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  1. I would imagine setting up a low block and counter attack would be a good start. You can't go too cautious too early or you will start conceding and then try to switch again.
  2. Perfect suggestion, had not thought of it. I don't normally try a winger on the opposite side of his footedness, but I'll give it a go.
  3. Trying to maximize his effectiveness as a technical/creative playmaker. It's sept of 2020 in my save, I've managed to get Stoke promoted to the Premier league and have a number of young technical players. I've been trying him out in the MC strata, right side AP-S in a 4-1-2-3. He's been a little sporadic. Due to an injury, I've moved him to AMR - IF-S and that's been ok too. He shows flashes of brilliance, but then also makes some errant passes. Anyone have some good tips for him?
  4. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! When you are in the 4141 formation, with the two CM-S, do you play them same side/foot? So Left footed CM-s on the left and right footed on the right? Thanks, love this thread!
  5. Great read, good stuff. Found this through ozil's thread. I had a question as I was going through it. When committed like you are to one main tactic, season in and season out, do you just load this one tactic in the tactics module? Or do you add slight variations to slots 2 and 3? Also, what tactical modifications if any do you make in big champions league games or like PSG away? Thanks!
  6. I've had a lot of good success with Dani Olmo, love the player. Best seasons he has had for me has been at AML, as am IF, both A and S duty depending on game and other players.
  7. Roaming from position will also make your TM harder for his teammates to find. They should know where he is, so a static positioning would be better IMO.
  8. Check out the first two videos of this from Busthenet. Talks about starting with a low level team like yours and how to get new players in with trials. Also, you gotta go really basic with less talented players. BustTheNet's Stalybridge playlist
  9. This is really great stuff. Been using it so far and working well. I loaded these in and then will tweak them sometimes. I do like to add recovery to the day after a game on a single game week, and I also add match review. Does anyone have any other tweaks? Especially for a premier league team?
  10. Ever retry this with the new patches and ME updates?
  11. So, if you have shorter passing, but leave it at fairly wide width, in transition play, the players are trying to move the ball up the field, they typically won't dwell on the ball based on a lot of the other settings discussed in this thread. So, they get the ball and look for a short pass, but due to the spacing with fairly wide, no one is technically close enough in a lateral or forward position, so they tend to launch a longer pass and it's a higher risk to lose possession. This will often impact transition play with the central midfielders. If you see stuff like that happening, you can try to reduce the width to narrow. Now as a CM is looking for a pass, the IF or T should be closer to him and qualify for a shorter pass, and possession will be smoother.
  12. Such a great thread. I really appreciate the time and effort, and the way @herne79 broke down the posts with information, giving it slowly so that we had to think about each piece. One thing I have not seen discussed much is team width. I've found this can make a huge difference in style of play, and makes a big difference when change in combination with passing length. Also, when you are playing against a bus, with a high LOE and defensive line, you basically are cutting yourself off of space if you are in their third the whole game. You can give yourself more space by either setting a wider width or adjusting the line back some.
  13. This recent tactic has been working great for me in my Sevilla save. Mostly using it in CL games. Love the movement on counters. The SS sometimes works sometimes not. I have on occasion moved him to a true striker on DLF-A
  14. Seems like a lot are having issues similar to mine. Any thoughts or feedback from SI?
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