponents fullback for goal kicks only, or at least be in a position where they press the opponents fullback heavily
  5. This is my version of Flicks Tactics,I use the player swap options on the DMs and Wingers to get a fluid attack and mimic how Kimmich and Thiago would often swap who would drop into the defence,Ive won back to back leagues with this lyon side I wasnt capable of getting the whole attack scoring last season However depay got 18 goal and assists in both seasons while dembele got 20+ goals but this season i had to pretty much sign a whole new front 4 after United signed Depay back and Aouar for 70mil to Hertha Berlin(surprisingly) and they scored so often splitting the goals through the team
  6. With the possibility of having a front 4 of Werner Pulisic Havertz Ziyech Its a very interesting period and hence i want to recreate that kinda tactic to see how it got the best out of Mata in particular who had a tremendous season and even Torres who clearly lacked confidence still got 20+ goals that season (though it was probably with around 40/50 appearances)
  7. While Mata was at Chelsea,he was my favourite player as he was the first Chelsea player that i really got to watch live that was also left footed(i was around 8ish when he joined and just started to enjoy football as prior to this it was more of a chore due to my siblings) and you also got to factor in his selfless playstyle and when Hazard joined he was my second favourite at the time(eventually becoming my favourite for obvious reasons), the trio Mazacar(Mata,Oscar and Hazard) always entertained especially when they tended to play nice passing passages of play where they would combine
  8. Keep in mind he outscored these 2 although Trincao was tough competition(each had the same amount of goals) till the last couple games where Havertz had an edge due to Penalties
  9. This is how his 2 seasons as an AM(A) ended up before Barca used the release clause that his agent refused to remove, ;(
  10. I was thinking of using him as a AP(s) in games where teams sit back so that he can get onto the ball and help us hold onto the ball while using him as an SS when they are more willing to push up but currently using him as an AM(a) has been working so ill wait to experiment Ill have a read into the thread and possibly incorporate some of the ideas into my tactic
  11. For the first 10 or so games it was going well then i had a rough patch and change the right IW(a) to a Ramdeuter,the left IF(s) to a AP(s) and the right Mezzala to a DLP(s) and results picked back up Havertz is playing as an AM(a) and has 15 goals and 7 assists in 29 games which is quite good for his maiden season and Pedro Neto,the ramdeuter,picked up a couple more goals aswell
  12. Attacking the box isnt the main target its just that i want him to score aswell as assist thus i was wondering whether an AP(s) could score often
  13. Im trying to mimic the false 9 role as i find the actual f9 role to be quite useless so i thought just going strikerless with a well rounded AM would work Signing Havertz is major for me in this save as it is unreal for a wonderkid of his status to join the Mighty Wolves.As was thinking of how to best use i thought to make him the focal point of the team.By using him as the AM i was hoping it would, A)Overload the midfield and B)Create Space for my wingers to exploit and if not then Havertz could show some wizadry thus far it has been a mild success(very mild) but i think its less so the
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