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  1. Do we use these with the original 4 file versions or replace them?
  2. At first was confused with the Champions League winners (I have PSG winning the 18/19) but realised it is done as an alternative reality. However noticed that Madgeburg don't have their CWC win assigned them in game
  3. The level of work that has gone into this from you (and the other guys helping out with graphics, testing and more) is brilliant. Thanks for reviving the best database in FM!
  4. https://community.sigames.com/topic/531061-created-staff-biography-issue/ This was the post if that helps?
  5. Posted about an issue where created staff biographies do not work (an issue I raised back on FM17). Post was deleted and haven't been told why
  6. I managed to fix these issues through a bit of trial and error. Just have a few minor things to fix and improve. Cup Dates for FA and League Cup: Tried to match the original dates from 19/20 as close as possible (some minor tweaks due to the rules I want). Issue I am getting is Cup dates. My base year for all competitions is 2019 so have entered match dates as they were originally planned for in real life. However my FA Cup Final which is scheduled for 23 May 2020 keeps on getting played on 20 May and League Cup Final is scheduled for 1st March keeps on getting played on 26th Febru
  7. I have been working on a 11 Level British Pyramid and National Team with Clubs, Cities, Regions etc from Scotland and Wales moving to England and England becoming Great Britain. Premier League-League 2 remain (made in new structure) but I have made new competitions for Levels 5-11. When testing basic nation rules it says all rules are valid. However when I go to run it in advanced rules I just get a blank pop up message and and OK button (attached below) When I launch the game the 3 nations mentioned show blank with a red triangle next to them. I get the error on the first attached image.
  8. Really looking forward to this and big fan of the amount of research, time and effort has gone into this. Hope recovery is going well, having had it back in March know how badly it can knock you off your feet
  9. Would be good to have the ability to edit nations, continental and international tournaments from a new starting point. In this database scenario you would create new Federations and Confederations to take over the running of football. Editors could create own competition structures, rules and fates etc that aren't linked to the current hard coded db
  10. Wow, over 3 months and not one response from a mod or someone at SI
  11. Any thoughts on this? Seems odd that a game that prides itself on it's accuracy can't get this right
  12. See examples below from test database where I reactivated and edited Alan Shearer FM2017 Database: 13.7
  13. Hello, I have a slightly annoying issues which I wondered if anyone could help with. I've been adding some classic staff (Kevin Keegan, Terry Venables, George Graham and many others) to my editor DB and making sure both their playing and managerial stats & achievements are accurate. I add in player retirements dates but whenever the game loads the biography lists their playing careers lasting up until their last job (ie it says playing career spanned 40 years for George Graham). The trophy wins as a manager also do not transfer across to hall of fames. If the person is in the gam
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