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  1. Ah, yes. A few have mentioned Batista. He's not quite reached those heights on my save but I am expecting him to become a solid club player, when he can find some consistency. It's Dantas that's the golden goose, in my current side: Wonderful player.
  2. Hello, everybody. Please excuse the lack of updates on this. I am actually still playing - and loving - this save, albeit with very little time to contribute to the thread. Depending on people's interest in an FM18 tactical update, I could potentially do another update on a set of particularly enjoyable 4-3-3s I've been using however they won't be applicable to FM2019 players as I understand Overload has been removed from the game. Out of interest - has anyone checked out the Benfica academy in the new game? I'd be interested to see if they've maintained the talent & potential.
  3. Thank you, @BnadnerB. SFraser was certainly inspirational to me and his work remains a go-to resource to this day. I'm glad to hear that the threads make you look at the game with a football brain as opposed to a video game as that is also key to my enjoyment Hey, mate. Off the top of my head: Adding the slight increase to individual mentalities across the team when there is no Attack duty. As @yonko mentioned, Look for Overlaps. Ping me a message as you're updating and I'll have a play around and see if there's anything else! Once again, great work
  4. Morning, all. Please excuse the slow responses and lack of updates in the past week or so. Started a new project so time suddenly became tight. In-game I am ready for the next update, just need to find the time to write. Wanted to share this video as it's superb and relates very closely to the diamond used last season. Strongly suggest following this channel if you're interested in tactics.
  5. No attack duties in the team. Always double check directly by looking at the mentality bar in the player instruction screen as there seem to be a number of caveats and I am not sure exactly what they are.
  6. Yep, hit the Bielsa thread for that one as not to go off topic Attacking - or even Overload - works very well with Fluid or Very Fluid when balanced with Support & Defend duties. Possibly my favourite style of football in the match engine when it clicks.
  7. Ah, sorry I'd mis-understood. Yes, as attributes like anticipation, decisions, vision etc increase I would increase collective creative freedom - i.e. play a more fluid team shape. Looking at the Financial Fair Play rules, our expenses need to be less than €5m above our revenue over any 3-year period. In that case we are OK for the next 2-years whilst the large chunk of transfer revenue is within the 3-year period. For anyone in a similar position it seems I made two fairly sizeable mistakes. Selling so many players in the same financial year. Around £95m is going to meet the FFP requirements for the next 2-years. After that, it'll be outside the 3-year window and no longer counted towards my revenue. It'd have been much more efficient to either negotiate transfer fees spread over 2-3 years or to have staggered the sales. Not re-investing enough of the revenue. I could also have kept enough revenue to cover our costs for the year and re-invested the remaining revenue in players to develop and sell to generate future revenue. To add to the good news the UK has announced Brexit and all EU players now need a work permit to play in England. I guess this is why I am not an accountant! Tactics, I'm a bit more comfortable with. Yes, the 4-1-4-1 is still largely unchanged. England is tough. The Premier League is very unforgiving for young players. A Championship or League One club with a budget would be interesting, scavenging all the wasted talents unable to get game time at the top clubs. Around Europe, there's a few I've noticed - Benfica (obviously), Porto, Sporting, Lyon, Leverkusen and Dortmund have incredible talented young players it'd be fun to develop. Leicester, maybe?
  8. Thank you very much. I do have an idea, yes. However a lot depends on how players develop and how long we can afford to keep them. Something I wasn't aware of at the start was that Benfica have £164m in debt and are making interest only payments of £1.5m per month - sounds like they've taken a loan through wonga! - and means we run at a monthly deficit and we are hugely reliant on transfer income to stay afloat and meet the FFP rules. Having made so many sales and replacing with youth last year our wage costs were very low but even then we turned a monthly loss. This year the young players wages have doubled or even trebled - though still not massive - now they're established in the first team and bigger clubs are looking so I am expecting bigger losses. Assuming I still have players, the 4-1-4-1 certainly has potential. The diamond was for a specific purpose - covering a season with limited wingers and accommodating Talisca - which I think now has been achieved as Felipe and Trincão look ready and just agreed to sell Talisca to Monaco for £26.5m.
