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  1. I thought as much. Any advice on that spare CM slot? I reckon a CAR would be the safest bet just to shore up that left-hand side even though the DM will help most of the time.
  2. I started a save with Arsenal this past week and I am trying to work toward a 4-3-3 (moreso in the second season once I have recruited a couple of players). Ideally below is the system I want to utilize, does anyone have any feedback on it or suggestions on how to make it better, if there are any weaknesses etc? I have my eye on Kessie from Milan to play either the CAR or BWM role on the left side of midfield. Aim is to play on the front foot and play a fairly quick passing game and I really want to use combination of Tierney, LW and Aubameyang much akin to the Cole/Pires and Henry combination
  3. Thanks for the advice. In what scenarios would tighter marking be best utilised?
  4. I started a new Southampton game attempting to continue the 4-4-2 / 4-2-2-2 shape they use in real life. I had asked about this before, but this is a whole new game whole new tactic. Current tactic I am using is below, the only real PI's I have are for the full-backs to stay wider (LB crossing from deeper, don't want him pushing too far upfield.) and the wingers to both sit narrower in possession. We won 5 of our opening 7 games using a combination of this tactic and another in which I push the AML/AMR to ML/MR respectively. Although since then, it has fallen apart and I have lost 6 in a
  5. I assigned mine to renew staff contracts and ended up with three assistant managers. Didn’t use it again.
  6. On a Dortmund save at the moment and Sancho was wanted by United / Real and Barcelona in the second season but the most anyone would offer was 38m so I swiftly rejected all bids and nobody kicked up a fuss and then I gave him a new 5-year deal.
  7. Started a Sassuolo save today. Does anyone have any ideas for a Jeremie Boga replacement? Fairly certain I will need to sell him either in January or the summer window. Would love to get Saint-Maximin but probably impossible. What's the deal with having so many affiliated Serie A clubs too?
  8. Thanks for the advice, the only point on the MR role is that I really want him cutting inside and playing in the half-spaces, is that still do-able with a wide midfielder if I tell him to sit narrower?
  9. Started a Southampton save with the goal of trying to continue Ralph's philosophy and playing style but having trouble creating chances mainly at the moment. Current tactics below, any pointers would be appreciated!
  10. Looking for left-backs to come in and provide some competition and potentially replace Ryan Bertrand at Southampton. Preferably home-grown but a European talent wouldn’t go amiss. Not looking to spend heaps, maybe no more than £10-£15m. Also younger than 26.
  11. I'm using these with TCS skin - however if the team has a white background you cannot see the team name, is there a way to fix this?
  12. Sorry to sound dumb, but I'm looking for the extended team name with badges on the scoreboard, how to I go about adding this for use with TCS skin? Is there something I can download and place in the skins folder? I'm not overly techy.
  13. I planned to reintegrate Guendouzi into the squad for the second season, yet a week into pre-season he complained about he was being treated despite me not doing anything wrong and then has kicked off to the press. Changed my mind, going to sell him. Anyone else had difficulties with him?
  14. Going to be starting a save with Arsenal soon. Turning the first window budgets off so I will work with what we have for the time-being. I have already made plans for the January / Summer transfer window in terms of outgoings but will have to set up plenty of scouting assignments for the early portion of the season to identify some targets. The side I want to aim for in time for the second season would be something like; GK - Leno DR - Bellerin DL - Tierney DC - Gabriel DC- New signing - preferably a more physical player that will do the basics DM - New signing (maybe even
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