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  1. I try to be quite flexible with the B-Team based on the level a player is at in relation to the rest of the squad. As a reference point, everybody does one year at 15-16-17 years old in the U-19s. From that point, there are 3 options: Stay in the Academy If they're developing slowly, and there is no player coming through behind them. Move into the B-Team Probably most likely, to see how they handle lower level competitive football (ideally at 17 or 18). Ability at this point will be at or approaching 2 stars. Move straight into the First Team Exceptional circumstances If there's a space available, and they've got the ability to leapfrog those ahead in the B Team Once in the B Team I am really looking at 2 things: Do they have the ability to progress? (at the moment, 3 stars ability as a rough guide) Is there someone pushing through behind them? This often happens and they're still not capable of competing for a First Team squad place, in which case I use loans to bridge the gap.
  2. Well, I said I liked the pressing as a 4-4-2 but I didn't expect this: The high line, organised, compact and intense pressing 4-4-2 has - so far - been overwhelming. The diamond shape and the use of technical and intelligent players means we're pretty good on the ball too. It's a really enjoyable process as we're noticeably not the same quality as the previous sides (scoring considerably less, for a start) but this group is right back up there and looking at the results over Barcelona and Juventus, could have a real tilt at Europe. Academy prospect Carlos Pinto has won European Golden Boy and will be making his way into the first team next season. A few highlights: Going into the second half of the season strong.
  3. Yea, exactly. The plan is to encourage the board to reinvest the transfer revenue into the stadium and facilities. The larger part has been downsizing the wage bill to fit the club's financial capabilities and to become more sustainable. I use the term 'more' because whatever happens, performances are going to drive wages up to a level beyond what the club can sustain but I think it's important to keep the squad pretty lean and lots of space for players coming through. The Ponta de Lança role is something I'd still like to experiment with. I love the idea of someone intelligent enough to drop deep to get the ball and then drive forward in attack but also exploit the space created by the movement of the striker. That's a very big question! the main thing I'd say is to try to keep it simple and try to relate it to real football. The single thing that's benefited me the most has been to have the attitude that I am going to use the Tactics Creator and Match Engine to work something out for myself, rather than use a forum or various blogs and get given - an often not entirely accurate - answer. Playing football helps, I get the impression quite a lot of FM content is written by people who don't actually play. Or if you're not in a position to play then certainly watching football and drawing your own conclusions and trying to avoid being spoon fed. Finally to appreciate the limitations of tactics - for example a role or duty is not going to turn Granit Xhaka into Patrick Vieira. There's a lot of noise in FM, particularly some elaborate player roles, not least the excessive playmaker options. Try to work out what's important - for me that would be your formation, your underlying mentality structure and your playing style - and focus less on what's aesthetic. That's nowhere near comprehensive, but I hope that helps. You'll also notice that if you read older posts, you'll see my understanding has evolved considerably. Writing it out has certainly helped. Cheers
  4. Right, OK. Let me have a think about how to manage the Newgen aspect. Thanks. The decision to transition the previous team out was a difficult one. Due to their high professionalism, nobody desperately wanted to leave. The difficulty was that the club's financial model is so dependent on sales that we couldn't sustain that squad as their wages would have hit a Real Madrid-esq level. I also worry that offering those big contracts makes it difficult to sell, so you're limiting your potential revenue and taking on more risk. Not to mention that the quality of that squad was limiting opportunity for the academy and just the realism factor of wanting to see what this group could go off and achieve around Europe. I will consider it. I certainly won't dismiss it out of hand. I'll have a look at the demo interface, but at the same time I'm not making any promises Hardly at all. You'll notice the defensive line a little deeper and the midfield 3 will have a little less width.
