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  1. Whilst playing the better performer seems obvious, you should also look into why the other player isn't performing. Also, keep in mind that (over)playing young players will possibly hamper their development because they will have less time to train.
  2. My main save (not that I'm playing that much anymore) is with FC Kobenhavn. Currently in January 2025, dominating domestically and trying to break through the glass ceiling in Europe. Reached the quarter final of the CL last season so I'm hoping for maybe the semi's this year but I'll need some luck.
  3. I don't get these threads, why don't you just try the demo? It's pretty much a shorter version of the full game..
  4. Projections are usually far from accurate. You already built up 16M without the CL, so I'm assuming you've got a way of making some profit. If that's the case, there's no reason to be worried really. Also, as you said, it doesn't take into account prize money, tv money, etc. etc. That said, most Belgian and Dutch club rely either on someone who puts money into the club or on outgoing transfers to actually make a profit, so it's not that odd.
  5. The average amount of injuries in game is actually lower than it is in real life.
  6. Quick update on these (and reviving the thread in the meantime). Larsen Qvist And two new kids! Brandner on a free from Nordsjaelland, From is a youth intake guy like Larsen. Brandner From Bonus points, Baggio, picked up for 2.5M.
  7. The kids are the future Intro As with any save I've played over the past x years, I always get back to the same thing: Building a youthful squad, preferrably with regens, develop them as best as can be and build something on that platform. From my previous updates, you've been able to see that, both through a decent scouting setup and my own youth ranks, the first steps towards this were already taken. Four seasons in, I feel it's time to show you where we stand! Youth intakes Up until now, our youth intakes have been a bit of a mixed bag. The good news is that Lars Larsen,
  8. Season 2023-2024, second half: The season of progress! 3F Superliga We start after the winter break the way we ended, not very solid defensively with only one clean sheet in the first five games. Four wins and one draw are very much okay though, so not complaints there. At the end of March, we draw again against Nordsjaelland but take revenge at home ten days later when we trash them 4-0. Ball playing defender Pedraza scores... A hattrick! Unfortunately, this good result is not followed up by more. We draw four of the next five games,, where we fail to find balance. Either we s
  9. I'm still here, got a bit distracted by WoW Classic again but I managed to finish my season just now so an update will follow.
  10. The throw in thing is just because highlights tend to start at a dead ball situation. The amount of goals scored from a throw in is actually negligible.
  11. Because people don't replay games when they're winning.
  12. That's one hell of a central defender, pretty much no weaknesses and some great other mentals (aggression, bravery, determination).
  13. Haha that's quite a coincidence! Then you know of his qualities first hand. I've done two Kobenhavn saves so far, bringing him home is always my first transfer.
  14. Try Casper Hoyer, plays somewhere in Denmark. Great attacking full back, all round good stats, very good cross and set pieces (direct free kicks too), resolute personality and most importantly, would only take a fraction out of your budget (probably between 2-3M max).
  15. This is him after a few years. Recently signed a new contract so his first one can probably be around 8-10k p/w.
  16. Can't help you with this entirely, but if you manage to get to the Championship next season and are still looking for the same position, check Xadas. He's a left foot, natural at AMR and MC and can play MC as well. I bought him with Kobenhavn for a meazly sum (around the 500k mark) after his loan at Mouscron finished and he's a certaintly for both goals and assists (as he's an excellent set piece taker).
  17. Loading African leagues in full detail should give you more regens in those countries, but not necessarily better ones. Also good to keep in mind that a lot of African regens don't enter the game at African clubs, but rather at European teams (especially French ones). I have a great Nigerian kid who came through the youth ranks at Kobenhavn for example.
  18. Could be very, very good as a holding midfielder who just recycles possession, like a CM(D). especially with those mentals (anticipation, aggression, bravery, workrate and teamwork).
  19. Season 2023-2024: Winter transfer window Intro Once again, our good results lead to a lot of transfer interest. We refuse offers up to 55M for Qvist, who will receive a new contract proposal once all of this dies down. He's currently entering his last year of contract and doesn't want to enter negotiations yet but I'm fairly confident of signing him on a new, long-term deal. I just hope he doesn't want a low release clause. In other news, Miltao signs a new deal that will keep him in Denmark until the summer of 2028. He wanted a mandatory 25.5M release clause but I've managed to put
  20. Season 2023-2024, first half: The season of progress? 3F Superliga We start off like a rocket with five wins and more importantly, no goals conceded. Andersen scores his first goal, and we beat FC Midtjylland at home 2-0 in the fifth game. A tiny blip at home to OB, 1-1, is followed by four more stable victories. In the fifth game, we trash FC Norsjaelland, who are promoted back after being crowned champions in the second division last seaon, 5-1 and five days later we also absolutely destroy AC Horsens, 5-0. Four games left until the winter break, of which we win three but hav
  21. Cheers! Still putting some building blocks in place, like the back positions, but all in all I'm very happy with the progress we've made so far. Nothing superfancy really, just a prebuilt system with a decent processor and GFX card and 16GB RAM. Does what it has to do.
  22. Season 2023-2024: The squad Formation I've been playing around with different formations for the past three seasons, evolving from a DM 433 past a quickly binned 442 to finally settle on two setups, the 4231 wide and a bit more specific 424 strikerless (with 4 AM's). The latter has had some great success on occasion, especially if we manage to get ahead because it focuses on runners from the attacking midfield positions and is very well suited to hit teams on the break and attack space. The players Goalkeepers Rönning is technically still my first choice goalkee
  23. Season 2023-2024: Transfer news About success... We've had a very successful tranfser window for once. We finalised the deal on one player who will go straight into the first team, picked up another for the near future and signed a few promising youngsters. Most importantly, we didn't lose any first team players despite the widespread interest and I can already announce that, after three failed attempts where he wanted a mandatory release clause of 25M, we finally managed to reach an agreement to extend Lars Larsen's contract to 2027 with option for another year, no release clause! T
  24. Hi Lemoche! Here's an overview, I loaded quite a few because I like to keep my options open and I'd really love to try my hands on building something in a (smaller) South American league or Portugal as a gateway to South America at some point. I had a great journeyman save in FM17 (I think, where I started at Oud-Heverlee Leuven (which is my hometown team, season ticket holder), moved to PSG next, where I got bored and accepted an offer from Sao Paulo. I really loved it there actually, Brazil is fantastic for finding and developing young talent, although you have to be realistic and know that
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