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  1. Thanks for the reply! More updates soon.
  2. 2021 INTAKE Very encouraging youth intake this year, with another great ML / ST and two great CDs, a position I hoped to get. Sebastian Andersson / Tim Hermansson / Peter Bergström Definitely a great intake!
  3. And he's sold. Goodbye, Vik. Been a great time.
  4. I'm not gonna lie, I really hope this is going to fail.
  5. Looking solid! How's your junior coaching and recruitment?
  6. Superettan it is, indeed. I'm optimistic for some weird reason, haha. Club went pro, by the way!
  7. Try to get some physically gifted players, it helps in these levels.
  8. Not a bad league position, Makoto! I'm sure you'll catch up to the top 2.
  9. Yeah, I know. Still, both Henrik and Jordan grew up in Högaborgs BK so... Yeah
  10. Hemed <3 Great player. Also great progress!

    Nice progress, looking good! (Do you mind replying on my own thread? Thanks in advance!)