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  1. Half way point Fixtures Table Pretty happy with how we going so far, could have been closer to the top 4, which wasn't to be. Gutted with draw with AC Milan, despite us going 3-1 up but to concede in 90+2 goal with deflection. Constantly getting news with managers turning up at games to keep eye on Belotti We are constantly losing money every month, hoping we can get Europa League for next season. Transfers Brought in Nelsson and Xadas to boost our midfielders options, Xadas, already made AMC position as his own since joining us. Valeri, is a regen and was snapped up by Speakman(HOYD) Currently pre signing Milan Gajic from Bordeaux for 3.6M and Dejan Joveljic from Red Star, for 650K both will arrive in January. OUT Baselli, will be leaving in January to Lazio for 20M Rincon is bound to leave in January currently in talks with other clubs. De Silvestri, could be heading out as well, I find him error prones and constantly making mistakes and plays very poorly, hence why I am signing Gajic, to replace him.
  2. I have also resumed my Torino save Just about to hit half way point, so I will post up my updates shortly.
  3. Not bad to sell him when he's on 1 million per week!
  4. What made you sold Ronaldo @RTHerringbone Cracking money to get for Pjanic!
  5. john1

    [FM19] Kosovo's Rise

    Will be tough against Porto! Hopefully you can knock them out!
  6. Superb win over Bremen Decent money to get for Hartel
  7. john1

    [FM19] Kosovo's Rise

    Tough draw :( Hopefully you can upset the applecart and finish in top 2!
  8. john1

    [FM19] Kosovo's Rise

    Fantastic season What is the club finances like?
  9. john1

    Sporting Clube de Portugal

    Good luck
  10. john1

    [FM19] Kosovo's Rise

    Fantastic to only lose 2-1 to Spuds Impressive to see Hoxha, getting 40 assists! Can I see screenshot of him?
  11. john1

    [FM19] Kosovo's Rise

    Wow, wow, read last page and this page and fantastic journey and good to see the club climbing up the ranking I am surprised the chairman haven't stepped in and accepted the big offers for your players
  12. john1

    Inter Milan scouters

    Maybe they was only focusing on players from Italy?
  13. john1

    [FM19] Kosovo's Rise

    Decent run so far Shame you got knocked out on away goals to Partizan :(