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  1. I am in the middle of a save and would like to use the Trequarista role as a lone striker in a 4-2-3-1 Wide system. I am playing a AS Roma in 2049 and this role would be a nod to history and Totti. I usually play with a CF-S/A at to with wingers and Fullbacks crossing the ball into the box. The AMC is either a SS-A or AP-S/A with PPM's plays killer balls Midfield two are a DP-D and MEZ-S I play usually with TI's stop GK short passing, close down more, play wide, and drop deeper Mentality is Standard. I am at work and will put up screenshots later... just want a few ideas or if I should try a different formation.
  2. Welcome to Caixa Futebol Campus, the highly-proclaimed academy of S.L. Benfica boasting state of the art facilities and an abundance of talented young players in Football Manager 2018. The objective of this thread is to discuss youth development, with an emphasis on instilling an dynamic & adaptable style of play that progresses as the team develops. Disclaimer: the topic of Youth Development in Football Manager has been well documented over a number of years, the purpose of this thread is more application in relation to developing a tactical approach. Overview of Youth Development in Football Manager Defining a Playing Style Class of 2018 Developing Current Ability Training Ground Thank you for reading! I'd also like to thank @Anaconda Vice for the Emilio Sansolini kits.
  3. On my tactics screen, I can no longer drag players from the left-hand column into the right to decide who will take penalties. Nothing will appear in the "Penalties" column. It happens in all my old saves and in any new ones I start. Any way to fix this?
  4. Hello everybody! I recently purchased FM 18 after I skipped 17 and 16 and I'm trying to adapt to the Tactics features in terms of aligning everything and suiting it to my team. I chose a relatively easy team - Chelsea, and I've gone through one season with them so far. Nevertheless, I can definitely say I'm struggling. I finished 3rd last season, with Man City and Utd are 1-2, respectively. But I guess my main concern was about tactics - I just don't know how to use it well. For the new season, I adopted the following tactic as the main one (see picture attached). I have doubt about using Griezmann in the right wing, and about taking full usage of Nabil Fekir at that very low position. In addition, I want to make sure I fully use Alex Sandro's qualities. I would love to hear any advice and comments on my tactics. My main role is to learn the game now so anything would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hey there guys, I picked up FM18 about a month ago and have begun my long descent into madness. Before FM18, I had a few hundred hours in FM13, and have spent the time in between playing the mobile variant exclusively. I was pretty successful in the (admittedly) simpler variant of FM, and decided to give FM18 a go. I started a save with Espanyol, did terribly, read up some online tips, and decided to try a fresh start with Dresden in the 2. Bundesliga. Suffice to say I have not been as englightened as I thought. Countless frustrating hours spent tinkering with my tactics have lead me, in desperation, to seek some help directly here. I normally find that I am able to fix the issues in my clubs after a while but I am completely lost here after issue upon issue. This might get a little long but I want some help and I feel being more in depth might yield better advice. Here is my current tactical set-up: I'd been trying to get a 4-2-3-1 to work at the start of the season, and the more attacking tactics had allowed me to smash the friendly teams 5-1 or 4-0. Come the start of the season, I realised I wouldn't be able to be as carefree and modified my tactics to a more conservative 4-3-2-1. So far, it's been a massive disaster. Outside of the tactics, players have complained about the lack of playing time and our terrible league position. There have been in-fights with some of the squad and myself. 2 lazy asses have been complaining about training being too harsh. I've tried my best to put out these fires as they come up but it's been getting to a point where I can't deal with the multitude of issues. And these all stem from my results in games, and therefore my tactics. I have a clear idea in my head if what I want to achieve. It's changed a few times after disappointing results but I still have an idea of my vision. Kone is the lone pacey poacher waiting to pick up on lobbed through balls or mistakes by opponents. Duljevic is a Bosnian national team starter, and has provided decent results in certain games I needed a stand out player. He is right footed, and comes in to provide targets in the box, or moves into the box with the ball and his 14 dribbling. Kone is there if he can't get a a shot off. Berko is there almost by necessity. Previously, I had Mlapa, another winger/striker there. He had decent dribbling and impressed in the friendlies but he was one of the angsty lads so I put Berko in. He has however, outdone himself and has an average rating of 7.16, despite his average stats. He provides a passing option to the attack and pace on the RW position. My midfield has also been hit-and-miss. My original plan was to have a holding DM, a ball winning CM, and an advanced playmaker to push up and lead the midfield's attack. I scrapped that after a few lacklustre performances and have been planning this new trio. I wanted some advice with the current roles, and if the previous more defensive partnership was better. The defence has been another weak point of the squad. The WBs had originally looked amazing. Kreuzer and Heise have good crossing skills 15/13 for second division full backs. After reading some online advice for other people I found that they were often too attacking and would leave my CBs stranded. I have since put them on a leash with defending roles, it they still