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  1. I'm actually going through this right now, so timely thread. Good tips. One thing that sucks though, is I wanted to use this preseason to test out a new signing who I'm excited about, but he's off dominating the olympics.
  2. I can appreciate the current tactic isn't working for others, but at least there is this: I think going into the next season, we shall see some BIG BIG changes for Lazio. I mentioned in a previous post that this was the year and we did it. But some stars are up there in age, some aren't performing as well as I'd like, especially considering their wages and the youngsters I have. So, with a CL win, a League win, I think i'm going to sell some players, bring all the youth up. And in the process I'm going to fix the tactic so that there are TIs, not so heavily PI dependent, but
  3. Nice, glad you tried it. How do you feel like the games played out. Was what you saw on the pitch what you'd expect? You have to rmember too, your team has extreme familiarity with your normal tactic, as if I recall you haven't done super large changes in awhile? So a new tactic like mine will surely need some games and training. Sounds like defensively solid, and good to see lots of open play goals.
  4. The season is going great and is close to wraps. Here's a nice little update: We had a difficult road to get to the finals, with our semi final matchup against City. We have had an awful historical record against pep, but finally exercised some demons by opening the series with a 3-0 home win. We lost 2-0 at City next but had done enough in the first leg to see us through. We have 3 mid table and down games left in the season then the big final. I'll do a nice update after the season. As a fun teaser, one of my youngsters is really developing well. Check this stud ou
  5. Often yes, sometimes no. But generally speaking, this has worked the best for my whole series on Total Football/Juego de Posicion. Ya, the PI's are a little much maybe? I'm just coming back after a long break. It's possible I might start trimming those down as well, we shall see. I like the defense quite a bit, works well. For the mentality, I've gotten this same tactic working in FM20 with my last powerhouse team, but the ME isn't quite the same for some of the quick passing through the center of the park as FM21. I've not tried this on FM19 although maybe I should
  6. I've been over this somewhere before. But for positional play, I need to control areas of the pitch, and the best way to stretch the defense is to have the center forward higher up the pitch to create space by pinning the defensive line as close to goal as possible.
  7. 28-30 is pretty much prime. With high natural fitness they should be good until 32 easy. That said, getting value out of selling them would seem to indicate 30-31 selling
  8. Holy wow, that's a lot of coin! Also, long time, glad to see you are still rocking on and rolling with this save update.
  9. Here are some data and analysis on the recent performance. Recent 1-0 against Juventus was pretty one sided afair, even though it finished 1-0. We even missed a penalty, gasp. They got some shots off, but most of them were way outside the box, thus their low xG. Where as our's is high, partly because of the penalty chance. But look at our shot map. Our shots are all coming in very dangerous locations. From those numbers you can tell we are getting lots of chances from open play and with kicked shots, not just crossing in for headers.
  10. Ok, so let's do this. As I mentioned, I'm playing again, and having fun, as the results are good, the play is what I want to see. Some of this maybe has been some ME updates, but also, I think tweaks to the tactic, as before I stripped almost all of the TI's out, the tactic was playing rather stale. With what I'm doing, I have basically customized PRD to a fine degree, with a lot of PI's to really get guys to stay in certain positions and/or behave certain ways. I think with all of that going on, having too many TI's was way too redundant, but also bogging the system down. What we have no
  11. Things are looking really good with how the team is playing, and beyond that, getting more consistent results on the field, which has always been a frustration of mine. The team is playing to the caliber I believe they should be. To top it off, I'm having fun again in FM.
  12. So definitely been away from game and forums for awhile. Needed a break. I've been playing that coruna save some but really missing my Lazio squad. I've been playing around with the tactic some more. Coming to a conclusion that with all of the specific roles and duties, and individual PIs, the players already can be setup to play how I want. I think the TIs at that point are just too much. I've been trying things out playing with almost all TI removed. Only putting one or two in each section that seem most crucial to overall style. So far looking good. Is it enough to put an updat
  13. Just fired up a save with Coruna to see what they have. I think they have a workable group. This is a good option 1.
  14. Hello hello. Ive been away for a good few months. I've been playing Eve Online, building up my own corp and building a YouTube channel while I do so. It's been great fun, but got me thinking, especially with footba about to break for summer, maybe I should start up a NEW total football save project, and this time document it both here and on my new youtube channel, adding some video logs and explanations to go alongside the posts. Thoughts, interested in seeing something like this? It's a fair bit of work to pull this stuff off, but it's also fun as long as people are partici
  15. Those goals are looking great! I love the quick passing and then through balls for a guy running in on goal! Amazing stuff!
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