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  1. hey there, currently having trouble with installing the kits. I have successfully created them but they don't appear in game. ps: i have reloaded skin, cleared cache and unticked caching.
  2. https://www.thehighertempopress.com/?s=Libero https://fmasymmetric.wordpress.com/2017/01/10/sparta-a-tactical-identity-journey-part-v-libero-rewind/ By the same Author. @LPQR Maybe I might have misinterpreted the analysis, but i didn't see the problem of "DMCs getting in the way". Again, correct me if I'm wrong. P.S: If the Libero isn't a dictaor role, what would you sat it is? I'd go with a hybrid form of a deep lying playmaker
  3. Great tactics, great analysis, although I have seen quite a few people enjoy success with the libero whilst fielding players in the DMC strata. Once saw one with 3 DMs and it had a very nice buildup structure.
  4. Exactly how it should be, hell rarely get involved in goals and assists, but he'll be the player with the highest value of xA (pre assist). Mario mandzukic was a prime example of a player that thrived I'm this role, he was the main key/ unsung hero in Jive's succesful 16/17 season.
  5. Also set the striker on support duty so he can drop deep and let the CM(a) overlap him.
  6. You would need a good balance of both support and attack duties. Just think of of this way, let an attack player have a support player at both sides of him and let support players have attack options at both sides of them. In your case, I'll say, having an attacking fullback behind a WM(s) and keeping the CM(a). Or of you don't want to do away with the RPM, just set the striker and wingers to attack duties.
  7. Well the OP says he wants to build around james Rodriguez I think the first step is to make the player roles and duties on his side work by perfectly balancing his side of play. The advanced playmaker will come in and at times float into that no.10 slot so you will definitely need a sort of wingback (duty depends on the risk you're willing to take). This doesn't away mean he will get caught on the counter attack tho. He can use the central midfielder on advanced play maker's side to balance the play when the team is trying to attack the box (perhaps a CM support, or DLP support?). From there you can build the rest of the team around that idea.
  8. With regards to course counter attacking strategy, you should be defending well. But obviously you will struggle to counter because: 1. Your striker is too far off the rest of the team. Balls will be kicked long to the opposition and they will be able to prepare another eave of attack. 2. No deep runners. I see you use a DM on support, perhaps try adding the "get further forward" instruction. And maybe you could drop the RPM for a more attack minded player (CM attack?).
  9. Why not play with a holding midfielder on defend duty and let the fullbacks attack?
  10. I don't necessarily think so, his game plans in big game often work ( main job is to reduce errors when off the ball and utilise the talents of the attacking players when counterattacking). Worked against spurs and arsenal. But its clear the attack has no plan when going forward in matches against smaller sides.
  11. If you actually want to replicate the rl tactic, you wouldn't enjoy the game as there are so many things wrong with our game. One thing is the we have no plan going forward. The players are given absolute freedom to drift into wherever they like. More discipline needs to be instilled in addition to an actual tactic.
  12. We actually just cause overloads on the left side of the pitch to release valencia (who doesn't cross btw) but the way I see it the intention is to open a channel for someone to exploit by stretching the pitch
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