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  1. Reading this has been very entertaining and informative for me. I'm waiting for the continuation. Thanks.
  2. I did research on the forum last night. I read Llama3's book on pairs and combinations. And I saw people who had tactics problems. I realized that I was making the same mistake. I guess I made random choices without having any strategy, not knowing the roles and tasks of the players and what they were doing on the field. I changed my tactics. Something similar to the above tactic but I made changes to the tasks and team instructions. I make many changes during the match again. I learn and struggle.
  3. I don't know much about the game. I used to play a little, but I'm not familiar with the game. I could not find a guide for this game in my country. I follow you on youtube because I don't speak English, I use google translate. And I would ask you to add subtitles to the videos you shared. I do such research using google translate in the forum. I was playing in the 4-2Dm-3 AMRLC -1 formation until I found this problem. I was keeping my line of defense standard or high. I was trying to play close to the ownership style. I have read a few titles on overloading tactics. I'm trying to try them. I don't know if this tactic can be done in low league and weak teams. When I tried to play a defense game I got worse results. It may be possible to play aggressively. I worked. My best players in my team are those in the AMRLC position. This is considered to be the average level of our league. My tactic is as follows. [image] https://ibb.co/b5cFQCD [/image]https://ibb.co/b5cFQCD I'm using fullback at DRL location. and I use instructions for players to dribble less, take fewer risks, and progress over long distances. When I used the rear wing, they spent a lot of time with the ball and I was losing a top. Cycle through AMRLC circulation from positions, simple press more. The mark is displayed in the AMRL position on the right and left defense of the racquet. I often make changes during the match. It's like taking DR into a support post. When the opponent team has trouble with the wings, I set my fullbacks as attack. I use the tactic you see in the picture as an attack. When I take the lead, the right defender pulls into support. Since we are weak in air balls, I usually have trouble with set pieces. I also think about this. As a beginner who doesn't know the game, is it bad that I picked a weak team in the low leagues? Thank you so much for your time and response.
  4. @Rashidi Hello to everyone. What should we do if we are the worst team in the league? There are short and bad jumps in our defense. We don't have a player to be the star of the team. We are expected to be relegated in the league and we have a transfer ban. I'm playing in the lower leagues from Turkey 3rd Division. I have a 2020 football manager.
  5. thanks Rashidi. It was great for me to share it in writing because I don't speak English. I took advantage of this article using google translate.
  6. Hello to everyone. We really needed a nice work. Can you explain the attack midfielder and striker positions? I'm also following you on youtube but I don't speak English. I'm using google translate. So I ask you. If you can make such guides in writing, if possible, it would be great for us. And do you have your own forum or site? Thank you very much, Rashidi. Excellent work.
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