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  1. And maybe a "much shorter passing" coupled with "higher tempo" or "very high tempo". The famous one touch football with a lot support duties. Youve got players with good composure and first touch? And what about the way they play a "big match"?
  2. I don't know if it's your tactic but new team, new manager, new players...Maybe new language too. It logical that it's take time. No?
  3. Maybe I will change something... The CF on the left and the AF on the right.
  4. Mentals attributes are so important and can make difference.
  5. Great post. Simple but very instructive. You have to explain the duties now..
  6. Congratulations. 👏 Theoretically, it makes sense. Why using hold shape and not counter?
  7. Dont use overlap in this case but maybe play on the left and right side.
  8. Im not a good tactician maker....but playing with Wat support by a FBsu , with the overlap instruction is not the best idea. The winger's instruction Stay Wide + cross from byline ...The full back will never overlap. And you play with Counter Active. I dont think the full back will overlap. But be careful, im not a good tactician. Maybe you can try a simple approach. Left side Wmsu+FBat +overlap left. Right side Wat+FBs
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