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  1. Could you elaborate on how you adapted it? When you choose HOYD do you go for personality > attributes? Same goes for the mentor groups. If a player has high determination but a worse personality than the player he tries to mentor, do you still assign him in the group? I'm also on FM touch.
  2. I'm a fan of total football and I'll be following this one for sure. Good luck with the save.
  3. I use an inside forward in my tactic, but I use the overlap to reduce the mentality of the inside forward and increase the wing back's mentality. This way they both become 'Attacking' instead of 'Positive' and 'Very Attacking (attacking team mentality as well). Same for the inside forward I guess? I use a mezzala on the side where I got the inside forward and it seems to work OK. Judging from the average positions they don't occupy the same space. How are your shots on target ratio? I find my team getting a lot of shots blocked. Not sure if I should try to increase the width to
  4. Interesting read @jtaylor1409 Do you do any changes before or during the match when playing this tactic? E.g. when you are playing as an underdog. When you are 2-0 down at halftime, do you do any changes?
  5. Interesting read @JarheadFM. I have a couple of questions; Have you tried going "Attacking" (mentality) or will that bring too much risk getting caught on the counter? How are the possession numbers? Do you prefer wingers because of width instead of inverted wingers or inside forward? Would wingbacks + inverted wingers/inside forwards work as well? On the inverted wingbacks, do you use right footed on the left wingback and left footed on the right wingback?
  6. You can see them further up (5 posts up) in the screenshot. I add them all up and divide them by the number of attributes added. In my case it's 14 attributes. Then I multiply by 5. The number doesn't mean anything other than a personal score.
  7. I'll try that out, but from what I'm seeing on the pitch and the average positions it doesn't seem to be a problem. I also have "Get further forward" PI selected on the IF, so that might help as well. It's a score I calculate based on the desired attributes (those in the squad view).
  8. I'm trying to implement a Total Football style with my Aberdeen side. Might not be the best suited side, but we are doing quite well. What I notice is that we got a lot of narrow wins. Lately many of my games have ended 1-0. It's still a win but I would like to see more goals. We dominate possession but we seem to get a lot of shots either blocked, saved or off the target. Most of the shots are inside the box or just outside. So the positions when they shoot seem good. Just can't seem to find the way through. First here is the squad view filtered with the desired attributes: He
  9. To utilize the space in front and for a better link up with the target man? Or maybe another reason which I'm not seeing?
  10. TM(s) IF(a) W(s) AP(s) MEZ(a) DM(d) FB(a) CD(d) BPD(d) FB(s) GK(d) How does this setup look? Is it best to use a winger in the AMR spot to make space for the mezzala, or could a inverted winger or a inside forward work as well? Will the advanced playmaker in combination with the full back on attack and inside forward on attack be too adventurous? Will a deep lying playmaker work better in terms of balance?
  11. I like it. I will try it and see how it works out. Thank you.
  12. Ok, so change it to a non-PM role. A defense midfielder or an anchorman as you suggested. At least for the tougher games. Then I can change back in games where I have the upper hand. Then, observe and adept to match highlights. Would you advise to change one of the other midfielders to PM, who play further up, or keep it as it is now? It's not like I have to force a PM into my team by any means.
  13. Yes, I do still utilize a DLP in the DM position.
  14. I do watch on extended. But to be honest, I struggle a bit with what to look out for in different situations and even more important, how to fix it if I spot any issues. Any pointers which I could use as a starting point? Thank you for your time. I appreciate it.
  15. I've played two matches with the changes you highlighted. I was a complete underdog in both (as I almost am in every match) so I dropped the LOE to lower. Lost both matches 1-0, but I could see improvement in the play. Defensively we look much more solid now. Decent shot/shot at target ratio but struggle with creating clear cut chances. When chasing a goal, which changes do you suggest I try? In these matches, I tried to reset the LOE to standard and play a higher D-line. In the second match, I also tried more direct passes. Still couldn't find a way through. It's only two matches though.
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