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  1. Little update. Moved the APs to the middle rather than the left halfspace. Instructed him to 'roam from position' and 'move into channels' which gives him more freedom to pop up all over the pitch and offer an option in space as a spare man. In the AMCL slot he rigidly stuck to that position, but moving him to AM allows him to roam but still slot into the left half space in build up. Biggest issue is consistency in front of goal. We are profligate in front of goal but very strong defensively, mainly because we hardly give away possession. I am seeing very nice interplay down the left flank, where we draw them to the centre with passes between the HB, DLP and AP, before unleashing the WB who then delivers a cross to the onrushing striker who hits it straight at the keeper. I have experimented with making the striker a DLF on attack, but then he is far too isolated and doesn't help out in defence. ANy ideas on what I can do to boost our threat/ ability to convert chances?
  2. Alright so to steer this slightly back on track. I have experimented a bit and set up a new game with Arsenal. Better team, and harder league, but arguably have all the players of the system I have been trying to replicate. So far so good. We really dominate games well and create a good number of chances and finish them. Still can be inconsistent, but I think with a full season and improvements in the squad this could be a settled tactic. Things I'm particularly pleased with. DLPd - This guy is instructed to stay wider and close down more. In play he covers the wide flank whilst the attacking wing back goes up the pitch. He's not stationed very far wide, but wide enough that he can thwart counters, and with his inclination to take risks he can launch some good through balls or switch the ball to the other flank. I am thinking about putting him on a support duty, but with my left side so attacking with the WBa and the Raumdeuter, I think he will stay as is. APs - I struggled a lot with this guy. Initially had him in the mcl slot, and tried all sorts of rolls. Had an attacking mezalla, attacking AP. Both dropped a little to deep in build up and were leaving my front 3 really isolated. On an attack duty he would often wander to far up the pitch, and also as a mezalla he would get in the way of my RW. He was running around too much and not really threading through any passes. Moved him to the AM strat and his positioning is far better, and with a support duty he still drops deep to help out but not too deep in the build up. I've also dropped the teh mentality to Balanced. On attacking and even positive it was all just a bit rushed, and it was affecting far too many things for my liking. By stripping it back to balanced I had a bit more freedom to experiment with more aggressive roles. If anyone wants to try I have attached the tactic to this post. That's all i've got for now. I know the balance of rolls is somewhat unconventional but its seems to be working. 433 high press arteta.fmf
  3. To clarify, I tried what you suggested, but wasn't having any luck, so I incorporated things which I was using before, and saw a bit more success, but still not quite where I want it. Broadly speaking, the TIs haven't changed in any iteration, and neither have the PIs (More closing down on LW,RW,ST,CML, CMR)
  4. I have a couple of different variations, but the most successful, was this. I get high possession numbers 60%+. and I do get some CCs, but the majority of goals come from set pieces, or the 2nd phase ball after a set piece.
  5. The lack of cutting edge is frustrating me. We dominate possession but don't finish. Made the changes you suggested, and the movement and balance is certainly better, but still don't seem to be getting anywhere which is a bit disheartening.
  6. Hi guys I am trying to get my positional play based 4-3-3 to work, inspired by Guardiola, and more recently what Arteta is trying to achieve at Arsenal. I have been trying to perfect the system with Leeds, and whilst at sometimes we dominate matches and create a lot of clear chances, we suffer from not converting these into goals, and also not being consistent enough. This may be a limitation imposed by the players I have, but given Leeds superiority in the championship this shouldn't be too much of an issue. Expectations from players GK - comfortable playing either long or short but not just hoofing it up the pitch. Should be looking for open players to bypass opposition press. DCs - comfortable on the ball but ultimately keepin it simple LB - Inverted wb tucks in to provide extra numbers LW - Stays wider but with licence to cut in in the final third. RB - Stays wide and overlaps RW - sits narrower and acts as a striker DM - I want him to screen the defense ultimately alongside the inverted wing back MCL - I want him to be a playmaker who runs at defence looking to feed the the the front 3 MCR - I want this guy to be a bit of a water carrier they will have to cover the wide space vacated by the wing back. ST - Can drop deep but also lead the line TIs and Roles selected are shown in the screenshot. Only PIs are for the ST, LW, RW, MCR and MCL to Close Down More. Any thoughts?
  7. Hi guys whats the difference between a Defensive midfielder on defend and a half back.
  8. I'd like to try this but I can't see the screenshot for the instructions
  9. Thought I'd give a quick update. So I decided to change the roles as @Experienced Defendersuggested, but kept the pressing instructions as I had them initially. I decided keeping both counter press and more urgent pressing was putting more teams under pressure and giving me better results in more fixtures. For bigger games where I was the underdog, and needed to be more solid, I went with the split block, and no counter press. In the league we finished sixth again. Striker only got 10 goal sin the league, but I put that down more to Vardy's decreasing physical stats. Everton had a great season, and the midfielders contributed healthily. The big win was the champions league. Some great victories against Atleti, Real led me to the final against Milan. One problem I am getting is a large number of long shots from the inside forward. This is to be expected, but there are times where I wish they would instead play through the striker.
  10. Mezallas contribute quite a few goals, bout 10 goals? Some of that may be down to the PIs of Tielemans and Maddison, but their contribution is quite strong. I made those changes @Experienced Defender and definitely more solid especially taking away the urgent closing down instruction and implementing the split block. Also the overlapping effect of the attacking fullback is quite pleasing. I went with the carrierello instead of the DLPs and kept the DPLd in the CDM role. Right now I'm playing with LOE. I had a game against Liverpool in the cup where I dropped the high line to standard and dropped my LOE to draw them out. Kept a clean sheet and hit a late goal in the 85th minute.
  11. Once more thing, why shouldn't I keep counter press on all the time?
  12. Thanks for the above. I actually tried the IF (s) and Fb (a) combination, but kept the 2 Mez (s). I'll try dropping one of them and see how it affects things. One other thing, can you explain what you mean by split-block?
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