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  1. I don't panic buy easily. I do buy very opportunistically. This makes my squad grow larger than healthy (Eredivisie-squad doesn't need to have 30+ players, excluding the youngsters). I often bump into a player who tickles my fancy in some way (has great development potential with a fairly good base) and then end up buying them on the cheap. The problem is then that I can't really develop them, because my squad is already full, so playing time will be limited on some players. A trend I have noticed though, is that I bulk buy a certain type of player. So on a subconscious level, I might be interested into buying a DC, so I suddenly end up spotting 3 good young DCs and buying all of them. And then, I suddenly have 8 DCs (starting 2, 1 regular backup, 3 new players and 2 youth players) that all need game time. Next season, something similar happens to Md or Ma or Winger or DL etc...
  2. My strategy with FM-love has always been one or two long term saves, usually some team that's in the top domestic league, but not the top team in the league. I find the first season the most difficult to get into, as I need to get to know the team and "bond" with the players. After the first half of the season, I'll have a good idea of the quality and personality of the squad and start to get attached. This is when I get hooked: I'll have short-term goals to remove weaknesses in the squad, midterm goals to improve the personality of the squad and long term goals of improving facilities and youth development. The last two goals is where I get my motivation, but that really needs a few seasons before you get the benefits. Before that, I find that getting a bond with one or two players is the way to get stuck into the game. And I do that by really attempting to get to know how my team functions. I also run my FM-save for several real-life years. This means I'm pretty committed player, but I definately will not blindly buy a copy each year. Indeed, I've only owned 4 FMs: CM4, FM08 Handheld, FM09 and FM12. On each iteration I've owned, I'll have had a maximum of two long term saves, and always long term at the same club. I've always wanted to be a bit more of a traveller, but somehow, I've never gotten into a game where I grow from nothing, nor have I ever managed to will myself into moving clubs voluntarily.
  3. I don't quite think I've seen a straight up comparison, so how does the box compare to a narrow diamond? There are some obvious similarities, like the way you sacrifice "static" presence on the wings for space to move into dynamically for your central players or your fullbacks and the way you overpopulate the midfield to extinguish the opposing creative outlets. In what ways does the box behave fundamentally different from the diamond? I want to see if this is something I can add to my toolbox, but don't see the differences between the two systems clearly enough to make a good choice.
  4. I usually restrict my spending, but if I feel I need a player that much, I might go for the 48 months if that's what it takes. I will not, however, allow consecutive seasons of heavy spending, to balance things out. Since I'm more of a "feeder"-type club for the real big fish, I usually buy younger with an aim to sell them for a slight profit after I get several years' worth of matches or sign an old hand to boost experience, preferably on a free. Currently though, I'm trying to cement my place as the big fish in my smallish pond, so I may have to hold on to my top players a tad longer than usual. This might change my transfer policy as well.
  5. I used to have a great anchorman plucked from the Atletico B-side back in CM4. I think his name was Cubillio? Never heard from his since. My current favourite is Agustin Torassa: came in on a free to Heerenveen from All Boys Argentina. Every year, he should be my third best striker at best, but he keeps reclaiming his spot as my most consistent goalscorer.
  6. That's not what he said. Another game may have a solution for a particular problem that SI hasn't thought of. The rest of the game might be crap, but it might inspire SI into a different path of thinking for that particular problem.
  7. Hence, the call of some fans to "skip a year". Though I personally do believe FM may not be able to afford / does not make economic sense (take your pick) to skip a year.
  8. Most Glaring ME Errors

    You are observing the stats correctly: a saved shot will always be counted as "on target". I think you're just drawing the wrong conclusions here. Once fired, a shot will have the following attributes I think: - Blocked: if it hits someone on the way. - Saved: touched by keeper and not resulting in goal - Woodwork: any shot resulting in touching woodwork - On target: any Saved shot or Goal - Off target: Any shot not Blocked, On target or Woodwork (I think) The sum of Off target, Blocked, On Target and Woodwork should correspond to the total number of shots. It's just a way of counting. From this way of counting you cannot however draw the conclusion that a goalkeeper doesn't attempt to save an Off-target shot. It just means that saved "Off-target" shots are chalked up as a Saved (and therefore "on target") shot. It's much easier to do this than to extrapolate the path of a saved shot and chalk it up in the right category. Unfortunately, there is no way from stats only to distinguish a true "On target" shot from a saved "Off target" shot.
