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  1. I still struggle with making good decision during the game. Got two new clips from an away match which ended 3-3. I was leading 2-0 until they started the come back. This is their first goal: My initial thought here is that my left CB should be closer to their forward who ended up scoring. My tactic at that moment looked like this: So I added "Use tighter marking" to avoid more situations like this. Their second goal came during an corner. Then their third goal: Here I actually don't know. Marking again? When they scored this goal, I had changed to an more counter-ish tactic to try to see out the game and counter while they were throwing people forward. Was this just my game to lose (draw) or did I make bad decisions? What would the better decisions here? Thank you.
  2. Hi @rockpie and good job on your analyzing. That is something I've always struggles with and want to improve on. I played recently played an home game were I conceded late in the match (90+). This happened: https://youtu.be/L60IekXfF7c I changed my mentality to defensive in the last minutes to try to secure the lead and I fear that worked against me. Cause from what I can see the goal came from giving them too much time on the ball. Am I right assuming this or could you enlighten me with you analyzing skills? This is was my setup at the point they scored (I usally play on a attacking mentality):
  3. Ok, so here's my setup right now: And here's my left wing-back discussed earlier: As you can see his off the ball isn't the best, that's why I'm a bit reluctant to use him in a support role. You can see in the team instructions I've applied focus down left and look for overlap to increase his mentality. Haven't tested the tactic that much yet as I created it in the end of the season. So I'm open for improvements there as well.
  4. I would consider removing the overlap on the left instruction as this increase the mentality of your wing back, which is already high because of his attack duty. It could leave you very exposed on the left side for counters. The overlap should happen naturally anyway when having an wing back (A) paired with in inverted winger (S). Just something to be aware of.
  5. Excatly this. That was really my question. Sorry, maybe I wasn't too clear on that. Cause here you will strive to avoid too "big" gaps I assume? E.g. if you switched the two CB's so the one with 2 in mentality is positioned behind the MC with 8 in mentality. In my eyes that could be a concern. That's understandable. I could post my setup when I'm off work to provide more information if you are interested. Thanks for the answers so far.
  6. Hi @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! I've read through this thread yesterday and also looked at some of the others, and I'm very impressed. As many have already pointed out, it is something with the way you make everything you do sound very logical, clear and easy to follow. I've played a bit around with the mentality calculator with my Basel team in FM 19. I know there might be other factors that play in comparing to FM 18. Still, since they've changed displaying the individual mentality via labels instead of bars, I find this more helpful. Then to my question: how important would you say it is to make your team balanced when it comes to individual mentalities? In terms of now having too big gaps (how much is too big?) between the lines. E.g. between defence and midfield, and between midfield and attack. Or do you believe you can make a successful tactic despite gaps? One example I can tell from my own save is my left back Michael Irwin (newgen), who is a solid wing-back but lacks the flair to be an offensive outlet. Leaving him on a wing-back role with a defend duty. Using the mentality calculator and the mentality labels for the individual player, I see there's a gap between him and my winger. So to increase his mentality, I kept the defend duty, but I added "look for overlap" and "exploit the left flank". That brought him from a "defensive" mentality to a "positive" mentality - which is the same mentality my other wing-back has on a support role. And it seems to be working. My formation (4-2-3-1 Wide on an attacking team mentality) plays out really balanced. Another question I can add: what I have done with my left wing-back, does that sounds logic to you or does it "break" the intention of assigning him a defend duty instead of a support duty since that already gives him the wanted mentality? Thank you.
  7. All of them. Always interesting in hearing the reasoning. I bet I'll learn a thing or two.
  8. Could you explain your reasoning on the personal instructions?
  9. @IL Luce @westy8chimp Thank you for your feedback. What you said totally makes sense and I can't believe I didn't sense that gap I was making and how their IF would exploit that. I guess I was too focused on finding gaps in their formation that I kinda forgot my own. But this is food for thoughts which I will bring with me into future game plans. I'll probably make another post later on when I give it another go.
  10. Very interesting! This inspired me to give it a go myself. So here we go: Scouting report: Game plan: So they are going with a balanced 4-2-3-1. There is space between the central defenders and the midfielders and between the wide players. I will play my playmaker in the AM position. Their right wing back, Janko, seems a bit more advanced than the rest of their defence so I guess he will be more attacking. Checking his profile and see PPM's like "Gets forward whenever possible" and "Runs with ball down right" confirms this. On the same side, there is a BMW which tend to press aggressively, which again will open for space behind him. I will play an attacking winger on my left side to exploit this. They seem to want to crowd the middle of the final third with their inside forwards, advanced playmaker and B2B midfielder. I have to be wary of this. Especially on my left side where their attacking wing back will also be going up and down. A CM(D) and a FB(S) is appointed to try to shut this down. I changed my mind with the CM(D), seeing they also got a pressing forward I decided to move my left midfielder down to DM position and give him the DM(D) role to really help out my defense. My plan of attack is to exploit the space on their right side by using as mentioned a W(A) on my left side. To emphasize this I want to try to drag the defenders away from that area as well. My striker will have a DLF(S) role. Hoping that he will drag the central defenders out of position before passing either directly to my attacking winger or to my playmaker who then will make the next pass. The winger will then go for goal himself or make a cross to the other side where there hopefully will be space for my inside forward to exploit. My formation ends up like this: Result: A bit disappointing draw. We were leading 2-1 and I changed my B2B to a CM(S) to help out the midfield more. Late in the match, they changed to a 4-2-4. I tried to counter with moving my playmaker to the DM position with the DLP(D) role which now had a lot of space. Moved the AMC down to CM with a CM(S) role and changed the other CM(S) back to a B2B. But in the 89th minute, they managed to score and the match dragged out until the final whistle. Summary: We had a lot of long shots which indicates that my players did not have enough support or passing options. Here are the match stats: But I'm not giving up. I want to learn from this and keep going. So any input is helpful. Was my analysis of their formation and weaknesses/strengths correct? Did I come up with a good game plan? Did I choose the right formation for the task? Was my choice of roles reasonable? Should I have reacted differently when they changed their formation?
  11. Why does this come up on some articles instead of the article itself? Click the read button does nothing here as well.
  12. Hi. I am looking for a thread I read once about a guy who made his tactics depending on media predictions and whether he was a top team, middle-of-table team or a relegation candidate. He used almost none TI I think, and he changed mentality and team shape depending on home/away and match odds. So his tactics were really focusing on roles and combination combined with changing mentality and team shape depending on the criteria mentioned. It was a very interesting and well written thread and I would love to look at it again, but I just can't seem to find it. I know I am probably grasping at straws here, but if anyone recognize this and know where to find this thread or who wrote it, I would love to hear it. Thanks.
  13. You need to provide some more information for us to come with some helpful advice. There's not a magic formula to score more goals, it's all relevant to your formation and how you instruct your players to play.
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