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  1. York City, Premier league, in Europe, Extensive Youth Recruitment, Exceptional Junior Coaching, Excellent Youth Facilities, Huw Jennings Resolute HOYD, Under 18 Manager, Assistant, 2 coaches, 2 Lower League Youth Intake Affiliates Currently Spawning 1/2 to 1 1/2⭐️ ability max And Spawning 1/2 to 4 ⭐️ potential Reloading on intake day to test it. Should I not be yielding any ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ current ability? Like surely the boxes I’ve ticked I should have a desirable intake after 15-20 reloads?
  2. Hi I'm five seasons in a save and got myself a great youth set up. I now have 8 homegrown players in my line-up (all from my youth) but I scout and buy mostly in Argentina. I already have the best (affordable) belgians at my disposal so there is no need to buy domestic players, they are coming trough my youth academy. But in every article about me they say I have had criticism of my reluctance to buy domestic players, while I have 12 out of 18 domestic players... It's a small thing but I feel like I deserve recognition for that Thanks for reading!
  3. Introduction Welcome to my second FM18 thread. Forgive me for my love of alliteration. This will be a wordy introduction but I'll be getting to my usual style with screenshots soon. I’ll be returning to what I like to do best here: a single club career, with a focus on youth development, and in Spain, which is my favourite place to manage in Football Manager. It will be (at least slightly) different than before, though. While the inclusion of B- and even C-teams in the main league pyramid is not for everyone, I for one am a big fan of it. That is why for this save I will not only be taking over the first team of a club, but also the B and C team, with different managers. Since, if you did not know already, in Spain the B and C teams are represented faithfully in game as separate clubs. Most of the time these B and C clubs are former independent clubs taken over by a bigger club in the neighbourhood to be used as a feeder team. There are also remarkable stories with this, like in Malaga. The main club was bankrupt, so the former B team became the main club – and still is to this day. If I do this with three managers I have total control over the three teams and its players, and can really follow their development up close. Of course you do have to play a lot more matches per season (praise the IR button!) and there can be a few issues in FM since I don’t think this is exactly what they had in mind. At least in FM17, where I tried a save like this out for a few seasons, the contracts of the B and C team managers couldn’t be renewed even though the board offered new contracts. The only way to circumvent that issue was the use of the IGE. I don’t know yet if this is fixed for FM18, we will see I guess. To be able to do this at all you need more Spanish leagues than are in the vanilla version. The highest C clubs play in the Tercera Division, the fourth tier of Spanish football. There are five of these: Villarreal, Sevilla, Real Sociedad, Athletic Bilbao and Las Palmas. (in previous times Real Madrid, Atletico and Barcelona all have had C teams but have since given up on them for a variety of reasons. Messi played his first league matches for the C team for instance). But I’ve decided to go for a different route. When you go further down the Spanish pyramid, you’ll keep on noticing a ton of B teams, but also a few C teams here and there. Some amateur teams even have D teams in the real life pyramid, but I did not found those in the database I have downloaded (from fmsite.net if you are interested). That database goes to down to the Cuarta regional, the 9th and lowest tier of Spanish football. There are relatively few tiers but the Spanish league system has a remarkable amount of regional sub leagues on each level (4 on the third tier, 18 on the fourth tier and much, much more on lower tiers). The lowest possible I could’ve gone was for a semi-pro club, C.F. Trapagaran, whose main team play in the 6th tier, the B team in the 8th and the C team in the 9th. Perhaps that would’ve been an awesome challenge, but a little bit too daunting (I also do not particularly like semi-professional management) – added to the fact that going this far down you have thousands of clubs and hundreds of leagues, and it just was a bit too slow, even on a pretty good computer. So I’ve gone for one that I find interesting – a decently big professional club, Tenerife. Their main team plays in the Segunda Division, and they are (obviously) based on the Island of Tenerife. Their rivals are Las Palmas, the other big Canary Islands team, who have done incredibly well over the past few seasons and built themselves up, higher than Tenerife. Tenerife’s B team plays in the Tercera division, and their C team plays in the Segunda Regional, the 7th tier. In the database I’ve downloaded that team plays in a Catalan league, which seems very incorrect but that doesn’t matter too much for me, they should be moving on soon any way. To create a bit of a narrative I’ve decided that the three managers will be three brothers. With Andorran-Dutch nationalities, obviously. The elder brother, a certain Marc X, you might be familiar with already. Let me introduce you to his siblings: Benito X, a younger brother and manager of the B team and Xavier X, the manager of the C-team. All the three managers will stick at their clubs for the duration of this save, is the plan. Don’t expect crazy narrative stuff from me like some of the legends on this board, but it’s just a little bit of a fun added thing in the thread. Strategy, Limitations, Style of Play Now onto the way I am actually planning to do this save and post here. It will not be 100% youth only, although all youth prospects will be signed every year and a lot of them will be given chances in the C and/or B teams. As for players I am signing, I have decided to take a little bit of a different route. I will allow myself to buy players, but only from nations that I consider unlikely to have great players – the weaker nations internationally. These can be nations like Andorra, San Marino etc from Europe, or Bolivia, Mozambique, Cambodia, etc. To make sure that a lot of these nations actually have players (and newgens) I have loaded a lot of these nations’ players in the custom database settings. I have not loaded their leagues but the domestic Claassen updates are loaded so that the clubs and leagues should be somewhat realistic for these smaller nations. If you’re wondering how this goes with foreign rules, I have the answer for you 😊 In Spain at first glance the rules seem really strict, with only 2 non-eu players allowed in the Segunda Division and 3 in La Liga, but then you need to look closer. All Conotou nations are not considered non-eu. Which means that a ton of Caribbean, African and Pacific nations do not count (pretty much all African nations outside of North Africa, pretty much the whole of Oceania outside of New Zealand). Usually this would not matter much, but since these are the places in the world I am specifically looking to sign players from, this will be interesting. Asian players and certain north American nations will be tougher to deal with, since it will take a whopping 10 years for non-EU/South America foreigners to get Spanish nationality. As a Dutchman I am particularly interested to see if there can be any good players coming from places like Aruba, Curaçao or Bonaire. The chances are very slim but you never know. Usually I would skip even looking at places like the minnow countries, but it should be interesting to see if some of them can become decent players or more. At some point, with young players coming in this way, and through the youth intakes, there will simply be too many players for the three teams. If that is the case I will start loaning players out. Since I will always keep around at least 5 tiers in Spain (perhaps only removing the 6th and 7th if the C team goes up the ranks, depending on game speed) I can look for teams on a variety of levels to give them playing time in league football as well. It of course can also be the case that a player is just too good for the C team but not good enough yet for the B team, or the same for players between the B team and the first team, I will loan them out as well. I will have some foreign leagues on view-only, like the Dutch, Portuguese and the PL. The only foreign leagues I will add playable are the Andorran leagues. As far as the tactics are concerned, I will mostly be using a similar style of play as I did in my previous save, a kind of direct 4-2-3-1 but for the B & C teams a little bit more simplistic so that the defenders don’t need to be ball playing defenders right away etc. Anyway, as should be clear by now I’ve wanted to do this for a while and have thought about how I would go about it, so I’m excited to finally give this a full go. In my next post I will be getting into the players, the squads and what will need to happen in the first transfer window.
  4. For people such as myself, who have dedicated their saves to youth development and youth only ideas, there comes a point where you hit a wall. I have state-of-the-art youth facilities & over £200m in the bank. There should be an option, once you have achieved all the youth upgrades possible and have sufficient money, to go to the board and ask for a custom-built training complex for your youth players, naming it and such. I understand that 'state-of-the-art' probably means as much, but it would be nice to have that level of detail , which would also affect your youth coaching and intakes. You could have your HOYD 'manage' the centre and have the players that come into your U-18/19's already inducted into your training and playing ethos
  5. A youth only challenge with one of my favorite teams on FM, União de Leiria. I had a successful save with them on FM14, lasting nine seasons. I ended the save after an amazing 2021/2022 season where we won the Champions League at the Bernabeu, against Real Madrid, with a brace from academy prospect Victor Gil. (Click to enlarge) Legendary striker Victor Gil, profile: And now his manager profile! Just thought it would be nice to use my favorite player in the FM14 save as manager. Club info: Now I'm going back to Leiria in order to emphasize youth development in the club, and get a golden generation to win the UCL again.
