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  1. KlaaZ

    Question about Steam

    Actually, you're wrong. It's the creator/publisher/vendor's choice through what channels he wants to distribute his product. The only choice you have is whether or not you want to buy it through said channels or not.
  2. Putting every attribute at 20 won't help as this will exceed the maximum possible PA as I'm not mistaken. How high the values can actually go depends as they're (if I'm not mistaken) weighed differently depending on the position of the player. I.e. a striker with 20 finishing will consume more PA than a defender with 20 finishing.
  3. This may be better suited to the journal part of the forum, no?
  4. KlaaZ

    1v1 Mode

    Doesn't really exist I believe. You could just fire up a network game, pick your teams and arrange a friendly?
  5. KlaaZ

    wage problem/bug ?

    Best to log it in the bugs forum and upload your savegame so SI can take a look at it then.
  6. KlaaZ

    wage problem/bug ?

    How much of your wage budget is already taken up?
  7. You may want to watch your language there. Did you holiday any matches?
  8. KlaaZ

    Fan base - stadium

    Just a thought, but fanbase is'nt an unlimited thing. I imagine 50k people in the stadium in a city with roughly 2.8M population and quite a fierce competition with other teams in the area (Benfica being the main one) would limit your board's desire for expansion as well. If there's no potential fanbase left, there's no point in building a new stadium.
  9. You can train a goalkeeper's passing attribute seperately in FM18.
  10. KlaaZ

    FFP (UEFA) - transfer embargo

    He's talking about the UEFA FFP rules that apply to European competitions (EURO Cup and CL). Transfer embargo's obviously don't apply there as the UEFA would never be able to enforce them.
  11. I'm currently playing Boston United in the Championship. Sitting in first place in my second season with some very healthy finances 3.5M in the bank and not leaking money because of a ridiculously low wage budget. 29 games played, 12 points ahead of the next team. Got an offer for a player totalling 1.9M, could rise to 2.7M. Chairman accepts because it is 'too good to turn down', no option for me to protest. The player in question was probably my best performer (AP on the right wing) and has now been shipped to Norwich, where he earns 6k p/w more than he did in Boston. Norwich is sitting in 11th place and is not even looking at going up to the PL. Two questions: 1) I understand the reasoning behind offers too good to turn down by clubs with shabby finances or not that much money in the bank. However, I would assume that in real life, my club's chairman would prefer being promoted to the PL and grabbing the bucketload of money while doing so rather than selling a player for effectively peanuts and hampering our chances at promotion. 2) I tried offering the player a new contract but he didn't even want to talk, despite being 6 months away from playing in one of the best leagues in the world. Apparently, he'd rather stay in the Championship. That's some odd reasoning though, isn't it?
  12. Prize money is handed out each round, TV money is handed out after the competition has finished.
  13. That should be correct, yes. There's also the fact that youth coaches with good 'working with youngsters' and 'judging player potential' supposedly influence the intake of the occasional freak PA regen. Just something to keep in mind.
  14. If you feel like there's a bug, log it in the bugs forum with pkm's so SI can investigate. Threads like these will not solve your problem. For the record, I haven't noticed anything like you're describing so I doubt there really is an issue but if you feel like there is, log it and proviede examples.