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  1. Thank you for your kind words The flat midfield 3 - in a 1-2 or S-D-S setup - used to be an absolute favourite of mine, however I must admit having moved away from it lately. In particular, the versatility of the Central Midfielder (Support) was something I built a lot of earlier success on. In the screenshot you reference, Joao Felix and Florentino Luis are two completely different players playing the same role in a completely different way. The advantage of the flat 3 midfield is the wider midfielders naturally sitting in the half-spaces and you'll notice they flank a 2-man o
  2. Interesting video about use of similar defensive shapes when you're faced with a mismatch I use a Defend and a Support role. Most commonly either a Ball-Winning Midfielder (Defend) and a Box-to-Box Midfielder (Support) or simply a Central Midfielder (Defend) and a Central Midfielder (Support). Note that nobody in my squad, even right the way up to the Premier League, was high enough quality to be a playmaker. You do need one of them getting into the space ahead of the midfield and connecting with the attack as that's one of the weaknesses of the 3-4-2-1 variants. I fo
  3. Personally, I would be keeping him at the club and tutoring him. After that I would be thinking about a loan or finding space for him in the first team squad. I love players like this. Positioning 14, vision 14, decisions 15 (you need to work on his technique a bit). He looks like an ideal Half Back. With 2.5-3.5 star potential it looks like he's never going to set the world alight but he could play a squad role, something similar to the way I used Pedro Rodrigues earlier in this save. Well rounded, reliable, great tutor and likely to be easier to keep hold of than some of the other
  4. He's at Chelsea. He unfortunately fell victim to being another 'Number 10' type player amid a conveyor belt of world class 10s.
  5. Honestly, beggars can't be choosers. I was looking for the best all round players I could find, but ultimately working with what I had available. My most effective strategy was sniffing around the academies of the big clubs I find that they produce very good quality players, but are also very wasteful and struggle to find opportunities for their young players. I eventually settled on a structured, medium block 3-4-2-1 which was solid but also easily created a 3-2-5 in attack. I hope to find time to eventually write a thread about it, but it's again very FM2018 specific.
  6. Excellent question. In most cases, my advice would be to think in absolute terms. In other words, mostly based on the absolute ability of your players, rather than their ability in relation to your opponent. Take Decisions as an example; say your guy has a decisions of 7 but your opponent has decisions of 4. Your player with will likely make better decisions than the opponent but their absolute decision making ability is still not at a level where they will consistently make good decisions. These days I am actually using Structured styles of play a lot and getting excellent results.
  7. It's in the post above. It's a custom view on your squad screen. You can find pass percentage etc under Statistics
  8. That's strange. It's always a fairly extremely possession oriented system so I would not suggest going any further down the possession route if it's not working. You could try setting up a squad view and see if you can see any obvious weak-spots.
  9. I don't see anything badly wrong with the system. My experience that setup was high possession numbers with fairly few goals but generally dominating enough to make it over the line. What issues are you seeing? Squad also looks good. A few areas could do with upgrades, but I guess you're aware of that.
  10. Wonderful thank you for sharing. That Ajax side really is ready made for the 3-4-3 diamond Maybe try posting your team so I can see what you're trying to do?
  11. Yes, I found the same. I find the Mezala is great at connecting the midfield and attack, but I don't get enough output in comparison to, say, an inside forward. That's one of the reasons I retrained Valentim and Costa to play as Inside Forwards with Benfica when they were really ideal Mezalas. Yes, I have experimented a bit with back 3 variants. Mainly: 3-1-4-2 variants with a single pivot, two attacking central midfielders and two attackers. 3-4-1-2 variants with a double pivot, single attacking midfielder and two attackers. 3-4-2-1 variants with a doubl
  12. Possibly. Playing an English club and a lower league side are probably the most common request. I actually made the decision to re-run the save. Firstly, I am not particularly experienced at motoring through the football league system so I learnt a lot during my first run through which I would now like to apply. Secondly, I was using an unofficial update which unbalanced the game. Ole Gunnar Solksjaer got Manchester United relegated playing an obscure 3-1-5-1 and retrained Aaron Wan Bassaka as a striker I've become a lot more pragmatic tactically and had to be a lot more resourceful
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