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  1. I have started a save with FC Viitorul in the best league in Romania, and I really want to defend in the 4-4-2 shape. This tactic allows me to do exact that combined with having a player in the AM strata. I don't have any players for the CFa role just yet, and I have gone with a PFs role (moves into channels, take fewer risks as PIs) and it works surprisingly well. I'm controlling the matches and even away against FCSB I was able to control the game with this shape and even deserved to win the game, although I lost 2-1 on a freak own goal in the 96th minute. So far I'm really enjoying it.
  2. https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/530110-fm21-gustavo-potterini’s-fondazione-tre-5-2-3-3-4-3-ok-its-really-graham-potter/
  3. My hometown. But you must have improved them as you are in the top division.
  4. I am by no means a tactical expert on this game, but I would think a DLP is a better fit in this setup. I’m also not quite sure about the MEZ.
  5. What’s the reason behind using a MEZ and AP as your double pivot?
  6. I think you have misread his post. He was relegated from the Bundesliga, so his team should be among the better ones.
  7. I was thinking along the same lines as you. You have all three offensive players on support and really nobody to make penetrating runs. Who’s going to attack the space behind your DLFs when he drops down?
  8. I also play with the 4-2-3-1 shape, though I am playing it with a couple of CDMs instead of CMs. I don’t know if that will help out on the problems you are facing. https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/547569-advice-on-my-4-2-3-1-dm/
  9. I use ‘Overlap Left’, because it increases my LBs individual mentality from ‘Balanced’ to ‘Positive’, which from my knowledge will make my pairing on the left play closer together.
  10. Thanks for you analysis and advice. I have removed "Work Ball Into Box", switched to "Standard" width and put my pressing intensity to "Standard" and made a split block with my four offensive players closing down more. On top of the team instructions, my striker is now a DLFa and my CDM pairing is now a DLPd and VOLa. My idea is that the IFa and VOLa will attack the space behind my DLF. Hopefully it'll work out like that.
  11. Hello to you all. This is my first time creating a thread on this forum. I am seeking advice on my 4-2-3-1 DM AM Wide as the game likes to call it. I am playing with Le Havre in Ligue 2. I have played 12 games in the league, my record is 6-5-1 and I have scored 12 goals and conceded 5. You probably know what my problem is basked on that information. Is my selection of roles and duties completely wrong, or am I just being unlucky/lacking skills within my offensive players? I like to play with the DMs as I like having the HB dropping down between my CBs in possession. It's also easier
  12. I’m intrigued to test this out, but I’m not sure how it will mesh with my current Eintracht Braunschweig team. I’m playing a journeyman kind of save, and I probably have to wait until I’m with a better side.
  13. When using the formation with one CB, don’t you give away some easy chances on through balls between the CB and the IWBs?
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