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  1. Hi, it was very easy to fix and you can use both of these files, the "den.xml" file should go into > data > comp editor > basic comps den.xml Denmark.fmf
  2. Yes that's the only bad thing about this database, I tried doing it with China but for some reason that didn't work
  3. I worked for a bit on this and it finally is fully working (10 seasons, not once was a team from the same association drawn against each other). Previous file was still broken, this one isn't, there are also a few minor fixes. https://www.fmscout.com/c-fm21-leagues.html?id=7317 Z_Uefa.fmf
  4. Ah i get it, yeah sadly they can't be bothered to fix that. Just seems like they don't give a crap about the editor
  5. Thanks I was already able to fix that but I can't get the promotion playoff to work properly, the winner doesn't get promoted Here's how the fate actions look Edit: Fixed it!
  6. I'm getting this error that promoted teams should be divisible by number of sub comps but it shoudn't as it's like this: 14 teams promoted from 14 groups Śląska I Champion and Śląska II Champion go into playoff 1 team promoted Mazowiecka North Champion and Mazowiecka South Champion go into playoff 1 team promoted So 16 teams promoted and 16 relegated from upper division Can i somehow proceed to advanced rules and add the playoff i need? Thanks.
  7. A simple fix could be to change the qualifications draw a day after the previous round instead of before it finishes, As this only happens with teams that drop from the UCL. (I could go more into detail but i don't think it's necessary)
  8. I have a Ryzen 5 3600 and 16gb of ram, day to day processing and match processing definitely feel slower than fm20
  9. Uefa coefficient is counted incorrectly in the 1st season, due to there being 1 leg teams should get 1.5 per win and 1 per draw or in this case a penalty win. For europa league should be that throughout all the qualifying rounds while for ucl, 1Q til the 3rd qualifying round, playoff uses the normal 1 per win and 0.5 per draw as it's 2 legs this should only apply for the 1st season as that's when the matches are 1 leg.
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