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  1. Has anyone else entered season 2 with ridiculous ambition from the board? First season I won the league, fa cup and europa league but my target for the league in the second season... top half finish! Is this a bug or do my board really not rate our chances of doing so well again?
  2. First and foremost, I am sorry if this breaks any rules. I have scoured Google for hours with no joy. I saw his name on here over the past few days but can't remember what thread! There is a young footballer out there widely regarded as a huge talent. His name is 'Omnihem' or something along those lines. I can't for the life of me find any information on the kid. PLEASE can someone put me out of my misery and give me his full name.
  3. Long time lurker here, just need to vent my frustrations. Won the treble first season - Prem, FA Cup, Champions League. Pogba had an absolutely belting season, bagged 34 goals and won all individual awards possible. He scored two goals in our 4-0 demolition of PSG in the Champions League final, but of course they come knocking and he wants to leave. I foolishly tried to get £200m out of PSG, they quickly withdrew and Paul was upset that I "priced him out of a move". When we had a chat there was no option to say he's an influential member of the team and I can't lose him, so by the time we'd finished talking he was done with me. He handed in a transfer request, which was rejected in hope that it would all blow over, but then a week later did the same. I had no option but to accept his request and see how much I could get for him. So the new season draws near, and I'm limiting him to Under 23 matches only - I refuse to have him play in my team if he wants out. When it comes to selecting my captain and vice captain, a change is needed. Paul is currently vice captain behind Ander Herrera, and as he wants to leave, Matthijs de Ligt is appointed our new vice captain. Transfer windows come to an end around Europe and no one has made an offer for Paul. He asks me to remove him from the transfer list - sure, no problem, let's put it all behind us and move forward. Two days later - he's angry that the vice captaincy was taken away from him. Are you joking? You handed in a transfer request you moron, why would I want you to be vice captain of the squad? Of course when it came to explaining why I removed the vice captaincy from him, there was no option to say "it was taken from you as you were transfer listed by request at the time" and I've again angered him further by just suggesting that he gets on with it.
  4. I agree with this completely, I made a comment on Reddit recently saying exactly the same. In my save in 2019 there are four players with a PA of 199. You can say "there's loads of players that never reach potential" all you like, but there are never four players in the space of 2 years that are capable of reaching Lionel Messi's potential. It is truly distorted and I hope SI fix it for their next instalment.
  5. My cpu temps are around 30 degrees, they rarely go higher than that. I have a Hyper 212 evo directly on the CPU and then three intake fans on the front, one exhaust fan on the back and two exhaust fans on top. Perhaps the temp sensors or the hardware monitor I am using is faulty, but it only seems so when playing FM. I've also had a play with the 'Profile Wattman' settings in the AMD software but it doesn't seem to do anything. I'll keep testing and see what I can come up with. Thank you for your help.
  6. I posted this in the 'technical issues' forum (or whatever it is called) and was asked to post it here instead because it would get more attention... Clearly not.
  7. Hi guys, FM is producing some really weird performance from my graphics card. The temperature reaches 70 degrees on the 2D engine but my fan speed never goes higher than 750rpm. In comparison, when I'm playing something like GTA or BF1, the temperature stays around 65 degrees but the fans kick in and are often up to 1800rpm. I've installed the latest drivers for my RX480 card but it hasn't changed anything. Is there something I am missing in FM's settings or is the game just not optimised for me card?
  8. Hi everyone, More of a query than an issue really. Playing FM using the GPU assisted interface setting causes my GPU to reach its target temp (80 degrees) when playing matches in the 2D engine, even with low graphics settings. The temperature is always around 60 degrees when processing too. Is this right? FM doesn't really strike me as a GPU intensive game, but it's absolutely hammering my card. I have a relatively new RX480 too, I'm surprised it's being worked so hard.
  9. Hi everyone, Do the tackling instructions have any effect other than the amount of aggression displayed? What I want to know is if staying on feet will essentially ask my defenders to 'stand' against opponents running with the ball, thus combined with 'show onto weaker foot' they shouldn't be beaten as easily as they would if they 'got stuck in' and dived into tackles.
  10. Ozil, firstly thank you for making me enjoy FM again. I have used this tactic for my Man Utd side and we've just clinched the PL title. One question though - do you make any specific changes away from home? I find that my away form is often hit and miss, sometimes I can leave the mentality as balanced and we dominate, other times I need to change it to defensive or drop my wing back to a full back (s) and my wide midfielder and winger to support also. My away form towards the back end of the season in particular has been pretty poor, we just can't seem to score as many as we were and in the last 3 months (Feb to early May) we have had 7 0-0 draws. I fear that might be due to a tiring squad or poor man management on my part - both of which I have never really been good at controlling - but if you have any tips on facing opposition on their own turf or avoiding the end of season slump in form I would be very appreciative.
  11. Guys, does anyone else find that their centre backs are far too happy to let opposing forwards bring long balls down? I've lost count of the amount of times that a goalie boots the ball up field, my centre backs both drop off and give the forward time to bring the ball down, turn and run at them. Even with the highest defensive line, tighter marking and much more closing down it seems to happen. How can I prevent this? How can I make sure my centre backs challenge EVERY long ball?
  12. Firstly, thank you for the welcome. I'm surprised I managed to remember my username and password from 2012 and equally surprised that I haven't yet posted anything. Also, apologies for the language. Down to business though, below are my set piece instructions; Defending corner - same from both sides Attacking corner - same from both sides Defending free kick - same from both sides Attacking free kick - same from both sides Attacking throw-in - same from both sides If you think the issues in the original post may be tactical, I am open to ideas on how I can prevent them.
  13. I'm beginning to lose the plot guys. I can't understand for the life of me a few things; 1. Why my attacking players react so slowly to losing the ball after taking a corner/free-kick and the opposition manage to counter attack with little/no resistance. 2. Why my players feel the need to return to their position during an opposition counter attack, leaving players free to waltz right past them. (e.g. my ML takes a free kick wide right, opposition defence intercepts and begins a counter attack down their left (my right). My ML somehow doesn't see this attack and runs across the field back to our left flank, leaving their player to run freely down our right side). 3. Why my players are always being aggressively marked during attacking throw-ins, don't move to find space, and end up giving the ball away. Yet I can't replicate this? There is no defensive throw-in option on the set pieces menu so how do the AI manage it and I don't? 4. Why my back line is positioned so poorly during attacking throw-ins. (e.g. during an attacking throw-in on the left flank, I have my DCl, DCr and DR instructed to stay back. Why does the AI swap my less-defensive-minded DR and DCl around, leaving us open to potential counter attacks??). 5. And lastly - why the hell is my defence positioned so terribly during a defensive free-kick??? Does anyone experience these? If so, how is it overcome? I've searched tirelessly for answers and found nothing.
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