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  1. Sorry should have said I was more on about the full backs and wingers - I often play with players in the same roles on the wings. I wouldn't play strikers the same role, the useless gits can't score anyway.
  2. @Experienced Defender you always say about different roles on the wings to stop being one dimensional, but would player traits not make them play each role differently?
  3. No game will ever compare to Soccer Manager 98. Now that was a proper game.
  4. So what I think @Cleon and @Rashidi are trying to say is. 'Fluid' - If you want your players to have the same or a closer attacking/defensive mentality 'Structured' - If you want your players to have a different mentality to each other, I.E your defenders/defensive players stick to defending and your forwards/attacking players concentrate more on the attacking? Some amount of detail you guys put into this, can be confusing at times but has really helped me enjoy the game more, as I really like the tactical side of it. Cheers
  5. Wow people take this game seriously . Lets all settle down. your first mistake was using FMT
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