  6. manutdfan1999

    Yet another San Marino save

    Ok so after reading through @Jupjamie's thread I was inspired to give a San Marino save a try for the first time in a few years. This is also only my second save on this iteration so jumping into the deep end here and as a result I thought I wouldn't be as extreme as some with this challenge atleast at the start. As a result ive opted to manage La Fiorita who are the defending champions of the Sammarinese league so should make things easier to start aswell as not restricting myself to youth only for the 1st few seasons. Game set-up Ive loaded the san marino league having used claassen's file, aswell as a large database. I've played through the 1st 2 seasons so will give brief updates on them below
  7. INTRODUCTION Guatemala, the land of 37 volcanoes, incredible nature, outstanding food and the biggest relative population of ethnically Mayan indigenous descent in Central America. Unfortunately, also a country in a very dire situation. I have had the fortune to visit the country for my work (I work for an NGO in labour rights for those who want to know), but it's ridden with economic difficulty, a president who's a clown (no seriously, the guy was actually a comedian before being elected president) and a huge amount of young people (nearly two thirds of the national population) with the choice of either joining criminal gangs or fleeing the country to improve their quality of life. I was lucky enough to visit some youth projects in the westernmost province of the country, San Marcos, where young local kids were telling me they wanted to go to college, but it was useless as their degrees would hardly lead to anything without some kind of national development. Many of their relatives who had gone to study in the capital would eventually join gangs made up of people from the same region of origin. Fleeing the country to Mexico, or maybe even further into the US, was the only way of doing something for the country, as remittances are one of the biggest forms of income for the country. All politics and economy aside, I planned to do something in return, not only during my work, but also virtually through FM, as I'll start a youth development save in the club that represents the region of San Marcos, Deportivo Marquense. As you can see, the city is located way up in the mountains, at 2,400 meters above sea level. The title of this story is a nod to the nickname of the Guatemalan population, as they refer to anything related to Guatemalan culture as Chapín. GENERAL CLUB INFO Name: Club Deportivo Marquense Founded: 1958 Stadium: Estadio Marquesa de la Ensenada, San Marcos (11.000 seats) Nickname: Los Leones (the Lions) Media prediction: 11 out of 12 teams Honours: Not a lot. What I know is that they've been mostly a second tier team in their history, until promoting to the top division in 2000. They've played in two national finals, losing them on both occasions and made one CONCACAF Champions League appearence in 2007, losing in the quarter finals to Mexican side Pachuca. THE CHALLENGE As I mostly start saves in random and exotic places, it cannot go untold enough how important @claassen's database is to my fun in playing FM. The challenge will be focused at trying to gain dominance in Guatemala and eventually winning the CONCACAF Champions League by only fielding players coming through the youth ranks of the club. I do allow myself to make transfers, but only if they're necessary in very dire situations and only if those players are born or trained in the San Marcos department, more or less the way @MarcxD's AFC save works with Amsterdam only players. I won't make any signings in the first transfer period, that's for sure. This will be hard enough as we're predicted to finish 11th out of 12, with quite a big gap in quality between the lowest predicted three teams and the other nine. More on that in the next update. San Marcos department, the only region my players will eventually be from, has around 1 million inhabitants and roughly twice the size of Greater London LEAGUE AND SETUP I've loaded all twenty Latin American nations' leagues as well as the MLS and the Belize league (as this is necessary for the new international CONCACAF leagues to fully function). I don't know really why I loaded all the leagues, but I guess if something really bad happens in Guatemala, I'll have a way out, but if that happens, I'll at leasy stay in a Central American nation. The league has your traditional Latin American structure, with an Apertura from July to November and a Clausura from January to May. 12 teams compete and play 22 matches per round, after which the top 6 teams qualify for a playoff. The one best team of the two league champions qualifies for the CONCACAF Champions League (which runs from February to April), the numbers 2 and 3 in the aggregate table qualify for the newly installed CONCACAF League (which runs from August to October, winner also qualifies for the Champions League). In real life, Guatemalan teams are excluded from participation as the government is meddling too much with the local FA, but luckily this is not the case in FM. Relegation is pretty straightforward. The worst team over 44 matches is relegated, the number 11 plays a playoff against the number 2 of the second tier. NEXT UPDATE In the next update, I'll give you a small overview of the situation the club finds itself in.
  8. We're back to give this another go! Last season's version saw us win the Premier League a few times, net out some truly World-Class players (including a World Golden Ball recipient), and make the Champions League Finals. My hope is to do even better this year, and perhaps try to guide one of my home countries (Lebanon or Ghana) to some glory, since I do get a lot of players that are of those second nationalities. I hope this ride will be as enjoyable as last season's, and the plan of course is to play this one out all the way until the release of FM18. For starters, here is the Leagues Loaded:
  9. I'm not sure of this is going to be a long-term save at the moment, but I thought I would keep a record of it regardless. There seem to be lots of new features and it might help others dipping their toe into FM18 for the first time. Barnet are my club and other than a 1 season holiday career in FM16, I don't think I have managed them for about...... well I can't remember actually. (So that's a long time). I don't think I have EVER played a proper save with them since CM turned into FM. Originally they weren't in the game because they were in the Conference and CM only went down as far as League 2, and then by the time the Conference was included, I think Barnet were back in League 2 then and in any case I wanted to manage as low as possible and that was no longer Barnet. I'm going to document different things in this thread and at first glance, here are a few things that I will be covering. Dynamics - Social Groups. My initial thoughts are that this is actually a brilliant introduction, just so long as it works as expected and isn't significantly flawed. Scouting. This seems to have had a much needed overhaul, with "packages" of different type and cost being available at different levels/Nations. Medical Centre - Risk Assessment. Again, this seems like improvement, just so long as it actually works and isn't superficial. Data Analysts. This was introduced last year, but in name only. It will be interesting to see how they have been fleshed out. The potential in this area is immense. New player roles. I know that there are 3 new midfield player roles, (don't know what they are called), and I don't know if there are any new defending/attacking options, but I will be having a look at this at some point. Player Style. This is a new addition that seem to try to group players together by style of play in a similar way to the way personality works, but it relates to all of their attributes rather than just their mental one's, (or so it would seem at first glance). Let's see how this goes.
