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  1. Me too, quite like the idea of Betis. Haven't done a Spanish save ever!
  2. I wouldn't put an overlap on the right. Of the fullbacks Lauren was more conservative so you don't want to encourage him overlapping. Viera was more of a box to box midfielder. Also you want to swap gilberto and Viera around as Gilberto played on the right.
  3. Can't be sure. I believe so from watching the gamepaly, I can quite clearly see that my winger just stands off allowing the opposition to advance on my fullback.
  4. Be careful with an extremely urgent press. You will notice that for some reason your AF and Winger A will actually press less. When you look into their PIs you will see that with an "extremely urgent" TI, they have an individual instruction to press "less urgent", where as if you have just an "urgent" TI, their individual pressing goes up to "Standard".
  5. Nice set up westy. In terms of reputation are you one of the bigger teams in the league? I am finding with my atelti style 442, which I play with dortmund, its a bit inconsitent at times. Also how does your attacking winger press? I founf that if you look at their PIs, with the Extremely urgent TI their individual pressing is actually less urgent! It usually meant that they would just allow players to retreat even deeper into my half. With just a more urgent approach they went up a pressing level to standard.
  6. Do you have any examples of the tactic working and any of the results? Not to slight your work as you've clearly spent time, but In your threads I never see any evidence.
  7. Here you go. tried the regroup option and looks quite good. They retreat quicker and are ready to press deep in the half. Next thing to address is the attacking pressing forward, isn't dropping back although this is a point both Clean and Westy have discussed. I am going to try another pressing forward on support to see what kind of threat he will provide. I know he will drop back but will he make the same sorts of runs behind the defence? The alternative might be to use an atttacking player in the AM strata.
  8. Thought I might address my queries here regarding counter press versus regroup. To date, I have had some success recreating an Atletico style low block press. Using a low def line, low LoE and a more urgent press I am seeing good defensive actions in my own half, with us conceding the wide areas and pressing aggressively once they enter our own half using the touchline as a 3rd man. I obviously have counter selected for transitions but when possession is lost I have so far been rocking counter press but have been considering regroup. The exam question is what effect does the LoE have on the counter press instruction? With a low LoE, if I lose possession in the opponents half will my team try to win it back, and if so for how long before they back off? Surely with a low LoE and counterpress, I get the benefit of an immediate press if I lose it in the opponents half but still have some of my players retreating back to only press if the opponents make it to my half. Equally if I select regroup, if when retreating my player is in close proximity to an opponent as they counter, will they press them as I have a more urgent press selected? I have to say so far the results have been pleasing but this final piece would be interesting to nail.
  9. Lot of 1 nils. Looks like a defensively sound tactic! What have you gone for?
  10. would it be possible to post your 4-3-3 formation?
  11. Count me in too. Never really managed in Spain or Germany so would be keen to give it a shot.
  12. do you have any pis on the other players. Very intrigued by your tactic!
  13. What TIs have you got. It doesn't actually look too far away from mine. Others have made a good point about your AP. Who is making forward runs for him to play passes into? Might consider making this a mezzala so that he can run beyond the CF or a support duty so that he is more involved in buildup. Your winger is stationed wide, but not driving forward, and so might be isolated. Look at how he is geting support. Maybe change to an attack duty or lookat changing the carrielo or FBs to roles which will leave him less isolated. your IFs is cutting in to the space where your AP is stationed you may want to have your WB attacking the wide space.
  14. Thats what i mean. I watch it on full, because i like to see how we build up from the back. Usually onanything but full it seems to ignore goal kicks and I can't see how we build up. But like you say I do see some pressing but to often it is hap hazard and uncordinated e.g a winger could track back and press a player more intensely meaning that the ball near central mid can keep position , but does not.
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