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  1. I meant removing that section completely so the attributes screen can expand bit more.
  2. I am not a massive fan of those career stats etc etc in middle of the attributes screen, any chance/ guide of removing it completely? And how do I remove those technical, mental and physical attributes( ones in boxes) before the preferred foot etc etc panel on the far end in the screenshot?
  3. Instant button doesn't work and it progress to match than simulate it. Also get this with pop up
  4. Loved this skin on FM17 and brilliant to see this remade, will download it now
  5. Managed to beat other 29 clubs to sign Fabio Sadly I think his development has stalled a bit
  6. Very happy with the signings I have made Hoping to turn Ihattaren, into a decent player Delighted to bring Asensio to the club to boost our attacking options. Molla, was sold when I took over in 2020 and will be challenging for number 1 goalkeeper spot. Decided to overtake my scouting team and did the assignments myself and bought in new scouts. Sacked my HOYD who was regen generated and was **** poor, so I brought this guy in
  7. Impressive team you have got there Who is your head of youth development?
  8. Another Serie A title in the bag for us Disappointed not to get past Dortmund in the Champions League Delighted that we have used 46 players this season especially couple youngsters been getting few games time this season which sees their development improving a bit. Will be looking to bringing in goalkeeper to challenge Gollini, for goalkeeper spot. Maybe few back up in other positions. 43 medals \o/ Aiming to beat that next season And breaking news - we finally got a name for our new stadium The legendary Fermo Favini! I remember signing him on previous FM as he was a superb HOYD \o/
  9. Impressive achievement you done with Parma @Knox316 Any decent regens through youth intakes? Just finished my season and will do mini update in a moment :D
  10. Glad to selling him and waste of money in the first place! Can't even be registered to play for us! due to non EU spot. Suck it on that chairman! Wish there was a option to discuss his transfers deals or reject them?
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