  10. TLDR note: for my most important suggestion skip to the last paragraph (Tactics). I'd like to use this post to offer some general feedback on FM innovation and maybe start a reasonable discussion on the long-term development of the FM series. I've been playing this game since the first Championship Manager versions and I'm enjoying it every year, taking the good with the bad. Hope someone from SI will take the time to read this even though it's not short Here is the background for what I will write: 1. I have worked as an IT project manager and I understand that there is only so much that SI can do from one year to the next and some features need to be worked on for a number of consecutive years, which means that a longer term vision for this series is important. 2. There is a huge number of FM fans, and each one plays the game in their unique way, and for example some of us value match day experience and match engine more, others value the idea of creating the best playing team in terms of style of play, others value long term development of a club/career/youth. and so on. Many ways to play this game, none of them wrong (it's a game). The recent trend: The trend I have been noticing lately is that each version adds more data and brings more things in the possibility of game experience to simulate a real world manager's life more accurately. I believe this is a good thing in general. More choice of customizing the game to the players needs is always good as long as there is a choice. Some of these features may be more immersive, but also can make the game more time consuming and slow down how quickly you advance from season to season. I like that a lot of the extra features can be skipped or ignored, so big plus there. Style of playing: Personally, I tend to skip a lot of the social media aspects, world news, meetings, even a lot of the new data analysis tools and focus mainly on the "important things" (to me) because that's how I like to play it. I want to cut out the "fluff" and focus on team and individual tactics, training, scouting, finding and hiring the right staff and players, developing the youth. playing the matches and building the team from season to season. To me these are the absolute essentials. Anything outside of these can be a nice addon, but not really important to my game. This brings me to raise some questions for long term innovation and development: 1. Training - not much has changed here for many years and would be nice to see a revamp of training. SI is well aware of this I believe. How can we make this more fun and more realistic, but not necessarily just more "work" of micromanaging? In today's game I like to let the assistant take care of training often since I don't want to do this constantly and waste a lot of time, but I'd like to have the freedom of creating a predefined training schedule that fits my idea of training and set it for some time periods that the assistant coach could then follow. 2. Scouting - has been revamped this year. I like the changes but I find the screens a bit counter intuitive. I know SI don't really have designers in the full sense but rather rely on developers to create their own customizable modules. Maybe hiring a UX professional who can keep in mind that design should also be intuitive could help the developers make the modules look more polished and well thought out? 3. Youth development: I think this can also be improved a lot, with maybe adding some age groups and more control over how kids are being trained at a youth academy both individually and as part of a team. One year youth intake is a bit old fashioned in my opinion, although it might make sense from a game development point of view, adding new entries to the database. Still, giving more control over youth coaching might make the game seem less of a lottery and provide a level of game depth that i think a lot of FM players would appreciate. Again, I'm not thinking about micromanaging from a day to day basis, but more of setting rules and structures of how the youth coaching setup works, adding staff and training modules for different sets of players (based on player roles) or different periods of time. I like the idea of automating some things to a degree as long as they are in a predefined way that fits my view of how it should be done. 4.Tactics - Saving the best for last here, hope someone from the SI team reads this as I think it's an innovative idea: Tactics has been revamped some years ago with the introduction of player roles. All good here, but could bring in some more innovation. I am thinking of adding a way to train sets of specific team movements, in a similar way to how free kicks and corners are being set up. Of course, these would have to be more dynamic, more motion, to practice for example how a counter-attack should be deployed, what are the practiced routes of ball and player movement in some cases. This would have to be carefully considered in the match engine, so for example, the more of a team move would be practiced in training, the more chances of seeing it put to use in some match situations that are appropriate for it. To me this would be the height of tactics and training combination with clear result in match engine experience. Hard ask from a development perspective, but far from impossible. What do you think about these ideas? Any feedback you'd like to share about these points or about the long-term direction of the game development?
  11. If, after reading some of my long-winded drivel, you somehow find that you could do with more of my drivel to read, then a lot of my stuff can be found in the following threads. Some of the threads will be mind, and others will have shared contributions. Either way, if you like what you read in this thread, then the following threads might be enjoyable too. If on the other hand you think I am boring, need to get a life, and what the hell is it with all those nicknames and will you just shut up about Professionalism, tutoring and just go and buy some players, then the following are probably not for you. [FM17] Football, fire and ice: The inside story of Iceland's remarkable rise. In the build-up to EURO 2016, I was reading a Guardian article that I was linked to on twitter, and while the whole article was great, there was a single little paragraph that resonated with me and the way that I play FM. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/jun/08/iceland-stunning-rise-euro-2016-gylfi-sigurdsson-lars-lagerback?CMP=share_btn_tw "Take some small task and do it to death". That sounds like my mantra for FM. The concise very definition of the way I play. From a Target Man winning 67 consecutive headers in FMwhateveritwas, (just because someone said it couldn't be done), and San Marino winning the World Cup, (again, you can't do it without cheating!), to goal-scoring GK's, (that's ridiculous, you will never get past 50!) and Youth only saves, (boring, I stopped reading at the top of page 1), I suppose the way I play FM has always been...... unusual. So Iceland seemed to suit me, (and of course I have never managed there which is an attraction too). Another attraction is that we rarely see others managing in Iceland. San Marino is all the rage now, (at least it was last year, even when you kept getting sacked 8 years into the NT job), and Gibraltar is popular with the official structure add-on being released every season now. But Iceland are neither too rubbish to be a "proper challenge" for idiots like me, nor good enough to be managed in more commonly. As for which club I was going to be, well I was torn. Initially, my plan was, (as usual), to go on holiday for 1 season and then select one of the teams that were promoted into the bottom playable League, but this was different. The article I linked to above mentioned Breidablik specifically and how, with the arrival of the economic meltdown, they were the 1st to discard expensive foreigners and rely on home produced Youth *** I was reluctant to start with a team in the Úrvalsdeild, (that's the Premier League to you and me), so instead I looked lower down in 1. deild karla, (that's the First Division to you and me). Semi-Pro, (check), Synthetc pitch, (check), Council owned stadia, (check), Great youth facilities, (check) and Well established youth recruitment, (check). Predicted to finish 7th of 12 teams in the FM16 game. No affiliated clubs, (so they're not a feeder which I was worried about), not a single non-Icelandic player, (check), and just 1 single player with senior International experience. Jóhannes Karl Guðjónsson doesn't ring any bells to me, but he has played at Villa, Wolves, Leicester, Burnley and Huddersfield. I may not recognise the name, but I certainly recognise the career. That's Joey Gudjonsson to you and me. Handknattleiksfélag Kópavogs is a bit of a mouthful, but thankfully they are more commonly known as HK. The club dates back to 1969, but was officially established on 26 January 1970. Originally only a handball team, with the football team established in 1992. The summer of 2007 saw the football team play for the first time in the Icelandic top division, the Úrvalsdeild. The club were relegated in their second season to the second tier and were again relegated to the third tier in 2011. I've been going through the current (ISL) senior International squad and seeing how many, (if any), have been produced by HK. Hólmar Örn Eyjólfsson is a