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  1. By the way if you were wondering why i came up with this tactic,i was already planning on trying to copy the Overlapping centrebacks tactic which Sheffield use and then i was defensively solid with it when i used it with Milan but i learned that my interpretation of it was incorrect and hence tried having fun with the use of 1 CB and 2 FBs on (AU) which would help my top heavy squad against defensive sides
  2. Thanks for the feedback,to avoid the AMC getting into the same positions should i use the AP(S) and if so would it pick up the space left in the centre The 2 CM(S) have the instructions of Stay Wider and Hold Position and the fullbacks have Stay Narrow and Hold Positions,however i dont really mind them going up,but by using the Winger(s) i was hoping they would stretch the play and solely aim to beat their man and put crosses in from the byline (the only instructions on them) with the options being the ST,ACM and the other winger,with the option of passing to the CMs or FB if needed, i thought by having only the ST and ACM down the middle they would shine through individual brilliance
  3. To be fair,Ive been using it against 4-3-3s mainly and as its 1v1 between most positions against the opponents 4-3-3,its about the individuals and it helps that most of the time i have 65% possesion per game
  4. I know this tactic seems overly attacking but surprisingly i have kept clean sheets in almost all games i have used this tactic but cant put away even 1/10th of the chances However,Im unable to get the ST or CAM to get involved through scoring or assisting, The options shown are the players available to use however,i mainly use Lautaro and Mount(Not usually as a SS) Originally, I wanted the CAM to be like a trequartista and pick the ball up from wherever but at the same time i wanted the DM to play like a quarterback(ive never watched NFL but from what i have read in the past its like what i want), Springing long and killer passes however i thought it was overboard so i havent pursued this idea For the striker,im unsure what role would be best for this tactic,using a poacher seems like the wise decision but Lautaro and Tammy are more then just poachers Hence,id like to see the opinions of others,any recommendation will be appreciated
  5. Im trying to learn about lots of interesting teams in recent football history,Chelsea 04-06(the greatest period in Chelseas History),Peps Bayern(Mostly as i know nothing about them) So as a result id like to learn about Klopps Dortmund,who are synonymous with Geggenpressing but id like to see peoples interpretation of the side
  6. I would like to see how Pep set up his Bayern team as I never got the chance to watch his Bayern side From what I have read before,The German league was known to be a counter attacking league(from an article I remember reading) so as a result Pep decided to use IWB which would help the team prepare for counters by covering the centre of the pitch I would also like to know how Pep used Lewandowski.We all know how Pep used Messi as the F9 but I want to see how Pep got Lewandowski to score as much as he did
  7. I want to recreate the Mourinho,Chelsea tactic,Especially the midfield roles I didnt get to experience this team as i was only born in 2003,but growing up in a family that supports Chelsea, Ive always heard the greatness of this side The only way i have been able to see this team is highlights which isnt much help From what ive read the roles would be CM(a)-AP(a)---BWM(s) but in the game i have never been able to make this work A
  8. Sorry,I dont know how to give a link,if possible can someone inform me how to do this ,Thanks The tactic is my own interpretation of combining Klopp and Peps tactics,it has worked thus far but its not my main tactic,its more so for fun and so that i can learn how to adapt it to my main tactic which is based off Brendan Rodgers, Leicester City
  9. Thanks for the reply I have an idea that i am yet to try,but i think it may be risky,I am thinking of moving the wingbacks into the WM(A/S) role but i do not know whether that would work or if its overboard,Ill give it a try and show results hopefully soon
  10. Is there a way to get a wingback to have the attacking influence that the Liverpool fullbacks have,Jamie Carragher likened Trent to a fullback De Bruyne My thought process was to add the player instruction of "Take More Risk" in a Pep and Klopp hybrid system to a well rounded player with good passing and vision,yet I cant maximise the players output or even get him to influence the play even slightly I know i wont be able to get 20+ assists with a team full of creative players but i would like to learn how to get this role so that i can learn how to adapt it to my tactics
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