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  1. The attacking tactic has very few, only PI on the AMC. Pretty sure it's dribble more, take risks, and move into channels.
  2. The second key position I'll highlight is the AP-A. This player is very important, as they will either get lost in the shuffle, or be a difference maker. We are looking for production out of this spot that looks like chances created, key passes, and decent numbers of both assists and goals. The player I have in mind is like a hybrid of a shadow striker and an advanced playmaker. In game, I would prefer to use the AM-A p/r/d, but the issue I have with that is the player simply will not get enough touches in the game. So the player will play as an AP-A, but I don't need him to be as much of a p
  3. Key Positions So the best player on the team IMO should be your RPM. He is the heartbeat of the team. With this set of tactical instructions, there is a wide stable team shape, and then opportunities to roam around in the middle looking to set tempo. make quick 1/2 touch passing, but also to seek out the switch or through ball pass which is often available due to the space created by the team shape. How to find a good RPM I always seek to identify either a player on the squad who will nail this position, OR I will sell whatever star player doesn't perfectly fit the mold of one
  4. Well this is interesting, especially one possible takeover candidate is lobbying to replace me!!!
  5. Good eye for detail yourself though in reviewing the tactical differences. So, the two altering tactics have worked extremely well with the Spanish national team. That said, they are truly world class. I'm hanging on to this save to try to win my first ever world cup with them. So far, my Valencia side has taken on well to the two tactics. There are enough similarities in the instructions and style of play across some of the key positions. It seems to be working, but I'm analysing it all very closely. 2. Yes, I had seen that description before on your Ajax squad, etc. My JdP predominantl
  6. What are you wanting, to win games? Them to play like City? If play like city, last year vs this year are very different. Overall though, definitely agree with Johnny, you need just one maybe two playmakers at most if in different strata. I would go with a holding midfielder that's more static, and roaming/playmaker types around him. One a true playmaker makes sense, the other a vanilla CM-S with PI's to mimic a playmaker, Front three look good.
  7. Time for another update. Sorry, I've been busy so haven't posted much on here the past few days. I've been growing frustrated with playing in the PL after 10 years in this save. There's so much parity, too many cups, and the players just get fatigued and start playing poorly. I felt I needed a change. First thing, after noticing I kept being drawn to lots of spanish players, was to go for the Spain national team. I landed the job after the 2030 world cup and have been grooming the player pool and teaching the team my JdP. We have been playing phenomenal. The players crush with this tacti
  8. I adopted some of what I learned here, from the articles, and also my own efforts noted in the post before yours, and then pushed further with similar-ish concepts in my Juego de Posicion tactical series. Maybe check that out. That said, this is a fun and slightly more unique style of play from most of the other typical FM tactics. I would love to see a long save/tactical thread adopting this.
  9. Great question @Big Yellow He's been playing well, average rating is a 7.06. I'll post screenshots. His goals and assists are currently low, but has high key passes, passes complete and decent touches per game.
  10. Ah yes, one other change I forgot about. The AMR, I moved to IW-S, shorter passes, take more risks and still roaming. The AML is now IW-A, stays wider as only PI.
  11. We are two months into the season, my first full season with this tactic on my long term save. Through 15 games, we've only given up 4 goals (that includes the community shield game). With 8 straight shutouts currently going. That includes using our second choice keeper for cup games. So yeah, I think you can say we are pretty darned stable defensively. We are currently in first place, hoping to defend our title we won last year (using this system for about half of it). Updates - I had posted earlier in the thread about some games getting low scoring and feeling s
  12. Interesting, I added dribble less in my juego de posicion tactical thread, but then have particular players the PI to dribble more. As positional play is a big part of Pep's system, I ran a half season simulation with city. All I did was load the tactic and simmed to 12/31/19. City is in first and aguero has 15 goals. Maybe check it out for some ideas.
  13. I'll have an update coming tonight or in the morning. I've been working on a few tactical alternates for different scenarios. I was also planning on doing a player analysis, looking at key traits and stats to look at for the key positions to make this work for other teams.
  14. These are all of the things I normally try. I still use this some although what @Kharza_FM mentioned earlier has been working well as a default.
  15. Finally home after a long day at work, and first game trying this change has been stellar. Ironically, it's my second team playing as we are playing a 19th placed team, but they are crushing it. My AF-A has a hat trick. I'll be interested to see how the main squad all do in the next few games.
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