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  1. I don't panic buy easily. I do buy very opportunistically. This makes my squad grow larger than healthy (Eredivisie-squad doesn't need to have 30+ players, excluding the youngsters). I often bump into a player who tickles my fancy in some way (has great development potential with a fairly good base) and then end up buying them on the cheap. The problem is then that I can't really develop them, because my squad is already full, so playing time will be limited on some players. A trend I have noticed though, is that I bulk buy a certain type of player. So on a subconscious level, I might be interested into buying a DC, so I suddenly end up spotting 3 good young DCs and buying all of them. And then, I suddenly have 8 DCs (starting 2, 1 regular backup, 3 new players and 2 youth players) that all need game time. Next season, something similar happens to Md or Ma or Winger or DL etc...
  2. My strategy with FM-love has always been one or two long term saves, usually some team that's in the top domestic league, but not the top team in the league. I find the first season the most difficult to get into, as I need to get to know the team and "bond" with the players. After the first half of the season, I'll have a good idea of the quality and personality of the squad and start to get attached. This is when I get hooked: I'll have short-term goals to remove weaknesses in the squad, midterm goals to improve the personality of the squad and long term goals of improving facilities and youth development. The last two goals is where I get my motivation, but that really needs a few seasons before you get the benefits. Before that, I find that getting a bond with one or two players is the way to get stuck into the game. And I do that by really attempting to get to know how my team functions. I also run my FM-save for several real-life years. This means I'm pretty committed player, but I definately will not blindly buy a copy each year. Indeed, I've only owned 4 FMs: CM4, FM08 Handheld, FM09 and FM12. On each iteration I've owned, I'll have had a maximum of two long term saves, and always long term at the same club. I've always wanted to be a bit more of a traveller, but somehow, I've never gotten into a game where I grow from nothing, nor have I ever managed to will myself into moving clubs voluntarily.
  3. I don't quite think I've seen a straight up comparison, so how does the box compare to a narrow diamond? There are some obvious similarities, like the way you sacrifice "static" presence on the wings for space to move into dynamically for your central players or your fullbacks and the way you overpopulate the midfield to extinguish the opposing creative outlets. In what ways does the box behave fundamentally different from the diamond? I want to see if this is something I can add to my toolbox, but don't see the differences between the two systems clearly enough to make a good choice.
  4. This happened to me last nigth to illustrate this approach a bit: To start with, I have three different setups: a 4411 when I'm underdogs / happy to get away a point (away vs Top 2 in league, European competitions), 442-wide diamond for whenever I'm huge favourites, and 433-flat version for everything in between. Last night, I had an away vs a very mediocre team, bottom half of the table. Pregame odds were good, so I chose the wide diamond. Opposition was also lined up in a wide diamond, so I was happy; as long as I maintain control over the pitch, them having three outright attacking players, two wide men and no men in the middle of the park is good news for my wide diamond. But somehow, in the first five minutes, play felt wrong. Their DMC seemed to be winning all balls and their AMC seemed to be winning tackles too. Even after I managed an early goal (AMC laid off to onrushing left midfielder, shot and goal), midfield seemed a lost battle. My DMC wasn't able to handle the pressure by himself and desperately needed help. So I decided to take a drastic measure and called for the 433 to be played. A bit difficult, since I kind of need very different players (in particular, my wingers need to be replaced by central midfielders or strikers), but with only 1 player severely out of position, it was ok. After that, midfield became a stable contest, but they no longer were able to reach their strikers. On the their end of the pitch though, individual quality and the overload of attackers (three strikers, plus one central midfielder on attack duty) made the difference: 0-6 at full time. The game never seemed in doubt once my players settled into the 433-plan, and at half time I made a sub to better fit into that formation and game over for the opposition. I would not have been able to spot the problem and think of a good response without watching the match. Statistics can be used to back up my gut feeling, but watching the full match for a few minutes can usually give you a good impression on how well the teams are playing and which areas are in need of some attention.
  5. There should be some balancing between fun and realism in this. As such, I'd support a "unsackable" or at least a "unsackable by board takeover" / "no takeover" option for player controlled clubs. At least some sort of control over the sackability would be nice to help players get the type of game they want. As for realism: I think there is a large perception bias in favour of long term managers. In fact, long term managers like SAF and Wenger are huge exceptions. Managers leave clubs all the time, for all sorts of reasons, from the mundane underperformance to more exotic reasons like: - You've brought us success, but we don't think you fit the profile to bring us to the next level - Your contract is up and we feel we need some new blood in our staff. Sorry. - We want a different brand of football (more attacking, fewer soft goals given, more youth players breaking through, a more marketable name, etc) and feel a change in management is the way to get there. - Your contract is up and it just happens that Mourinho is a free agent right now, so we won't extend your contract. - Mourinho is a free agent now. Sucks to be you. - The new owner worships Hiddink so you're out of luck - The owner dislikes your taste in ties and can't stand to have you around any longer I think sackings (and non-extensions of contracts) actually don't occur often enough for players (compared to reality) and that all sackings seem to be related to either performance or takeovers. If you meet the performance, extensions are almost guaranteed unless a takeover happens. The simple "contract ran out, you did a perfectly reasonable job, thank you goodbye"-non-extensions just don't seem to happen to a player. Not that I want those types of non-extensions per se, as the game should stay fun and this would make the game unenjoyable for many people. I don't have a strong opinion on whether or not the OP experienced bad luck or a bug. I can imagine a new owner wanting "a different brand of football" or "Just bring me Mourinho, whatever the cost". And if I can imagine such a situation, and SI thinks it should on occasion happen, then it might be weighed into the game, though with a very low probability. Which would make it near certainty that at least several players, including some forum members (like OP) have experienced such a thing just due to the large numbers involved. So then it's not a bug per se, though perhaps it's a mis-specification (the software does what was intended, though the intention is wrong). If SI doesn't think it should on occasion happen, it's a bug (the software doesn't do what was intended)
  6. Still using FM09, but: I find Shoots with power has a higher chance of producing out-of-nowhere type goals; the player just needs a decent shooting position and let rip. It is definitely more useful a bit further out (edge of area or farther). Places shots is prettier to the eye and more effective inside the box. This is contrary to SFraser's "When close to goal and with a good angle power is king". I think, when close to the goal, if you place the shot accurately, the keeper will have no time to react anyway, however slow the shot is. Powering it in will not help if your shot is straight at the keeper. So, if you have a relatively low level team, get Shoots with power: you're much more likely to fluke one in. If your team regularly produces chances for players inside the box, places shots may be more appropriate.
