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  1. How many goals is too many? Could be just a perception issue. That said, two wing backs will expose you. You may want to have another midfielder in a role that's a bit more aggressive defensively as the halfback isn't really all that. For example, playing a BWM(S) on the left side would allow you to play with an attacking wing back there, and with the Mez(A) on the right, you could go for a more conservative full back on S or D there, or even an inverted wing back to cover the space he will leave.
  2. No, mental ability in real life mostly comes from experience, and thus playing time, mostly at a later age. It's one of the reasons why for example defenders tend to peak at a later age.
  3. It just makes sense. How many players actually get better technically after a certain age? The biggest improvement from there onwards would be mostly physically or mentally.
  4. Development does not stop at 23. I signed this guy at 24. And he looks like this at 31. I did however give him plenty of game time, as he was my main defending midfielder for about six seasons.
  5. Youth intake preview It's been a while but we actually may have another very fancy intake coming up! Funny coincidence about the Belgian right midfielder is that I'm actually in the process of building a house in Tienen in real life.
  6. Perrin was out for a few weeks with a niggle so Aarseth stepped up.
  7. It's going to be one of those seasons it seems. Should've been seven points clear from a faltering PSG by now but instead it's only two because we find it seemingly impossible to score and concede the most ridiculous goals.
  8. https://giphy.com/clips/hamlet-dead-rip-hes-already-O55cHCUGcdkgccbX1h
  9. Oh, and it's been a very interesting start of the season so far! Mbappé is out with a long term injury and it seems to be hurting PSG big time, despite the fact that they just signed the biggest name in French football at the moment, Sabatier.
  10. Preseason 2029-2030 Transfers We sold a few youth players that looked like they weren't going to make the cut. Apart from that, Bomba and Sastre join Belgian outfits Genk and Gent respectively on loan, while Pancrate becomes first choice goalkeeper at Nice for a season. Jaaouani lost his spot to Li Ting and is loaned out to Belgium as well, where he joined Zulte Waregem. The biggest name to leave is Thuram, who's contract ran out. He's always been a reliable backup but his financial demands were too high for a player of his calibre. He moves to Lille, where he's already transfer listed for some reason on September 1st. On the other end, the biggest loss will be Pantea who goes back to Paris. No big spending on the incoming side, with just two new players joining us from abroad. Stefan Miloslavljevic (hope I wrote that right) will provide competition for Nilsen in goal and will probably replace him somewhere in the next two years if all goes well. He comes over from Serbian side Cukaricki for 825k, his release fee. To replace Pantea in the squad and to provide some more depth, we make a last day loan signing by bringing in La Masia product Pau from Barcelona. A different profile from Pantea, but nontheless very welcome. Youth promotions To fill the gap left by Pantea, we also permanently promote Jean-Pierre Guilloteau from the U19's to the first team. In midfield, Malhory Romain replaces end of contract Thuram and in central defense Abdel Gauthier will provide cover for Roberts. Friendlies Great preseason with the exception of the blip against United. Trophée des Champions A very tidy 2-1 win over Marseille (no PSG!) thanks to a brace from youngster Guilloteau. Good to see how well we reacted after going 0-1 down to a penalty.
  11. Thanks both! The irony of Pantea playing an integral part in our title win is not lost on me and made it all the sweeter. And yeah, I'm hoping to make Perrin into a legend at the club (as far as he isn't already).
  12. Leading the line Only two names to mention here. Perrin is thé man, coming through the youth ranks to end up as the best striker in France, and possibly even abroad. Scored 25 in 37 last season and bettered that this year with 29 in 35 (from an xG of 19.36!), claiming the top goalscorer award in the process. Only 20 years old! Behind him, new kid Aarseth did surprisingly well, scoring five in Europe and four in the cup. A bit of a different profile and more of an aereal presence, the perfect backup for Perrin.
  13. Supporting the attack In attacking midfield, our options were plenty. On the left, Pantea did so well that he pushed new signing Valdemar to the bench for a lot of games. Fortunately, the Brazilian can also play on the other side. The only bad news is that Pantea will go back to PSG next season and there is no chance that we'll be able to loan him again. I wonder how happy they are with his 16 goals and seven assists contributing massively to our title win. On the right flank, Laquintana started as first choice but Wahlqvist has been making it hard for him. The Uruguayan has also proved quite injury prone so it's possible that we'll ship him off to China if we can find a suitable replacement. We also started giving more minutes to Guilloteau but I'm not entire convinced if he'll make the cut in the end. Behind the striker, Leifsson has been indispensable, obviously. When he can't play due to injury or needing a rest, Dominique N'Doye stepped in to replace him. And last but not least, there's a new kid in the youth ranks who may be able to eventually claim his place.
  14. Bossing the midfield In central midfield, Carraro was phased out for upcoming Czech ankle biter Patrik Seda, who claimed his place after successful loan spells with Gil Vincente and Ligue 1 outfit Nantes. I'm actually considering pulling him back a line into central defense now as his pace is a bit low for the midfield and he looks like an amazing ball playing defender. Next to him, Li Ting played the majority of the games. Originally only signed for marketing purposes, the Chinese mezzala quickly cemented his spot in the first team and has improved greatly. Could be the midfield boss for years to come. Both players were backed up by Thuram (who is end of contract and will leave the club) and Carraro. To fill in for Thuram next season, we're looking either into the transfer market or into the academy, where Malhory Romain is doing really, really well. He already made his debut in both league and cup but we're trying to bring him slowly as to not stall his progress.
  15. How we defended Goalkeeper Joakim Nilsen was solid for us this season, keeping 21 clean sheets in 38 league games. He was helped by some very good performances of the back four. Kurz and Clavijo are a fairly even trade for the left back position. On the other side, the same can now be said of academy products Michel and Lefeuvre. In the center, Roberts and Boucher did a great job holding the line and are forming a very strong duo. Boucher might become a rotation option in the future though as Slovak has not only making a lot of progress, he also showed glimpes of his ability in the CL and as a backup in the league. Further down the line, Abdel Gauthier will probably replace Zouma next season when he returns from loan.
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