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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thetacticalanalyst.wordpress.com/2016/06/06/bayern-munich-a-mega-analysis/amp/ Lots of food for thought here but I got frustrated from the poor results. I'm not very good at making adjustments to a tactic based on what I see in-game, but hopefully someone can have a go. (I hadn't noticed initially, but the article is written by the wonderful Istvan Beregi - a good writer for Spievercom).
  2. Indeed I have tried the IWB shape (it's a role that has its uses but for me, it seems to cause more problems that solutions) back on FM19. Got the shape spot on, buy didn't create enough and were quite stale overall. I believe my setup was: DLF(a) IF(a) - W(s) DLP(s) - Mez (a) DM(s) WB (a) CD CD IWB(s) Inspired off of Pep's Bayern and its several variations according to formations faced. I'll try and dig up the article.
  3. Perhaps a 4-3-3 with AML/Rs? Might be a little challenging because of the space between the striker and the MCs. Or maybe a 3-4-1-2?
  4. You mean a striker at senior level got signed by Ajax and was retrained as a CB/FB? You'll have to consider Thier magnitudes. It's like signing Vinicius from Flamengo to play him at right back. Of course, I'm merely speaking from am ethics point of view but you're free to do whatever you want, really.
  5. Yeah, but converting the highest goalscorer for a top South American team - who just so happens to be a top prospect, into FB has to be a crime.
  6. I found using a Higher LOE with a normal DL worked wonders for me with the 4-3-3. We weren't pinned back and it allowed us to win the ball better. I also use a wide defensive width with this.
  7. I'll be watching out for him. My favourite part of FM is trying to create a Kyllian Mbappe-type winger. I'm obsessed with his nature.
  8. I'd probably retrain this guy as an inside forward and improve his balance. He'd be a beast, I now it. Top Agility-balance-acceleration is the recipe for a deadly winger.
  9. Development Tab > Tactics. That's all that's been stated on player footedness. From my experience if a player has a 'Reasonable' weaker foot then it can be improved m otherwise, it takes significant effort that may not pay off.
  10. Yes I'm very excited about the ME, been seeing some little things in GIFs that I never saw on fm20.
  11. Two brilliant wingers, take off overlap, it reduces their mentality. Play for set pieces too should be taken off. Perhaps not using direct passing under an attacking mentality+top heavy formation can help. How are your possession stats? What's your defensive record?
  12. Been hearing lots of positive talk on the new ME. Might actually get this edition early for once!
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