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  1. Wonderful thread. Really enjoyed reading! Nagelmann's flexibility makes it a bit of a headache to recreate in Football Manager. I have loved watching his sides for the last few years and it's fascinating to see him alternate between a 3-man or 4-man defence, double or single pivot in midfield and lone striker or striker partnership up front.
  2. I think it could be useful against opponents playing those deep double pivots that are so hard to break down. They are so prominent in Portugal and offer very little attacking threat. Even playing them with a really open defence, you're going to outscore them. Not a million miles off some of the things we saw from Guardiola at Bayern. But, yea.. not sure I'd have the courage to use this against your Real Madrids, Bayerns and PSGs of the world!
  3. Yea, fair enough. This one's done well but it's clearly on it's last legs now. Might be time for a new one. Their longevity seems to kill them FM-wise. I have only had 2 computers in the last 14 years and the first was stolen crossing the border from Ecuador to Colombia a few years back!
  4. Brilliant. I noticed whilst messing around with Football Manager 2014 that it did used to be possible to get the individual mentalities shown in the tactics screen. The more I think about it, if it was down to me I would abandon duty and team mentality all together and simply select individual mentalities from the options available. Having duty and individual mentality does not make sense. Team Mentality is a function of the collective individual mentalities, not the other way around. Having to alter Team Mentality, TIs or a Players Duty in order to get them to play with a particular mentality makes no sense and sometimes not having the functionality to get a particular mentality is a joke.
  5. It's a mess. My understanding is that in FM2019 there was an underlying effect - i.e. a change in fluidity did alter individual mentalities accordingly - but now it is just an unnecessary label.
  6. Back in the time machine to Football Manager 2011. Not a bad squad.. Poor man's Dantas.. Was going to have an attempt at bringing in Pirlo and seeing how that plays out. Sadly also crashes as soon as the game reaches a match day. Urgh!!
  7. Yes, it's excellent if you are interested in learning more about Total Football and Dutch football in general. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Brilliant-Orange-Neurotic-Genius-Football/dp/0747553106 Thank you very much! Is it easy to use? I have been trying to find a way to visually show some different styles of play. Previously used a free trial of some video editing software for the Wales and Barcelona threads but was incredibly time consuming.
  8. The technical issues forum is actually jammed with 5-6 people all having the same issue and across all versions of FM. I am wondering if t is a steam related issue. I am keeping an eye on their progress or a solution.
  9. Re-assuring to hear so many others also have the same issue. I have had a similar thing, also since Tuesday. Has anyone else tried loading older versions? I get the same thing on 2018 and 2017 (I do not have 2019). Not sure if that's helpful info for anybody. Fingers crossed for a solution soon!
  10. That's my fear. It's also a 2012 Macbook I brought in Bogota, Colombia after getting robbed whilst crossing the border from Ecuador. Whenever I need IT help the IT guys always ask what the hell is this and all I can say is "long story".. I am re-reading Brilliant Orange at the moment and it's making me itch to get back to this!
  11. Hey there, you're welcome. Thanks for getting in touch. My latest (FM2018) iteration is as follows: F9(S) W(S) AM(S) W(S) CAR(S) DLP(D) CAR(S) BPD(S) DPD(C) DPD(S) SK(D) The key has been the compactness between the two wide Stoppers and the Carrileros is defensively solid. Depending on the type of striker you have the False 9 could easily be an out and out striker - Advanced Forward, maybe - and then I'd put the wingers on Attack duty to stop him getting isolated. Also, what formations are you typically coming up against? I found the diamond very effective at breaking down deep double pivots in France but less consistent against the 4-3-3. I'd suggest having a backup formation as 3-4-3 diamond is quite specialist so may not be optimal in every scenario. Hope that helps. Cheers!
  12. I think I am out of ideas, that's: Cache and preferences folders deleted. Integrity check completed in steam. Graphics folders deleted. Uninstalled, all folders deleted and re-installed. This time it caused my entire computer to crash.
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