centre-back who moved from HK on to West Ham before joining Bochum in Germany and onto Rosenborg in Norway. Rúrik Gíslason is a winger who moved on to Anderlecht and Charlton, before going through Viborg and OB in Denmark before settling at FC Kobenhavn. Kolbeinn Sigþórsson is one of the stars of the current (ISL) National side and although the big striker is currently at Nantes in France, he was snapped up by Dutch side AZ after just 5 games and 1 goal for HK in his debut season as a 16 year old. Good performances for AZ brought a £4.3M move to Ajax, but despite a decent scoring record in Holland, he was sold at a loss to Nantes last year, (where he certainly didn't set the World alight). So there is some degree of pedigree to the players that the club has produced in the past and certainly enough to fill me with optimism. I wonder if we produced a certain young man by the name of Orri Freyr Oskarsson though...... No. It seems that he was produced by Þór and whether it was as a result of a collapsed lung, or a change in name, he was never able to reach the heights in real life that many of us, (including myself), saw him achieve in game. Some say he was greedy, but I put this down to him actually being deaf in one ear, (it's true I tell you!) The reason for his decline from scoring 48 goals in 92 games for Þór could well be down to the serious issue of a collapsed lung, but it's equally probably that it's as a result of his pre-match diet of hamburger, chips and Pepsi, (again, I tell you it's true!), but you also have to remember that the (ISL) leagues were sponsored by..... yes, you guessed it, Pepsi, back then. I have had a look at the FM16 HK squad and it was pleasing that although all were Icelandic, we did have a single solitary 2nd Nationality. (I love a 2nd Nationality for some reason, possibly because I am English but to Irish and Scottish parents). That the 2nd Nationality was Nepalese, (yes really), is just a bonus, because I have never seen a single Nepalese FM player ever never mind about had one in my squad. I hope he's still in the FM17 squad. The first thing that jumps out at me, (looking at the FM16 HK squad), is that where as the default setting for a Serbian player in FM seemed to be between Balanced and Fairly Ambitious, (neither of which I am keen on at all), the default personality for an Icelandic player, seems to be between Balanced and Fairly Sporting. Fairly Sporting Spo 15-20, Pro & Det & Amb & Loy all 1-14 That doesn't look good at all. (Pro) and (Det) both at 1-14. If it was Sporting rather than (F.Sport), things would be better because it would look like this. Sporting Spo 18-19, Det 1-9, Pro 5-20 Potentially lower (Det), but potentially higher (Pro). Looking at the squad, (again, I am talking about the FM16 squad, then I have 1x (F.Pro) player, and that's it. The actual make-up of last season squad is as follows. 14x (Bal) 1x (L.Hearted) 1x (F.Pro) 10x (F.Sport) 3x (F.Loyal) 1x (F.Det) 3x (F.Amb) 1x (Amb) 1x (Sport) 1x (Resilient) 1x (Honest) 1x (Spirited) I think it's safe to say that we are going to need some tutors on the hurry-up. With that in mind, I need to have a think about what my self-imposed rules are going to be. In my Partizan save I started off by saying that I would only sign Serbian players, but then relaxed it to allow myself to sign non-Serbian non-playing tutors, but obviously Iceland doesn't have quite the infrastructure that Serbia has. I'm tempted to relax my initial rules to include all Scandinavians, (and still allow myself to sign non-playing tutors from absolutely everywhere), but with the idea being that I will slowly wean myself off non-Icelandic Scaninavians and then ultimately, even non-home-grown Icelanders. I'm not sure how realistic this is going to be, but that's my thinking anyway. Having never managed in Iceland, (and only just becoming aware that they have a rule of a maximum of 3 non-EU players in the squad, (why don't England do that?), I'm not sure at this stage what sort of players are going to appear on my scouting list, but I guess I will use the above as a start and maybe refine/relax things as I go depending on how I am getting on. I just have a Senior squad and an U19 squad which is a little strange for me, so it seems that from quite an early stage in the save I am going to have to improve at selling/releasing players and/or get a feeder club going in order to get some of the fringe players loaned out and playing competitive football. We will probably need to get promoted before we can loan players out into a playable league, (and there is absolutely no guarantee of that), and even then the 1.deild, (Icelandic 2nd League), has a rule whereby each match squad can only have a maximum of 4 loan players, (so 1 single feeder club in the league below is just not going to cut it). Maybe I shold load the Faroe Island sructure, but that isn't going to be playable from the off so I guess that's a no-go. Decisions decisions decisions. Something that should be mentioned at this juncture is that in real life it takes 7 years for foreigners to gain Icelandic Nationality, (but only 4 years for other Scandinavians). It should also be mentioned that being born in Iceland to non-Icelandic parents does not in itself entitle you to Icelandic citizenship. The next... problem, predicament, whatever you want to call it, is that because it's very cold in Iceland, their season actually runs from May to September, so by the time I start my save, we will in all likelyhood, gone through pre-season and...... actually, hang on, that's not right. If their season finishes in September, and the game doesn't come out until Novemeber, then in my FM16 save, why am I looking at a fixture list which says that we have already gone through pre-season, and played 6 out of 7 Deildabikar Group B games? (No, I don't have a clue either but we will see in the 2nd season I guess). Ok. This is a disaster. I have just looked to extend the contract of 1 player and the option for an additional "option" on the player did not exist. Is this an Icelandic thing? This could kill the save before it begins! Right from the off my plan is to select players based on PA rather than CA, and hope that I have enough guile about me in order that we don't get relegated and I don't get sacked. Based upon previous saves, this is not a foregone conclusion. 2 go down from a league of 12, so I just have to finish higher than 2 others. That's doable, (even with 16 year olds, isn't it....)
  12. Right, this isn't the first tread I've tried with Bradford, the last one was ruined by a tycoon takeover, and myself going all in with that, this one should be a bit different as there'll be a few limitations to focus on youth development, but not all in on youth only. This should give lots of scope for developing youth players, and focusing on what we have, but without the frustration of youth only saves where you're missing a certain player for the odd decade or so. Also, early on lets up pick up big club castoffs and help them kick on, but not enough that we can just fill our u21's with them on random punts. So, the club, Bradford City have a storied history, their most major success being winning the FA Cup in 1911, coincidentally, the year the Cup was made in it's current design, crafted in the city of Bradford. Also one of football's great tragedies in the Bradford Fire. In FM terms, the have a lot of scope. A good stadium, and decent team, but the youth ranks are bare and facilities not so hot, work to be done. Vincelot is the star man, and handy all over the pitch, Cullen is a potential Irish international, and Law is quite handy too. Devine is expected to be the brightest young prospect... Staff is in an absolute state... Much work ahead. Senior side is handy, but the youth teams are a a ghost town, potential wise.
  13. Hey, everyone. Quick question - is there a reason I cannot set up any tutoring whilst managing a part-time squad in the Conference North? Example above: Over 24 First Team squad status Low reputation however asking him to tutor a non-league academy youngster Only difference I can see is part-time contracts, does that make a difference? This is the same across my squad. Nobody can tutor. Not even getting the usual "x-many players have too high reputation to be tutored" messages. Simply no tutees. Any ideas?
  14. Hi This might be the wrong subforum, but since the answers might affect my tactics and training I decided to post here. Feel free to move the subject. I started my career in Denmark but now find myself in Udinese in Italy on my 5th season. Upon arrival the U20 was swamped with players too old for U20 football and most of the players (or about 50%) was out on loan. What was left was quite an unbalanced and untalented team. The U18 hat talents but the squad was massively crowded. It took me a couple of seasons of offloading never-gonna-make-it U20 players and promoting U18 to U20. Still had a way too big U18 squad though - 40+ players. I watched some of the other Serie A clubs' U18 squads, and they tend to have only around 20+ players in their U18 squad and that's what I'm aiming for now as well. So do you just offload players if you suspect they don't stand a chance of becoming top league players? Also, I've upgraded both youth development and junior coaching so I like to just sign all youth prospects in march. Last march I had a low intake - probably due to an already too large squad.
