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  1. It looks good to me (but I don’t know the players). Do you play narrow or wide? What’s the tempo? One more question: how is your DLF(s) performing? Does he score some goals?
  2. @Panneton0 I just wanted to thank you for this great tactic. I am using it and I like a lot what I see. I usually try someone's tactic just to see and learn, but then I always end up creating my own, which more fun for me. But this time, I liked this one so much that I kept it and I'm still working with it in a new long term save. At the beginning it seemed a bit too narrow to me so I changed one of the IWBs into an FB (but still behaving as a sort of IWB -narrow and cutting inside). Also I changed the F9 into a Trequartista. I am still tweaking a few things but nothing that really compromises that way it plays and, as I said, it's really really good. So, just to say thank you. As I will inevitably modify it over time (due to new players coming in), if I'll find something interesting I'll share it. OKAY?
  3. @Nima2708 I'm surprise to see his physical attributes still so high at 33. In any case I would play him as a Trequartista in the striker position (alone) in some system like a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1. Another possibility would Trequartista on the right in a 4-3-3, but the first option is the best in my opinion. In any case I think that in order to get the best out of him, it is important to play some sort of "Tiki Taka" (just like in real life), so that he gets involved at the beginning (almost) of the play and goes to finish it later in the box. Also this playing style should allow you to keep him longer when his physical will start to decline rapidly. This is just my idea for what it's worth.
  4. In my experience yes. I had the same issue you have and tried with the IWB in defend duty but then they went to the other extreme, very static. As usual everything is relative, in some tactics it may work very well, because two IWB in defend could be great in protecting a regista for example and help out with recycling the ball....
  5. @Robson 07 This looks interesting. Did you test it out already? By looking at it is not clear to me what your plan for scoring goals is. Who are supposed to be your main goal scorers attacking the box? Shouldn’t you add at least one attacking duty? It seems to me that you can turn this tactic in many ways, depending on the players you have available. My instinct would be to give an attacking duty to the mezzala and to the AM and change the forward in a DLF. I guess the Ws stay wide, holding position (Pep’s style) Anyway, that’s just an idea, maybe you are playing this system as it is and it’s going great without any change.
  6. @FMunderachiever In the past I played a system very similar to this and it worked great for me. The only thing is the Sterling's role as a RMD, without a WB behind him I think you sacrifice too much in terms of width. At least this was my problem with that formation. I wanted the width, so I changed the role into a normal Winger and with the right player (I had Mbappe - I know, too easy...) is still worked great as my main scorer but also kept some width for variety of attacks, as an alternative to the usual right overload with final switch to the left. With Sterling the same move should work just fine (Gets into opposition area; Cut Inside). I would suggest you give it a try. For TI I always prefer a slower build up (lower mentality, shorter passing, lower tempo). With M City you can afford that. Two questions related to the position of the IWBs: 1. Do you experience some congestion in the midfield, being them so close to the CMs? 2. Since they are set on defense, do they play and expansive-enough game or they just pass the ball to the the nearby player? I am saying this because I think they should often find themselves in a ideal position for a through ball for someone cutting in into the box.
  7. @Robson 07 I used to play a 4-2-3-1 which, in my opinion, was pretty good in transitioning to a 2-3-5 attacking all the vertical channels. I achieved that by giving my AM a playmaker role (like an AP-s) which would drop deep and form the trio in midfield with an IWB and and DLP. The 5 roles occupying the vertical channels were W-MEZ-F9-IW-WB. So the 2-3-5 would be: W-MEZ-F9-IW-WB IWB-AP-DPL CD-CD This used to work well if combined with a slow build-up that was giving players the time to position themselves into the right channels. Now I am still going after a 2-3-5 but with a different starting shape - M City stile (previous years) - with two IWBs and two Ws wide and placed in the midfield strata. So basically is a 4-1-4-1 instead of a 4-3-3. I like it a lot because it forms a more "stable" 2-3-5. I am intrigued by the idea of starting from a 442, I never tried but I think we could try some experiments, maybe with a striker-less 442, with two AM going into the half channels and a CM that attacks the box centrally from deep... ? In theory it might be achievable...
  8. I tried again but had the same problem. If the two players have a personalized role for the positions, then the swap happens once just fine but then they don't move again. If the roles are not personalized instead, no problem, they keep swapping. I remember that somewhere in the forum someone was seeing the same problem. Please let me know if I am missing something because I would really like to get this to work...
  9. The problem comes when you want to change role for the one of the positions depending on the choice of player. That unfortunately still doesn’t work. It makes the swap once and that’s it.
  10. @Sarriball14 With wide players I basically use all the available roles, over time but specifically depending on the characteristics of the player. In my opinion all of the options work as long as I give them the "stay wide" instruction (expect for the raumdeuter of course). Different choices give me slightly different options and I love that. Generally I use an IF on one side to get more into the box and on the other an IW to contribute more to ball circulation (overload). I think that I never have the same role on both flanks. But, again, other roles work as well. For me the choice of player is more important in giving a characterization to the position than the role itself. I hope this still helps.
  11. One thing to test out that worked miracles for me. As you know I am on a save with Chelsea replicating De Zerbi's style. What I was looking for was to combine slow build-ups and overloads based on very short passes with bursts of sudden quick vertical transitions. I'm mentioning this because Barcelona would do the same at times. Well, I think I finally found the formula to get something similar in FM. I play Cautious mentality with much shorter passes and standard tempo, combined with Counter (or at least eliminating "hold shape"). It's something that is really working out nicely for me and maybe it could be used in this tactic as well, in replicating another aspect of Barcelona's style. Just an idea to test, unless you are already getting that kind of sudden change of tempo and verticality. Someone was taking about it a few posts above. In previous years with my Barcelona replications I was never able to really get that effect and I think it is because I was playing higher mentalities, but now with the new ME you can play cautious and still get those attacking runs.
  12. @04texag, another great thread, thanks! A few comments to continue the conversation. 1. I agree with @mp_87, it would be great to have a wide poacher kind of role, but I would agree that your solution is the best at this point. I used it last year in FM20, at some point I had Mbappe playing that way and he was simply a killer. It worked great. 2. I think that the trickiest part of making a replication - once the tactic is more or less defined (shape, roles, Tis and so on) - is to actually find the FM players that can actually mimic the real life players with the style that we are trying to replicate. In this sense I think that a good Barcelona's replication has to have those three famous roles/players absolutely spot on (Messi, Iniesta, Xavi). For the first one... good luck, for Iniesta is not so difficulty (more or less), but my question is: who can better mimic Xavi in FM? If we find that player than a replication would get to another level all together. That role is the trickiest of the whole tactic in my view. I think you are playing Koke in that position, how is that going in terms of replicating at least some aspects of the way Xavi used to play? In my experience in fm20 the player that got closest was Sensi (but surely there were others). I haven't found one in FM21 yet (but it's early and I am looking for him...). Anyway, I guess my point is that for a successful replication you need tactic + players and sometimes when people are trying to replicate real football teams they don't pay enough attention to the characteristics of their player selection. I don't know if you guys agree.
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