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  1. Leaderboard mostly updated, however, I'll likely defer to the sortable table instead. Anyways, my one is there for reference if you need it.
  2. Well, I got sidetracked so the scoreboard update is delayed. I've updated some of the results but I'm waiting until they're all done before posting.
  3. A few other people have pointed out that using 4-3-3 and chucking a bunch of bodies forward works well. For me I've found that I need to work on ironing out the defensive frailities but so far this season we're on course for the playoffs.
  4. Will try to get the leaderboards updated this evening but I'm a bit busy. Will be done by Sunday for definite.
  5. Getting on board the 4-3-3 bandwagon has proved profitable :-)
  6. Familiar scoreline at Wembley but wrong team on the winning end. England knocked out in the second round by Greece! bleurgh. Benitez resigns.
  7. Tonbridge Angels - Season 2019 - 2020 (2) - National League South Board Expectation: Fight bravely against relegation Manager Expectation: Top half finish Media Prediction: 20th Final Position: 5th An improvement upon last season as we managed to qualify for the playoffs but we rarely looked competitive as Braintree defeated us 4-2 in the Wildcard Round. Far prefer the new playoff system with one off matches. Two leg games in domestic competitions bothers me. The squad is too big at the moment. Players kept bothering me with gripes about a lack of playing ti
  8. Fortunately Havant & W didn't take advantage of the slip up. Two points behind with a seven goal advantage. EEK
  9. @TrickyTree91 Hopefully you'll get a takeover and there'll be a financial injection. Could be dangerous to stay in NL Regional much longer.
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