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  1. is really the best I have read in this forum, so detailed, so enjoyable, I'm excited about it, you actually made me personally love the game even more, Congratulations
  2. example in the 2 photos we have a clear overload on the right,but I would like number 10 to go closer. can i achieve this?
  3. let this be a good idea of how to overload one side;
  4. I've really read all your articles about the football you prefer, but I really find it very difficult to make something similar
  5. I see exactly what you say, after some dribbles they shoot, but apparently that was what I had in mind when creating my tactics, I wanted to have fast combinations in the last third. on the left I imagined him in the role of a second striker the reason I do not have him in an if-AT role is because he does not fit Pf I think they will fight for the space in front the goals I concede are again what you say, mainly from disorganized defense 2-3 balls and bam !!! I ate goals summary: what I notice is that up to a point we are doing well, in the last third of the field I say that I have no players in the box, and they are forced to shoot if they have no options
  6. the problem is not just the game with leeds,,generally in most games it really creates a lot but we struggle to score can the attacker be to blame? I do not know what is wrong even the player's traits I have been very careful with what players we need for example i bough jord sancho very expensive purebred winger he doe cut insde with the ball in right side this is exactly what I want for the first time I have what I want from my system and I find it difficult to do it for small details
  7. I have been playing football manager since 2014, but I never tried to do something on my own, I did it now and it really is great,I do not know much about football but I really like football so I decided to play the game for once as it should I started with Arsenal, I am in season 3, in the first season I finished 3rd place and in the 2nd season 4th place for the first time I made transfers methodically and what I need to throw what I want to see I got 2 midfielders who would offer me stability in the midfield is the key to a 4-2-3-1 system (from what I have read in this forum it must be very good to achieve such a system) so i have florentino luis and frank kessie to be able to the full backs to climb higher freely without being exposed to the defense the front 4 are very fast and with very good technical characteristics This is what I want for my tactic, to play a free attacking football (Without giving the ball away easily) I also have very creative central defenders, because I want the attack to start from the defense but unfortunately I do not think I have succeeded yet and I need your help I have these players this system in short I play this even in friendly games we find it difficult to score .. what am I doing wrong? some results to understand .. how many phases we create but we do not do anything wrong??? PF- AT IF-su AP-AT W-su CM-de: Dribble lees CM-de BWM-su BWM-su: take fewer risks, hold position FB-at CD-de BPD-de Wb-su mentality: positive In possession : shorter passing, play out of Defence, Run at defence, be more expressive, higher tempo In transition: Counter prees, Distribute quyckly out of possesion: higher defensive line, use offside trap
  8. when I add the instruction PASS INTO SPACE would it make more sense to add to some players the individual instructions take more risks?
  9. something like that ? DLF S/ F9/S CF/S W (A) SS IF (S) BBM DLP (D) FB S BPD (D) CD (D) FB (A) Posive: shorter passing, POOF,WBIB,be more expressive in transition: sometimes counter press out of possession: higher DL + split with the same roles i tactically become a little more aggressive
  10. 3rd year with Arsenal trying to achieve something else nothing I decided to play a 4-2-3-1 in the 3rd year maybe I will succeed this time with its single instructions if: stay narrow CMs: Take more risks, Hold Position if you could make any change what would it be ?? thanks
  11. To tell the truth, I am not very interested in the occupation, when we just hold the ball, you can do it, I would like a attacking football
  12. i will show you some resfuls, it is the 3rd attemp with arsenal the resfults is not to bad,, the issue is how can i improve my tactics and you surely know something more than me What would you change in that your opinion matters a lot to me
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