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  1. ESTUDIANTES De La Plata For a long while now i have been itching to start a save in a league and surroundings i am not very privy to, i wanted a team where i could develop youth and have some creative freedom. The south american leagues have always interested me but i have never taken a vested interest in their league systems or how they work, I have always been aware of the better known south american brazilian/argentinian sides but thought it would be to obvious to choose a side like Boca/River from argentina or Flamengo/Sao Paulo etc from brazil. This lead me to a bit of research eventually deciding upon Estudiantes, we dont have a huge budget - but we do have a good infrastructure in place.. 5* training facilities & 4* youth facilities, a modern (2003) built 53k capacity stadium, a continental reputation and a rich history winning the copa libertadores in 1968,1969,1970 and 2009 - winning the Argentine top division 5 times and runners up 4 times.. the club is currently enduring a 7 year barren spell having not won a competition since 2010. This season we have continental football in the form of the "Copa Sudamericana" which we will be attempting to win in the first season in charge. The Squad The Reserves The Under 20's As a whole i dont think we have a terrible squad, there are areas i feel we can improve and i have made some additions with a limited budget i feel will bring something to the team. I will be looking at clearing a lot of the reserve team out, some are headed for mid 20's while there are also some players past their best now which take up valuable wage budget and wont be bringing anything to the team anytime soon. We have some decent prospects in the under 20's that i will be paying particular attention to and pairing up with established pro's to give them the best possible chance of development. Some of the more promising youth prospects... Tactics Using Ö-zil to the Arsenal! Johan Cruyff's total football Ajax project as inspiration i have decided to go for a 3-5-1-1 with a standard mentality and fluid shape, which will adapt and evolve as the season goes on. Fixtures We started off with a win, away against Peruvian side "Club Sport Rosario" Considering we was the away side, we dominated possession having 58% of the ball - had 17 shots to their 10 (only 4 of which where long shots) - created 4 clear cut chances and 4 half chances - ran 122km and had an average rating of 7.43. We get the new signings on the on the 1st July in the game (currently 27th june) and wont have our next game until the 26th july which is the return leg against Club Sport Rosario in the Copa Sudamericana for a place in the 3rd round, four friendlys and then the league starts. Plenty of time to bed the tactics and signings in and get prepared for the season ahead.
  2. what would be the chances of getting a copy of your save mate? just to keep me occupied until fm20 comes out to see if i can kick on with the transition at the end of your last season.
  3. As subject, does anybody know of a most recent transfer database for FM17? If not from the start of this season, at least from the end of last season or XMAS last season?
  4. Long shot but what are the chances of getting a copy of this save from you? To have a crack at a transition myself? I only ask because I could see it as a little short term challenge for myself until fm20 is released as I have no long term saves on fm18 or f19.
  5. Only just found this post, been on a long sabbatical from football manager and just about to dip my toe back in. Strange seeing you move away from a 3-4-3 tactic I know you well for using. Are you on fm18 now as opposed to using fm19? I still struggle to stay off fm15 or fm16 which I felt where really good editions of football manager.
  6. did you progress onto fm17/18/19? i am struggling to enjoy those games the way i enjoyed fm15 or fm16 - both of which i found to be REALLY great games.
  7. I really under understand why this thread had to be shut down while there was active discussion between members?
  8. As i said, i got instantly bored with FM18 from the get-go and from what i can see fm19 isnt an improvement. I expected fm19 to be fm18 "reloaded" with any problems/issues ironed out and the interface improved a bit. FM17 was quite good, it was like 16 but with any issues corrected and improved.. FM15, class game very enjoyable interface and decent AI. FM15 - solid game, FM17 - solid game, HOPING FM20 is going to be fm18 and fm19 rolled into one "reloaded" and any issues ironed out and just a bit of magic dust sprinkled onto it, we can only hope. I will stick to either 15 or 17 for the time being.
  9. As i say guys i played VERY little of FM18 as it just bored me instantly - i found that FM15 was superb, i really enjoyed it and invested a lot of time in that game - i would say that FM16 was a big jump/change from 15 with new interface etc and then FM17 was what 16 should have been - much improved. So its like FM15, FM17 are both good - FM16,FM18 not so good and by the sounds of it FM19 isnt much better than FM18. Hopefully FM20 is a big jump in quality in terms of UI. I can cope with the match engine not being 100% but i did not enjoy the UI of FM18 one bit. I might just stick with my beautiful looking FM15...
  10. Hi everyone, I stopped playing FM about two hours into FM18 i just got bored with it but i fancy having another go at it, my Q is - is FM19 worth buying over FM18? are there any worthwhile changes to over the later version? I understand that FM20 is out in a month or two but in the meantime i fancy another save to get my "eye in" again so wondered the above basically. For me the last real great edition of FM that i really enjoyed was FM15 and have found myself downloading a recent 18/19 updated database for that but figured i would ask the Q about fm18 or fm19. Cheers.
  11. Did you get some motivation back to carry on with this tactic??? It really is a wonderful tactic to look at.
  12. Look for teams that suit the style of player needed, all the info is there throughout this thread.
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