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  1. How much are you concentrating on youth development at the moment? Just curious. Great achievements, bro!
  2. Great read so far! What's your manager rep and stats?
  3. Could you post Mish'an's profile please? Decent season so far.
  4. I meant, knowledge wise. My Sevilla world knowledge is on 52%
  5. I'll either build a Chilean empire or write about a Sevilla save I'm doing right now. What do you prefer?
  6. Great progress! Can you recommend some scouts for me?
  7. Unfortunately, my save game crashed. I will be back with a new challenge soon enough, though
  8. How does your personalities got so good? Tutoring? Staff personalities? Still a great fun to read this man. Good luck!
  9. Great "Next Gen"! What skin are you using?
  10. And still, I found a better HoYD days after. LOL.
  11. Here for the older Cantonas! Looking good.
  12. Season Review - 2016/17 - AJ Auxerre Ligue 2 A magnificent season. I didn't expect this outcome myself. Since January we've caught an amazing run of form, and clinched the title! Florian Ayé was magnificent as well, as he scored 23 goals to take the top goalscorer award. Enzo Zidane supported with 17 assists to his name. Player Stats : Total domination by Auxerre. Top quality stuff. French Cup 10th round is what I was expected to reach, so nothing wrong about it. Coupe De La Ligue I'm geniuinely disappointed. But if it helped us focus on the league, I won't complain. End of Season Awards : Player of the Season : Definitely Florian Aye with his amazing breakthrough this year. If not that, I'd give the award to Enzo Zidane or Samed Kilic. Signing of the Season : Mine would definitely be Enzo Zidane. 7 goals, 17 assists is something amazing for a players' first year in a club. Young Player of the Season : This award goes to both Samed Kilic and Florian Aye who showed their improvement consistantly. Season League Cups Continental Other -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Auxerre (France) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016/17 Ligue 2 - 1st 10th round, 2nd round None. CHAMPIONS!
  13. Youth Candidates, 2016/2017 Season : I'm very happy with this intake. - Ugo Orengo : Looks like a very solid defender. With 'Professional' personality, I see great future for him. - Mehdi Al-Hadi : Once again, a very good prospect to his age. He's magnificent, I hope something will come out of him. - David Roussel : My HoYD think he could be one of the best players of his generation? Well, we'll see about that. - Loïc Galland : A promising CM, I think I can get him to be much better with the right tutoring.
  14. Apparently I'm linked with a move to Ligue 1 side SM Caen. I've denied any interest.