provide some support, if not as much. My CBS have been a massive headache, I originally started with a partnership with Franke, a loanee and a natural CDM (Konrad) who had exemplary stats for CB (except for low determination). This has been the most volatile position of the lot. Franke got a red in the first game of the season. Konrad followed suit as a DM in the second game. I played Ballas and Gonther, two other decent options, as CBs until Franke returned. It has since been Franke/Ballas but I've had a few bad performances I save-scummed where Ballas and Franke would pair up to deliver a devastating 6.1 average rating in a match (5.8, 6.4). As far as keepers stand, Shay Given has been decent. I had a loanee who was one of the highest earners in the squad, and a 19 yr old U19 German national team keeper as other options, but I terminated the loanee's loan after signing Given. I'm not sure I can blame Given for some of the horrific games I've had, seeing how bad my defence is. I can provide more info but this is the round-up of my team for now. I have had pretty shocking performances, and sick of it all, save-scummed the Aue match because the board were on my back, and it was 3am in the morning. Union Berlin also had some very good games against me and needed some magical time travelling powers to get me a draw. Instead of alt-f4ing every alternate game, I tried to make some changes and I though id get some advice here. So, how bad is it? Can my season be saved?
  6. Hi Si forums, this is my first post. I am currently in my second season with Leicester. Last season we played an aggressive 4-3-3 which saw us finish 4th in the table after a remarkable turn of form at the back end of the season. I had planned to stick with this tactic but after poor opening results, Mahrez picking up a long-term injury and my inability to acquire a suitable backup I felt that I had to change the system. Here it is below: Player Instructions are as follows: GK: Distribute to Centre Backs, Back 4: Close Down Much Less, DL: Cross Aim Far Post, RW: Roam From Position, Mark DCL, STC: Mark DCR I have been struggling all season as shown by these results: Away form has been extremely poor, no away clean sheet in the league so far, even after shifting 3/4 of my budget on Romagnoli. We've scored 6 fewer goals than this stage last season but conceded around 15 more. Here's the team report: Nevertheless, Vardy is banging them in, Arthur is my favourite player on this year's FM, he is a beast, and finally Gray is doing fine too. Nobody else is performing well and most are performing below expectation: League table isn't bleak but I am 6-1 to be sacked, didn't meet League Cup expectations and they went me to obtain European football for next season. I am still in the Europa League, last 32 vs Kyiv. I have about £25m in the bank to spend in January if need be. Mahrez is 7 weeks to 4 months away from returning to full fitness. Here are the attributes of my players currently: I am desperate to keep my job and push on in the 2nd half of the season. If you were me, what would you change? All advice is appreciated and I thank you for reading this post.
  7. Re: Tactical Challenge #3 - Strikerless by herne79 "The Challenge Using any team you like (create your own club if you want to) create a successful* tactical system which does not use a "striker" ie., nobody placed at either the STC, STCL or SCTR positions in the Tactics Creator. * By successful, you should aim to at least meet (ideally exceed) both your start of season media prediction and your Board's expectations. " This started out as a much smaller write up that was going to be part of that thread but it sprawled and I feel like it could make more sense as its own thread. So here is my take on creating a strikerless tactic. The Team NYCFC - New Yorks newest and technically only team! Yes, I'm taking on this challenge in MLS. I chose NYCFC and MLS because of it being a league that has rules restricting the players I can have, making the tactic more important. As well I thought the makeup of the team suited a strikerless system so that made them my choice. The Players There are a few key players that are going to make a strikerless tactic work. First among them is world cup winner David Villa. He will be the "striker" in this system. His goalscoring ability will be crucial, but also his technical and creative ability. He might not have the most amazing playmaking attributes, but at an MLS level, it is quite good. Another key player for the team and for this tactic is Maxi Moralez. The Argentine is the most creative player on the team and will be able to play in the midfield and be 2nd on the depth chart behind Villa for the "striker" role. The Tactic The tactic takes influence from herne79's own tactic for the challenge but in a much different league and with a different team. This tactic seeks to create by having forward running midfielders getting past the "striker" into dangerous areas, and by having the "striker" enter the box unseen and pounce. the differences between my tactic and herne79's are in the tempo and action I think. herne79's tactic was set up to counter-attack and take down larger foes. however with NYCFC that wasn't going to work as we are one of the larger teams in MLS with a high reputation and expectation. So I needed to find a way to take that idea herne79 implemented and apply it to my team. This is what I first came up with. Control - I wanted to and knew that the team would need to take charge of games and be more attacking to take on opponents who would sit back and look to frustrate me, so I opted for a control mentality to make the team naturally play quicker and having a more attacking mentality. Fluid - I wanted the team to be broadly split between to units, the attacking one consisting of the front 5 and a defensive one consisting of the back 5, this was to ensure we wouldn't be caught out on the counter and to bring balance to a team that was