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  1. Do you have any players instructions? Or can you upload it? I will be happy to test it.
  2. @BJT i saw you're 41212 pirlo system, and I obviously give it a try. Considering the jose diamond, would you consider an update for the last patch? Thanks a lot for your tactics
  3. After a full season with leeds on the diamond we finish 3rd, won FA cup against liverpool and Eurocup against inter 4-1. Esposti as an AF 18 app 15 gls. The game is beautifull. I need to improve my CD and it will be good
  4. Thank you, i'm a huge fan of ancelotti's milan so diamond is my game. Anything specific for the DLF and the AF?
  5. @BJT, wich PPM would you recommend for josé 4312. In my third season with leeds, going to be qualified in CL. Great tactic with beautiful football
  6. Hello @kr10, sorry for the english it's not my nattive. I really enjoy yours tactic with Aj auxerre with good results with ligue 1 and CL in 2023. As i understand you're also an Ac milan fan and i wonder if you try to recreate ancelotti's diamond or christmas tree?
  7. Nice thread very helpfull. I try to recreate Milan Diamond ans I think that it coulb beaucoup a good start for the possession part. @Rashidi do you think that the lowblock that you explain on YouTube could be added on this attacking/retain possession way in order to get both fast Milan counter attack and possession game ?
  8. Thank you for the thread. Do you think that we can use this one in fm 17?
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