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  1. Impressed with Sweden in second half. Isak looks pretty decent Shame Dortmund sold him.
  2. Two fantastic saves from both keepers I think Sweden will win this one.
  3. Brilliant result against Man City Hopefully you can get past other Manchester too Hopefully to finish the season tonight Sadly I got knocked out by Spurs in Quarter Final Lost 3-2 at home and lost 1-0 away. *****. Also currently 7 points clear at the top.
  4. Thanks ****! Knocked out the holders They knocked me out in Semi final last season and quarter final the previous season. They also done the bayern way like in real life, signing players to weaken the rivals..... Sadly, I missed out on signing him for free, ended up signing new contract with Dortmund but went to Bayern for 81M next season.
  5. Kind of faded toward the end But still Champions League next season
  6. I agree, or was it based on Yilmaz's success with Lille?
  7. Absolutely dreadful penalty from Bale Poor run up too Can see Turkey scoring!
  8. This sounds interesting with Gijon, what is their transfer budget like?
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