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  1. Did you try the WBat behind the IF, the FBsu behind the Winger and the volante instead of the DLP? For the team instruction,i will try the lower line of engagement, it will make more space to attack and compress the midfield... But it's a just an opinion and a theory.
  2. Wonder which roles/duties used. I am very curious... I thought for the hybrid CB/FB, maybe an IWB/De with the ppm run with the ball on the right/left and goes forward but im prudent 🤔...And having so much possession and yet playing vertically with so much players in the box ...I didnt know this coach but it look familiar with Sampaoli ( another Bielsa disciple).
  3. Great to see you back. Always a pleasure to read your theories.
  4. And maybe a "much shorter passing" coupled with "higher tempo" or "very high tempo". The famous one touch football with a lot support duties. Youve got players with good composure and first touch? And what about the way they play a "big match"?
  5. I don't know if it's your tactic but new team, new manager, new players...Maybe new language too. It logical that it's take time. No?
  6. Maybe I will change something... The CF on the left and the AF on the right.
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