going to have a lot of attacking duties. Team Instructions - The team was going to play out of the back, moving the ball upfield purposefully not hopelessly, and work the ball to the dangerous players on our side. That instruction coincided well with work into box, as we don't have any height in our offence and wanted us to work the ball into good goal-scoring areas, not hopeless crosses and wasteful shots from distance. The last attacking TI was, pass into space, this was added to help exploit the space the created by the "striker" coming off the line and creating space. The only defensive TI was close down more because I prefer my defences to be more proactive. Player Roles/PI's - GK - (D) - Distribute to Centre Backs Rb - Wb (s) Cb (both) - CD (D) Lb - Fb (s) - Get further forward DM - BWM (D) RM - IW (A) - Sit Narrower, Roam from Position CM - CM (s) - Get further Forward, Roam from position CM - CM (A) - Move into Channels, Roam from Position LM - W (A) AM - Treq Expectations - My team was predicted to do well this season, predicted to finish 3rd overall and win the Eastern Conference. despite being predicted to do so well, none of my team was considered to be the best in the league at their position, and the team (like most MLS teams) lacked depth in defence. Pre-Season During Pre-Season I used the tactic above and it went fairly ok. We lost our first match despite domination possession. The rest of pre-season got better though, despite some bad performances by reserve players costing us many goals conceded, I felt confident going into the first game of the season. So the first game of the season came as quite the shock... Beginning of the Season - The first game of the season was against Orlando City SC. I was feeling Confident off the back of pre-season and felt that we could take on a new look OCSC who were without Kaka after he retired and had a lot of new players, and we were predicted to win the game quite easily despite being away from home. The Actual result was not to my liking though We lost 1-0 off a goal from a corner and were not able to generate any offence the entire match, achieving only 1 shot on goal and only 41% possession. Something was not going right. The next few matches didn't go much better. We were alright defensively but our offence was not clicking at all. we won 3 out of 5 and drew the other 2 so nothing was dire, but I knew the team could do better, and that 2 of those wins was down to my team having better players than the opposition, not due to the tactic. I knew changes were needed. Adjustments - I noticed during the analysis of my matches that my left winger (Rodney Wallace) was receiving many more passes and having way more touches than my two keys players, Villa and Moralez. Almost at times, he was having as many touches as the two of them combined. Now, this would be great if I wanted a tactic with flying wingers sending crosses into big goalscoring strikers. But this tactic didn't have a striker so something needed to change there. first changes came to the left side of midfield. I switched Wallace from a W(a) to a WM(a) with the PI to dribble more as he is very good at beating his man, and to roam from position. The next change was to Moralez, switching him from a CM(a) to a MEZ(a). This allows him more creative freedom and has better link up play with the Left mid. That was all for positional changes but TI changes were needed as well. The TI's needed to be reworked to make the team better at breaking down opponents and to better utilise our key players. Thus I added exploit the middle, to focus the play through the centre where Villa and Moralez are. I also got rid of play out of defence to hasten our passing and make us more direct, and added low crossing since we had no height in our attack. To the defensive ti's i added tighter marking to force more turnovers and to stop the oppositing being able to pass through us. All these additions really helped quick off a great run for the team and we started scoring. For a closer look into that, we will look at my 4-1 win over Columbus Crew SC.
  8. For some reason, either pre-match or in-game, I can't move players around to a position that isn't in the pre-determined formation. Say in game I want to move a player from MC to DM, I would have to change the actual formation to do that, I can't just drag him where I want in the tactics screen. Any help would be really appreciated.
  9. Hi there, At the start of April 2018 i have started a new Football Manager blog/website called fmorange. The main focus is going to be on sharing my Football Manager stories and tactics with the community. Next to that i also want to do some challenges (ideas are always welcome). At the moment you can follow my SAF Challenge with Crystal Palace and you can follow my Dynamo Kyiv game where i try to create a legacy as Andriy Shevchenko as a manager. In the future i hope i can expand into all diferent kinds of content. You can follow fmorange on Twitter, Facebook and via our website. Happy reading! Website: https://fmorange.nl/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/159586181385677/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/fmorange1
  10. Okay, so for the first time since along ago I have been able to play a number of seasons high enough to produce a first team of regens from my own academy with my own style of play (reserve and u19 tactics are set to mirror my first team tactics anytime). I do appreciate the fact that my youngsters have a high level of (my) tactical understanding when they break into the first team (thumbs up for that) but I'd love that the players pairs gelling in midfield or central defense (such as X and Y have a fairly decent partnership having played together often) could be acquired in youngster teams. If I'm not mistaken, that does not happen evn though youngsters play together for seasons. Am I right? And if I am, would'nt it be a nice feature for that kind of managing ?
