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  1. Haven't read the entire thread because there's a huge amount of just plain ranting here, but if you want to stop your players from taking so many long shots, allow them more time on the ball. Run at defence tends to help a lot.
  2. Best ever Regen

    My best ever was probably Remes in the 08-09 version, picked him up from Honka (Finnish club) for 100k or so. http://nl.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2mgow91&s=7#.WloGPq7iaUk http://nl.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2ziuf6q&s=5#.WloG_a7iaUk
  3. That actually just proves that there is something wrong tactically, since the game makes no distinction between you or the AI.
  4. That club name, Cherry Orchard. I'd love to win the Champions League with that!
  5. Training

    What age did they arrive at your club? Must be something you're doing wrong since you're pretty much the only one suffering from this problem. Oh, and do you use anything modified? Database or similar.
  6. Training

    Have you got any examples? How are your fitness coaches by the way?
  7. Playing him in the position will speed up the familiarity as well, it's a bit of both.
  8. In hindsight, it wasn't my DoF. I'm not sure who it was, actually. I set him as a transfer target so it's probably someone from the board then?
  9. Apparently, having a huge budget and a lot of money in the bank can make your DoF do some really funky stuff. I let him handle a transfer for me because it looked pretty straightforward and didn't want to negotiate it myself. The player had a 2M buyout clause and was, according to what I knew, going to ask for a weekly salary somewhere in the area of 7.5-12k. Half a year later, I accidentally look at his contract details to see if my DoF maybe negotiated a buyout clause I need to keep in mind and what do I see? He gave him a 98k per week contract... This is a 20 year old, pretty average player in the Belgian first division, who 2.5 times as much as my best player (who I had to pay that much in order to heighten his buyout clause). I mean, that's not really normal behaviour is it?
  10. Skillful Players

    Composure is an important one as well, and on the physical side probably acceleration and agility, maybe balance.
  11. So it's not even sure there is an issue (as stated above by several people, the way of data analyzing is far from perfect) but you'll still stop playing? You do realise that this might take months if not longer, just to conclude that there's nothing wrong?
  12. It depends on a lot: Playing time, training facilities, coaches, his mentality, his PA, etc...
  13. Regen question

    This year, it's unlikely you'll pick them up before they sign their contracts because of the scouting time, yes. As it should be, the above practice seemed a bit game breaking.