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  1. Those goals are looking great! I love the quick passing and then through balls for a guy running in on goal! Amazing stuff!
  2. Thanks! Yes, Wingbacks will get much too far forward too early. The fullbacks will still join the attack when it's really progressed, but be more involved deeper for recycling possession.
  3. Here is my initial 3142 tactic. So far it has good movement and penetration. The RMD moves up nicely because the other roles around him do not push into his space, and at times it looks like a conventional 3142. The Winger on the left has good driving runs and crosses/pull backs to both Lewandowski and Muller. When this isn't working as well, I have tried the same tactic but moving Muller to the AMCR as an SS-A. That has done well too.
  4. First game with the new 3142 tactic is away at Dortmund, so not a great first game for a tactical test, but so far I'm really liking some of the movements.
  5. I like these as well. Pep would often change his tactic/shape based on who he was facing, whether a 442, 4231, 451 etc. I think it would make sense to try to have a few different of these ideas to be able to try out, then depending on who you do a long term save with and your players, you use what makes the most sense to get the most out of your player pool and best players.
  6. I really want to use Muller as a Raumdeuter since it was made after him. Looking through more articles, pep experimented a lot with getting the most out of his players, and the positional play 433 wasn't doing that. In 2015/2016 he utilized what looks to me like an assymetrical 3142, with Lewandowski and Muller the two attacking players up top. But Muller was typically behind and to the right. I am thinking of a 3142 but playing Muller as a Raumdeuter, with the right winger behind him a defensive winger to not crowd Muller. I might test this out some today.
  7. Bayern Pep Tactic Ok, so to preface this, Bayern is the team I know the least about. So we are going to do an experiment here with this one. I'm going to put some foundational pieces out that I know, and then I'm going to ask for lots of good community feedback. Then we will see how things turn out at the end with full collaboration. What I know Pep experimented A LOT with tactics at Bayern. There were multiple shapes used, predominantly a spell with a 343 (with varying flavors) and 433, Flat 4141, and more I'm sure. But, as I was wanting to originally do this thread as three se
  8. 1. Which specific position? I think that there is definitely a need on some of them. Happy to expound further if you let me know which one. 2. I like the mez position generally, but I did not want the base tactic to have the iniesta role getting too wide, and with the winger told to say wide on that flank, there is already someone out there. One of the overload tactics did switch this up and use a Mez and the winger played narrowly. 3. So on the left (flipped tactic remember) our alves role pushes high, so the left CB stays wider to support that flank. Then busquests role drops deep
  9. I've been working on the Pep Bayern tactics and hope to have the initial post done later today or tomorrow morning. I'm excited about this next one.
  10. That's awesome. Ya, so some of the PPMs then that I trained in the first season might be helping out. Still have koke, llorente and saul starting midfield, lemar up top and correa out wide right?
  11. Great start! Where is Everton playing, AMR? The Treq up top can work well, but it never had the dynamism for me that the AP-A did, both creating and scoring. Is this starting a new save or continuing?
  12. Yes, good call, I meant to do this. I'm going to add it in to the final post with an edit.
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