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  1. !!!!!!FM20.4.0KnapKashmir433MUP111.fmf1550137811_!!FM20.3.0TequilasunriseCASTLEBIGAWAY.fmf Used Instant Result for all matches. Kashmir for league / cup / Champions League matches and used Tequila for Europa League matches, worked very good with Dinamo Zagreb
  2. This one works really good with TOP TEAMS !!!!!!FM20.4.0KnapKashmir433MUP111.fmf
  3. 1452313120_!!!!FM20.4.0TequilasunriseKnaplassRDFP93ALLCUPSCASTLEBIGAWAY(1).fmf
  4. Yeah i'm using it for away games, still haven't got away to Ajax this season. will post results soon
  5. Hello, I've been using this tactic for 2/3 seasons for PSV and it works very well, give it a try here are my results FM20SympathyforthedevilKnapZaipLeipzig.fmf
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