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  1. It can get even better. I now have two direct qualifiers and PSV even managed to survive the group stage by finishing second in a group with Barça, Bayer Leverkusen and Sporting Lisboa. Only one point behind Barça too!
  2. Meanwhile, Ajax are through to the semifinals of the CL after playing Juve off the field in their own stadium. What a fairytale, and so very enjoyable to watch.
  3. That magical feeling when your 18-year old top talent from your own youth system slots away the winning penalty in a CL final.
  4. If they consider him one of the big talents it's unlike they'll let him go and I doubt you'll be able to unsettle him. If you want a (cheaper and more realistic alternative), you could have a look at Ludovit Reis from Groningen. I picked him up for 9M, his release clause and he's been very consistent even for my CL-winning team.
  5. Haha nice. I actually really like him, always performed very well as a central defender. The weirdest thing was the three injuries following right after each other. He would be declared fit and just tear them again the next day, twice in a row. And it's not labelled as a recurring injury in his medical file. Nice result against Inter by the way!
  6. Possibly one of the best games I've ever played in the past seven seasons. Awesome performance of my front three as well, Xadas on the left, Sanchez on the right and Olsina spearheading the attack.
  7. There you go, Schuurs' first screenshot is only from 2021 like Dolberg. Gravenberch is by far the biggest gem in your youth squad so yeah, get his determination up and he's almost guaranteed to become a world class player. On your last post, I struggled with Huntelaar as well. Dolberg performed miracles for me though and I got in Samatta from KRC Genk to cover for him when he was injured. He was available for 3.7M and had quite a similar profile as Kasper.
  8. Which three exactly? Dolberg, Gravenberch and? Earliest screenshot of Dolberg I have is 2021. Latest is feb 2025. Gravenberch I got from 2019 until now. Mazraoui got shipped off to Köln at the end of the first season as I opted for Kristensen in the right back position. No screenshot from the start, scouting him now to get his stats so I'll get the screenshot once I can see him fully. Likewise for Jensen (left in 2022 on a free to Danish AGF) and Kuhn, who left for for AZ in 2021 but only got 14 appearances in the first team squad there as well. Keep in mind that this is from before the final update which may have altered some stats and potential. Man, this actually has me tempted to start up a new Ajax save to see if I can get anything more out of those youngsters.
  9. On the future screens note, I can supply them as well (currently in 2026 I think, would have to boot up my save to make sure). Schuurs, Gravenberch and Dolberg are still at my team, pretty much everyone else has moved on by now. Dolberg is barely playing because I have two world class regens and an upcoming youngster blocking him but I'm trying to keep him happy as he's a big fan favourite still.
  10. Veltman actually rarely disappointed for me as a central defender. If Wöber is still at the club, use him as well. Great ball playing defender! If you need some fresh prospects, Svetozar Markovic is a great option if he's still at Partizan. I managed to grab him for only 1.6M
  11. Finally picked up the game against to finish my 2023-2024 season. We won the famous quintuple (CL, Euro Super Cup, Dutch Super Cup, Dutch Cup and Eredivisie). This was probably the hardest CL victory of the four we've racked up so far, having to overcome defeats in both the quarter final (2-1 loss away at Man United) and semifinal (2-0 loss at Chelsea). I currently also have eight players from my own academy claiming regular starting places. Gravenberch: Started 28 games in all competitions this season but performs less than both Xadas (in central midfield) and Almada (on the left wing) so he's not indispensable. van den Steenhoven: Naturally a left back but two footed so my first choice on the right back at the moment. Performed really well on loan at Heerenveen last season so decided to give him a chance, didn't disappoint. Trying to keep him happy as he didn't like me rejecting a PSG bid for him. Jansen: Came through the academy last season but I immediately promoted him to the first team where he made 25 starts this year and lived up to the hype. Just turned 17 so plenty of margin for improvement and I'm hoping to build my defense around him for years to come. Saidi: Left back who's competing with a Romanian import product for a first team spot. Also one of the reasons why I moved van den Steenhoven to right back (apart from me not finding any quality players for that position). Similar progression to van den Steenhoven, performing really well on loan in the previous season. Played him in most of the Eredivisie games as a starter, only 19 as well. Bakker: Posted him here before, he's been stalling a bit in the last year and I have a Brazilian DM coming up with a better personality who might take his place permanently in a year or two. I also couldn't change his personality which is light-hearted while Toto (the Brazilian) is resolute. Sanchez: Started the season as a substitute for Chong but still managed to grab 23 starts in all competitions (including two cameo performances as right back out of necessity). Will probably move up to a first team spot next year since Chong is unhappy and might be offloaded for a big bucket of cash. Schuurs: Been a starter for the past three seasons but this year his place is on the line with Jansen coming up. My third central defender, Ximenes, is also pure quality so it'll get harder to fit him in somewhere. Jongmans: The latest academy gem, coming through this season. Got two assists in his first two games for the senior team and will probably be the rotation option for Reis next year. Honourable mentions for Xadas, who scored a ridiculous 26 goals in 47 apperances as a midfielder and had 18 assists as well, and Monnier, who become top goalscorer in both the CL and the Eredivisie with 37 hits in 47 games. Screenshots included.
  12. For what it's worth, I've had the same with Gravenberch for the past two seasons. Transferlisted him by request twice but after a while, he always asked to be removed from the transfer list.
  13. Could be a number of reasons. They might not need anyone in that positions, or don't have the finances to offer him a contract, or don't think he'll even consider moving.
  14. 1) Curls ball can only get passed on from player to player. It's not a trait that can be trained. 2) Training traits will not have a (high) impact on their other training as far as I know. 3) You can, but the general idea is to move talented players to the senior group, have them available for reserves/youth teams and then move then into mentoring groups with senior players that have the right personality.
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