  11. dan_bre_1988

    Fm18- Spurs

    So I've started a save as Spurs on the beta and just curious what tactic other people are using for Spurs and signings made? Personally I think the only formation you can play at the start realistically is 5 at the back with 2 wing backs due to the lack of quality wingers and the injuries they have at the start (Think Lamela, Son, Llorente etc) Because of the above, I've started off with a 5221 narrow formation with Vertonghen and Alderweireld as BPDs and Sanchez as a defensive CB set to stopper. This is because I want him to almost move forward and act as a DMC since i've got 2 in cm, one of which being Wanyama who is a BWM so will engage higher up the pitch and possibly leave space behind. I've signed Nainggolan as a quality passer in midfield to link during transitions and his long shots are a threat against teams that sit deep. Plus he allows better quality on the bench Dembele) Nabir Fakir is my second who is a great signing imo. He gives a bit of extra quality to play 4231 as a RW, he's happy to be rotated and gives good support for Kane/Llorente as a striker when required. My final signing was just a CB from Coruna who's buyout is about 4.5m and offers better back up that Foyth first season. Further up the pitch I'm playing Eriksen as a AP support so he stays between the lines threading balls through to Alli (set as shadow striker so he's closer to Kane and also a presence in the box for crosses) and Kane. Team instructions are normal closing down as I want them to keep their shape, defend higher up with tighter marking and keep possession as I want to build from the back using the 2 BPDs and fairly wide width so that a) wing backs can push up wide since they are the only width I have and b) hopefully stretches play to give Eriksen and Alli more space since they will be my chief creators. I'm interested to see what others have done and any problems people foresee in the logic behind my set up?
  12. I was wondering what is the best midfield role for a 433? I am playing Roaming Mid - Deep Lying (D) - Roaming Mid in a 3 midfield system. Instructions are central passing + work into box @ control mentality # Forwards are 2 IF & 1 CF - all support
  13. Dear United Fans, Have you able to successfully kick off Season 1 without buying new players? Share your tactics here~
  14. Hi, mates. I've been trying to replicate the Hoffenheim's playing style in my Roma save and, studying Hoffenheim's games and looking at the way other people are translating Nagelsmann's tactics to FM, I see a common problem: people always try to replicate the team's combination of possesion and verticality with higher tempo and shorter passes. But after watching a lot of games, I tough that a team with lower tempo, but more direct passes (probably medium, don't decided yet) would be closer to real life. They usually have a lot of possession in the fist and second thirds, and only when the opportunity rises, they change to a more vertical play with long passes -- mainly from Vogt, de ball playing defender -- to one of the wingbacks or to the target man. They then change the mentality and don't waste time trying to score. What do you guys think? Have you ever tried to make a tactic with lower tempo and a more direct passing? I almost always see only the opposite of it, higher tempo and shorter passing. Thanks!
  15. I’ve read that the games descriptions of mentality and team shape are poorly written. For example that Counter is actually a better mentality for control than control. Is there a thread on here that translates things from the tactical screen, and offers shared observations about instructions, individual instructions, roles etc? I’m quite hungry to expand my playing styles in different careers, as well as learn how to make tactical changes based on the ME and not using real life logic and staring at misunderstood instruction definitions. Also ive seen people make comments such as “the recommended attributes for a position are guidelines only, if you employ a trequarista with strength, stamina and pace you have a completely different animal” Id love to find a thread dedicated to translating and brainstorming player roles also, as I feel there is more to the game than the misleading face value in game descriptions. I have favourite player roles but would like to understand them all.
  16. Opposition instructions let you respond to opponents when they are on the attack. You should also be able to target the opposition when you are on the attack. E.g. player is slow, so try to knock the ball past him Player has poor agility and acceleration, so try to kick the ball over his head (or try to pass it in behind) Player is tired, so run at him a lot. These instructions could be applied at the same time as the current opposition instructions. And so forth ...