  15. Eh, so this OP became very, very long. The short version is - I'm back at Celtic using a custom league set up. Last time, I allowed myself to sign players born within 30 miles of Celtic Park - this time, we're only using players from our own youth academy. The rest of this OP will go into some detail about the background and setup of this save, so if you're interested please keep reading! If not, skip this first bit Project Brave... If that doesn't make you cringe, I'm not sure what will. For those of you who don't know, Project Brave is the latest 'radical solution' designed to save Scottish football from it's current state of pretty pish-ness. It's been in the pipeline for over a year, instigated by former Manchester United forward and Director of Youth Academy, Brian McClair. McClair left United to succeed Mark Wotte as National Performance Director for the SFA, but left the role in July 2016. When it came to his replacement, well, the Scottish Football Association have truly outdone themselves - a perfect storm of nae'bdy wanting the job (Northern Ireland assistant Austin McPhee turned it down to join Ian Cathro's team at Hearts instead) and nae'bdy else willing to give him a job led to the appointment in December 2016 of... Ach well, at least he looks as bemused as the rest of us. Let's.. eh... skip assessing his credentials for the role and instead look at what the proposals mean for Scottish football. Among several other proposals, we've got: - The reduction of the number of elite academies from the current 29 to a maximum of 16, earlier reported as 8. - The possible introduction of SPFL colt teams into the pyramid system. - Scrapping the current Development League (U20s) in favour of a Reserve League system. - Relaxing the current rules to encourage the increased use of development loans for 17-21 year olds. So! For this save, I've set about putting in place some of these changes in the editor. In terms of the reduction of academies, we have added the Forth Valley Football Academy and the Fife Elite Football Academy which IRL serve Falkirk, Stenhousemuir, Stirling Uni, East Stirlingshire (Forth Valley) and Cowdenbeath, East Fife, Dunfermline, Raith Rovers (Fife Elite). These two teams have a maximum age of 18, and will participate in the U18s in place of their affiliates' youth teams. The remaining 14 slots will be made up of remaining U18 teams from the Scottish Premiership, Championship and League One. Rangers, Dumbarton, Brechin City, Peterhead, and Arbroath are however ineligible for the league. Rangers have pulled out of next seasons Development League in favour of friendlies against top teams; Dumbarton have announced they are scrapping their youth academy; Brechin, Peterhead and Arbroath don't participate in the Development League. Zero over-18 players are permitted to play in the U18s league. This year, the SPFL clubs were allowed to submit proposals for entering colt teams into the Scottish pyramid system, and the likely contenders are of course the Old Firm with Hibernian and Aberdeen also reportedly seriously considering the plan. While it would be open to all 42 clubs, the financial impact would mean that these 4 teams are likely to be the only clubs able to support 2 teams in the senior leagues. The requirements mean that they would start at the Highland/Lowland leagues level, would not be able to rise higher than League One, and would not be able to participate in the Scottish Cup or League Cup. They also have to compete at a stadium of minimum League Two Bronze standard - Celtic have reportedly already been in contact with Greenock Morton about the use of Cappielow. Aberdeen's development squad have been using Brechin City's Glebe Park, while Hibernian have likewise been using Spartan's Ainslie Park. Rangers, while mostly using Auchenhowie or Ibrox, have historically also used Broadwood Stadium in Cumbernauld for Reserve matches, and they'll play their home games there. Teams would not be able to field more than two over-21 players. In a nod to history, I've also given Celtic and Rangers' colt teams their historical names, and Rangers their historic reserve kit of black and red vertical stripes. Therefore, we have: Aberdeen Colts, Glebe Park - Highland Football League Celtic Crusaders, Cappielow Park - Lowland Football League Hibernian Colts, Ainslie Park - Lowland Football League Rangers Swifts, Broadwood Stadium - Lowland Football League In search of a way forward, we're going twenty years back (Brilliant! Where do they come up with this stuff!?) with the reintroduction of the Scottish Reserves League. In the top tier we have Reserve teams from the Premiership and Championship, however the above Colt teams do not participate. Annan and Stranraer Reserves who compete in the South of Scotland League, and Stirling University Reserves who compete in the East of Scotland League are also ineligible if they reach either of the top 2 divisions, along with Brechin, Dumbarton, Arbroath, East Fife, Montrose, Peterhead, and Stenhousemuir. The rest of the Reserve Leagues are made of tiers 3-5 in regional divisions. A maximum of five over-21 players can compete. In terms of the loan rules, I've stuck with the loan rules already existing in Scotland in terms of numbers. The difference is that while before there were limits on total players moving on loan at one time, in one season, those limits are now only for players aged over 21. Clubs are not able to sign more than two over-23 players on loan from one club. Phew... Almost there. All League and Cup histories are as accurate as possible thanks to http://www.scottish-football-historical-archive.co.uk LEAGUES As we have Reserve teams competing in the Pyramid System, I've added the Highland and Lowland Leagues into the setup, and the East of Scotland and South of Scotland Leagues below that. The pyramid system is exactly the same as in real life - so, we have the Premiership, Championship, Leagues One and Two. From League Two there is no automatic relegation to the 5th tier, however the winners of the Highland and Lowland League compete in a playoff, with the winner then facing off against the team in last place in League Two in a promotion/relegation playoff. Below the Lowland League, we have the East/South of Scotland Leagues and promotion/relegation follows this exact same system. Annan, Stranraer and Stirling Uni Reserves are not permitted promotion from tier 6, while Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen and Hibs Reserves are not permitted promotion from tier 3. Completing the Scottish senior setup is the North Caledonian League. It sits under the Highland League, at the same level as the East/South Leagues, but there is no promotion or relegation at all from this division. Golspie Sutherland however are full SFA members and therefore compete in the Scottish Cup. CUPS Scottish Cup - 92 teams made up of all 42 from the top 4 tiers + Banks O'Dee, Linlithgow Rose, Golspie Sutherland, Glasgow University, Girvan. The remaining teams are taken from tiers five and six. Scottish League Cup - All 42 SPFL teams + winners of tier 5. Reserve teams are not permitted to compete (although lets see if that actually works out in my file - I'm not fussed if they end up competing in this competition). IRN-BRU Cup - All teams from Tiers 2-4 and four best teams from Highland/Lowland, twelve Reserve teams of the Scottish Premiership, two best teams from Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales. N.B. In the updated version, the teams from Ireland have been corrected so that it is the 5th and 6th place teams instead (i.e. teams not in Europe). Highland, Lowland, East and South of Scotland League Cups - League Cups for their associated Leagues. South Challenge Cup - All teams from Lowland, East and South of Scotland Football Leagues. Southern Counties Cup - All South of Scotland teams + Queen of the South, Dalbeattie Star and Edusport Academy. Southern Counties Alba Cup - Lochar Thistle, Mid Annandale, Creetown, Upper Annandale, Lochmaben, Heston Rovers, Bonnyton Thistle, Abbey Vale, Nithsdale Wanderers, Dumfries YMCA ONLY if these teams are in Tier 6. Promotion excludes them from the competition. Alex Jack Cup - Tweedmouth Rangers, Heriot-Watt Uni, Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale, Ormiston, Tynecastle, Eyemouth United, Peebles Rovers, Leith Athletic ONLY if these teams are in Tier 6. South-East Scotland Cup-Winner's Shield - Super Cup for Winners of the Southern Counties Alba Cup and Alex Jack Cup. North Caledonian Cup - Mainland teams from North Caledonian League + Nairn County U20s and Elgin City U20s. I've decided to keep the U20s sides of these two teams as they only compete in North Caley FA Cup competitions. Mainland teams only, so Orkney don't qualify. Football Times Cup, and Jock Mackay Memorial Cup - North Caledonian League teams + Shetland, Lewis and Harris Select, Nairn U20 and Elgin U20. Tommy Ross Memorial Cup - Mainland teams from the North Caledonian League only. Tweedie, Potts, and Cree Lodge Cups - South of Scotland League teams only. King Cup - All East of Scotland FA teams below the 4th tier. Berwick Rangers, Edinburgh City, Hearts, Hibs and Livingston are all eligible if they fall below the 4th tier. (Livingston have actually withdrawn from the EoSFA IRL, but I'm a sucker for history). East of Scotland Qualifying Cup - Again open to all EoSFA teams below the 4th tier. Hearts, Hibs, Edinburgh City and Berwick Rangers are not eligible. East of Scotland (City) Cup - Finalists from the EoS Qualifying Cup + Edinburgh City and Berwick Rangers. North of Scotland Cup - Nairn, Brora, Clachnacuddin, Wick Academy, Invergordon, Golspie, Elgin, Forres Mechanics, Fort William, Lossiemouth, Rothes and Strathspey Thistle split East/West with the top 2 from each section qualifying for the Semi Final. Aberdeenshire Cup and Shield - Aberdeen University (Shield only), Inverurie Locos, Turriff Utd, Formartine, Banks O'Dee, Cove Rangers, Deveronvale, Huntly, Fraserburgh, Keith and Buckie Thistle. Last but not least, all transfers are accurate to the present day (26.7.17) and all clubs are in their correct divisions for the 2017/18 season. Without further ado, let's get started!
