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  1. What anti virus programmes are you using? Might be false positive. I just downloaded it and its fine.
  2. Superb start to season 3 But how from went beat Man Utd away but draw at home to Watford?
  3. I have unticked them too but still reset to finances screens like screenshot above.
  4. Could you PM me your skin too :D
  5. Brilliant December month Pretty tough draw and hopefully you can nick few goals in first leg before heading back for 2nd leg.
  6. OMG you are back!! Remember your save very fondly Good luck with Edinburgh
  7. Fantastic month Hopefully you can finish the job off at home against Inter
  8. Starting to run away in the league now Hopefully you can keep going into second part of the season Good thing you managed to avoid big teams in CL draw
  9. Good signings you have brought in to replace the outgoing players Tough start to the season especially with Arsenal and Spurs away!
  10. Decent last few months Such a shame another meh youth intakes
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