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  1. Cheers mate! And yeah, when I got drawn against Man Utd, Juve and Barca, I was like oh I am going out. Against Man Utd at home in second leg, I went for 4-2-4 without a striker and tore Man Utd apart
  2. Just went season unbeaten with Torino \o/ However this tops it all Our run to Champions League Final Just won my second Champions League with Torino Two times in past 3 years. Rodrygo, have been immense since joining the club on loan Finished top goal scorer in CL and top of highest average rating as well. Also finished our our top goalscorer. I can turn his loan move into permanent deal for 60M, I am not sure if I will as I got good youngsters coming through.
  3. Weird cos Rennes was my choice as well Them or Saint-Étienne
  4. You're better off scouting Scandinavian regions as you can find hidden gem on cheap
  5. I am not entirely sure? Might take over Roma or head to France What about you guys?
  6. Quite like it Unless there a option you going to create for vertical and no vertical?
  7. What? 2 games in 2 days? EDIT: So, don't know what I was complaining about
  8. Seems to be old age? Probably into his 30s? Or retiring to become coach?
  9. Great write up! I am also tempted to manage Roma too on FM20
  10. You're not the only one I signed too many strikers on my Torino save and started to lose interest in that save sadly. Good luck with AC Milan
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