  9. Who takes the which penalty is clearly a matter of your psychological model on pressure regarding the PK series is. If there's no psychological pressure at all, then the order does not matter. In fact, you can then see every single penalty independently from other kicks. In this case, there is no difference at all in the order. Alves would have missed in any case, whether he was first, fourth or last. Having CR earlier doesn't change the outcome in this model. If the model is that being in the lead increases negative pressure on the opponent, then order by best penalty taker first is the best order. This increases the chance of being in the lead and thus increasing the chance of creating negative pressure. If the model is that taking decisive penalties increases pressure on the taker, than putting your best penalty takers on spot 4, 5 and 3, in that order, (3rd, while being a guaranteed spot, is rarely decisive, while 4th is often decisive and usually guaranteed, while 5th is always a decisive penalty but not guaranteed) I don't think there's a really clear proven model, but if there is truth in either model, it wouldn't hurt to make it in an order like: 1, 5, 4, 2, 3; where "1" is the best taker and "5" the worst. The first puts your team in the lead (hopefully), second is the least decisive of the lot and can be the worst. The fourth is often decisive and almost always guaranteed and should host your second best taker. The order of the third and fifth can be swapped, depending on which mental model you think is more likely to be true. What you think of CR and Bento with regards to this series, depends a lot on where you think he stands in relation to the other penalty kick takers, how well you believe he handles pressure (known bottlers should be in slot 2/3 as they are least likely to be decisive) and which psychological model you believe fits best. However, in no way is the decision to put a good penalty taker in spot 5 "moronic"; it's always decisive and high pressure if it comes to that. So it's important to have a good PK taker there that can handle pressure.
  10. If I interpret this in my own terms, the MC-slots position themselves too far up the pitch, operating more in the area between MC and AMC rather than MC and DMC-area. And that leaves you vulnerable, unless the 2MCs have support. This support is important, because it helps the 2MCs in their defensive duties and crucially, buys them time to settle back into their more defensive positions. Support can come in different forms, like: * ML/MR instead of AML / AMR. This will introduce people covering the flanks, so the 2MCs will only have to cover the middle. With less to cover, they will have more time to get into the right places. * DMC covering. This directly addresses the problem area. * Extra MC in line (flat 3 in the middle). This allows the MCs to shuffle over to react to danger (reactively following the danger, instead of proactively cutting it out by the DMC or ML / MR) while still allowing for a spare MC "in reserve". So (depending or role selection) a 442/4411 or to a lesser extent flat 433 are both manageable tradeoffs, while 4231-Denmark or 424 (AMR/AML or even wide forwards) will be extremely vulnerable. 442-Diamond narrow is ok because it has support in the DMC area, while 442-diamond wide is borderline, with DMC and ML / MR providing some defensive cover but vulnerable simply because the center midfield has fewer bodies. Is this somewhat accurate?
  11. Well, in FM-world I'd set it up to have my best penalty taker first, my second best last, and then my third to fifth in spot 2-4. My ideas for that: First one is a pressure shot and needs my best penalty shooter. The last one is also under very high pressure, so he needs to be my second best. In that reasoning, I can very much imagine that CR would line up last in a game of mine. Anyway, didn't it use to be a "rule" to put one of your best takers last for exactly this reason?
  12. I've had some more matches where I've tried to examine this specific issue in more detail. Crossing does work, but it is hard to set it up properly. I found that there are two main issues with getting a good crossing game up: The first thing is obvious: you must have targets to cross at. Lots of times when the cross doesn't materialize, if I look at it critically, the target is just not in a good place. Now, you may want him to hit the ball anyway, but often, the crosser refuses to play the ball when there's no obvious target and carries on just a bit longer until the target(s) does appear. Unfortunately, this usually means a fullback will have caught up, leading to a blocked cross, as well as more defenders packing the box, leading to intercepted crosses. The second is that good delivery is king. And for a good delivery, the crosser ideally wants: * a good position from which to cross (the ultimate spot is near the byline); * lots of space, to increase the potential unblocked trajectories of the ball * lots of time, to mentally pick the right decision * lots of the correct technical skills, to put the ball where he actually wants it. The first and the last are the easiest to achieve; it's the second and third aspects which are much more difficult to achieve, especially in combination with the presence or absence of good targets. However, if all these aspects are present, a cross can have a deadly effect. Both high crosses to the head as well as low crosses to my small poachers will get converted, as long as the delivery is there. I wish there was an easy and intuitive way to tell a winger to bring the ball to the byline, beating a fullback if needed, and then swing in a cross, even if the intended target is not in a good position. This, at least, would lead to balls pumped into the box, which might cause enough chaos in its own way to make it worthwhile even if there's no one to receive the first ball. Currently, it's easy to make a winger dribble to the byline, but if for some reason the risk/reward of the cross is negative even if he has space, he'll keep running (RWB) instead of cross it. And if I remove RWB, he won't try to beat the FB. And if I remove Cross from Byline, he'll cross too early.
  13. A simple UI suggestion: I like to view each game in Full match setting so I can get a better feel for what's going on and I can make some initial adjustments. Once I'm satisfied with the settings, I'll speed it up with Extended or Key highlights only, slowing down only occasionally to inspect play. But whatever way I finish watching the game, I want to start watching the game on Full. I do not want it to take over the settings from the previous match. I also do not want to have to set it manually each time I start a game; I'll forget and sometimes accidentally skip a few minutes. Annoying...
  14. This might actually also be a cause of misperception of actual achievements.