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  1. May I ask a question? Why can't our manager pay for the course himself?
  2. Unless he is like 20 or more years into the future, I kinda doubt his SønderjyskE teams are enough quality to get past the group stages let alone the final
  3. Welp somehow it was the 3rd group which suddenly broke, I'm not sure how I fixed it but I think it was removing the "teams that have to be relegated: All II Teams"
  4. Also everything worked before, but I wanted to change up the 3th tier a bit 18 > 16 and 2 playoff groups + promotion playoff But this required me to, instead of have an extra team promoted from the 4th tier to have 1 less (Number of extra teams promoted from lower division 1 changed to -1) so instead of 3 teams relegated it was 5 But as 2 teams from the same region were getting relegated now I changed the 2nd group of the 4th tier to 17 instead of 18 teams, next season it became 18 again, but NO ofcourse the editor has to make up a error that's completely irreleva
  5. Can't verify my database as the editor makes up a error that doesn't exist, it randomly says 14 teams relegated and 16 promoted. Where the heck does it get 14 from?!? I have it clearly stated to 4 on each subdivision, so 4x4 = 16, and when I add 2 extra relegation spots it then says 18 teams? Where the hell is the logic here?
  6. Rep starts becoming much more flexible once you start a save Currently 2 years in and man city won 1 ucl with a starting rep of 9000 have gone up to 9670 this is also without having the premier league loaded Also you say 'By far' when I said mid 9000's which could be only a little bit more than Bayern starting off Just checked and Milans rep is 8200 starting, so it's not impossible for them to get atleast to 9000+ rep if they win both serie a and ucl? Also the rep increase is higher the lower your current rep is so a club like milan would get more than just
  7. I know but it should bring you fairly close to that, especially since Milans starting rep is fairly high, and psg's is smthn like 8600-8800, so winning both the serie a and ucl should bring you in the mid 9000's
  8. Yup I swear PSG are just so freaking broken in FM. Every goshdarn save they will have all the best players and for me always the same ones. I.E Haaland Havertz. And yeah if you won Serie A and Ucl then your rep is prolly near 10000 (max) so defo a bug.
  9. Just what the title says, the database I'm working on is VERY slow despite a fairly good pc: 'GTX 1650' 'Ryzen 5 3600' '16 GB Ram DDR4 8x2' It's honestly very unbearable, everything I try to change (or even click on) in the nation rules will freeze up for like 2-5 seconds! FM runs normally with this database so I'm not sure why the editor is so slow when editing it (other files are normal). The database only contains roughly 3300 changes and most of that is just setting division from extinct and adding regional divisions setting to clubs. Also only 5 division (2 whic
  10. I, of course completely agree with you, I just think that that could be the reasons for why SI does that, and hope they can change it.
  11. I think it might so that they can set the rep to whatever they want, as if it's part of the main club it will always be Main Club rep / 2 Also so you can see their achievements, and league histories.
  12. Also the 'league paths' for UEL and UECL are actually called 'Main Path'
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