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  1. Why do Israeli teams always play a 30 ca player when they have a 120 ca perfectly healthy player in that position instead? Hapoel Beer Sheva keep on playing this guy, even in Euro Cup II, he's 36 ca btw: Maccabi Tel Aviv played this bloke the whole season, they finished 9th with him conceding 43 and having only 4 cln, he's 60ca: Tel aviv keep on also using 90 ca midfielders instead of their 120-130 ca midfielders, Hapoel released their only good goalkeeper (105 ca iirc) at the end of the 2020-21, he played a huge 0 games. There's various cases like this with big teams using wack players when they have good players eligible and what I don't understand it's only in Israel? I can't see any reason why these teams do this and I haven't seen it in any other teams/countries.
  2. I've been able to add the "Import button" but unfortunately it says "Can't import file" when trying to import fixtures. If any one knows a fix pls tell me, unfortunately currently the only way is via basic editor. Lines added: <boolean id="allow_list_import" value="true" /> <translation id="list_import_example" translation_id="342595" type="use" value="&quot;20/8/2009&quot; &quot;1500&quot; &quot;Arsenal&quot; &quot;Manchester United&quot;3 1 (score optional)[COMMENT: editor; format for importing text files]" />
  3. Hi I'm trying to use a custom fixture plan for my promotion playoff in 3rd league but I don't understand how it's supposed to work, here's how I want it to be: But the way I've done it there's only one match being played per fixture which gives a error of course (since one team plays 6 matches whilst the rest doesn't)
  4. In FM 21 FC Liefering are set as a B club for RB Salzburg
  5. I might be remembering it incorrectly but I swear to god it's possible, I definitely had my board create a B team when I was managing FC Rostov in Russia and they joined, I believe it was the next highest non playable league being the PFL (third tier).
  6. The usual for me, Poland but I'm not yet sure which club, I was thinking either Ruch Chorzów or Zawisza Bydgoszcz
  7. Definitely agree, there needs to be a bigger challenge (aka improving the ai, (better squad building, tactics pretty much everything)) or maybe even rarely if your finances somehow get bad that would also have a horrible effect (unlike currently where you miraculously get rescued by a nice football loving rich owner who's willing to clear all your debt for ya), or just a random season where your team just doesn't perform which also happens irl. So in short yeah there needs to be something done. And I know some people try doing 'challenges' but these are usually handicaps which managers/teams don't have irl either so imo just best if SI could do something about it.
  8. Thanks, Good to know it's not a bug, and it's not too big of a deal as it usually takes maybe a minute to set it to how I prefer but thx for your answer.
  9. These things always reset when I switch clubs, correct when I start the game but makes me responsible for everything once I join a different club, happens every time.
  10. This is definitely something to do with ranking levels as I have a similar system with Championship and Relegation groups for my Poland and Malta database and it works normally. edit: could be something else as the ranking levels are correct, but why is it bugged for a official league yet my leagues work as expected?
  11. Hi, the regional boundaries set for the III liga groups (Polish third division) are pretty awful and in term make the promotions weird, would be best to remove them.
  12. I believe there's a option to keep your files and only factory reset the windows/system files. Edit: But I still recommend making a backup of saves and such.
  13. Actually 1, 2 is for the cup. (but i do think irl it is now 2 for league aswell, just not fm).
  14. No matter what I input here it doesn't change, in 'changes' it says 'Success: No', why?
  15. If you go on holiday and the board offers you a new contract the game automatically accepts it... like no I don't want that, I wanted to leave my club on contract expiry in June and now will have to spend 3 more years there if I would want to do that, which I would cause for a club I like I prefer to leave peacefully/mutually. Now I'd need to get a job offer or resign which I don't *really* wanna do. Please for the love of god just make it so that my manager returns from holiday or something so that I can have the CHOICE of declining/accepting. ps. I holidayed cause Czechia has a boring winter break where nothing happens and of course I just had to be offered a contract then. >:(
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