  9. Ah, yes. That's interesting. Thank you for sharing. I actually have not faced a 5-4-1 in Portugal but the principles are similar. Ah, no. There are a few things which just come from experience & experimentation. If you're on FM 2017, one of the most useful things you can do is modify your skin to show individual mentality - then you can see for yourself exactly what's going on. The mentality calculator is excellent, but not quite 100% accurate. I think there are too many variables to reach 100%. I recommend using it as a sanity check and double checking in-game. There are a few useful modifiers I've come across: If no player is assigned Attack duty, the individual mentality of every player on Support is increased. Massive application, for me. Surprised more aren't using this. I love it. Incredible football. This does not apply to every Mentality / Shape combination, so always double check. Only really relevant on Control & above, otherwise the starting mentality of a Support player is too low in the first place. Exploit the Middle increases the mentality of DC, DMC, and MC players on Defend and DMC players on Support. Useful application creating compactness in the centre without using a more fluid shape. Look for Overlap increases the mentality of DR/DL and decreases mentality of MR/L or AMR/L. Useful application creating compactness on the flanks without using a more fluid shape. Eg. in my Standard, Structured 4-2-3-1 without Overlap my Wingbacks have a mentality of 8 and Wingers have 11. Add Overlap and both Wingbacks & Wingers are on 10 which gives me a nice compact flank, perfectly balanced and both contributing forward and getting back. There's bound to be more but those are the few I have spotted and use regularly. Finally, Felipe.. The 4-1-4-1 is alive and well in the cups and matches where I can rotate in the league.
  10. Evolving Tactics Let's start with a bit of context, from the 2017/18 season. Starting Team Alternating to a counter attacking 4-4-1-1 when the going got tough. League Table Champions League Key observations: The title was won by a solid defensive foundation. Relied heavily upon our defence in the Champions League, shutting out Real Madrid and Paris St Germain to reach the semi-finals. Attack was efficient, yet unspectacular. We were very effective against teams who came forward to attack us. Significantly less effective at breaking down teams who sit deep. Tactics in the Portuguese league are reasonably conservative, facing a relatively high proportion of 2 DM formations. Transfers Transfer strategy was to negotiate up and ultimately accept lucrative offers for first team players. Opening opportunities for young players coming through. Establishing a strong financial foundation. Lautaro Martinez was brought in for the first team as a potential long-term option at striker. Lautaro Martinez was chosen for his high potential ability, intelligence - specifically anticipation, decisions and off the ball movement - and well rounded attributes. 2018/19 Squad Our squad for the 2018/19 season is now pretty much the same defence, a similar midfield and a new look attack. Tactics [Insert diamond related cliche here] There are a few reasons for choosing to play a 4-4-2 diamond. We sold our wingers over the summer Felipe & Trincão are coming through but not quite ready to be relied upon Accommodates our best players Xadas & Krovinovic in the midfield, alongside Fejsa Cervi plays in a central role Martinez & Talisca up front Can be effective against 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 variants. Playing Style Last season our strategy was direct passing, aiming to exploit the pace and skill of attacking players before the opposition can organise their defence. This season we switch to a Control mentality in exert greater control - obviously - over opponents. 4-4-2 diamond is naturally strong in midfield Xadas and Krovinovic are both technically skilled, intelligent and hard working Opponents in Portugal typically sit quite deep so this allows us to take the game to them. Last season a Structured team shape to make attacking players more attacking and defensive players more defensive to facilitate a more direct game. In this system, a Fluid team shape would give us greater creativity and control over central areas. Creativity coming from a higher degree of creative freedom Control over the centre coming from attacking and defending as a unit. Attackers having a lower mentality making them more likely to be involved in midfield. Defenders having a higher mentality - again - making them more likely to be involved in midfield. The issue with this is that a number of our key players have quite specialist sets of attributes. Jardel & Dias are excellent defenders but - with low passing, technique, first touch & vision - have limited technical ability. Talisca is a dangerous attacking player but - with low team work, work rate & defensive attributes - is not inclined to track back, nor would he be effective. As a result, we line up in a Flexible team shape encouraging players to balance their individual duty with the team mentality and their position on the field as well as giving them a balanced level of creative freedom. Additional team instructions are: Play Out of Defence Rulli is instructed to Distribute to Fullbacks Fullbacks then either dribble forward with the ball themselves or pass into midfield Look for Overlap Increases the mentality of my fullbacks Exploit the Middle