  5. Yes, I do appreciate that My bigger disappointment is the control forfeited through the automatic designation of Team Shape based on duty and the resulting confusion as to whether shape is now just a label or still influences individual mentalities. One earlier thread saw SI staff and Moderators saying it is just a label but evidence from the Tactics Creator to the contrary. It's very sloppy. This is an interesting discussion. My only comment would be to view it subjectively i.e. what is an individual's mentality within your system rather than getting hung up on whether a player is Attack, Defend or Support duty as that does not tell the full story. A Support role in an Attacking mentality will be more expansive than Attack/Support roles in more reserved mentalities. At the same time it's all about balance as - to me - an Attack duty in an Overload system is too kamikaze, but others like it and have had success with it. It's all subjective and about finding what you prefer. I highly recommend using a note pad and jotting out your individual mentalities. If you're in FM2019 you'll only be able to see loose labels rather than exact values however should still give an idea.
  6. 2025/26 the overhaul continues.. Transfer revenue has now comfortably exceeded £1bn over the past 2 seasons, whilst the wages have halved. The biggest transfer news of the summer - by a long way - was the decision of João Felix and Thiago Dantas both to stay with the club. By the end of last season it looked extremely like both would be moving on and I had a succession plan in place. However when it came to the crunch, potential suiters failed to make a serious bid. The major exits were Lautaro Martinez, Florentino Luis and Gedson Fernandes. Martinez injury last year probably knocked £100m off the sale price but it was time to move him on. Lots of movement at the back means we're going to see a very new looking defensive line, which may make or break the season. The most exciting element is that - after quite a lot of debuts last season - we have a squad which could well be capable of competing on all fronts. Tactically, I liked the 4-4-2 structure last season but missed our more expansive style so we're keeping the structure but reverting to the all-out-attack style. The most striking element is the lack of a traditional striker. Looking at the players, you'll see it's a 4-6-0. Thiago Almada has been with the club for years as a loyal understudy to Dantas and Felix but is now a fully established Argentina international in his own right and it's time to use him or move him on. Almada is extremely intelligent, as well as hard working and technically excellent. The idea is that Almada will act as a focal point for an extremely fluid front 4. Behind Almada, we had João Felix in his lethal Ponta de Lança role and fellow Argentinian enigma Lucas Aragon. Aragon is now rated as the most talented player in the squad but has yet to show this consistently on the field. Flashes of absolute genius but yet to set the world alight. Last season I compared Batista with the attribute profile of Atleti's Koke and interestingly Braganca is starting to look a bit reminiscent of Saul. Braganca will be playing an expansive Volante role, creating a skewed midfield diamond of Dantas-Braganca-Batista-Felix to circulate possession. At the back, Mosquera remains the rock at the heart of defence: Alongside him, find of the season last year, Federico Sousa. In earlier posts I talked about players who perhaps aren't rated as the most talented but the distribution of their attribute profile makes them extremely effective (Goncalo Oliveira, Pedro Alvaro and Pedro Rodrigues) and now we have another, also from the original academy, in Luis Pinheiro. All build on the rock solid foundation of - soon to be Argentina centurion - goalkeeper Geronimo Rulli.. On the tactics front, I'll probably post in more detail in the later stages of the Champions League when it's tested under pressure. Continuing the discussion on mentality, the structure is: 16 17 17 17 17 15 17 15 15 17 15 We're now aggressive and compact. We're doing to press high and play high tempo, expansive football. Given the obvious demands of such a style, I do have a much simpler 4-3-3 for times when we have to rotate as I am not expecting new academy products to be able to play this immediately. Extremely simple dutch 4-3-3. The squad is now filled with a lot more newgens some of whom look to have serious potential. Are people interested in the development of these newgens? I know that it's a lot more difficult to relate to in-game players. Personally I've never liked the, "look I turned this newgen into Maradona" because it's not at all replicable and so many random factors. Please let me know