  16. Another year...another FM...and another FM save for me to embark on! Having lived in Asia a few years ago for a number of years, it’ll always be a special place for me, so for this years FM, it’ll see me going back to Asia where I’ve had a couple of successful saves in the past, most notably in my “Way of the Dragon” thread a few years ago. However, this year will see me playing along side youth only rules which only allows me to sign players that graduate from the clubs youth system. Game : Football Manager 2017 (PC) Database size : Large Leagues loaded : Australia (Hyundai A-League only) China (First Division and above) Hong Kong (China PR) (Premier League only) India (National Football League only) Indonesia (Premier Division and above) Malaysia (Premier League and above) Singapore (S-League only) South Korea (K-League Challenge and above) I’ve loaded up all of the available “out of the box” Asian leagues and holidayed for a year which has taken me to pre-season 2017/18. Previous experience : Sunday morning footballer I’ve chosen to start in Hong Kong (where I lived previously) and have taken over the newly promoted Wing Yee.
  17. Shaping the next Cantona : A French journey Ever since I've won the CL on a save with Uniao De Leiria, after a brace from homegrown player, Victor Gil, I have failed to reproduce the same success with other youngsters on different saves. So, similar to @LPQR's journey with Stuttgart in FM16, my save will focus on developing youth and creating a homegrown / French side. I've picked AJ Auxerre, a club with a great academy in real life. The likes of Eric Cantona, Philip Mexes and Djibril Cisse are all prospects of AJ Auxerre. I'm aiming to continue this "tradition" of producing world-class players in FM as well. Cantona. Trying to shape the youth into that kind of players. Manager Profile: Victor Gil, the Leiria born striker has taken over! Club History: Stadium: Owned by the club, the 21,379 all-seater Stade de l'Abbé-Deschamps is the place we're going to call home for now. Squad Overview: Feel free to request profiles. Season Objectives: - Get the younger players proper tutoring and playing time. - Improve our youth recruitment and junior coaching. - Maintain healthy finances.
  18. WeegieFM

    The Return Of The Lions

    Football Club Sochaux-Montbéliard The Return of the Lions Having recently finished an AC Milan game that ended up with a treble winning season alongside title wins for both the under 20 and under 18 sides, I decided to begin a new adventure. Having been inspired by the recent uptake in French Saves posted here and elsewhere I wanted to begin my own. So I selected Sochaux due to their excellent youth facilities and the potential to grow the team into a real force. The academy has produced several notable talents, such as Yannick Stopyra, El-Hadji Diouf, Jérémy Ménez, Bernard Genghini and Benoît Pedretti, among others. The club currently plays in the Ligue 2 in the French Set up and play their football at the 20,005 seater Stade Auguste Bonal. Sochaux are nicknamed 'Les Lionceaux' which translates as 'The Lion Cubs'. Save Objectives - Focus on developing academy players - A 'Moneyball' Transfer Policy, buy low sell high - Gain Promotion into Ligue 1 - Over time continue to improve our facilities and bring in the best coaches available Current Squad This is the our current squad after I promoted a few of our more promising talents into the first team. A very much French squad bar the odd exception and I'll look to try and keep a French core to the side as we progress. Given the French colonial links I plan on attempting to Scout Africa for youth prospects which will hopefully lend itself to our buy low sell high project! Finances We start with a healthy 12m in the balance. This is due to the real life take over of Sochaux by a Hong Kong based Company however the board don't appear to be willing to splash any cash just yet, giving me £0 transfer funds and a -5k a week wage budget! I'll be looking to evaluate the squad and see where we can cut any wastage in order to get the wage budget under control. Prospects Below are a list of players currently at the club who I believe could form the core of our squad for several years to come (should they not be sold that is!). Jeando Fuchs / Marcus Thuram / Emile Rzepecki / Gabin Lamboley / Maxence Lacroix Our main prospect is 18 year old Frenchman Jeando Fuchs. Fuchs is a ball winning midfielder however is quite versatile in that he can drop slightly deeper or play in the right back position. He already has interest from Spurs who have been monitoring his situation. For an 18 year old he already has good stats for his role and decent physicals. Hopefully he will develop for us and I will be playing him at every opportunity. Marcus Thuram also appears to have decent potential and I'll be looking to use him as the main man up top. His composure and finishing clearly need work but he has a decent level to build upon. Emile Rzepecki, Gabin Lamboley and Maxence Lacroix will be rotated through the side whilst also getting game time with the under 18/reserve squads. Formations Formation 1 Formation 2 These will be the two formations I'll look to be using throughout the season, I've used this style frequently in previous saves and had a moderate degree of success with it.
  19. So, first of all, welcome everybody In this thread I will attempt a project that I hope will revive my passion for the game. The idea is to take a club that has fallen from the graces of success in recent years back to glory whilst implementing a strict home-grown policy with youth development obviously playing a big part in this philosophy. In FM terms, that would mean: -having only players with the nationality of the club's playing nation in the squad -a club strategy oriented towards having as many players 'trained at club' (15-21) as possible as soon as possible So, having researched potential clubs to start the save with, I came across 5 times Bundesliga winners, freshly relegated to the German Second Division, VFB Stuttgart: A brief overview of the club Facilities - Top Corporate Facilities - Superb training facilities - Superb youth facilities - Extensive youth recruitment -Good junior coaching Stadium -60.000 seater (49.000 used in normal matches) Mercedes-Benz Arena -Owned by council (4.6 million+8% of gate receipts paid for rent) -Undersoil Heating Trophy cabinet Finances and Reputation - overall balance of £29.M -loan debt of £3.64M The downfall: Following the German First Division title in 2006 the club has had a horrible time in the league, ultimately leading them to be relegated in the current season So, all in all, a fantastic club with some great history, spanning over 123 years and with an amazing foundation in place for what I want to achieve
  20. A Fábrica - Unha Historia Celta Vigo Good evening and welcome to my thread! The title is in galician (atleast should be) and means The factory - a Celta Vigo story. The first title was ****. I wanted something new. Couldn't come up with something. New title is result of that. The very first thread I post here on the forum, although I’ve been an active member of Danish FM forums for several years now. I’ve lost the spark, that once engulfed FM though. The need to play FM all the time, and the pleasure it gave me was lost 2 years ago. It has come back somewhat, however, and now I am ready to launch a new thread finally! I have decided to visit the Galic coast of beautiful Vico. The city Vico has more to offer though as it is the home of Real Club Celta de Vigo or more commonly Celta Vigo. Wanting to challenge myself and finding an interesting team I searched La Liga and found 3 candidates for my adventure. Neither of the 3 are groundbreaking overwhelmingly challenging clubs though; all have decent economy and fine facilities and squads that contain promising young talent. And talents are exactly what I want. I imagine it’s what almost all (FM)managers want. The promise of a young man developing through the ranks to become a starter for the team. Later on earning the captaincy of the club that he supported when he was a little boy, dreaming of stepping onto the pitch in front of thousands upon thousands. Feeling the cheers and roars of the crowd as he scored. The 3 candidates was; Valencia CF (who I have a soft spot for), Real Sociedad and Celta Vigo (obviously). I ended up choosing Celta because of their talents in the first team and several promising youngsters in both the affiliate club Celta B and the u19s. We enter the save in the second season of my campaign with Celta, but more on that later. First I have set some rules for the save. Some premises that must be met. The first is; I must ONLY buy Spanish players. Spain has immense amount of talented players, so no, this is not making it the most challenging save ever. And it’s not very innovative either, but for my first thread in a long time I wanted to go with something that felt good and maybe a bit safe aswell. The second is; I may only make 1 signing worth more than £10M (max. £15M) - and this is only if we have sold a player for more than £25M in the same transfer window. This is both to secure a financial balance but also to hinder me from just buying all the best talents and splashing cash left and right to assemble the squad. I want to buy young Spanish talent but primarily I want to develop our own stars. Our academy needs to become the best and most feared in all of Spain. Doing this demands work however. We won’t get there without the right investments and getting the right personnel in. The investments aren’t really up to me though. I can ask the board and make sure our finances are ready but ultimately my most important task will be to find capable coaches who can make my talents grow, and hire a solid HoYD who can spot the gems running around the Galic streets. By 2023, the year Celta Vigo has existed for 100 years, I expect us to be a machine. A well oiled machine running on the fumes of schooled players coming through our own ranks. That was the introduction and tomorrow I will let you inside the game itself and show you, what has happened in the first 3 transfer windows and how La Liga went down in 15/16. I’ll reveal we ended up with 74 points and a goal difference of +29. Welcome to the Olive city where the sky is blue and Celta Vigo is all that really matters!
