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  1. Hello @kr10, sorry for the english it's not my nattive. I really enjoy yours tactic with Aj auxerre with good results with ligue 1 and CL in 2023. As i understand you're also an Ac milan fan and i wonder if you try to recreate ancelotti's diamond or christmas tree?
  2. Nice thread very helpfull. I try to recreate Milan Diamond ans I think that it coulb beaucoup a good start for the possession part. @Rashidi do you think that the lowblock that you explain on YouTube could be added on this attacking/retain possession way in order to get both fast Milan counter attack and possession game ?
  3. Will you try ti recreate Ancelotti's tatctic even if was not selected by the vote?
  4. Look's good. Can you share it on steam? Not working for the moment. I think i miss the PI's with a very weak d
  5. yes this one or the 2005 one with Cafu on the right, Maldini on the left with a Stam Nesta CB, and Kaka instead of Rui Costa. Both are great tactic very enjoyable to see. I'm trying to make it but i'm struggling playing at the same time direct counter attacking and possession football with a lot of ball geating thrue the regista
  6. Do you have some result with Milan. i'm struggling
  7. Thank you for the thread. Do you think that we can use this one in fm 17?
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