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  1. Kane Son and Sterling on the counter attack. 👌👌👌 just a pity the Eggplant emoji isn't available. 😂
  2. Some really good goals there, Werner is a beast (just having a mare in real life) Perfect forward for this would be Harry Kane, doubt you would be able to get him of of Spurs though.
  3. This is how i set up my Celtic team in big European games against much better sides..... This thread is quality. 👍
  4. Sorry should have said I was more on about the full backs and wingers - I often play with players in the same roles on the wings. I wouldn't play strikers the same role, the useless gits can't score anyway.
  5. @Experienced Defender you always say about different roles on the wings to stop being one dimensional, but would player traits not make them play each role differently?
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