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  1. What will allow it to run smoothly with all leagues enabled?
  2. I’m looking for something which can run them all fairly comfortably
  3. Can anyone please tell me what specs I would need (on a Mac) to run all of the available leagues in FM?
  4. I am not just looking for a laptop...but I want an apple. The nice thing about Apple...is that I can custom build my machine. I want to custom build it in a way that will run the highest detail graphics smoothly...and also be capable of running every league in FM. I realize it won't be a cheap machine...but I don't want to overspend if I don't have to by simply getting the best of everything. EG. 64 GB RAM, 2 TB etc. That will cost me about $4,300 without tax and Apple Care. I get the feeling I can probably accomplish my goal for a little less perhaps. I was wondering if someone here could lead me in the right direction?
  5. I didn't realize ou can't use mods...that is certaintly a negative.
  6. I currently have FM on Steam...but I am thinking of switching over to Stadia. I have a couple of questions however. 1. Is Stadia really that much better in that you can run all of the leagues within FM without any issue regardless of your CPU specs? 2. Will I have to re-purchase FM in order to switch platforms? 3. Overall is it worth it?
  7. if the game consumes less resources, then theoretically, you should be able to allow for real players (not greyed out ones) to fill out squads. They won't be as large of a burden on the system.
  8. Also...perhaps it might mean the elimination of "ghost" players?
  9. wishful thinking...and the biggest reason why I really don't delve into FM
  10. Does this finally open the door for the ability to continue saves from version to version?
  11. If anyone who plays this knows...it would be much appreciated...how exactly can I use general allocation funds to buy down certain contracts in order to help stay under the salary cap? FM prompts me that I can do this when registering players, but I am unsure of where and how to go about it. Thanks for any assistance.
  12. I have tried at sortitoutsi, but pay pal is giving me a very difficult time with security, as I only use it once a year for this very reason. Is there anywhere else I can download the same quality logos and facebooks instantly?
  13. I am 47 and have bought every version up until this year. The reason I haven’t purchased is because each year, I try to get into a save but the ultimately go back to Out of the Park Baseball...which is another good sports management simulator. The big difference between the two is the fact you can carry on (import) a save from version to version over the course of years. With FM, you must begin anew with each new version. FM is likely the more detailed, and better designed of the two, but OOTP is good enough that the ability to carry on each year makes it worth while for me. Anyway, as I said, I am 47 and still love sports management simulators. I’m very tempted to purchase FM...but then I keep reminding myself of what I’ve done every year for the past 19 years!
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