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  1. I'm really struggling to get anything out of this squad, I just don't know what to do with the players. Some weird ones. After all these years, I'm still struggling with tactic so much. Right now: 4-2-3-1 wide SK(s) FB(a) - BPD(d) -BPD(d) - WB(s) BBM - CM(d) W(s) - AM(s) - AP(a) PF(a) Why Muniain as AP? Why Aritz as pressing forward? I have actually no idea and am just out of other ideas. I play balanced with not a lot of TIs - play out of defence and work ball into box, counterpress and counter, higher line, higher engagement, more urgent. It's just super bland football and nothing ever happens.
  2. I mean, "must". I have almost always used one in a 4-2-3-1. An idea would be to try the BWM(s), which also is a role i hardly ever used. Or even CM(d) instead of BWM? It remains "holding" but gets rid of all those crippling other PIs. Here's to 25 years of football managing games and still enough stuff to learn... I'll tinker away.
  3. Thoughts on BWM(d) + BBM? Not sure I ever used this combination in all those years. I usually go with some kind of deep playmaker, but trying to find the right setup for Everton - Gueye and Davies seem to be the perfect couple for those roles. Although Gueye could work as DLP(d) as well. as of now: GK(d) WB(s) - CD(d) - BPD (d) - WB(s) BBM(s) - BWM(d) W(s) - AM(s) - IF(a) CF/AF(a)
  4. That might be me What I meant is I had to reallocate wage budget as the board didn't give me any extra transfer money.
  5. Playing this game since CM01/02, thanks. Great he's doing wonders for you "in theory" though
  6. Is that in theory, or did you actually play him and make him work wonders in Fm 19? If so, how? For me he had a super disappointing season, which might be down to my poor tactics though.
  7. Damn, we have a situation. Season's going well. Still possible to clinch the league title. Lost the Mickey Mouse Cup to City and went out of FA cup in the semis to Liverpool. But look at the league table: And now this will be my end to the season:
  8. 26 PL matches into my beta save, and it's going reasonably well. Sitting in 2nd only 3 points off Liverpool. Won 18, drawn 6, lost only 2, scored the second-most goals (51) and conceded the least (17). My tactics could be described as a hybrid of the possession and gegenpress presets we find in FM, but it's ever evolving. As good as we are defensively, we struggle up front, otherwise we could well have turned some of the draws into wins. I kind of am too attached to the Arsenal to just get rid of everybody and do my own thing, so I'm playing with some extra challenges: make Torreira/Xhaka work and make Auba/Laca work. TorXhak worked pretty well, BUT: Guendouzi is doing exceptionally, so I decided on roles in midfield that don't really suit Xhaka. So I decided to loan him out to PSG and got Emre Can in on loan instead. I will have to decide at the end of the season if I keep Granit around as a sub, or if I cash in. Laca/Auba: Meh. Tried a variety of roles, nothing seems to really click. Auba is doing okay, tried him as a Raumdeuter to get im running off the ball more than dribbling with it, but actually IF(a) works better. Laca just has foot cancer or something. He just doesn't score enough and fluffs a lot of chances. I tried about every role available as well, nothing really makes him shine. He's a CF(a) for the time being. Maybe once Reiss Nelson is back they have to share responsibilities up top. I can't seem to make both work. Best playsers rating-wise: Torreira, Bellerin, Sokratis, Guendouzi. Traansfers: None bar Tierney. Didn't get any budget in winter (while every other team bought all of the wonderkids, thanks for nothing board), used wage budget to barely make Tierny happen. My XI: Leno SK(s) Bellerin/Niles WB(a) - Mustafi/Holding BPD(d) - Sokratis/Kos CD(d) - Tierney/Kola WB(s) Torreira/Douzi DLP(d) with tackle harder - Douzi/Ramsey BBM(s) Iwobi/ESR W(s) - Özil/Miki Treq(a) - Auba/Welbz IF(a) Lacazette/Nketiah EVERY ROLE
  9. Thanks for the ideas. When it comes to replicating real life, it's mostly about formation and players used in season 1. So I wouldn't mind Ramsey not reproducing his flaws in FM, BBM seems to work okay. :-D I for now have settled on a 5-2-2-1 WB with wide playersnup front, still struggling to create enough chances, defense works decently. Will share screens later and go into more detail. It's a fun save, even though performances are really inconsistent.
  10. Good advice. Tried him as AP(s) out wide in pre-season already, he was still a little too deep for my liking and hardly connected with anyone but Bellerin. Might try to just go with Treq and see if we can pull it off. Or rather, if Xhaka can pull off being enough cover on the right with Özil and Bellerin being very offensive... AM(s) could be a good shout actually, will try this as well.
  11. I try to play FM pretty close to what happens IRL, at least for the first season. So im trying to make things happen using Arsenes 343 (or whatever you might call it) with our current lineup. Started the season alright with a 1:0 over Chelsea in the Supercup, then 4:0 against West Brom at home and 4:1 against Leicester at their's. Followed by a boring 0:0 at home vs. Burnley. This is how i line up: Chech (GK) (distribute to center backs) Mustafi (BPDst) - Kos (CD cover) - Monreal (BPDst) Bellerin (WBa) - Xhaka (CMd) - Ramsey (BBM) - Kola (WBs) Özil (APs) (move into channels) - Alexis (SS) Laca (CFs) Early observations: - Özil very static, would love to make him more mobile without giving him an attack duty. Ideas? - CMd is naturally very modest in his ratings and contribution to the game, will tinker with giving hi greater freedom in terms of passing (more direct/more adventurous) - 0:0 vs Burnley was a bummer, I just had no idea to make my offense better without sacrificing my defense. Maybe... - ...make a second tactic with Alexis out wide as IFa and Özil out wide as APs? Just for variaton against teams tight in the middle. - Ramsey works well as a mezzala as well, will tinker and see if the team becomes unbalaned. Doesn't matter though, as... - Ramsey did his cruciate ligaments and is out for 6-7 month after the Burnley match. Think i will have to make do with Elneny/Coq as BBM. Elneny is great on FM, fortunately. Thoughts on my tactical setup anyone?
  12. He was DoF right away in my save, so that should just happen.
  13. Did anyone already try to incorporate the current 3-4-3, 5-2-3, 5-4-1 or whatever you may call it? I'm inclined to try because the thought of using both Monreal and Kola at the same time as well as the number of DC prospects make it worth a try. On the other hand, what to do with Walcott (who's still good in the game) and Nelson? Retrain? Make Neson attacking wingback? Mh.
  14. This looks quite good, could you elaborate on player instructions and OIs?
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