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  1. I need some help getting Messi involved. It's 2022 and he let his contract expire at Barca. I picked him up on a one year deal to try to win La Liga (I finished 2nd on the last day in 2021 and RU in Champions League, with a loss in the finals to Man City). So far, he's only been marginally useful. We are undefeated and tied Liverpool 1-1 in first champions game, but he just isn't doing much. What would be his best position and role? I have a really good young striker and Dani Olmo has developed insanely well. He can play AM LC, as AP, AM or IF. Attached is my current tactic, which is very defensively stable but just not consistent enough on offense with the firepower I have.
  2. Good thoughts, I'm playing another team with a "square field" so trying this out as my second half tactic after a 0-0 first half. So frustrating as I'm number 2 and can NEVER beat 18-20 table teams with this garbage field setup. Also wondering, is this a real thing?
  3. I'm playing as Sevilla in Spanish first division. There are multiple teams that have very wide, almost complete square fields. They are often very low on the table, but very hard to beat because my usual tactics just don't seem to work. Can anyone help me with tactics for fields like this?
  4. Where can I see what the player's preferred position is, post contract? I'm a few months in and now that training has made the player well suited to many spots, I'm not sure what there original preference is. There has to be a way to see this somewhere. Thanks