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  1. Bumping this, but is anyone setting up the tactical challenge this year?
  2. Love the tactic. Having a great time with Leeds, building the squad, and seeing some great football along the way.
  3. @Cult of Football ManagerAre there any specific attribute criteria for players to play in this system? I have had a go trialing it with Leeds, as I thought out of the teams outside of the Europa places they looked to have the squad best suited to this style. Essentially just holidayed out of curiosity. Finished 13th, with some good performances by Bamford in the poacher role grabbing 18 goals. I am going to give it another go for a season having signed some players to boost the rotational options. When it works it works brilliantly, with excellent football. But against the top teams it do
  4. @Cult of Football Manager Is this all using the main tactic? Impressive stuff to only concede 4 goals!
  5. Bumping this as recently I have been enamoured with Ralk Rangnick. Has anyone had any success in implementing a 442 or 424?
  6. @coach vahid No Pis, just the roles and TIs as you see them. If I am playing as a worse team I would change the SKs to a SKd, and lower the tempo to "much lower"
  7. Thought I would share my interpretation of the system. On paper it looks extremely aggressive, and it is. I would go as far as saying it plays some of my favourite football I have been able to recreate on FM21, and it echos OPs posts in a similar fashion. My main aim was to obtain that W shape build up with the IWBs tucking in and the wingers staying wide. So far I have tested it with several elite teams (PSG, Juve), and they are absolutely steam rolling through teams. I have ene tried it with Burnley of all teams, and whilst they don't have the same quality, for example their dribbl
  8. Some results with AS Monaco below. Predicted 6th. Currently sitting in 1st. Only the 1 loss to PSG, and they are so far ahead of everyone else in the league. AS Monaco have a better standard of player than Newcastle so the results are more consistent. Didn't watch any of the games, this was all done on holiday. No signings. Poacher - Wissam Ben Yedder - 21 goals and 5 assists in 18 Appearances
  9. I have tried this tactic with Everton, Leicester and now Newcastle. I have taken Newcastle to 5th, with a few signings to boost areas we were lacking. Diego the 35 yr old brazilian who used to play for Werder Bremen has been excellent as a Trequartista. The striker in the poacher roles is lethal. Needs to have pace.
  10. Have to say this is a fantastic tactic. Ofte with tactics you might get good results, with pretty much the same exploitative goals scored over and over. I have tried this tactic with 3 different teams and the goals have been really fun to watch. Another thing is that there are loads of great highlights to watch, even when watching on key highlights. Good job!
  11. Good luck mate. Well reasoned and thought out post. I hope you have success. I must admit your attempts to nail it have inspired me and I am trying all sorts of permutations to get it working. I like the idea of no Tis and balanced mentality to see how the roles interact with each other.
  12. Has anyone got any idea how to implement a style like this again? I feel like with the change in Team instructions, especially with in transition options and lines of engagement off the ball, the parameters have changed and I am not sure how to follow the principles set out.
  13. Haha worth a shot I guess. I am currently in the process of rehashing one of Cleon's old Art of Possession formulas to ee how that fairs on the new ME. Initial results are promising, so if its got any legs I'll let you know.
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