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  1. No it's not, not in the sense that it's definitive. There's still an appeal to be held, so the penalty can become less harsh or even withdrawn completely.
  2. Not if he doesn't holiday all of them though. I do it on some of the easier games or when I'm lacking time (playing in a smaller league can make your very dominant sometimes), which makes it so I don't win it very often. But I don't holiday enough for him to win it either.
  3. Probably not, as there's still an appeal so it's not yet official and/or set in stone.
  4. Off the ball instead of positioning (as positioning is the defensive variant), but apart from that spot on!
  5. There's a lot more into it than heading and jumping reach though.
  6. You're better off asking this in the tactics section, you'll get more feedback there.
  7. For what it's worth, my thread regarding this is already under review. You may want to add your findings to that one instead of creating a new thread, would be easier for SI to follow up I think.
  8. But it has literally nothing to do with the footballing side of things, just like stadium design and other things. At least with transfers and contracts, you could imagine getting a manager involved up to a certain extent (although even this is indeed slightly unrealistic and done more for gameplay reasons).
  9. To be fair though, individual training can help but is no magic button to fix weaknesses in a player. If he's a lousy finisher, you may be able to improve him there somehwat through the focus but chances are very slim he'll ever get really good at it.
  10. You may want to check it anyway because if it doesn't cover the countries they're playing in, they won't show up in your scouting center I believe.
  11. Belgium's also very limited both in TV money and prize money ingame.
  12. The AI has the exact same resources at its disposal and doesn't get boosted so it's not even you, it's no one.
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