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  1. Ran another test, everything checks out besides one team in group 2, which should be in group 4 but group 4 already has correct 4 teams promoted, whilst group 1 only got 3 >:( (◣_◢) for the file, there are 2 settings for III Liga, the one called "Default" is the one after the first season which is a "covid" season that just has a weird number of teams and relegated a weird amount, but I also have real fixtures and was able to set it exactly like irl (group 1 rele 7 group 2 rele 10 group 3 rele 4 group 4 rele 6 DIV 2 rele 3 that go into group 2) so idk what it is. X_Poland.fmf
  2. here i've marked the teams who were in the correct groups but moved into a different incorrect group in the next season. Group 2 and 4 had no teams move
  3. Also each team has correct regional division set, dates/relegations everything checks out, editor gives no error but for some reason the game can't promote the right teams into the right groups. Also the correct teams aren't even getting promoted lmao, group 2 got a team that should be in 3, group 3 got a team that should be in 4, whilst group 4 got ''all'' the correct teams from the region, whilst group 1 got only teams based in the mazowiecke region for some reason? (sure, right group but kinda strange that no teams from the Łódzkie, warminsko-mazurske or podlaske got promoted)
  4. welp 2nd season and it completely decided to shi* the bed and promted 7! yes S E V E N teams into group 1 and only 2 into group 4! yep group 1 relegated only 3 teams and group 4 5 teams, how does this make sense? Group 3 also only got 3 teams, so from the 16 teams that are meant to be spread over the 4 groups, group 1 got 43.75% of the teams, whilst group 4 got only 12.5%. So 1 team that got relegated (KKS Kalisz, Based in kalisz) would have to travel 130 KM for some of their games, this is absolutely ridiculous! they've been put into group 3 instead of 2 for no reason, despite releg
  5. For my Polish database I've decided to use the dynamic relegation by @krlenjushka but for no reason the game constantly promoted 5 teams into 1 random group and then 3 into a different, when it's supposed to be 4 into each of the 4 groups (18 teams in 4 groups, 3 relegated, 4 possibly relegated). Now I don't think this is because of the dynamic relegation, as I believe it happened before. Now this bug kind of makes it pointless for me to even use dynamic relegation when the game decided to act dumb and move teams thru groups anyway for no freaking reason, I hope anyone could help?
  6. Did it with a couple clubs (didn't manage them though) and they'd always get a magical takeover a few months into the save, doing it mid save they'd get a magical takeover either before or after administration.
  7. If you're looking for a league in Europe the only one I can think of is the San Marinese league, you'd need to download or create it yourself though.
  8. Only source I was able to find with a quick search, it says the money for UCL and UEL is also increased, but it doesn't say the qualifying round money or knockout money (except for final, which seems wrong)
  9. I think you'd need to somehow make the game compatible with multi threading, don't think it's possible.
  10. Haha thanks ya'll it was indeed players born before Dec 31.
  11. I'm playing in the polish ekstraklasa and you need 1 polish u22 player in the starting eleven, I have 2 21 year old players, both polish but neither count as U22, now I will have to use poor youth players against very strong teams, is this a bug?
  12. So one of my key players was upset as he believed I was trying to force him out of the club (offer was accepted by chairman, protested but didn't budge). Luckily I was able to appease him but I believe that this is a bug.
  13. Maybe actually read the rules of the competition you're playing in instead of calling the game flawed? Considering how you haven't done that yet I assume you won't even after this reply, so. In 21-24 cycle the winners of each groups, for both UEL and UECL qualify directly for the second knockout round instead of the first, whilst runners up and third places from UEL (Or UCL in UEL) play in the first knockout round.
  14. I agree, but your previous post has already been reviewed.
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