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  1. Could be a number of reasons. They might not need anyone in that positions, or don't have the finances to offer him a contract, or don't think he'll even consider moving.
  2. 1) Curls ball can only get passed on from player to player. It's not a trait that can be trained. 2) Training traits will not have a (high) impact on their other training as far as I know. 3) You can, but the general idea is to move talented players to the senior group, have them available for reserves/youth teams and then move then into mentoring groups with senior players that have the right personality.
  3. That randomness is an inherent part of football, you know. It's probably one of the most unpredictable sport disciplines in the world. That said, we don't know everything here. It could very well be that the OP overachieved the past few seasons and that he's just not able to cope with the fact that teams will set up more defensively against him due to his good results.
  4. It might be me, but you seem to be seriously overpaying your players..
  5. No no, please explain to me how being the better team and not winning is the ME's fault, rather than just being a part of football or pretty much any sport where the best team doesn't necessarily win.
  6. Wait what, you had a game where you were by far the better team and you didn't win? That has never happened before.
  7. Because if I lose, it must be the ME's fault. Obviously. What else could it possibly be?!
  8. If you want to offer constructive feedback, you should probably not invent numbers to make your point. I'd like to see some proof of that 85%.
  9. Xadas, can be picked up very cheap from Braga and will turn into a very, very productive midfielder.
  10. Wage budget will go up if your finances are good, it's not only about winning prizes.
  11. There's a regen thread in the players and team guide section of the forum, just so you know.
  12. Budgets do not take money out of your balance, they just allow you to spend more money from that balance.
  13. Been confirmed multiple times, youth recruitment and youth facilities impact PA, junior coaching impacts CA, and HOYD impacts personality and the occasional (but very rare) freak regen coming through the ranks. So yes, all his attributes matter but not as much as his personality (which will influence multiple youngsters every intake). Also keep in mind his tactical preferences as that will also influence the positions and type of players coming through.
  14. The second one, most important impact of HOYD is personality.
  15. Well, I thought my not sharing it would have been clear. I'm not fond of sharing tactics anyway as what works for me won't necessarily work for other people.
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