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  1. What would you do for a fullback lacking pace (12<) but decent defensive ability?
  2. The irony of seeing this kind of system is that I used this (quite prolifically) in UCL knockout games when I wanted to protect an advantage. 4-2-3-1 (cm) but with defend duties. And boy! did I always get results.
  3. They're trying to pull a Southampton on you 😂
  4. Wow. A thread that questions the best AM role on Football manager. The Trequartista role is much like a playmaker so naturally picking it, is like telling the player, "hey, I'm giving you license to come inside and offer yourself across the final third". When he does that, you nee to balance accordingly. Use a WB•At to balance out the left side.
  5. Wow excellent shape. I remember seeing a post on Twitter on how the 3 deeper "midfielders" form a solid rest defense that helps protect against the counter attack and gives the rest of the players freedom.
  6. How does the CM•At play? Does he create well for the Winger and PF? If not, maybe you can try switching the forward to a support duty so they way he involves himself more. Just a thought, I use an almost similar setup.
  7. Wow. The end of an era It must be said tho: you always seem to produce the quality content we all need. Will this be your last save in FM20?
  8. Just caught up, this is amazing. I wonder, still using the same IWB system from seasons ago?
  9. Describe your reaction scoring so late in the game
  10. How do I do that? Would like to get my hands on editing the files too.
  11. Was just wondering what you used to do this? In-game editor?
  12. Lovely! I had to check back on your tactic. How does the overlap left and right pan out. Do the IWB drift in to outside your inside forwards or...? If you don't mind, a GIF will be nice.
  13. In my experience in games like this I don't look to out play them at their own game. What do I mean by this? The top sides, by nature, will be attacking when playing at home so I use this against them. The obvious thing here is the space behind the defence but you need to get that midfield right. The first step is to make sure the midfield isn't lightweight player wise and role wise. I generally go with a covering DM, an aggressive CM and another CM who is technically equipped to unlock defenses with the right duty on to counter balance the lack of technical quality aforementioned. Looking at that tactic you have the required tools. Savic can be your ball winner, aouar can be your skilled technician and Luis your covering DM. Now that the midfield is sorted you need to be geared to exploit space behind the defense. I recommend 2 attack duties in the front 3 (that means 3 attack duties overall in the tactic). I play with a striker and a Wideman on attack with the wide man preferably on the side where the the opposition attacking fullback is. For the rest of the tactic, balance it out.
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