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  1. I might experiment with this keeping the WPs on the right and try a DM or Anchorman instead of a DLPs. I have the players for the positions but don't want to disrupt the football I get while using the WPs. I will give it a go and report back, I open the season away to Man City but not much time for the players to get familiar with the tactic but let's see what happens.
  2. Window closed and have managed to bring in the players needed to expand my squad. 2 big spends for Ipswich anyway and also heavily focused on youth, excellent pre season using only the original 442 and the against harder teams version. Pre Season plenty of clean sheets Transfers Central Midfielder (Defend) Cover Player Pressing Forward (Attack) Star Player Central Defender (Defend) Cover Only Central Midfield (Defend) Cover Only Defender Right/Left Back (Support/Attack) Cover Only Wide Playmaker Right (Support) B
  3. I still have problems with the big 6, once in the prem its a very easy mistake to bulk buy better players. Look at teams in real life they make maybe 2 or 3 buys. I've found fm the same, last summer I bought in 4 players to strengthen my squad. This had an effect on cohesion but only minimal and once this clicked games beame easier. This is a real non cheat tactic and you wont win every game 4 or 5 nil. Did you play all your new signings during pre season? Did you start them all from the first game? Can they all speak English? Do you have players that dislike big matches, have low Determ
  4. Used the original 442 and games against the top 6 used the slightly altered 442. I think I've stumbled upon something and totally by accident on the original 442 version I tried a PFa with a poacher on the last 5 games. It seemed to produce good results. The player I have as PFa lacks some credentials for the role so my summer spend has been on a real top PFa. I noticed the PFa drops deep like the DLFs but is more aggressive at winning the ball back, this suits the poacher perfect who picks up the panicked back passes or balls played by the PFa. This change still gives me 50%+
  5. A great 2nd season ended with me finishing 5th predicted 19th so very happy. Squad wise I need major cover and with £50m and a wage budget of £250k pw I think I can buy the needed players. I do need a top striker DLFs so think a bulk spent on him, other areas need are LBs, CDd, MCs and MCd, RWwp and a SC. Will post up players I bring in. With Europa league games reckon I will need at least 7/8 new players and advance 2 of my youth players to the 1st team squad. League Table and cups. Overall over achieved in all comps
  6. So no change with Pi's just a change if Ti's and a few roles. With the DLFs could you also use a PFs?
  7. Kr10 posted So far, I am keeping possession better, and am a lot more solid defensively, as the AM helps protect the midfield areas. The football isn't as pretty, it isn't really what I want from a pure 4-4-2, but I was forced to make these changes against teams that have so many central players. The football is less exciting and less penetrating, but more solid and measured, which could be good for away games against big teams. I am also trying out an AM(A) with a AF (A) - one direct AF working channels/going wide, and an AM(A) attacking the central space. Would be great if yo
  8. Here are the latest results up to end of January and current League table. Good news have reached the League Cup Final
  9. Coming up to end of January and will post up league and current form. Made the league Cup final play Man Utd. Into 5th round of fa cup. League wise bit up and down but have played Arsenal, City, Utd and Liverpool so not expecting much from the top 6 home and away. Once home will post up the table etc.
  10. I got Joe Willock from Arsenal on a free. His down as a AMC but his stats are perfectly suited to a wide playmaker. Have had him retrainonh and his a superstar his stats are in the picture on an earlier post.
  11. Mate I'm Ipswich 2nd season in the prem, forecast to finish 19th and sitting in 4th. As kr10 says the right players are vital but you don't need to spend big money on them. My most expensive buy is £17m which in the prem is peanuts current league form media prediction current league standing using the me 20.2.4
  12. No probs. I'm also loving the real style football, the edge of seat 1-0 wins, my Chelsea game I lost 1-0 to an 88th goal and had to leave the game for 20 mins as was gutted, we played amazing and deserved a draw. Fab game and the best tactic I've used, simple, productive and fun to watch.
  13. I'm at work but will check once home. I'm loving this tactic my 2 central midfielders are beasts. This tactic deserves so much more recognition. Have you posted it on other sites? Fmbase and Fmscout for instance.
  14. Do you have a list of ppm's you use for each position?
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