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  1. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! Fantastic as always. A question. I'm a few years into a save getting Portsmouth all the way up in England. This is our first year in PL and guys are adapting really well to my 4141 (4123) total football tactic. But now we are small fish in the big pond. How would you adjust in such a circumstance to hopefully stay up and keep developing the young talent? I was thinking of shifting the tactic to a cautious/balanced flat 4141, sitting a little deeper and allowing a little more counter attacking.
  2. I look at the left flank and don't like the roles and duties. I would want freakish to have plenty of space, and then something to do with the ball. A carrilero won't get as far forward as a Mez, but he's designed to drift wide. So on the left you have an AP trying to find space to get the ball, but Car and the WB are both moving towards his area, potentially crowding him out. Let's say through passing and good possession he does get it, what's grealish going to do. His options all seem like risky passes to me, either crossfield balls or to the TM, who is likely to be heavily marked bc of his role/position and no one attacking the defense from the left. I'd try a fullback or IWB on support on the left. Won't push as high up. For the midfielder I'd try a BBM to give grealish a runner to lay through balls in for. Also can arrive late to the box for the TM to lay balls off for. Or a CMs with some custom pis.
  3. FB gaming has a feature where you can host tournaments. I was thinking it could be fun to host a tournament featuring some community favorite personalities from this forum. The goal would be for each person to represent a different tactical style in a short preseason round robin tournament. The games could be scheduled and live streamed, with video replays made available. Each player could do a short post describing their tactical decisions, with a big focus on how they adapt in each game based upon their opponent. The goal here would be to explore different Tactical styles and also how you make game to game tweaks to your tactics based on your opponent.
  4. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! That lineup looks sick. I'd love to fire up that save in FM18 just to watch a full game on full play. See the beauty of the passing and movement. Looks great on the tactics screen!
  5. Which of the tactics are you using to this effect? You've posted a few and even one dedicated to exploring him. Is that the one?
  6. I would have them matched up as well on Tactical preferences. Formation and style of play. I also try to find someone with judging player ability at least decent, since they are looking at the opposing teams player and deciding who to press/mark etc.
  7. This is one I've bookmarked and enjoyed, it's in English https://spielverlagerung.com/2016/03/07/how-to-create-a-game-model/?doing_wp_cron=1580599630.9506819248199462890625
  8. Spielverlagerung is a great site, but a lot of the older articles aren't in English. You can go to the .com version of the site and still lots of good reads. Unfortunately, I can't find either of those two
  9. Rashidi has good videos, but I find his tactics are difficult to replicate. Not sure why but has been the case. Think from a high level, you are a newly promoted side, with younger weaker players, playing against some of the biggest teams in football with the best budgets. Play cautiously at the start of each game. Against lower table teams, if things are starting out ok, you can ramp up your attack, but I still wouldn't aggressively attack the whole game.
  10. At first glance, you are way too attacking now that you are in the premier league. Without dominant players for your league, you need to step things down a lot. You have 6 attacking roles and attack mentality. Both fullbacks are on attack. You are likely getting countered and left open. I would back the mentality down to balanced now since you are a weaker squad and seek a balanced mix of roles and duties.
  11. What position on the field are you looking to play him? Any Tactics preference or anything?
  12. that's a tough question to answer without seeing more of the tactic. Can you take a screenshot and post it? Super quick and easy and will allow for better help.
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