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  1. Humm.. Passing network was my prefered screen for analying my tactic positional awareness of each player
  2. I already tried some matches with FC Porto and I can say it's the best 4411 seen this FM21 version. Amazing the AMC work. In FC Porto Otávio suits this role, but the hot prospect Fábio Vieira is simply amazing with assists. Thanks for the D-Line tips, will help in LLM saves too.
  3. Very interesting results. Looking for that kind of formation. Will give it a try.
  4. And the impossible happened at first season with Bournemouth, using the underdog version:
  5. Enjoy it. That tactic is most suitable for teams that are the less strong in the league.
  6. UNDERDOG SHORT.DM.POACHER Version better suited for underdog teams Well, can't say it's perfect. Didn't got the League neither the Euro qualification on first season. But Huddersfield was predicted to finish on 20th place, and a 6th place is very good, with some good victories on the middle. With 2/3 signings it would be better, but money didnt exists around there. Tactic on first post attachments
  7. Added a new version (surely the best) and also screenshots. Grab it and win something!
  8. Enjoy it. I prefer this kind of formation because you can use it in almost all teams without changing a lot the existing players. 343 tactics forces to sell a lot of player in positions you'll never use.
  9. SC TRIDENT - B2B.DIRECT AND B2B.SHORT THE FINAL VERSION OF SÉRGIO CONCEIÇÃO TACTICS After lots of saves, inumerous seasons, various teams and leagues, the real tactic aproach, without 3 strikers, without 3 central defenders, reaches a final defensive balance. Best suited for top teams, and skilled players, also can make some middle table teams arise to the top. 4-1-2-3 DM WIDE SET PIECES INCLUDED | NO OI'S | PLUG N PLAY TRAINING BY THE ASSISTANT MANAGER IMPROVED DEFENSIVE SUPPORT STABLE CONTINUOUS ATTACK AND CURATED COUNTER ATTACK EVENTS FOCUS ON TEAMPLAY, FAST TRANSITION
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