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  1. @Razor940...this is why @herne79 dont show the tactic and tell us"play like this and youll have 70% possession vs every teams". It depends many factors...youre defenders have maybe good first touch and pass but maybe not enough composure if AI press them. Maybe you have to use PI play short for reduce the problem. Or maybe the tactic is not enough familiar for your players.
  2. Hi Ö-zil to the Arsenal! Im still on fm 18. I would like to see your update and the way you play in 433. Thanks.
  3. The Pi move into channels is not for DLP but for the DLF...
  4. Its a pleasure to find a new thread by Uncle_Sam..
  5. Hi everybody, Can someone reupload the tactic from this thread because the links are broken. Thanks for your help.
  6. 442 standard and flexible. Without PI and TI. Put your left hand on your right hand and during extra-time...Pray!
  7. I just discovered the simeone piece. Do you use any PI for your players ? By the way, very good thread...I used the 433 with standard,counter ect..on fm 17 and it worked very good.
  8. HI Very good thread. Just one thing...when I see your PI its close down much less and when I see the shape its close down less. What is the real instruction ? Thanks.
  9. Hi I like when people want to replicate the best managers tactic but..the quest for that is to replicate really. I dont have talents for doing that but I have some questions. Do you test the tactic, do you see the same things in reality,and what about the results. Cause I can post too a tactic and say "its a real Simeone tactic" with 65% possession and 25 shots per match.
  10. Sorry but for me when you play with assisstant is not compelling because he change sometimes mentality or roles and hes not using the base tactic at the end.
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