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  1. Wow, thankfully you managed to beat West Ham to survive another season in the Premier League Not bad start to the season
  2. Not bad youth intakes preview there! Hopefully you can get few decent ones I believe Leon Goretzka, also started his career with Bochum
  3. interesting analysts on players Will be following this
  4. Not bad money to get for your players Such a shame Haaland, retired with 198 goals for Norway
  5. Love it when it says "He very much appreciated that Marina Granovskaia, came to watch him play at least 3 occasion"
  6. They are on my save Here is the league table on mine;
  7. FMEnhanced v2.4 FM21 Skin | FM Scout
  8. Wow winning Champions League within 4 seasons with Schalke is crazy! What is next for you? new save?
  9. Fantastic start with Oldham Good signings you have brought in and with backroom staff too
  10. You could change the name of the skin via editing the config file? I copied the name and pasted it as your skin name and it comes up on FM21.
  11. I changed the folder from Mr Hough Mashup Madness Skin to "Base21 Dark (FM20) Skin" which it says in the config and now it comes up on FM21 Hope this helps?
  12. Loving the background Good to see this skin back for FM21
  13. What happened From sitting top to 4th! Hopefully better youth intakes this time round.
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