  17. Is there a way I can have away with 'players roles' and just have the sliders like times of old? For example instead of 'Target Man' I can just tick 'hold up ball' slide down the passing to short ect
  18. When I first purchased FM2018 Mobile two weeks ago I started a season in League One and the first few subs in my first friendly on the game I made, were fine! Then tried to make some more, showed me they had been made under tactics but on the pitch they didn’t come on. At the end it showed they didn’t come on either! Reason? Because of this I haven’t bothered to play it ever since! Really want to get into it again, like previous seasons!
  19. I have difficulty understanding the difference between how the several roles on the flanks impacts defensive responsibilities. For example, how does an Inside Forward and a Winger impact how they defend? And secondly, what is the difference between Wing backs and Full backs not just in terms of defending but in regards to attacking, also. I struggle to tell the difference between any of the full back roles. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. In my Real Madrid save I wanted to create a system that achieved the following: High defensive line, with offside trap and quite narrow for high possession; Intense pressing from front line, semi-intense from midfielders/full backs and not so much from CB's; Tackle hard to try to win the ball back as quickly as possible; To keep the ball as mentioned, but as soon as gaps emerge to attack the opponents quickly; A fluid front 3/4 to confuse the opposition defence and draw them out of positions, to create the aforementioned 'gaps'. So far the results have been largely mixed: The game against Manchester United we were admittedly unlucky because we dominated the play and just struggled to find that killer final ball; and this is a common problem I feel. The first leg away to Barcelona shouldn't be considered because we played a different, more conservative, system, however in the home leg we played my system. We were 1-0 down at half time and with a kick up the backsides we managed to dominate the second half. Now the problems emerge: against Valencia we really, really struggled to break them down and, similarly to the game against Manchester United, couldn't find that final killer ball and couldn't really stamp our authority on the game in regards to possession. We only achieved 51% possession in this game. The game against Girona which, on paper, should have been domination, was so, so, so poor. The first half we lost 1-0 and created NOTHING and that isn't hyperbole. Again the same problem occurred: we couldn't dominate the ball and couldn't find that killer pass in the final third. We only drew 1-1 due to a Sergio Ramos header after putting 6 men up front, overload, and go route one. We should have lost that game. Finally, the game against Bilbao was better, but not as dominant as we should be. The system: I have very few Team Instructions because I feel the attacking mentality achieves a lot of what I want to by default. Player instructions: GK: Distribute to CB's; RB: Shoot less often; CB's: Shoot less often; Close down less LB: Shoot less often; RCM: -- LCM: -- RW: Close down more; Mark tighter; Roam from position CAM: Get further forward, Close down more, Mark tighter; Shoot less often LW: Close down more; Mark tighter; Roam from position ST: Close down more; Mark tighter; Roam from position Any help or two cents anybody can offer would be much appreciated. I don't often write on these forums because I like to figure stuff out for myself but I have really struggled tactically with FM18 to replicate the play style I want to achieve within the game. If any further questions are needed, just ask
  21. Instead of having to click through Left/Right & Direct/Indirect/Wide/Deep - why not design your routines and then have a single screen where you can assign each set piece - just like the tactics screen itself? Having to click through 8 screens and load each set piece routine every time individually is a real waste of time....instead of having a list of scenarios with drop downs to pick each loaded set piece routine.
  22. Note sure what section to post this in, apologies if this is wrong. I have previously posted a few tactics on this forum creating FM18 and analysing the tactics of other managers and have decided to create an analysis video on YouTube. I was hoping anyone on this forum who is interested would take a look to help promote the video. Here is the link -
  23. Hi, I've noticed that the option to man-mark the opposition keeper is no longer available? I don't know when this first occurred but I loaded a new game recently so I assume it's happened after a recent update? I definitely used this tactic previously and not imagining it or wasn't on an old FM! Why was this taken out?
  24. Hi all, Why can't you get your forwards to man-mark the opposition keeper in the player instructions screen anymore? This is something I used to do on occasion when tactically required. It was definitively on this FM and not a previous one. E.G I would ask Kane to man-mark the keeper so to apply the pressure with any pass-backs or for corners etc. I don't know if this is since an update or whatever?
  25. I've trawled through the forums looking for this but can't find it; I know it's a completely irrelevant and OCD issue but it annoys the hell out of me. On the tactics screen, at some stage, without me having changed anything, the order of the players has changed to "age" (I think), despite it not being one of the parameters in "views". All I want is to have the "picked positions" at the top, followed by the players ordered by "position". Having been playing FM since it was CM, it infuriates me that I can't change it. I have no filters activated and I have standard "selection info" view selected. If I click on "position", then it puts the players in positional order but then the "selected positions" are mixed up throughout. At the risk of sound like an obsessed lunatic, I want the players from "Tim Clarke" down to be ordered by position.