Increases the mentality of my DC(D)s and MC(D) increasing compactness with the Fullbacks & Midfielders on Support duty. Once again using @fmFutbolManager's Mentality Calculator spreadsheet, we can see how these combine to distribute positive yet balanced mentality throughout the team. Players & Roles Our core defensive unit is intelligent, brave, strong and good in the air and sets up in a simple DC(D) - DC(D) - MC(D) triangle. In this instance I choose an MC(D) over a DM(D) to avoid reducing our defensive line and I have a personal preference for using players in bands. Ahead of our defensive core we have a midfield unit of intelligent, technical and hard working players. Our wide Central Midfielders are Carrilero (Support): Shuttling between the lines of midfield is perfect for this system: Moving into the AM strata to create a 3v2 against opposition 2x DM formations. Dropping deep alongside the holding midfielder to create a solid defensive block. Covering lateral spaces in the absence of an additional wide player on the flanks. Both are asked to Run Wide with the Ball to add some dynamism to our attack. Notice how the combination of Team Mentality, Duty and Shape gives them a balanced, yet expansive Individual Mentality - exactly as I like a midfield to play. Finally we have a 3-man attacking unit. Franco Cervi is an Attacking Midfielder (Support) asked to dribble more, aiming to cause havoc ahead of the opposition defenders. Lautaro Martinez is a Complete Forward (Support) roaming from position to create space for others and take advantage of space wide. Talisca is an Advanced Foward (Attack) as he has the best finishing and movement of the three. In the Match Engine Welcome to Benfica vs Porto, one of the key matches deciding the Primeira Liga. Porto line up in the 4-2-3-1 DM which we struggled to break down - drawing 0-0 home and away with Porto - last season. Defensive Shape Porto are looking to build an attack through their wingback, Alex Telles and we have formed out default medium block defence. Solid four man defence. Diamond midfield shifts across, shielding the defence. Carrileros take wider positions, closely supporting the wingback. Cervi drops into midfield. Martinez drops deeper, pressuring the opposition DMs. The strong medium block defence doesn't put pressure on Porto high up the field. Instead it limits their options: Attempt to attack wide and cross. Go in-field to their defensive midfielders and attempt to build from there. This is also a good example of why I do not like 4-4-2 diamond for high-pressing defensive set ups, unless I have extremely hard working & intelligent strikers. Opposition fullbacks are in acres of space so act as an immediate 'pressure valve' for the opposition. The distance any player would have to travel to press means a) they'd open a gap and b) the ball would be long-gone by the time they got there. When Porto try to attack wide, we see this shape. Right sided Carrilero is again tucked in very close in support of the wingback. Fejsa is marking the opposition AM whilst our centre backs have a 2v1 ahead of the attacker. Cervi and Martinez have both dropped deep, putting pressure on opposition DMs should they wish to recycle possession. Alternatively, when they go centrally they just run into heavy traffic. Attacking Shape Similarly to Porto, we also build up through our fullbacks. Porto have a reasonably strong defensive structure. Their Wingers are defending narrow which would be an issue if we were looking to play through our defensive midfielder. Fernandes is under no pressure and has plenty of space to take the ball forward himself. Our right sided Carrilero - in this instance Luis - can attack a really dangerous position outside of the opposition DM. The opposition could press with the left back and leave space for Fernandes to overlap. ..or the DM and open space for Cervi. ..or the DC and Talisca has an open run at goal. As play develops we also have Xadas and Grimaldo both in fairly open space on the opposite flank. This time we attack through the middle. Porto once again have a strong defensive set up. Their AMC is putting pressure in Fejsa, who is OK but not the best on the ball. Their AMR/L are tracking our wingbacks and cutting off a pass. They have 2 DMCs shielding their back four. Despite all of this, look at the space Florentino Luis finds himself in. Our Carrilero's have advanced towards the AM strata, creating a 3v2 in "Zone 14". This time he is our pressure valve. One pass and we have escaped the Porto press. Once we hit Luis - again - we have options. Fernandes will be making an overlapping run on the right and difficult to mark for the AML DMCs shifting across opens space for either Cervi or Xadas. Centre back coming forward leaves a striker free. Another similar scenario. This time Cervi on the ball in the Attacking Midfield position. Again, Porto are well structured defensively. AMR, AML and AMC have all dropped back into midfield. Cervi is under pressure in a crowded midfield. Again, the Carrilero advances into that AM position in the half-space and is in acres of space. Again, Luis has options. Draw the fullback and play Fernandes in behind to cross. Attempt to play a through ball to Talisca if the central defender presses. 2018/19 League Table Champions League Summary Goals scored, up. Goals conceded, down. Possession %, up. Very solid season indeed Although something tells me that next season we might line up a little differently..
