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  1. perhaps you delegate in those matches against the top table sides? Maybe adopt some good ol' pragmatism?
  2. Would be great if you could get a second and third source of goals as it seems every time Brian Pena goes on a drought, the team's form follows suit. (Perhaps set pieces, introducing an attack duty somewhere on the pitch?)
  3. Were the 20 matches all league games? If not, Any chance that cup competitions were taken into account?
  4. Just done reading your FM19 San Marino save. You're absolutely mental. What an inspiring save!
  5. @IL Luce Bravo mate, class post back there . It's nice to see others adopting this strategy because it was one a developed a habit of using back on FM17. I would rely on scout reports and identify opponents weakness and setup to block out their goal threats/ creative hub, I would then setup to exploit space within their formation preferably on the counter attack. I deployed this setup against the top sides/ in UCL knockout stages and it won me the champions League.
  6. I Made a Juve 2016/2017 inspired tactic based on mandzukic's role. He Played as a wideTargetman on the left and combined really well with Alex sandro. The idea behind it is to create an overload on his side of the pitch by placing a playmaker (in juves case, Pjanic) over there. that way he can play knock-on passes towards towards the fullback who can deliver crosses into the box. This is done with a WTM on support. this is all just vague explanation because your use of it might be different based on the players available at your club. But your first stem is to make sure someone attacks the pace ahead of him as well as another one who arrives late.
  7. Back on fm17 Luciano Spaletti used the 424 strikerless when losing a game. Was he managing Real Madrid on this one?
  8. I too see use it as a playmaker role as I never really seeing it arriving late in the box all i see him do is step in and spray passes out wide
  9. As sides his ppms (which I'm not sure of) I think he has good attributes for the role. I think it'll help that he is also a natural controlling playmaker (which I think is one of the libero's duties in-game?)
  10. hey there, currently having trouble with installing the kits. I have successfully created them but they don't appear in game. ps: i have reloaded skin, cleared cache and unticked caching.
  11. https://www.thehighertempopress.com/?s=Libero https://fmasymmetric.wordpress.com/2017/01/10/sparta-a-tactical-identity-journey-part-v-libero-rewind/ By the same Author. @LPQR Maybe I might have misinterpreted the analysis, but i didn't see the problem of "DMCs getting in the way". Again, correct me if I'm wrong. P.S: If the Libero isn't a dictaor role, what would you sat it is? I'd go with a hybrid form of a deep lying playmaker
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