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  1. This player scouted fully by 3 different scouts but where are the other 2 scout reports? I've changed the skin but this doesn't make any difference. Anyone any ideas???
  2. Have searched here and bugs forum but not found an answer. I have scouted a player with 4 different scouts each assigned to scout till full knowledge. I get each scout report but for my life I can't find the 3 other scout reports? All that shows is the last scouted report, where are the other 3 reports? I want to see if each scout picks up on anything different. Has anyone else come across this? My game is a normal standard game no data base edits, and is up to date 19.3.4.
  3. U23 yes as they already train with 1st team. U18 squad no leave to the U18 manager and coaches. As yet not found anything out of the ordinary for youth set ups but am still fiddling with it.
  4. Have a read of this, its an older FM version but some very interesting ideas based on similar thoughts of your own.
  5. Love Simeone tactics and this is a very good adaptation. I have switched 3 things which I feel add more balance. 1-Left Back on support with added PI get further forward. I find he covers the hole left by the inverted winger. 2-Switched the midfield duo so the CM-D is on the right to cover any gaps left by the attacking right FB and the WP. 3-Switched the center backs so again adds cover to any gaps. Otherwise a really solid version and loving the solid defence.
  6. Think of Valencia and Ashley Young at Man Utd. Both started as singers IRL but have been converted as full backs. They can still play as singers as there natural position but in screen shows as orange, ignore to an extent the coloured circles.
  7. Drop one deeper and try the Regista or Half Back both offer different variations. A good B2B player is a joy to watch though.
  8. Hmmmm think it could be more than just decisions. Look at Chelsea IRL kante and Hazard both regularly played out of position and are terrible. Might be a player needs some prior knowledge like Dion Dublin was a DC converted to an SC but adept at either.
  9. Check his preferred formation and style this normally indicates how he sets up training. This is why I use these schedules and not my ass man
  10. Bumping this up. As most just let there Ass Man do training 🤔 this thread gives you plenty to think about and shows how easy it can be to set up training.
  11. The weird thing is from tier 9 in England youth players rejected by "bigger"clubs normally accept contracts and are little gems, most way above conference and league 2 level. I would suggest if you have any transfer budget move it into your wage budget as gives you more options of finding a few good released players.
  12. Having a RB and LB with 15 long throws I base mine around just that. This works quite well and normally provides a goal every other game, for some odd reason have had about 9 goals disallowed for off-side??? Normally a flick on but if the DC sees a gap he goes for a header at goal himself. Tried with a player coming short which works as pulls 2 defenders out of position. Corners still a struggle as nobody with decent Long Shots so at the mo trust to luck and hope for the best.
  13. Half way through first season with Orient, limited coaches and average training facilities. But these set ups are amazing my players are improving leaps and bounds, the mixture of routines keeps em happy and settled. All I have to change is there individual focus training and my squad are sorted, very few injuries and minor ones via games. Mr Rosler this thread should be at the top of the list as the best insight to new training, would make a great YouTube video.
  14. Either change it in there individual training TAB or ignore it depending on how many are moaning
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