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  1. Unfortunately it's the actual ME: 25 shots on target but no highlights in 90 minutes, plus world class strikers not scoring, attacking midlfielders stuck on 6,5 ratings for the whole season. But hey, they will tell you to untick some of your TI (which by the way can be really useful, but we should face reality and probably hope for the next patch).
  2. Ok, the screenshot of tactic was outdated, I'm using CMd + MEZa (or CMa). I like the football we play but still in trouble with my strikers (I think it's just the ME): the 2 support duties was just an attempt! Another doubt regards the wide left midfielder: IW? WPM? I don't know which kind of player I should use... UPDATE: strikers don't score, no CCC, no possession... Di Lorenzo has yet to find his first goal, wtf??
  3. Ok so you have two wide players (your WBs and your Ws). Is there a reason why you chose the IW on attack instead of support?
  4. So in attack should your team go like this? ------- GK ---------- ------ CB CB ------- ------- DLP --------- ----- IWs - WMa ---- ------- CMa -------- Ws --------- WBs -------- F F --------- If it's correct, which kind of player would you use for the WM left? A winger or more an IW/IF? And why do you use a WM/AP on attack? Thank you
  5. I like the idea of a diamond defending in a 442 but... I don't understand where is the diamond here, I mean, who is the low vertex (the playmaker/defensive one), the CAR? Will he drop down? And what about the PI of the WM? Thanks!
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