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  1. Just one question... Do you use the same PI for the attacking version ? Great job.
  2. The other thing that you can try is, before the game start, go the personal instructions and mark the opponents MCs with your ST. Its not the best option, but it can help.
  3. Great job. Appreciated the effort. Just one thing, i cant see the closing up shot formation. Problem with the picture.
  4. You are Arsenal and i can imagine that opponent play with low block against you. Maybe try to play with a positive mentality (players will play a little more risky) and with a standard Defensive line. With a LOE lower you will invite your opponent to take a little more risk. Maybe you can try to play with standard tempo too. Or change the roles too for having players who make forward runs more often(Car-.>Mez). And go read the other thread. 😉 There are so many good contributors. And my thread 🙂
  5. Its funny cause, most of the time, what we try to do is to replicate real managers tactic. Now we try to replicate @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! tactic...WTF 😀
  6. Why you win always vs Paris in all your thread... You will me make play fm18. Again. Gracias.
  7. I just want to say thank you. Marcelino is one the best underestimated manager. Great to see people thinking about some managers even if they sacked or dont have job.
  8. The risk for an attack with two same roles is that your attack will be maybe too uniform. The same for the wm roles. And use AF with Benfica, one moment you ll risk trouble for find space vs weak team. Maybe the classic partnership DLFsu+AF can maybe test. One player attract the defense when the other take the space.
  9. Just a few questions... Why you use overlap left with a WB defend ? And with IW + CM su on right and WP + BBM on left if it works, good for you but dont you think that it makes too players on midfield ? For example I play on 442 too and i use on right Wa + CM su and on left WM(Pi Stay narrower) + CM def....
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