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  1. So, if you have shorter passing, but leave it at fairly wide width, in transition play, the players are trying to move the ball up the field, they typically won't dwell on the ball based on a lot of the other settings discussed in this thread. So, they get the ball and look for a short pass, but due to the spacing with fairly wide, no one is technically close enough in a lateral or forward position, so they tend to launch a longer pass and it's a higher risk to lose possession. This will often impact transition play with the central midfielders. If you see stuff like that happening, you can try to reduce the width to narrow. Now as a CM is looking for a pass, the IF or T should be closer to him and qualify for a shorter pass, and possession will be smoother.
  2. Such a great thread. I really appreciate the time and effort, and the way @herne79 broke down the posts with information, giving it slowly so that we had to think about each piece. One thing I have not seen discussed much is team width. I've found this can make a huge difference in style of play, and makes a big difference when change in combination with passing length. Also, when you are playing against a bus, with a high LOE and defensive line, you basically are cutting yourself off of space if you are in their third the whole game. You can give yourself more space by either setting a wider width or adjusting the line back some.
  3. This recent tactic has been working great for me in my Sevilla save. Mostly using it in CL games. Love the movement on counters. The SS sometimes works sometimes not. I have on occasion moved him to a true striker on DLF-A
  4. Seems like a lot are having issues similar to mine. Any thoughts or feedback from SI?
  5. This looks really interesting. Might give it a go in some friendlies. Thanks!
  6. I think you're right, you need to back up some to allow more space for the type of play and passing you are describing. Try dropping the line of engagement first
  7. That's been happening to me too with my Sevilla save. Best I can tell it's the computer filling holes in the squad/depth chart so that they have enough players to rotate in games.
  8. Also, I finished the season with a final adjustment to the tactics. I dropped the two midfielders in my 4231 back to the DM slot to create more space for Messi to drop deep and get the ball and then create. Messi, Olmo, and Politano on the right wing all ended up with decent assists stats and a lot of key passes and chances created.
  9. Here is Dani Olmo's season. And finally my striker and main goal scorer Minervino.
  10. Well, it was a good season, we finished winning La Liga with 97 points.
  11. Do they accept this? I'm always afraid of making them mad....i'm a doormat
  12. I have a team of 22-24 year olds who are all high potential players. They all keep wanting every year to get new improved contracts. I'll have them sign new five year deals and they are all making first division talent or star level money, but they still will want more. Does anyone have any advice, am I not structure the deals well enough? Are there any tips to minimize this occuring?
  13. I finally found the answer in the last 30 seconds of a 20 minute how to video. Database changes are only for new saves. Guess my issue where these low tier la liga teams all CHANGING their field sizes in the middle of a save is unavoidable and can't be edited.
  14. My issue is not figuring out how to manipulate the editor. When I load the database in the pre game editor, the data is not pulling from my current save. I try editing it anyways, and save it, but it isn't updating my save. How do I get it updating the database that my current save is using?
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