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  1. Influental players will still rub off part of their personality on less influential team members (if they're in the same training unit I think).
  2. You can't ask that on this forum, I'm afraid. Circumventing licensing issues is not to be discussed here (afaik for legal reasons).
  3. I don't see any problems with that CB, to be honest. And the finishing on those strikers isn't the highest but it's nowhere near as bad as you make it out to be. On top of that, not all strikers are good finishers.
  4. No, because it clearly states that he needs to be trained at your club for x years. If he's on loan, he's not being trained at your club.
  5. It will also depend on his unhappiness. If he stays unhappy, it's unlikely that he'll withdraw his request to be listed. Especially considering the high interest in high services.
  6. Thanks for this, @Crazy_Ivan! I'd been working on my own asymmetrical system. I worked towards something that was defensively very solid but lacked punch in offense. My problem might have been that I played with both an AP and a DLP and had the assymetry the other way around (i.e. the AP in a central role and the DLP on the right side of the center). After reading through your advice and adjusting a few things, I'm currently on a perfect streak in the league with Bayern (took over after they had two disappointing seasons with 6th and 4th place respectively).
  7. I know, I just can't seem to find the right middle ground. When I play them in the AML/AMR slots, I'm very leaky defensively but if I don't, I just can't penetrate the opposition.
  8. is there any reason why players in the AML and AMR slot don't track back when full backs overlap? I've tried a lot of things, including tighter marking and specific man marking, but I can't get them to defend properly..
  9. Afaik that can happen for a number of reasons. If he's reached his max PA, his stats may redistribute a little depending on how your training is set up. He may also just have a few bad weeks of training. But I'd say it's highly unlikely that none of your players are improving statwise. All I can say is that mine are, and I'm not doing anything special.
  10. There isn't, because you can't train tackling on your own. You'd need a second player for it.
  11. FYI, that workload means your players are not at the club (probably on holiday).
  12. What do you want explained? The league is divided in four periods, so you may want to check the fourth period table instead of the overall one.
  13. Yeah, I was about to tell you the same thing.
  14. As XaW said, upload the game. I'd like to have a go and see if I can sign him as well.
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