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  1. Fantastic season Shame you didn't beat Juventus in normal time in Coppa Italia Final especially with them going down to 10 man. Very bizarre to see Fiorentina, relegated but got EL spot
  2. fantastic money to get for both of them Congrats on winning back to back #Champions League
  3. I would definitely sell him. 244M euros is insane.
  4. Omg!! Great to see you back @michaeltmurrayuk How do I add instant result button?
  5. Looks pretty good but still want to find out what more features they going to announce. ME looks pretty good as well.
  6. YES!! Not sure if anyone seen such a low goal scored? 7....
  7. Doesn't look good Even our youth facilities is currently being upgraded. Currently at excellent level.
  8. You are better off posting your updates on mini updates thread
  9. Try clearing your cache via FM preferences
  10. What? Already? I sent him on holiday for 2 weeks and not long just came back....
  11. Definitely Not sure if I will start in France or Italy
  12. I would sell him for that amount of money Is Rajkovic is still good as he was on pervious FM?
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