  11. That's the way we are going. The point I am trying to get across is that the existing squad - particularly Fejsa, Jardel, Luisão and Jones - are exceptional players but suit a different style of play. The youngsters coming through can play the way I want them to, within reason depending on their ability. As they develop I intend to develop the style of play further.
  12. I set a 4-1-4-1 formation for the U19s which means João Tralhão - U19 Manager - selects the mentality, roles, instructions etc but allows me to control certain things such as using MR/L rather than AMR/L so players build up familiarity their and Dantas selected as a DM etc. When I give young players an option in the cups that's First Team so obviously I have full control over the tactics. I don't move players between squads for each game, I use Squad Filters to pick players from the U19s and B Team. Sometimes there will be another match happening at the same time in either of the other teams so I plan ahead and make sure any players I wish to select for the cup match do not play either match. Selecting players for the U19s and B Team seems to work similarly to "use current team selection when possible" when on holiday.
  13. Staff responsibilities > Under 19s > Set Tactics. You can either set the same as the first team, let the U19 Manager decide or set a formation.
  14. Excuse me, everyone. Fallen a little behind on responding to queries. Good question. Watch this space. I am experimenting with loaning players out for 100% of their wages and a small monthly fee. Over the year that is £2.5m revenue at zero cost whilst - potentially - developing the player and increasing his value. Potentially an interesting way to keep up with the big money clubs. Yes, brought in a couple of coaches and scouts. Always fill up the quota. Nothing crazy, pretty much restricted to scouts available for free. There's a bunch of good ones coming from South America. If you're after names then I can have a look next time I fire up the save! Everyone plays differently and personally I enjoy creating styles of football in the match engine, more than achieving a particular challenge. Most of my saves are 2-3 seasons with a top quality side, playing a particular way. This time adding developing players from a young age should at least increase that to 4-5 seasons, maybe more if I go to Portugal or another club. I'm not anticipating a particular challenge but I am excited to see what I can create in the match engine with players trained specifically from such a young age. Mac equivalent of paint Good question. The decision of the role - wingback vs. fullback - is purely down to personal preference based on the Player Instructions template. Wingback offers a little bit more in attack - dribbling, staying wide, crossing more etc. This suits Grimaldo and Gedson Fernandes well. Wingers roam from position so wingbacks guarantee attacking width and both central midfield players hold position so we have good cover. Wouldn't be overly committed to this choice, if I see any reason to change. If I went for fullbacks I'd stop wingers roaming and maybe add a midfield runner. Attack vs Support (vs Defend) decision comes down to the balance between Team Mentality, Team Shape and Team Instructions. In the Standard, Structured system: Standard mentality gives us a balanced start point. Structured team shape makes attackers more attacking and defenders more defensive, reducing Individual Mentality slightly. Look for the Overlap slightly increases their individual mentality back to neutral. This combines to mean a Support role, looks like this: In the Structured Counter system: Counter mentality slightly reduces Individual Mentality. Structured team shape makes attackers more attacking and defenders more defensive, thus further reducing Individual Mentality slightly. Look for Overlap is no longer enough to counter-act both of these factors. An Attack duty, counter balanced by a Control mentality and Structured shape comes out quite balanced. Maybe try experimenting with a couple of different ideas: Use a role with the instruction Cut Inside With Ball. Use a player with 'cuts inside from x wing' as a trait and give them some creative freedom. Inverted Winger can stay wide, get forward, cut inside with the ball and cross more? TI low crosses. Inside forward can do the same without cross more. Winger can do the same without cutting inside. Wide Midfielder will do whatever the hell you want but no player is ever going to be seen as suitable for the role!
  15. End of 2017/18 Season Update We certainly didn't set the world alight but the ruthlessly efficient league form continued after the winter break with a winning run stretching all the way to March, as good as deciding the title right there. Tying up the title a few games early meant an opportunity to hand out a few late league debuts and try an experimental starting team. Until that point, the first team stayed reasonably consistent. After finishing off PSG, unfortunately Barcelona proved a step too far in the Semi Final. ..but managing a comeback victory in the first leg was one of the highlights of the season. Barcelona went on to be defeated by Pep's Man City in the final, who also picked up a league title pretty much establishing themselves as the main powerhouse in Europe at the moment. The disadvantage of our Champions League run has been vultures circling the first team. Going to be an interesting summer in the transfer market! Lots of positive developments on the players coming through. I'm going to play out the summer holiday season and do a development update at the start of pre-season.
