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  1. I'm currently running a system similar to yours and what I've found that worked great is not using the TI Be more expressive. You're using a Treq, Mezzala, DLP, IW which are all inherently agressive, and expressive positions so using that TI is an overkill. Using that TI might lead to unnecessary risks which will lead in needlessly losing possession of the ball.
  2. What's your take on the performance of the right IWB after shifting the DM further left? I'm also currently playing a possession 4-3-3 and am also using a inverted Wing back on the right. Do you find the IWB is now more involved after the change?
  3. That does sound weird. I'm currently running pretty much the same tactic in my Barca save and things went pretty smoothly for me. Used a CF(s) instead of a DLF(a), a Mezzala (a) instead of cm(a) and a DM instead of a halfback. Pretty much all my squad specifically the attacking players have the PPM play one-twos which I've found to be important in breaking down the opposition when they're sitting back. Also tend to play on attacking mentality against lesser opposition and positive against tougher teams.
  4. Awesome post! Really motivated me to create a similar tactic to arguably Fergie's greatest team. Used a tactic similar to yours albeit with some different roles and instructions and also used it with a save that is about 15 years into the future. My team was constructed and youth developed to accommodate a possession heavy tactic that I've been using to great success. I'm not sure if its due to the specific development process I used to develop my player into highly technical players capable of playing such as possession oriented style of play, but most of my players specifically the forwards developed into technically brilliant footballers but not so much physically. Below is a picture of Toni Portilla one of my re/newgens that encapsulate the type of footballer I believe is needed to play a possession style effectively. As I previously stated, technically gifted but physically ( acceleration, pace, balance, agility) lacking. My other two forwards are pretty much of the same mold. Anyway, I used the Ferguson tactic I had created for a whole season and as to be expected results were mixed. Finished 4th in the league and knocked out of the champions league quarter finals despite employing a team that had consistently made the later stages of the tournament routinely. I guess I thought I could brute force the tactic to work through my teams sheer talent level but that was not the case. As you mentioned, you really do need the right players, specifically the all important trident to be not only technically but physically talented, which was the part that most of my players lacked. Part of Ferguson's Man Utd that made them really special and dangerous was their ability to punish teams on the counter, which I guess isn't something you can accomplish with a bunch of forwards with 12 acceleration and 11 pace. Either way it was a fun experiment that really showcased the need for specific players to make certain tactics work and it also made me start a new save where the goal is to perhaps focus on the physical side of player development which I haven't really tried and see if i can then make the tactic work once the correct type of players have been developed/recruited. Once again, awesome post!
  5. I've found the CF on support to be quite good at linking the midfield with the IF/IW in a 4-3-3. Currently running a tactic really similar to yours and my CF has been my best player by far in terms of goal scoring and one of best in terms of chances created. The CF in my team happens to be Messi which has PPMs and attributes that suits a F9 style of play which I find the CF(s) seems to provide. I haven't really gotten the F9 to work properly as I don't really like the runs the role makes as well as the lack of participation in the build up play. I'm sure the role works fine but I've personally haven't had much success with it.
  6. I actually only really play with one tactic. There no need to completely change the formation, simple TIs will usually do. Watching the first few minutes of the game in full or comprehensive highlights can usually give you a good idea of what's needs changing. As for the question of the Segundo Volante and an ideal partnership, I personally had success using a deep 4-2-3-1 as the formation allows the SV to have ample space to operate and make runs. I would recommend perhaps pairing him up with a stationary role, such as a DLP, DM, etc to cover for his runs. The SV is an incredibly demanding position so make sure you have the right player for it but if you do it can be quite devasting and entertaining to watch.
  7. I've had great success playing a possession tactic on Positive/Attacking Mentality. But it is also important to have players that can actually play that type of style. You can also share your tactic and I or other people can help you out. But yeah, think the most important part is having the right players. I had the same problem as you, where I would dominate possession but only really have a few chances each game but that was fixed a couple seasons into my save when I had players with the right attributes to play that type of soccer. It's a bit tedious developing/searching for the right players but the payoff is pretty great.
  8. How hard is it to keep talent while playing in the Eredivisie? If I were to start a save as Ajax or PSV would it be impossible to keep a world class player if I were to develop one? Really want to start a save in the Netherlands and groom/develop talent but don't want to invest heavily on a player(s) simply to see him leave as soon as he develops into a good to great player.
  9. A few weeks ago I started a Barca save to test out a 4-3-3 given their quality of players being good for a possession tactic. Initially started out with Messi as an F9 and while he did drop and at times dragged defenders felt he wasn't as involved in the build up play as much as I would have liked. After a whole season of tweaking and testing things out I landed on playing him as a complete forward(Attack) and the difference was night and day. He finished the season as my top scorer and while he didn't necessarily have the same amount of assist he does in real life he was still very much involved in the build up play. Think he averaged around 50-60 passes per games and finished with about 10-15 assist in all comps that season, can't quite recall. Don't think it needs stating, but while Pedri is great Messi does have some excellent attributes and perfect PPMs for F9-type play such as drops deep to get ball, plays one-twos and like to switch ball to other flank, which made his link up play with the IF and IW quite potent. His finishing is also great so maybe Pedri won't be able to exactly replicate what FM Messi can do but he certainly has the attributes to play well there.
  10. There are three options for this setting which are fast (less responsive), Normal (More responsive) and Slow (Play in the background). Just wondering what these settings did and if and how they affect processing time.
  11. I do have some questions about match detail settings and which one is optimal. I usually pick the Main Stages but don't really know the difference compared to the other ones such as All competitive Matches and All senior completions. Would be great if you clarify. Awesome guide by the way!
  12. From what I understand, loading up leagues as playable results in more regens being produced. For example loading up the french league as playable would result in a lot more regens being produced than if were loaded as view only for example. The detail level has no impact in Regens being produced. From what I understand increased detail level only result in more comprehensive match reports and does not affect the amount or quality of regens produced at all.
  13. Hello, So I'm currently attempting to create a midfielder that will exploit the half space gap created by the width provided from a wide winger/Inverted-winger. I think choosing Gets forward often or Gets into opposition area would be an ideal ppm to force the central midfield player into said half spaces but I am not sure which one would be ideal. I'm leaning toward Gets into opposition area as I think the ppm causes the forward runs I desire, while gets forward often seems to mean the player will simply stay forward and not necessarily make runs into the half spaces. Is this correct? I'm planning on using the player as a mezzala as It seems to have get into channels hard-coded as a PI, for what it's worth.
  14. I've finally did a proper save after who knows how long. Manged each player minutes, individual training, general training and took time to analyze my tactic and fixed it as the season progressed. Overall the season was a success and the more hands on approach was insanely fun and rewarding. Would have probably won the league if weren't for some unlucky Injuries, and Ronaldo channeling his champion league knockout form throughout the whole season. Never seen an AI player perform that well in my time playing FM.
  15. I currently have a 17/yo midfielder who has some decent stats all around. His passing, crossing, tackling, and pace are a few of his attributes that standout. It would seem he would make a solid fullback/wingback however it shows he's only playable as midfielder. Would it be possible to retrain him as a fullback/wingback even if he has no experience playing there? If you know of any guide or write-up that covers retraining that would also be great. Thanks in advance!
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