  21. Welcome to my take on the British & Irish Steel Challenge! I'm not going to strictly follow all of the rules but I've added a couple of my own that I'll adhere to throughout the save. This started out as a Lisbon Lions save, where I was attempting to pursue the success of the 1966-67 Celtic side that won the domestic quadruple and the European Cup. My rules were: a) I could only use players from the Youth System, or; b) I could sign players, if they are 21 years of age or under, and only if they were born within 30 miles of Celtic Park. So, in the spirit of where this journey all began - I'm going to continue with these philosophies. I will attempt to win all competitions in Scotland, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales using only youth team players, or players born within 30 miles of the stadium. I will also attempt to win as many of these trophies as possible by taking over teams with a bit of history in European competition - Linfield/Glenavon in the Quarter Finals in Europe; Shamrock Rovers going so close against Bayern Munich; Cwmbran Town, the first Welsh team to compete in European competition for some examples - or teams who competed in European competition in 1966-67 (Waterford, Liverpool, Celtic, Linfield, Drumcondra, Dunfermline, Burnley, Kilmarnock, Leeds, West Brom, Dundee United, Shamrock Rovers, Swansea, Glentoran, Everton, Rangers). Disclaimer: As this save started life as an attempt to replicate the success of Scottish clubs from 1966-67, I'm using a custom 1966-67 league set-up which you can read more about HERE (I'm using the 1st version). It means I'm missing Leagues 1, 2, and the Challenge Cup, but in their place I have 6 regional cups to compete for which will require me to take over a minimum of 5 Scottish teams (Alloa compete in EoS and Stirlingshire). So, what am I trying to win? England Leagues English Premier League; Sky Bet Championship; League 1; League 2; Vanarama National League; National League North; National League South Cups English FA Cup; EFL Cup; Checkatrade Trophy; Community Shield; FA Trophy Scotland Leagues Scottish Division One; Scottish Division Two Cups Scottish Cup; League Cup; Aberdeenshire, Ayrshire, Forfarshire, Glasgow and Stirlingshire Cups; East of Scotland Shield Ireland Leagues Irish Premier Division; First Division Cups Irish Senior Challenge Cup; League Cup; Munster Senior Cup; Leinster Senior Cup; President's Cup Northern Ireland Leagues Danske Bank Premiership; NIFL Championship; NIFL Premier Intermediate League Cups Northern Irish Cup; League Cup; County Antrim Shield; Steel & Sons Cup; Intermediate Cup; Mid Ulster Cup Wales Leagues Dafabet Welsh Premier League Cups JD Welsh Cup; Nathaniel MG Cup Bonus Club Champions League; Europa League; Club World Championship; European Super Cup Country World Cup; European Championship; European International League; Confederations Cup Part One If You Know the History - A Lisbon Lions Save 'We did it by playing football; pure, beautiful, inventive football.' - Jock Stein In 1966-67, Celtic defied the odds by beating Inter Milan 2-1 in the European Cup final in Lisbon, completing a quintuple of trophies for the season, and ensured legend status for the 'Lisbon Lions' among the Celtic faithful. The team scored a world record 196 goals along the way, with the European Cup winning team all being born within 10 miles of Glasgow (with the exception of Bobby Lennox, born 30 miles away) - the first British, and indeed Northern European, team to win the coveted trophy. In the 7th minute of the match, my dad's dentist Jim Craig brought down Cappellini in the box, and Mazzola converted the resulting penalty to open the scoring for the Italian giants. For the rest of the match Inter parked the bus, forcing the Celtic 'keeper Ronnie Simpson to make only 2 saves, and winning only 2 corners. Celtic's attacking display was a beautiful contrast, and in the 63rd minute Craig made amends by setting up Tommy Gemmell for the equaliser. With 7 minutes remaining, Bobby Murdoch's shot was deflected by Stevie Chalmers into the net and Celtic took the lead. Back in Glasgow my great-grandfather, watching the game at my grandparents' house with the whole close on the only television in the street, jumped out of his seat and smashed his cup of tea against the ceiling! The tea stain stayed there for 30 odd years before my grandmother finally convinced my grandpa to paint over that bit of family history! In this save I'm going to attempt to replicate a bit of the same success, using youth products from Celtic's Academy. In line with the squad of 1966-67, I will allow myself to sign U21 players born within 30 miles of Celtic Park only.
  22. Inspired by many great posters on here (nod to @Jimbokav1971, @BoxToBox, @Jupjamie, etc) and something I've tried on previous versions... Join me for a youth challenge on the sunny shores of Malta. Taking over a team with rich history but one that hasn't won the title since 2004/2005. Dom Mintoff is the new manager of Here is how the club shapes up on Day 1, no big surprises. We are of course semi-Pro. I can't remember but I think I bumped up the Youth Recruitment a notch in the pre-game editor knowing the issues with it on FM17 to date. And here is the squad, not terrible and as usual a few guys on loan who should be playing for us (and will be recalled!) Aims and rules Win the league Make enough money via Europe to turn Pro Qualify for European group stages Upgrade facilities Progress to European knockout stages Win European competition! I will rely (almost entirely) on players from the academy with the following exceptions Allowed to sign anyone to act as a tutor but they cannot play competitive fixtures Allowed to bring back anyone produced by our academy to play for us If I decide its necessary, will be permitted 1 signing per season to help us progress (so I don't get fed up when I don't get a GK for 100 years ) Caveat on the signings is that I will not be allowed to manually scout regen lists or clubs lists, the players must come from known players my scouts find as I build out my knowledge and have regular assignments (mainly for the purposes of enlarging my staff and tutor pool) Onwards and Upwards!!
  23. Hey guys, so I am managing Sampdoria for 5 seasons (currently I am in the 6th season) and I am really frustrated with Youth Intakes. So, the situation is as it follows: 1. I am the biggest club in Italy right now (and been so for 3 straight years). Won 3xSerie A, 2xUCL and many other cups. The club's reputation is Worldwide. 2. I have State of the Art Training Facilities and Superb Youth Facilities. 3. I have the best coaching setup in Italy at any levels: First Team, Under 20, Under 18. At least 4 star coaching at any given department. 4. I have a monster of a Head of Youth Development: Roberto Samaden which is responsable with the intake of new players. 5. Genoa, who is the other team in town was relegated for 2 seasons, so there is no way they could attract better players than I can. So, the thing is that since I am managing Sampdoria there hasn't been a single season where I had a good (not great) Youth Intake. The best I did was average, so not a single wonderkid or anything close to a wonderkid. I spent over 30M $ to improve the youth facilities, I am paying huge wages to the youth coaches and yet I haven't got a single top youngster. I play the game for years and years and never had this issue, but now I am getting really frustrated with this. The only thing that comes to mind is the fact that the club has Adequate Corporate Facilities (that's literally the only weakness this club has). How are you guys manage to get succesful youngsters during the Intakes ? Share some advise if you please.
