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  1. I don't know about restoring their glory days (I'm not sure they've ever had any!), but I am having a ball attempting to take Serie C/B club AlbinoLeffe to Serie A: and: Eight games into a Serie B campaign and it's not going too badly so far considering that the media predicted we'd finish 19th: The club doesn't have much money and plays its matches at Atalanta's 24,000-seater Atleti Azzuri d'Italia stadium. We sold a whopping 500 season tickets last year, up to 1,125 this year. The place is rocking, rocking I tell you. Jests aside, I chose them because their trainin
  2. This isn't necessarily a tactical problem IMO. I have found this to be a recurring theme in various versions of FM, including this year's version. And while I do think these occurrences are a little on the high side, I would also say it's not always one-way traffic; sometimes the early big chance or goal falls to my team too. Ö-zil, congrats on another stonking write-up. I only got FM17 on Christmas Day, and immediately started a save with my beloved Southampton, with a ton of ideas in my head. I tried a Conte-style 3-4-3 and a 4-1-2-1-2, but results (and individual players) wer
  3. A bit of a mixed bag. a few Balanced, lots of Fairly this and Fairly that. A bit meh really. Probably time for him to go. Luckily this chap is available: It's a no-brainer.
  4. This is top stuff, herne. I already play FM in a very (scarily!) similar way to you, but I've still picked up a few ideas and things to try. For example, the thought never crossed my mind to check and see what personality my Head of Youth Development had, and how it might reflect on the youngsters we bring through. What do you reckon of this guy: His personality type is determined.
  5. I thought I'd have a crack with a lower division foreign team and chose Novara in Italy's Lega Pro Girone A and just finished the league season as Champions. However, on date 16/5/2015 I had to play the Supercoppa di Lega di Prima Divisione against Pisa with every single one of my players ON HOLIDAY. On the plus side, I holidayed the match and a team of greyed out players won 1-0 which gave me the 'Squad Depth' achievement, but still ...
  6. I'd love to hear David Pleat have a crack at pronouncing this guy's name. His head would explode!
  7. Should have a calming effect on the dressing room!
  8. It's the dark skin that comes as standard with FM11, it's not one I downloaded. ------------------- I think this guy needs to get his act together and start contributing to the play more: ------------------- An aptly named signing, if ever I saw one:
  9. Quite possibly the most chances in a match....ever. And yes, I was Chelsea.
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