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  1. Now I have to read through four new pages of Makoto flying through the leagues. Who am I kidding? I'm gonna enjoy.
  2. Solid one, Makoto! You need better luck in the UCL, that's all
  3. Greek Cup, 2018 / 2019 Solid wins against two clubs from our tier. We're on to the group stage! Greek Cup group C. Pretty much a dead end for us, but we'll try our best.
  4. Looks like the domestic part of the game's all yours, Makoto!
  5. Pre Season Pretty solid, very happy with the defensive side of things. And... I think I got enough backups now?
  6. THE SQUAD Relatively talented, but extremely short. Will have to see what can I dig in the free agents market.
  7. Check for yourself I'll stop spamming the thread now. Team looks solid!
  8. AO Panthiraikos Greek National C Division Group 7 Here we go!
  9. Sounds legit. This inspired me to do the same thing, but in Greece. Might update!
  10. Just read up the whole five pages. Waiting for more! How do you progress this fast? Instant result?
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