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  1. you can give this a try..very defensively stable hardly concede from crosses and no stupid wingers running pass your defends like he wasn't there ...you'll find it lovely...I feel your pain brother ,I've been there🤣🤣
  2. The carrilero to my observation without the get further forward instructions, he plays like a normal playmaker only that he has a defensive mind set to protect the wide areas in both defense and offense if used with the right shape An example is kovacic in sarris Chelsea because of Marcos alonsos aggressive movement narrow and wide , kovacic is charge with the duty of protecting his back only that sometimes kovacic is given the get further forward instructions A very not noticeable example is Liverpool's keita and milner ,they operate in the half's spaces like mezzalas ,they do combo
  3. I see a lot of mistakes here,the mezzala and the (IF) position don't affect each other at least in a very fluid shape with them reading each other's position on the field...to my observation and loads of saves , when the mezzala runs wide the inside forward moves in narrow regardless of whether you set him to stay wide . I mostly use an iwb to fill the midfield position of the mezzala who is ready to make a combo play with the winger of inside forward and I instruct the wingers or inside forward to stay wide because the mezzala is already playing in that narrow position . I love the
  4. 4-2-3-1 Wide Inspired by mourinho.fmf Gk: D FB(s). CD(d) CD(d) FB(s) DLP(d). BBM(s) W(s) AM(s). IF(s) CF(a) Teamshape ; Structured Mentality; Control on weaker teams or same level , counter on stronger or leave on standard Team instructions; lower tempo, get stuck in,
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