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  1. Doing brilliantly Hopefully you don't slip up on March!
  2. Fantastic season Surprised to see Lazio finishing 2nd and Juventus, 5th.
  3. Good to see this thread going strong I have just hit November and I will do half way update when I finish December month. Currently sitting 2nd with a point behind Inter. Zaza, will be joining Lazio for 35M (they sold Savic for 95M!) and Mario is on verge joining Crystal Palace, which we will pay 40K p/w of his wages until 2023, As I forgot to mention that I brought in Da Graca in the summer, will look to promote one of my regen strikers.
  4. Not bad month :thup: I am going to start new save in Argentina, as I am curious with South American teams, might go for Newell or San Lorenzo.
  5. Fantastic Not bad 30M for Xadas, if Juventus take it on What is your facilities like? As Palermo, are known for their youth system.
  6. I have sold key players like Falque to China for stupid money and few deadwood players. I always push transfers budget toward the wages.
  7. To pick up 4 points in a group with them, is fantastic. I am sure you will reclaim top spot soon :D
  8. Juventus finished second in my first season with Inter Milan, winning the league. Juventus didn't sign anyone in first season but brought in one player in second season so far.
  9. Yeah, back up strikers are terrible, hence why Mario brought in Nah, he still at the club, turned down offers for him (slapped 90M on his head which is his minimum release clause) I have seen on other saves that he goes for that figure, so I will hopefully get closer to that.
  10. I would take a look at him as well, been brilliant and is natural as defender too
  11. Top earner at the club (second highest player is on 66K!) He wasn't even a option for me, but went for him in the end as Zaza, was bloody awful. Big clauses put in too /o\ Hopefully I can sell both of them in the summer and promote few youngsters. Under control on the wages
  12. Decided to fire up my Torino save, after playing with different teams, Played 3 games so far in my second season. Drew 1-1 with Sampdoria, thrashed Chievo, 4-0 at home. Next game was away to Juventus /o\ Who else but Mario We played very well and didn't seem to be troubled by them at all. Brought on Mario on 59th minutes. I am very confident of finishing top of the group, I can see Club Brugge, will be difficult one.
  13. Wow, that is insane group
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