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  1. Some probably have, some will not. That's another thing about chance.
  2. To be fair, there are different expectations for different competitions. They didn't want you to get to the Europa League, they wanted you to get a Europa League spot in the league. Those are two very different things.
  3. Higher youth recruitment = bigger chance of high potential players coming through. Nothing is guaranteed.
  4. According to wikipedia, it should actually be the winner of the following highest league. You could log it in the bugs forum as it does seem wrong.
  5. Depends on how you're set up. You're formation vs their formation says relatively little. My guess though would be that there was no covering central defender, which would haveb een better against a single striker, and possibly not enough pressure on the player hitting the long ball which gives him plenty of time to pick out his target.
  6. Who won the CL and Europa League? It's possible that if either was won by your league winner, they'll get a place in pot 1 based on that and you'll get a place in pot 1 taking their place as league runner up.
  7. I've had a youngster go from fickle (which is probably even worse than temperamental) to perfectionist. Not entirely sure if you can influence the temperament attribute, but temperamental also means a low professionalism, and that can be raised.
  8. That's funny because I can systematically win while being the dominant team. You're suggesting that you'd do better playing worse than you'd do playing better, which is just plain false. I also don't get why the result against Leipzig surprises you. Bayern were ahead 2-0 after a first minute goal and a penalty, then the first red card for Leipzig comes and it's game over. Include a second penalty kick and another red card and you've got a recipe for such a result.
  9. This. Just buying a pile of good players doesn't guarantee success (just ask PSG and City when it comes to the Champions League).
  10. True, although 2 determination is very low. I'd be more worried about some other low attributes though. That low anticipation and communication specifically, positioning as well. And if you're playing a sweeper keeper, with that pace and those footballing skills, I wouldn't touch him.
  11. To be fair, the clearing instead of letting it go happens quite often in real life as well. The only thing here is that if the player clears it, he should actually head it behind for a corner again (as it might be a decision because he doesn't know if there's anyone coming up behind him or not).
  12. Did he actually take up the Dutch nationality though? It's possible that he has no interest in it as he's already a EU citizen anyway.
  13. You need a data analyst (an possibly/probably decent data analysis facilities as well).
  14. If I remember correctly, he can also influence the occasional freak newgen coming through the ranks. He also influences positions afaik, depending on his favourite playstyle and such. Does anyone know what effect the quality of your youth coaches has on your intake? That's one area which is still pretty vague.
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