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  1. Cheers man! I've got a bit of a dilemma now. I managed to get a bid accepted for a 18-year old French wonderkid striker. He would be by far my most expensive signing to date (totalling roughly 40M, 29,5 up front) but he looks amazing. The thing is, I still have Dolberg (who is fairly injury prone so playing about half of the games to keep him fit) and two regens (see below). Gonzalez has barely made any progress since I signed him from Barcelona (only his jumping increased pretty much by a few points). Olsina looks better on paper but had a terrible first season as a standin for Dolberg, only scoring once in 15 games. Do I sign him?
  2. So close, but we weren't good enough to be fair.
  3. And it just gets better. Second consecutive CL final. That 86 minute winner from Dolberg actually had me jumping around the living room for a minute.
  4. Looks good for a PF, targetman as well. High aggression, bravery, work rate and teamwork, good physical stats as well. You could do far worse I think.
  5. Well, this went surprisingly well.
  6. KlaaZ

    FM19: Top 5 Must Buys

    Almada, not Almeda. But yeah, that guy is sheer brilliant. Plays as an AML in my Ajax save, not even his best position, and his statistics are through the roof.
  7. So? It's their choice if they don't want to pay more, just like it's your choice to pay more if you really want a player. They also just might be trying to unsettle your player.
  8. I'm currently in my 4th season as Ajax and Joël Veltman has torn his knee ligaments three times in a row, every time just after recovering he just tears them again. It is listed as a recurring injury in his medical report but tearing knee ligaments three times in half a year's time seems very excessive.
  9. Hold position is an instruction for when your team has the ball, not for when out of possession.
  10. I don't see the problem. The AI makes bids that are not acceptable, you refuse. So they'll have to overpay to get your players. Just like you have to pay more to get theirs.
  11. KlaaZ

    Missing More Penalties than Scoring

    Nope, I can't even remember the last time Dolberg or Almada missed for my Ajax team. This season, ten taken, one missed. Dolberg scored 7/8, Almada 2/2.
  12. Trying to, it's one of the reasons I love this game. Average squad age is 22 so plenty of nice prospects. https://imgur.com/a/ac2wegw Bakker is probably my best regen so far, first team regular as well. Ugrina, Perlaza and Beissel are also part of my first team setup most of the time. Sanchez is thé talent to watch.
  13. Oh, also did some great outgoing transfers over the past seasons. Picked up Svetozar Markovic from Partizan for 1.6M and sold him for 43.5M to PSG 1,5 season later. Also sold Wöber to City for a deal totalling 65M, de Jong to Schalke for 33.5M (underpriced but he was very unhappy and disrupting the squad), van de Beek to PSG for 45M and de Ligt to Chelsea for 72M. Gave me a huge war chest.
  14. KlaaZ

    FM19: Rate My Regen Thread

    Haha I know. Truth is, he was very solid when he just came through as well. He's currently playing as a HB but I'm tempted to try and create a tactic with a Segundo Volante(A) as his traits really suit that (and he actually scored a lot in his first season in that role).
  15. No complaints here, won the CL in my third season after a rather 'easy' knockout draw with Monaco and OL until the semis, then managed to contain City (with Simeone as a coach) thanks to an emphatic 4-2 home win and just about edged Liverpool in the final. Squadwise, I managed to hang onto Veltman, Schuurs (who developed really well), Tagliafico, Blind, Neres, Dolberg and Gravenberch (for now). Main additions apart from regens now are Ludovit Reis (very comparable to Donny in stat distribution), Kik Pierie, Xadas (very cheap and very solid development), Nikola Moro, Robert Gumny and Thiago Almada (ridiculous Argentinian, see screenshot). I'm hoping to challenge for the CL again but had (once again) a very tough group draw even with being seeded first: Milan, Stuttgart and Liverpool... Drew first place with Liverpool but they had the better goal difference so I got Juve in the first knockout round, sucks to be me. Financially I'm very solid with 270M in the bank. My reputation also skyrocketed. Don't know if you can pick him up but I picked up Josip Posavec in my third season for 5.5M and he's been very consistent. Nice attribute spread and a spirited personality.