  7. OK.. sorry for the delayed update. There has been an issue with the website I use to upload images but seems to be back online now. This may be a bit disjointed as I have actually gone well into the next season so am working from memory. 2024/25 Season Update 2024/25 was always going to be a season of huge transition. We maintained domestic dominance but disappointed in the Champions League. We lost out to Antonio Conte's Bayern who are a particularly good fit for his 3-4-3. PSG going on to take the Champions League for the first time. Throughout most of the season it looked like a final season at the club for legends João Felix and Dantas. Both having superb seasons and attracting major interest from across Europe. Including a league-sealing hattrick. Tactically we were OK, but not great. Could have done better in Europe but things didn't quite click. The issues were: Being too conservative Conceding too much space in midfield A positive was that I did like the pressing in the 4-4-2 shape a lot. In addition to the squad transition, the club is looking much healthier off the field. The stadium upgrade is complete: We are maybe 1-2 seasons away from running at a profit even before transfer fees. By the end of the squad transition, I am expecting transfer fees to help the club reach £1bn and reduced wage costs meaning we run at a monthly profit. The challenge is doing that whilst staying right at the top in the Champions League. Key to that is - as it has been through out the thread - the academy. Academy intake looking a bit healthier. Huge summer transfer updates to follow
  8. Greetings from London I'm actually probably not, unfortunately. Unless there are serious changes then I think this might be the end of the line for me. The tactics creator and interface is such a mess it just feels like an arcade game and judging from recent history I fear improvements may not be forthcoming. Obviously I am interested in the tactical aspect of the game and this vertical tiki-taka stuff just makes me cringe, not to mention the interface (particularly individual mentality) being ambiguous at best. Agreed. The overall role profile is also particularly important. Obviously mentality is difficult to articulate, but one interesting exercise would be to watch a couple of games with the same role, but with different mentalities. One of the most obvious would be the Deep-lying Playmaker (Defend/Support). with a <10 individual mentality with a neutral 10-11 mentality with an expansive 14+ mentality Then the difference in decision making should become more obvious. For me I it's around sideways and backwards passes at a lower mentality and my preferred style is an expansive mentality with the rest of the system engineered to have options ahead of him.
  9. You're welcome Not quite. It's duty that's relative to team mentality, rather than mentality. A players individual mentality is derived from both Team Mentality and Duty, plus a few other things which I'll ignore for the sake of simplicity. I find it useful to think of Duty directly alongside Team Mentality. For example, "an Support duty in an Attacking team" and you get a better idea of how the role will behave than simply Attack, Defend or Support. Going back to the earlier question, consider whether you want a Support duty in an Attacking team or an Attack duty in a Standard team? Individually players may behave similarly, but the team around them will be very different. As to whether the wingbacks with mentality of 12 will behave similarly.. to an extent. It's difficult to articulate, much easier to see in the ME so I suggest watch a few games. Their decision making, in particular attitude to risk, will be similar, but the team around them will be reasonably different. Not to mention wider, playing a higher line and closing down more in the Control system. Hope that helps.
  10. Excellent question. Quite difficult to articulate an answer. At a ridiculously high level, balance is important simply because you have to score more goals than you concede, so even if you're playing Overload you still want some defensive structure; likewise if you're Defensive you want some attacking threat. Team Mentality outlines the collective strategy and then Duty determines individual mentality relative to the team. The common misconception is that Duty is absolute. For example, that Attack duty always means they're attacking or Support players are always balanced. Which is why you see comments like, "your attack may be rubbish if you've only got 1 player on Attack duty" or more generally comments about Roles (often tied to duties) without considering the context of the overall system. In reality, the DLP(D) in the system I used earlier will play with a more expansive mentality than a Support duty in most systems, and even some Attack duties. This is demonstrated in any of the Attack or Overload systems in this, or any other thread going back to the Bielsa one. I find that an attacking team mentality with lots of players on support (which is relatively quite attacking) plays superb football. In order to recreate a similar style without changing team mentality, I would need to have 5-6 players on an Attack duty. However, this would mean: A large gap between Defend duty players, and Attack duty players. Always greater than the gap between Defend duty and Support duty. I now need to use TIs if I want higher defensive line, pressing or tempo. This is of course an extreme example. In more moderate systems, I wouldn't see an issue with finding an individual mentality structure which you like and then using Team Instructions to tweak the way you play.
  11. Mission somewhat accomplished, maintained domestic dominance although slipped out of Europe earlier than I'd hoped. Seems to be an issue accessing my imgur account so the update will follow shortly and the transition looks likely to step up a gear.
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