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  1. Never mind, I was stupid. Tried it while in the middle of a game, obviously that doesn't work.
  2. Nope, playing as Bayern for the moment, date is 22/09/2029 so pretty much in the middle of the season.
  3. I'm having the same problem, player is not being tutored. All coaches are greyed out. It's actually greyed out for all of my players..
  4. Probably because the away team had an average rating of 8 which indicates a very high scoring line.
  5. No, because budget is dependant on what's in your bank account being the most valuable club is not.
  6. Not ridiculous at all, since a coach would always get a work permit. Football players just fall into a different category with very specific rules.
  7. [Holland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    I'll take a look and see what I can provide. It's a pre 17.3 save by the way, if that matters.
  8. There are more requirements than simply you recovering the ball. Have a read of Cleon's thread about counterattacking, to date still the best thing I've ever read.
  9. [Holland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Do you still need more saves to investigate, Max? I'm at the end of my first season as Feyenoord in 24-25, added the Dutch leagues in 2023 and have only just realised that the Dutch Cup isn't there. I can probably conjure up a save from just before adding the additional leagues if you want.
  10. I am wrong? Really?

    To be fair, he does provide a LOT of key passes per game. It may just be that your other players aren't finishing the chances he provides?
  11. I'd just like to add that I approve of the AoE references.
  12. Concentration might be big plus too, especially if you're a big team as your goalie will only have a few (important) saves to make most games.
  13. Apologies, I may have come across a bit harsh there. Lousy sunday morning hangovers. Either way, assuming it's the same as the Belgian system (and I have no reason to think that it is), Cadetes would be 14-15 years old. So anything after that would be comparable, all in all 19 players after a 2 year transfer ban for all teams age 16 and higher is a pretty low number.
  14. That's starting at age 5, you know perfectly well that's not what he meant.
  15. My team doesn't have a leader

    It means you lack players with a high leadership/determination attribute.