  7. I do find he (and the lone striker) are the most inconsistent in terms of ratings in this setup. Goals / assists are the only sure way to get to 6.8+ ratings. I believe AMC seems to get fair ratings if he gets lots of completed passes (talking about 40+ here), among which should be a fair amount of key passes.
  8. My 2 cts on this interesting discussion. First, a picture to save me 1000 words... This is, injuries aside, my first team (Mata on AML, Modric on AMC) On my daily commute, I've written down a few things to organize my thoughts on this formation. In possession, I want my team to behave like this: The heart of my team is the "long triangle" of the DMCs and AMC. They should always be available for an easy pass and they direct the tempo and the flow of the attack. The more creative of my DMCs sometimes has Fwd Runs or Free role to find space. He's encouraged to get into the box at the end of an attack. The other DMC has an evil long shot and stays at the edge. The two DCs, while perfectly capable of making a good pass, should in principle just pass the ball to one of the DMCs. My DR (Srna) has loads of attacking strength; I'm experimenting with the right settings for him. My first choice for DL is a regen without real attacking ability. My 2nd choice is Bale, who is better going forwards but a less secure option defending. My left winger should be all about creativity and through balls, looking for space. My right winger is looking for width and the cross. Seeing that my right winger has Srna as support, I suppose I should turn that around, but I don't have a good "cut inside"-tending winger on the right side (the regen right-footed right winger functions as such on the left if necessary) My FC roams, leaving holes for others to exploit. I play top EPL and I don't expect him to top the goalscorers charts by any stretch of imagination. But the occasional goal would be nice Currently, I have 3 free roles. I'm experimenting between AMC, AML and DMC vs AML, FC and DR (to better accommodate Srna). Off the ball, I want the following: Wingers track the most dangerous players on the wings. AMC and FC harrass whoever has the ball. DMCs are my true ball winners Back four mop whatever leaks through. Settings I use as many Team settings as possible. Global mentality (experimenting whether to drop the AMC a notch or two or to drop the FC a bit). Shortest passing, except for the DMCs (around the center, to combat the DC-DMC passing back and forth syndrome). The more creative DMC (though both of my DMCs create as well as destroy) either gets forward runs or free role. Caveats Using so many free roles, the transition phase where we lose the ball is always dangerous. This is a risk I accept and aim to mitigate by playing a short passing game that avoids giving away possession, as well as having at least one DMC that should be positioned reasonably well to stall the attack. While I'm having success, I freely admit to have (somewhat inadvertently) used the corner exploit. Only halfway into the season have I actually noticed that the true effectiveness of Fazio the killer-header Other notes I want play the "2"-unit at DMC instead of MC, because it gives the back four an easier outlet and because it gives the DMCs more time to distribute play. I have had some of the problems SFraser alludes to concerning the lone striker-AMC combination. I did have VdVaart occupying nearly the same spot as De Rossi. I'm working on that. My last game seemed a lot better. My main problem on the ball is that I can't get to activate my FC. I have several options, Milevskyi, Bojan or Paloschi. The rarely get a good ball and score less than I allowed for in my views. I also had a big problem with the DMCs not bothering the MCs, backing down to stay in front of the back four. I think I've solved this by using a much higher Dline, which automatically puts the DMCs in the right place. My remaining defending problem is when I get pressured. If I can't keep possession (55% is a minimum for a good game for me), then it starts to look panicked. Because I have 4 players more or less constantly upfield, I'm bound to lose the ball either near my DMC-zone (danger! danger!) or after a long hoof upfield, with the opposition still having all the attacking options on my half. Final word I'm really trying to get this to work. Whether or not I succeed makes a huge difference on my next transfer window. If I don't succeed, I'll switch to a 2 striker formation of some sorts, which will automatically mean one true SC purchase (half regretting selling Cardozo now); Benzema probably if the ManCity board is still so generous in June 2013 . If I do succeed, I'll have to aim for a new AMC or AML instead as I'll lack cover in those areas.
  9. Match day auto-pause/auto-tactics screen feature: check a few checkboxes in options where you want the game engine to auto-pause or auto-tactics when they happen. The events must be observable through normal means, like: formation change by oppo, minor injury, major injury, yellow card, red card, maybe other things.
  10. Anybody interested in running a holiday/signup game which focuses on something like "flawed" youngsters? Potential superstars with some sort of failing in them. Two lowly ranked countries, eleven-sixteen players each side; player-chosen superstats; plus at least 1 mental stat at 1. Players also dislike at least 1 country team mate (randomly chosen). Players must choose 1 fave club; Players can add extra good stuff, but always with a penalty: more players dislike them, key coaches dislike them (country coach or fave club coach). And then, see which side is the best. As I don't have a recent FM, anybody interested in running this? I'm willing to flesh this out more if someone wants to run this.
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