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  1. There are a few factors to consider: The player's ability in relation to the rest of the squad. The player's age. The player's demands/interest in staying. The financial state of our club. Interest from other clubs. As a general rule, when players are young I want them on as long contract as possible. Ideally I would extend every 2-years to allow the club to plan ahead. You can, of course, sell them during that period and will have a stronger negotiating position if they are contracted to you for longer. As for the Jota example, I actually don't think I d
  2. 2029/30 Update With a bit of time off work to relax and the squad in already in a good place, we have rattled through the 2029/30 season. A big transfer bid from Chelsea for Ruben Cunha took care of our transfer revenue for the year. Bit of a shame to lose an academy prospect before hitting the first team but when you are able to negotiate £92m for a squad player, it's generally a good idea to take it. This deal meant we were able to keep the first team exactly the same. O Capitão The main transfer decision of the summer was the decision to offer
  3. Thank you for the kind words and good luck Yes, I actually do think the 3-1-6 attacking shape should work fairly seamlessly in FM2021 as team shape isn't necessarily part of making the system work.
  4. Thank you. It's only recently I have cracked getting 100+ goal seasons. In this instance the team is very much built around Leão. He is playing in a side which is built to dominate ~60% possession in advanced positions and he is given an Attack duty and surrounded by incredibly intelligent, technical, creative players playing in Support duties. Similar happened with Mbappe playing off Cristiano Ronaldo who was the focal point of the attack, with Messi and Neymar in very creative free roles. Leão plays every league and Champions League game he's fit for and I do inflate his stats slig
  5. I imagine it'll feature again at some point, although not quite now. Control is suiting is well. That additional 5-10% possession per match is really saving the players legs when it comes to pressing. The age profile of the squad and the finances involved with building the new stadium mean we might still have some squad re-shuffling to do and that's easier with more pragmatic tactics. Getting back to Overload is the medium/long term idea though Didn't change at all. In fact I barely noticed a difference. All I noticed was that Mbappe became marginally more involved with linku
  6. Flashback: 2026 Champions League Final Whilst I am on better internet, I wanted to share a few highlights from the 2026 Champions League Final which - in my opinion - was the apex of the original Benfica 'Golden Generation'. Enjoy! Tiago Dantas, João Felix, Umaro Embalo, Jota, Gedson Fernandes, Alex Pinto and Florentino Luis; all from the starting academy, all at their peak. Also tactically you can see the idea for the 4-2-4 with a 3-1-6 attacking shape starting to come together.
  7. I do enjoy playing an out and out number 9. Mbappe is starting to look a lot like Brazilian Ronaldo. I play them as a front 4. One of the advantages of the 3-1-6 attacking shape is that you have space for 4 out-and-out attackers without compromising on control of possession or defensive structure. Messi and Neymar are given free roles, coming inside off their flanks. Ronaldo is a more physical focal point of the attack and Mbappe tears forwards and also holds up the ball for the other 3. The PSG example is coincidental, mainly becau
  8. Building a sustainable, modern 'Super Club' In addition to tactics and youth player development, an additional dynamic of this save is about building a sustainable modern 'Super Club'. By sustainable, I mean a club which is able to financially support a world class squad of players without being reliant on selling players every season. I don't mean necessarily having 'Galactico' - Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo esq - contracts, but paying players fairly in comparison to the other top clubs in Europe. Transfer Revenue To date, we have generated transfer profits of more than £2.23bn
  9. On the natural No. 9. I've recently experimented with this with Mbappe at PSG (fancied a challenge ) and played very similarly but pushing the SS(A) for AF(A) and then CF(A) as Mbappe developed.
  10. Thank you for the kind words everybody I loved the 'Guardiola' 4-3-3/2-3-5 but I did move away from it fairly early on. As you correctly pointed out, I used it a lot in the early days in order to create a structure which allowed us to dominate games and punch well-above our weight in terms of ability at that time. Actually despite the later success, I still rate those first two seasons as my greatest ever tactical achievement. If you look back, you'll see that I used more structured systems when the squad was in development. We had technically gifted players, who were
  11. Season 2028/29: Benfica last won the Champions League two years ago in 2025/26 playing and extremely high-intensity 4-2-4/3-1-6 shape, full of academy graduates who went on to become club legends. That summer, the sale of Gedson Fernandes unwittingly initiated a 2-year period of transition which has seen 6 members of that starting 11 leave for various European superpowers for no less than £476m. Gedson Fernandes to Manchester United for £68m in summer 2026 Florentino Luis to Real Madrid for £72m in summer 2027 Jota to Manchester City for £96m in winter 202
  12. Interesting watch which touches on some of the lethargic traits we've seen at Benfica for the last season or two. Should be able to find time to give a more positive update over the next week or so as I'll have access to better internet next weekend and - in theory at least - have some time to write something.
  13. I think it is: The mentality of the Support duties in relation to the Advanced Forward (Attack). Roaming from Position means they look for space which is ahead of the defence. For the Shadow Striker it's that he plays in the AM strata so starts in a deeper position. At Benfica, Costa and Valentim naturally play a bit deeper and have traits of dropping deep to collect the ball.
  14. It's difficult to say. Lots of more pragmatic coaches have risen to the top so it's difficult to say whether they're adapting to our success, or that's just how they play. Mourinho is at PSG. Allegri at Chelsea. Simeone at Barcelona. Massimo Carrera at Man City. Dortmund actually won the Champions League and Bundesliga last year with Ancelotti playing a reasonably pragmatic, but very well-balanced 4-4-2. Guardiola has retired and Klopp is at Atletico Madrid, which I think would be a frightening prospect in real life but they don't have a strong enough squad to
  15. This is a really interesting question. To me, the advantage of this shape is: It is extremely difficult to press. It is extremely good at pressing Expanding on those points a bit, in build-up when pressed. the deep '3-1' shape gives you a diamond shape which can circulate the ball in the early build up. Against a 4-3-3 (or any front 3) we always have an additional man advantage over the opposition press. Against a 4-2-3-1 it's '3-1' vs '3-1' so you rely more on the quality of your players, your goalkeeper as a safety net and that most opposition si
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