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  1. Wonderful, wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. Really enjoyed reading! I'll be following with great interest. Particularly to see if you take this as far as to make signings and build a side. I would go as far as to say that in-game stats is perhaps the most under-utilised aspect - functional aspect, anyway I am not talking about my social media presence - of the game for me personally. I've always found it extremely interesting when players consistently perform beyond their 'ability' level. My judgement on this has been due to observations in the match engine, rather than s
  2. Sorry, I suspect it is something to do with uploading from a satellite wifi connection in South Sudan
  3. My start point would be something like this: [img]https://i.imgur.com/Vctg3GK.png[/img] I found the explanation of the reasonably reserved midfield role particularly interesting. For those playing FM2018 or earlier I would experiment with more structured styles of play.
  4. Van Gaal's 3-4-3 rather than Cruyff's, but one of the better analysis pieces I've seen. Thought I'd share
  5. The same thing happened to me a few years ago when the Ajax squad I used to build the 3-4-3 diamond side gradually fell apart. Funnily enough the next generation proved much better, but I didn't play a save with them!
  6. I've really enjoyed the style. This last couple of seasons have been far and away my most effective attempt, but I think that's largely due to the squad I have built up. I really enjoyed very brief 1-2 season saves with Liverpool, Napoli, PSG and Arsenal (once again, picking the minnow clubs but I wanted near ready-made squads) using variants of highly structured overload. With Liverpool, a direct 4-3-3 pretty much exactly what they are doing in real life. Napoli was similar but more high-tempo possession, using the 2018 squad Sarri had just left. PSG a direct 4-2-4/4-4-
  7. Actually, yes. I do love pressing in a 4-4-2 shape. If you look at the most recent season, it's not a million miles off. There's one further update still to come which is a slight evolution on that but very similar.
  8. Thank you Yea I have never written about the 3-5-2 with Arsenal but you can see it in the thread linked above. Eventually I settled on a highly structured Overload. I wanted relentless pressing and very quick transitions to take advantage of Aubameyang and Lacazette up front and it worked well as they got 30 league goals each, which I think might be the first time I have seen a strike partnership do that. I like the 3-5-2 as a transitional system when your squad isn't quite where it should be, but you have enough talent to paper over the cracks and win things. For example, in Arsena
  9. Ah, fantastic. Good to see there's some life in the old dog yet! Haven't used to 3-man defence regularly for some time. Only really a very purpose-built 3-5-2 with Arsenal. This is excellent. Really good insight. Thank you. One thing I would add is that youth development changes quite a bit once you have established a strong first team which you're happy with. If I do not yet have a strong first team, and a young player comes through then I will beeline them straight towards that spot in the team and let them grow into it. Same applies whether that's my st
  10. Fantastic. Thank you for sharing. Yes, Napoli (particularly in FM 2018) have one of the best squads for implementing this style of play right from the get go. Good luck! Yes, I did notice that during the Champions League final and the Barca match. To be honest, last season was such an odd season, it's really difficult to say much but yes I would agree the shape is similar. I'd say Leao and Felix are positionally similar to Muller and Lewandowski but are quite different players. Leao is now 3-time Balon d'Or winner at 20 years old and has actually now overtaken Mbappe as the heir t
  11. Fantastic. Thank you for sharing. Yes, Napoli (particularly in FM 2018) have one of the best squads for implementing this style of play right from the get go. Good luck!
  12. Yea, FM2017 was good. 2018 I think peaked for the tactics creator. I have tried FM20 a couple of times but find the tactics creator so much more limited. Sadly I think the ship has sailed until the next 'overhaul' of the tactics creator.
  13. On another note, apologies for the lack up recent updates. Work and work-related travel have taken over lately. I have played out the next season but haven't had the chance to write it up and am on a terrible internet connection. Will update when possible
  14. Nice work! We score a reasonable amount of goals from set-pieces. I would actually put this down to the ultra-intense style of play creating a lot of chances and therefore a lot of corners. Then we manage to convert some of them. Our team is very small, so my typical approach is to play the ball short to Jota, who is incredibly creative and two-footed so very unpredictable. He can either cut back and cross, go to the byline and cross or take on the defender and potentially cause havoc. Then I try to create some options for him in or around the box. Pinto at the far post, Joao Fe
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