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  1. Probably still the best own academy regen I've ever had.
  2. 2026-2027: Performance and growth Performance In what can only be described as a defining season, a few players really surprised me with their performances. Both From and Cascini, who are fighting over the right back position, did really well this season. Harlev was outstanding in both the league and the cup but fell a little short in Europe. I'm not worried though, as he's still only 19. The most standout performer in Europe was Larsen, who shows that a quality goalkeeper can make all the difference between success and failure. At 22, he's pretty much the rock this team is built aro
  3. 2026-2027: The year of confirmation? Transfers Apart from the two big signings in the previous update, we brought in some young, fresh talent. Most of these had already been signed in the past but because they're from outside of Europe, they could only join us upon turning 18. Mender Pino Age: 18 Nationality: Colombian Position: Central defender Club: Deportivo Cali Transfer fee: 2M Notes: Very happy with this signing. Mender is a physical beast with a great tackle and a lot of room to progress. He was immediately loaned out to Ligue 1 outfit
  4. Don't sell Berg too cheaply, he can provide you with a huge war chest if you play your cards right. Make sure to include a % on future sale by the way.
  5. Cheers. I've been a bit on and off for the last half year, busy with training and work mostly but I've been trying to pick it up again. There's a lot of good info in it in the first season or two about domestic talent in Scandinavia, but you have to move fast.
  6. You'd be surprised about that. I just managed to offload Daramy, who isn't even a first team regular anymore, to Watford (iirc) for nearly 40M EUR.
  7. 2026-2027 transfer news: From disappointment to extasy First off, the bad news. When we signed Thierno Fontaine last season, he had a non-negotionable release clause of 60M that I had no choice but to accept. At the end of the current season, Arsenal made the bid but as he rejected their offer, I was under the assumption that none but the biggest clubs would be able to steal him away. How wrong I was, two weeks later Everton came knocking and off he went. The good news is that, because of us winning the Champions League, we had a transfer kitty of almost 70M to burn and with the mon
  8. Going solid so far! Scandinavia is a great place to manage, I chose Kobenhavn in Denmark for my main save this edition and have played both in Finland an Iceland on previous FM's. Lots of talent to be found there as well!
  9. Ok, so tomorrow turned into today as I had my second shot of Moderna on Friday which knocked me flat on my back with a very nasty fever. But anyway! Meet the future Say hello to the U19 talent factory of Kopenhagen. Although my last batch of academy graduates wasn't as good as the previous ones, even that one produced one kid with a lot of potential, Benjamin Lyster. Not all of these kids will make it, I know, but a lot of them have the potential to at least become useful members of the squad. Benjamin Lyster Starting off with the last wonderboy to enter the U19's, L
  10. It seems like a bug. Log it. And don't overreact/watch your language next time.
  11. The future will follow tomorrow, when we'll assess the U19 squad. Main players to look out for will be Geertsen (DC), Hansen (CM,D) and Lyster (AMR). There's also very exciting transfer news!
  12. The squad and the future Meet the golden generation When I started this career, I had my mind set on trying to win silverware with as many Scandinavian players as possible. Although I got a bit carried away on South American talent, I restrained myself mostly to other nations than Argentina and Brazil and still have a solid core of Northerners. And most importantly, if all goes to play I'll have at four to six players from my own academy in the starting eleven in two or three seasons: Larsen, From, Harlev, Hansen, Geertsen and hopefully Lyster. Anyway, meet my team, all grown u
  13. Season 2025-2026: When everything clicks Transfers In: Alvaro Fratta Age: 18 Nationality: Uruguayan Position: Striker Club: Nacional Transfer fee: 1.9M Notes: Has the potential to become an excellent advanced forward but I'm not sure if he'll fit into my system (as I play with either a DLF(A) or a CF(S)). Either way, if he develops nicely we can always make a healthy profit of a future transfer. Diego Cascini Age: 18 Nationality: Argentine Position: Right back Club: River Plate Transfer fee: 6.75M
  14. Season 2024-2025: Quick recap Transfers In: Tomas Krcik Age: 18 Nationality: Slovak Position: Left winger Club: Zilina Transfer fee: 575k Notes: Big steal, no money for a player with his current ability and potential. Resolute personality as well, with some amazing physicals. Out: Wahid Faghir never reached the ability of my first playthrough and was sold to Villareal for a potential total fee of 4.4M. Aimar Sher was surplus to requirements and shipped off to Mainz for a healthy 9.75M. The same goes for Alex Pinto to Atalant
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