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  1. With fm20 now around the corner my plan is to take over Ipswich and use this tactic and my training. I have written down the tactic and training schedule's but hoping able to transfer the files across. The new features make this tactic really interesting and can't wait to start this save. Are you planning to continue this thread here with fm20 or start a new one?
  2. Great pre season winning all 6 games and coinciding only 3 goals. League wise going ok played 7 won 5 lost 2. Both defeats to the big 6 teams home to City 3-2 and away to Chelsea 2-1. Now considering last season against these 2 I lost 5-0 and 4-1 am really happy with the improvement. Think if I can keep my main 16 players fit a real Euro Cup push is on, top 4 might be just beyond me this season but who knows. Definitely found that getting the tactic and players fluid b4 season start helps, loving this adventure and keeping me thinking every game👍👍👍
  3. With fm20 around the corner I hope this tactic works on there would be great to start LLM with it and watch as the builds around it. Without doubt the best 442 I've used or played and not a cheat in sight totally loving it.
  4. Trying to understand this. Am just entering pre season and have my own training set up. However I am wondering if you have devised a training routine to fit around the tactic? What I use is based on defensive set up for harder top 6 teams and attacking set up when playing anyone else at home. It's ok but I feel it doesn't quite fit around the tactic. I would love to try and build a training set up, to run alongside the brilliant tactic.
  5. End of season 24/25 and finished 8th considering forecast 19th am more than happy. But the tight Leyton Orient board have only given me £39m to spend and a wage budget that allows £100k per week. My transfer revenue is set at 15% so even selling raises little cash. Not all doom and gloom though, I have an amazing scouting network and some gems on my shortlists. Going over the previous season, my main areas of concern are mainly lack of good cover and I do need a quality 3rd midfielder. Have sold or released a lot of average players that helped me get promoted 2 seasons earlier. Will post up screenshots of players bought in later. Promoted 2 players from my u23's (who defended there title) and 2 players out on long term loans also promoted. Players bought in are cover left and right back, cover right mid wide playmaker and currently working on my 3td midfielder. The tactic I think after playing 6 pre season games should be fluid and barring major injuries I am quietly confident of making push for a Europa Cup spot.
  6. Here are my 2 starting forwards pic 1 is my AF and pic 2 is my PF. pic 3 is my cm(D), pic 4 is my cm(s).
  7. OK so a quick update 5 games left and comfortable in 8th, very happy with this. Agree with the cm's I have 2 vgood players but only average behind them so I need to decide on buying a 3rd top notch player and rotate. Or buy 2 good cm's as back up? I have 3 great forwards and oddly 1 great PF and a great AF. Will keep updating as loving this save and the input on this thread.
  8. On a quick note regards the changes to the defence could you post a link to this version of the tactic.
  9. Cheers for the in depth reply 👍👍. Your right I tried a higher pressing system away against Chelsea and man City and got pulverised 4-1and 3-0. Against the top 6 away I have a terrible record but against other teams look good. Have tried the 4141 and 433 variants from here but still get owned. This I think is more down to players I can afford not so much tactic related. I need a top keeper, centre back and left back. The rest of my starting 11 fit the system superbly, so although frustrating, still a work in progress. I also invest heavily in youth and have at least 8 under 19 players developing nicely using the system, so the future looks pretty bright. Will keep posting as my season progresses and hopefully can sign the 3 I need. Very happy overall as a realistic process required with the tactic, no exploits or cheats keep it up mate.
  10. Big fan of 442 and this is up there with the best, I've implemented this into my long term Orient save, 2nf season in prem and going well. I found at first losing or drawing silly games then found your recent post on the LB/RB and def line. Altered this and just beat WBA 4-0, noticed my left footed PF(s) is dominate in the air my AF(a) right footed now plays like a striker. I was wondering to make this already sublime tactic more versatile could a gegenpres be added to it? Only concern I see is that would it alter the midfield dominance and disrupt the solid shaped defence I enjoy so much.
  11. This player scouted fully by 3 different scouts but where are the other 2 scout reports? I've changed the skin but this doesn't make any difference. Anyone any ideas???
  12. Have searched here and bugs forum but not found an answer. I have scouted a player with 4 different scouts each assigned to scout till full knowledge. I get each scout report but for my life I can't find the 3 other scout reports? All that shows is the last scouted report, where are the other 3 reports? I want to see if each scout picks up on anything different. Has anyone else come across this? My game is a normal standard game no data base edits, and is up to date 19.3.4.
  13. U23 yes as they already train with 1st team. U18 squad no leave to the U18 manager and coaches. As yet not found anything out of the ordinary for youth set ups but am still fiddling with it.
  14. Have a read of this, its an older FM version but some very interesting ideas based on similar thoughts of your own.
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