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  1. Bloody hell He is asking for the template
  2. Sadly the site that made them, are gone. So it's impossible to download the logos or template for them.
  3. Brilliant Hopefully you can strengthen the team and fight to stay up!
  4. I almost went for Sampdoria, purely of their lush kits They was also my first FM19 save.
  5. Heartbreaking to lose him Will be difficult to find decent replacement for him
  6. Great to see the club going up the ranking! And Bournemouth
  7. Glad to see you jumping onto the bandwagon @zlatanera So close to going unbeaten season, loss came against AC Milan We also came runners up against Napoli, in Coppa Italia. I blame it solely on our stupid fixtures schedules! We also had a brilliant Champions League run, getting to semi final against Bayern They went on to lose to Liverpool, 4-0, in the final I switched to 4-4-2 against Bayern at home, which said Bayern struggles against, and almost paid off in the end! Just been offered interview for AC Milan, Real Madrid, Man Utd & City and Arsenal jobs (went for Real Madrid interview, went for Allegri) Now I am getting silly offers for Mboula from Man City (they offered 59M so far)
  8. Absolutely gutted to see you only went down by a point in La Liga! But good to see you're running away with the title this season
  9. Finished my season with Torino, last night. Won the title again, And we are building new stadium (first time ever!) Called Torino stadium with 43 thousands capacity, will post later @quee Not bad season overall, despite finishing 6th. Good to see you got out of CL group with PSG and Shakhtar Donetsk, no shame in losing to Liverpool Great signings you have brought in, I currently have Da Graca, on my Torino save. I will post screenshot of him when I fire up my FM.
  10. Wow! Bloody close eh! Hopefully you can improve the squad for next season
  11. Echo this, having constantly to stare at the bottom for updates
  12. Fantastic season for you Congrats on winning the cup Will be hard to keep your players especially Chiesa.
  13. Superb season And finishing above Juventus Looking forward to next season update
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