  24. Mr. Vladislav Stahliyev From Baikonur, Kazakhstan. Bosnian 2nd nationality. 47 years old (born 20/07/1969) Biography Journalist and writers often makes a point of the fact that Vlad was born near the Baikonur Cosmodrome, on the very day the Americans landed on the moon. Might it have left a profound impact on young Vlad in all sorts of ways? Vlad himself had never given it much thought. Vlad is a modest pragmatist - a realist growing up in the Soviet Union has no interest in such symbolic ponderings. He once hesitatingly admitted that "maybe it had given him a drive to aim for the stars, a relentless urge to bring out the best in himself and everyone around him" - he's regretted that interview ever since. Vlad is not terribly fond of modern media. Vlad spent his younger years as a youth player at FC Dinamo Tbilisi, never quite being able to break into the first team but considered very talented. When the Soviet Union fell in 1991 the situation for young Vlad became uncertain; by the end of the year he was suddenly a Kazakh living in Georgia! This was particularly troubling as young Vlad was a staunch Soviet patriot - a great believer in Marxist and Leninist ideals. By 1992 (now aged 23) he was released from Dinamo Tbilisi and had instead joined the Kazakh army. By 1993 he had gone to Bosnia as an “unrecognized volunteer” to fight with the Croats. As the Bosnia War drew to a close Vlad found that he had come to love Bosnia, in particular the city of Mostar. Once the war ended he simply decided to stay in Mostar. Working as a plumber he spent his time playing amateur football, until 1995 when he was signed for FK Velež Mostar. Vladislav enjoyed a long and successful career at the club, so much that when he retired in 2005 (36 years old) the mayor of Mostar convinced the Bosnian president to grant him citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina! As his playing career ended he started a new career; first as a youth coach of Velež and a few years later he was promoted Head of Youth Development. By 2014 - after a long spell of unrest on the club board (The owners fled the club among whispers of corruption and bribery) - Vladislav was declared as interim manager of FK Velež Mostar. His policy was one of aggressive youth development ruled with an iron fist - yet he had genuine care for his club and it’s young talents. Young players were thrown into the first team. With their manager’s iron will and stern discipline the players were supremely confident in their own abilities. Failure was not an option and dissent was not tolerated. His management of Velež Mostar was extremely successful - so much that in 2016/2017 he was head-hunted by FC Krasnodar tycoon Sergey Galitsky. Though sad to leave his beloved club, and the city of Mostar in his adopted Bosnia, he knew that this was a once in a life-time opportunity! "We aim that in a few years more than half of FC Krasnodar first team is comprised of the pupils of our Reserve Training Centre" - Sergey Nikolayevich Galitsky, FC Krasnodar founder and owner.
  25. [FM16] Partisan (adj) strongly supporting a person, principle, or political party, often without considering or judging the matter very carefully: My Youth only save in (GIB) has just died a death as I lost all 3 saves. As a result I am looking for a new save but am determined to keep the focus on Youth based principles, but possibly relax it a little so that there is some scope for signing players of some sort, (but I'm making this up as I go and I haven't really decided yet) . I have always been keen on the Balkans but I have never had a long-term save there. I have done San Marino and Gibraltar as youth only, (it's hard), and now it's time to see what I can do in an area where the potential for new players might be significantly higher than what I am used to. I recently saw a list of the 11 best Serbian players of all-time and I was astonished that there was only 1 Partizan player on the list, (and he just happened to have also played for Red Star for half a season). There seems to be some Red-Star bias around and I am keen to redress the balance so I am going to be managing Partizan. My plan is to not only ensure that Partizan are the best team in Serbia, but also to try and ensure that Red Star are NOT the 2nd best team. I want to try and create a gulf between the 2 clubs whereby Red Star are so poor that they are no longer even deemed rivals. To see them relegated would be the ultimate goal, but I'm not sure how realistic that is. My plan, (it's sort of developed as I write this), is that I'm going to sign only Serbian players, (so that I can nick the best that Red Star produce), and I'm also planning on never selling to them, (EVER!), (although I might change my mind if there is an opportunity to sell an old player to them for lots of money when the player is also going to be on huge wages). Anything basically that will screw them over. My main focus will be on producing my own youth players, but I will not be adverse to signing the products of other academies or even established players from elsewhere, (just so long as they are of Serbian Nationality). The Rivalry. Well this graphic shows that the rivalry is alive and well, although we have had the best of it in recent years. Our Facilities are significantly better than at any club I have managed in...... well possibly ever in terms of FM. The Squad Depth page initially looks promising, but I have found this to often be misleading and it is certainly so in this case. It suggests that things are looking fine and dandy just so long as we do not employ wing-backs and also it suggests that we afre more suited to playing attacking wingers rather than more conservative wide players. The reality is that we are desperately short of even 1 single decent striker at the club, (which I personally find astonishing and could lead me to be sacked before this save has even got going). The best striker, (according to my Ass Man), is the Ivorian Fofana, but of course he is out on loan in China, (no, I have absolutely no idea why), and I'm not sure when he will be back. After that we have a succession of wide players who can also play up front, (but who are most definitely wide players playing up front rather than front players playing up front), but really none of them are what I would call good enough to spear-head an attack that I hope is going to win us the title, grant us some progress in Europe and hopefully get 1 round further in the domestic Cup than Red Star, (yes I am building the rivalry already). If we change the Squad Depth chart so we are looking at PA rather than CA, (I didn't realise that was possible until just now), then it shows things in a slightly better light. We have PA in abundance in lots of different areas and the future looks bright, (potentially). It still leaves the problem of who plays up front in the here and now. Partizan under my stewardship are not going to be a team that park the bus, so I'm in dire need of someone to convert the chances that we are surely going to make. I'm already thinking "wrong-footed" IF's instead of wingers to try and take up some of the slack, (if you haven't hear/read one of my tirades on the folly of wrong-footed wide players then you obviously know me not at all), but what I really need is a... Clive Allen/Robbie Fowler type player who does little but celebrate the astonishing number of goals he has scored for me. The next graphic shows exactly what I am up against and what I am getting at here. 6 of the best 9 strikers at the club are actually wide players who "do a job" through the middle. The single best striker as I've already mentioned is an Ivorian who is out on loan in China until...... [goes to look]....... January. Of the 2 other strikers in the top 9, the next best is a 16 year old called Ivan Saponjic. He actually made 14 appearances last season, (I'm guessing from the bench), wherein he scored 5 goals, but I can't rely on him to score the goals that are going to win us the title, (not this season anyway). I've just looked him up in real life on the internet and it seems that he made 17 more appearances this season, (scoring just 2 goals), before being farmed out on loan to Benfica B, (where he only scored 4 goals in 13 appearances so he's not exactly setting Portugal alight either). The next guy on the list, (and the only other striker who isn't a teenager), is Bulgarian Valeri Bojinov. He is so not the next Dimitar Berbatov that he had been shipped off to our "B Team" Teleoptik. I have brought him back on the basis that it actually looks like I might have to start him, (can't believe that I might have to), but it's either him or the 16 year old Saponjic and I would at least like to protect the kid a little by utilising him from the bench. Unfortunately, he's never scored the number of goals that I'm going to need from him, (although Man City once paid £5.75M for him and he rewarded them with 1 goal in 2 years before they first loaned and then cut their losses and sold him to Parma in a cut-price deal). So we need a striker and we need one on the hurry-up just to cover us between now and January, (at the very least). I can only buy Serbians, (doesn't seem like such a clever idea now but let's stick with it), so let's see how much money we have got and start the scouts looking for someone who is going to score the goals that are going to keep me in charge here long enough that I can get someone else in. Well the Financial situation isn't too bad at all, (especially when you consider we are just looking for 1 player). We have £6.5M in the bank which is great, but importantly we have a transfer kitty of just over £570,000. When you consider that our best player is only valued at £1.1M, (and we only have 2 in total valued at more than ££0.5M), buying a decent Serbian striker for £0.5M certainly seems doable at this stage. The other thing to consider is that we have a surplus wage budget of approc £3.6k per week and nobody at the club currently earns more than £2,700 per week so again that seems to be fine. My initial reaction is to immediately go and buy Red Star's best Serbian striker, but that would just be too easy wouldn't it?