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  1. What's the big difference between an AP and a AM and how do they play with attacking or supporting roles together behind a forward? Same question about the defensive midfielders: one runner and one creator, which is the best combination? Thanks!
  2. A question: don't you think there's a lack of width on the left flank?
  3. How did you manage to get that? I'm trying to do the same, any advice would be appreciated
  4. I basically play like the OP, I'm not sure about the 2 midfielders. Anyway I'll post a screenshot later, thank you
  5. That's beautiful and what I want to achieve, but how? I mean, I use the 2 strikers plus the AM to press the opposite defencers, but then how do I tell my other players to close the opponents adn work like a pack?
  6. Is this enough to make your wb press the opposite fb?
  7. What about the midfielders combination? Do you still use CAR + MEZ?
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