  16. Next up PSG. During the week building up to the game Pizzi decided to divide the squad, requesting a transfer due to losing his spot in the team to Krovinovic. Wonderful timing, thank you very much. On a side note, I do enjoy the squad dynamics this year adding an extra dynamic to the game. Zivkovic is injured and Cervi is not 100% having narrowly managed to recover from a knock on the weekend. After the success of the last two games I decided to switch out Zivkovic for Jimenez - who has been on fire since Christmas - moving Cervi to left wing and Jimenez up front in a 4-4-2. Observant ones amongst you will notice my captain and best defender - Jardel - on the bench. This is no calculated attempt at a genius switch. Rested him for Luisão on the weekend and forgot to put him back in until after kick off! PSG line up in a star-studded 4-3-3. Despite the quality of their team their set up is nearly perfect for a counter attacking team. Attacking wide players unlikely to track back Two highly adventurous wingbacks Lack of defensive positioning in midfield. Rabiot: Anticipation 14, Concentration 13, Positioning 12 Motta (on the bench): Anticipation 17, Concentration 17, Positioning 16 Let's make sure the game is over before Motta comes on! The major risk is the individual quality of Mbappe, Neymar, Cavani, Di Maria and Veratti - particularly Mbappe and Neymar on the counter-attack. Even in a quick transition, we were structured well to make sure they weren't given space to run into. With perhaps questionable AI tactics, Neymar and Mbappe played very advanced and very narrow. This meant our defence spent a lot of time tucked in incredibly narrow with the midfield screen ahead and Jimenez supporting them. Jimenez - again - a counter attacking outlet. Getting wingers in behind the attacking fullbacks meant the central defender is forced to come across, leaving a 2v1 advantage in the centre. 1-0. Almost exactly the same thing happened 10 minutes later. Thiago Motta came on in the 60th minute, by which point we were 4-0 up! See you in Paris!
  17. Here's the decisive counter-attack that killed Real Madrid's Champions League hopes. Two solid, compact & narrow banks of four. Find Jimenez as an outlet after winning possession who is immediately in a 2v2 against the Real Madrid defence and plays a long-range one-two with Jonas whilst the rest of the sprint relay team bomb forward. 2-0. Game over. Simple yet devastating counter-attacking football.
  18. Very limited PIs. Goalkeeper distribution - to centre backs in possession system & to flanks in counter. Striker moves into channels. Wingers get forward more. DM(D) and DLP(D) close down less.
  19. My apologies, that's not clear. I mean allowing for the fact that you're - probably! - not going to turn someone from 10 Determination and Balanced personality into a Model Citizen with 20 for Determination in one tutoring. Let me give an example. If I've got a 16 year old with 10 for Determination and a Balanced personality and a Model Citizen available with 20 in Determination. It is reasonably unlikely that Determination would increase from 10 to 20 in the approximately 6-month period, not to mention Professionalism and all the other hidden attributes and this would leave you in a situation where you are unable to immediately use the same Model Citizen tutor again to finish the job. Instead, if I choose a tutor with - say - 15 in Determination and Spirited - or any positive personality, Fairly Professional, Resolute, etc - then this is more achievable. The youngster can then be tutored by the Model Citizen with a more realistic chance of success. You could even go around a 3rd time, almost totally mitigating the risk of a failed tutoring. Keeping players happy isn't too difficult with Professional players. They're in my B Team so the B Team Manager deals with it and it looks like they're picking up the odd game. Good luck
  20. The simple answer is to fire up a game and start experimenting. My interpretation is to defend as a 4-1-4-1: ..and to attack as a 2-3-4-1: Here is another example of an attack shape: With the midfielders breaking forward to attack the space. ..and it's as simple as a Central Midfielder (Support) with Get Forward More and Move Into Channels: Adding run wide with ball might get you the combination with the winger, but personally I want them both in that '10' space behind the striker. As with anything there will be many different ways to approach it so experiment and find something that works for you.
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