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  1. You may want to try going structured or very structured. I had a lot of problems with congestion, especially in the middle of the pitch. with my 4-2-3-1 before I swapped that around and it ended up in a lot of potshots because my players had less time on the ball and were rushed into taking them.
  2. Funny you would mention this, I actually went with a more aggressive approach (close down more, get stuck in) and in some cases even changed the mentality to attacking, and it actually gave me two clean sheets and only one goal conceded in three away games. Might have been a bit of luck involved as well, but more closing down up front does tend to help. The only thing I'm still vulnerable against is the long ball over the top, but that's mainly down to my CD quality in combination with a high D line I reckon. Cheers! EDIT: For clarity, I did not have any PI's or OI's set, only the DLF to dribble less as he otherwise tends to lose way too much possession.
  3. That's a fair point, although I like the DM(D) on the right side because I know the IF(A) won't contribute much, if anything defensively (contrary to the W(S)). But it might be something to think about.
  4. FM18 Rate My Newgen Thread

    Looking to pick up this lad from one of my league competitors but Arsenal is also interested and I'm not really in the best of positions financially.
  5. I'm currently in my second season with OHL, a Belgian team that started out in the second division. Got promoted the first season (they're contenders in real life as well) and am currently 12 games into my first season in the top league. I'm actually doing quite okay, grabbing 15 points out of the first 12 games and sitting in 13th place, seven points clear of the relegation spots. I only have one problem at this point, and that is that no matter what I do, my team can't keep a clean sheet. I've only had one this season, in the cup against a second division team. In 12 games, I've conceded an appalling 22 goals. I'm not sure if I'm missing any glaring errors in my setup, which you can see below? I tend to fiddle around with shape and mentality a bit (tried going with defensive in my last game but still conceded 3) but the formation usually stays the same. I know I'm not the best team in the league but not being able to get a clean sheet once in a while is really getting on my nerves.
  6. One season in, got promoted with OHL (my home town club) to the Belgian first division by winning both periodical championships. The first one tied with Cercle Bruges, same amount of games won but edged it on goal difference, second one with one point clear over that same Cercle Bruges. Very happy with this version, tactically still challenging but way easier to spot the flaws.
  7. Letter to SI

    As far as I can see, you've never even once logged something as a bug here. To fix stuff, they need examples in the form of save games and pkm files. If you're not giving them anything to work with, you shouldn't complain that it doesn't get fixed.
  8. Letter to SI

    Squad building isn't perfect, but it's nowhere near as bad as you're implying. Every team will make some bad transfers, that's an inherent part of football.
  9. Why did you mix things up when you clearly did well against Sevilla? You created a lot of chances, barely gave away any and scored three goals and the next game, you change two duties, your menality and your team shape...
  10. Never mind, I was stupid. Tried it while in the middle of a game, obviously that doesn't work.
  11. Nope, playing as Bayern for the moment, date is 22/09/2029 so pretty much in the middle of the season.
  12. I'm having the same problem, player is not being tutored. All coaches are greyed out. It's actually greyed out for all of my players..
  13. Probably because the away team had an average rating of 8 which indicates a very high scoring line.
  14. No, because budget is dependant on what's in your bank account being the most valuable club is not.
  15. Not ridiculous at all, since a coach would always get a work permit. Football players just fall into a different category with very specific rules.