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  1. Mentals attributes are so important and can make difference.
  2. Great post. Simple but very instructive. You have to explain the duties now..
  3. Congratulations. 👏 Theoretically, it makes sense. Why using hold shape and not counter?
  4. Dont use overlap in this case but maybe play on the left and right side.
  5. Im not a good tactician maker....but playing with Wat support by a FBsu , with the overlap instruction is not the best idea. The winger's instruction Stay Wide + cross from byline ...The full back will never overlap. And you play with Counter Active. I dont think the full back will overlap. But be careful, im not a good tactician. Maybe you can try a simple approach. Left side Wmsu+FBat +overlap left. Right side Wat+FBs
  6. I dont know why i just discover this thread. @kingjericho, thanks.
  7. Hi Can you post the Pi's ? And do you use opposition instructions ? Thank you.
  8. Just a great post. Another good contribution from you. I hope you ll continue in the future.
  9. Is it possible to post the players instructions from the 3 tactics please... Thanks
  10. Just one question... Do you use the same PI for the attacking version ? Great job.
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