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  1. I tried again but had the same problem. If the two players have a personalized role for the positions, then the swap happens once just fine but then they don't move again. If the roles are not personalized instead, no problem, they keep swapping. I remember that somewhere in the forum someone was seeing the same problem. Please let me know if I am missing something because I would really like to get this to work...
  2. The problem comes when you want to change role for the one of the positions depending on the choice of player. That unfortunately still doesn’t work. It makes the swap once and that’s it.
  3. @Sarriball14 With wide players I basically use all the available roles, over time but specifically depending on the characteristics of the player. In my opinion all of the options work as long as I give them the "stay wide" instruction (expect for the raumdeuter of course). Different choices give me slightly different options and I love that. Generally I use an IF on one side to get more into the box and on the other an IW to contribute more to ball circulation (overload). I think that I never have the same role on both flanks. But, again, other roles work as well. For me the choice of player
  4. One thing to test out that worked miracles for me. As you know I am on a save with Chelsea replicating De Zerbi's style. What I was looking for was to combine slow build-ups and overloads based on very short passes with bursts of sudden quick vertical transitions. I'm mentioning this because Barcelona would do the same at times. Well, I think I finally found the formula to get something similar in FM. I play Cautious mentality with much shorter passes and standard tempo, combined with Counter (or at least eliminating "hold shape"). It's something that is really working out nicely for me and ma
  5. @04texag, another great thread, thanks! A few comments to continue the conversation. 1. I agree with @mp_87, it would be great to have a wide poacher kind of role, but I would agree that your solution is the best at this point. I used it last year in FM20, at some point I had Mbappe playing that way and he was simply a killer. It worked great. 2. I think that the trickiest part of making a replication - once the tactic is more or less defined (shape, roles, Tis and so on) - is to actually find the FM players that can actually mimic the real life players with the style that we
  6. @Sarriball14, @Hilly1979 is right. I'm currently playing with Chelsea adopting a 4-3-2-1 and the 5-5 split is achievable. In my case the two CMs hold their positions (CAR and DLP-D) and the two fullbacks are in support. So what happens is that the near-ball FB always overlaps/underlaps, while the far-ball FB stays behind and narrow forming the balance players line with my two CMs. The only thing to keep in mind is that this works well as long as you don't use high tempo. Otherwise your FBs don't have the time to reach the action zone. In my case I play Cautious mentality with
  7. Let me know how that goes. I wanted to test it out as well. I rarely use regroup, for some reason in my tactics I always end up using counter pressing and so I don't really have a good grasp on how to take advantage of regroup. That's great, you need a player just like that. This makes a lot of sense. Like for regroup, I never really used a carrilero, so it's a role I don't know much. Let me know how it goes. Good luck!
  8. @FMunderachiever Your tactic looks almost identical to one I am using (at least in terms of roles and shape). It all started when I had the idea to recreate the positional play of Sassuolo (Italy). It's a beautiful thing between a 4-2-3-1 and 4-2-4 ... anyway, within a couple of seasons (one with Sassuolo itself, one with Chelsea) I think I perfected it and now I am really happy the way it performs. Getting to your questions these would be my comments (hopefully they are useful to you): 1. In my opinion it really boils down to the players you have. When I was playing Sassuolo I had
  9. These strikerless tactics are fun! I remember using them 3/4 years ago, following Guido's blog... I can see how they should work very well in FM21. I should give it a try... the problem is that my try-this list is getting way too long...
  10. I would defiantly go for a False 9. Like others said, you want someone to come deep to help connect with the midfield and, at the same time, create space for your wingers. The false 9 is a tricky roles though, you really need the right player. In my opinion Arezo can do it, even if he is very young, with time he'll learn the role. I don't know Leao well enough to say. Good luck!
  11. There you go, that's a good example of what I was referring to. It's fun to explore role interpretation/player characteristics. As I mentioned, for me that's when working out a tactic becomes really fun. Things can change so much depending on who's playing and how you can take advantage of that. Thanks, this makes a lot of sense. Personally I usually prefer the "go get them" method and get the ball back as soon as possible, but I think in this case, with the 4-1-4-1 the approach you are describing should be the best.
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