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  1. FM18: Everton FC - The People's Club

    I made my own tactics, i am not at home but i will insert a screenshot when i get home but from what i can remember, here are a few tricks; 1)i join %80 of the team briefings, always give personal instructions to at least 4-5 of my own players, always underline important stuff for the match, like work into the box etc.. for example my advanced playmaker at MC position is Barkley and i tell him to INTENSIVELY hassle opponents and play really rough- the same instruction goes for my wingers too.. when you tell these guys to join your defensive play, you block the attacking full backs and the midfield center of the opposition. you must however, do the opposite with your DMC & MC: make sure they never push up and rotate, they must just hold their position and let closing down to their teammates. 2)always rotate team training depending on the opposition + always analyze the opponent correctly, dont just use the same instruction for every team. playing against Wolves at home will require different mentality compare to a difficult away game. for example if i play against Liv at Anfield, i untick work ball into the box, and tick stick to the positions, also i make sure they stay on their feet. (normally both tackling options are un ticked) because these kind of games i dont want to spend ages building up the perfect play + i must remain loyal to a script game plan without too much roaming. 3)the rest are classic rules of thumb, if you have a three men midfield, make sure you dont have 2 guys on a roaming role, make sure at least 2 likes to stick to their own positions, if you play inside forwards, make sure you have attacking full backs, if you play with wingers, make sure your attacking fullbacks dont over crowd the position with your winger, also make sure your central defenders level of closing down is decreased to less then sometimes, and make sure they dont play hard. 4)this version of FM got into a lot more detail with the set pieces, this time you have 4-5different locations on the pitch you need to plan for when using a free kick, think smart, careful and make sure you train set pieces during the week. i often score from free kicks with a good cross and the best header guy basically passes down to a team mate, and there it is, gooooal!! 5)Lets say that its the 89th minute and i am winning 0-1 against Liverpool. i become the most hated manager of all time, i contain the ball, waste time, short passes+ make sure i place my DMC to DC, AMC to DMC, FC to AMC etc.. make sure they just pass around etc.. this way, the top teams rarely score a late goal against me i'll include some other stuff if i remember.
  2. Mezzela & Carrilero

    dont like them, dont need them. won the CL with Everton at second season without any of these new positions. Ball Winner & B2B & ADV PLAYMAKER is more than enough for our needs
  3. FM18: Everton FC - The People's Club

    EPISODE 3 After an incredible second season, our player values have skyrocketed- mostly because of the CL Trophy of course.. So we had to use that to our advantage, and we did it! Some very interesting deals happened: GOOD DEAL 1: Ancelotti took over United and day1 he placed Lukaku on the transfer list for 50m euro's and also sent him to the reserves.. Meanwhile, Sandro's value gone up to 60m euro's and although he did perform really good- he definitely was not worth 60m! so even before i was aware of Lukaku's situation, I knew Sandro's temporary "value bubble" could burst, so i placed him on the transfer list. and United was interested (then i found out about Lukaku's situation) So, what did i do? I asked for Lukaku+10m, and they accepted it! so now i have Lukaku for FREE GOOD DEAL 2: right after we beat Arsenal at our last game of the season, (Siggy scored 2 goals against them) Arsenal was interested in our Icelander star.. He was 29 and getting 30 this season and earning 7m for two more year. SO, we sold him for 45m!! this meant we nearly got all the money we invested in him in the first place!
  4. Fenerbache no budget player ideas

    Biggest real advice for you: make sure you have the german league until the very low division enabled, incredible turkish regens will come for you to jump on. Your biggest turkish talent hub outside of turkey is within germany, always scout its divisions for regens, etc.. You can do the same with austria, holland france etc.. but the turkish regen appearance will be MUCH larger in Germany. last year, in my leverkusen game the top talent in the country was a half turkish regen so these guys must be on your radar before they become a superstar. some transfer suggestions: GK: Berke Özer (Altınordu) AML: Cengiz Önder (Roma) FC: Enes Ünal (Villareal)
  5. Fenerbache no budget player ideas

    advice from a Turk: quit and play with the real deal- galatasaray
  6. FM18: Everton FC - The People's Club

    EPISODE 2 okay we won the league and the league cup.. but was that it? is that all you expect from Everton? after the league ended, we had 2 more very important cup finals to play for.. unfortunately we lost the FA final against Arsenal, and at that point our only goal was to somehow beat Bayern at CL! and we did it! we won it! really didnt expected this, i must admit but our tactics totally locked Bayern even though we played with only %40 possesion, we won 2-0- we played incredibly smart. i must say the key is to press press press against the inferior teams(excluding the dmc&dc's). for example i knew their full backs were really good so my wingers were pressing on a rage mode just like fullback.. and i play really hard (excluding the central defenders ) Episode 3 will be about the new season preparations, but now i'm off to celebrating this magnificent achievement. SUMMARY: SEASON 1: LEAGUE: 3RD LEAGUE CUP: QUARTER FINAL FA CUP: WINNER EUROPA: QUARTER FINAL SEASON 2: LEAGUE: WINNER LEAGUE CUP: WINNER FA CUP: FINALIST CL: WINNER
  7. FM18: Everton FC - The People's Club

    EPISODE 1 First season recap: FA Cup winners, finished 3rd, Quarter final in League Cup, Quarter final in Europa SECOND SEASON: our season was coming to an end and we only had swansea away and arsenal home games left, and we could easily been the champions just with a win at swansea.. but no.. everton likes it difficult and stressful! we lost against swansea! last games were Chelsea vs Tottenham & Everton vs Arsenal Chelsea won 1-0 with a penalty.. that meant we had to win, even a draw was useless! the game started with 0-1 Arsenal leading.. half time 1-1.. full time 5-1 Barkley (3) Dolberg (2) WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS ON GOAL DIFFERENCE You can see my league table, transfers, and the most frequently used line up for this victorious season!
  8. Invisible players - 18.0.3

    this is currently my biggest issue with the game also. thank god i prefer the 2d anyway, but it really is a pity i cant see any of the new graphics for the 3d match experience all the players are invisible and nothing i did on this topic solved the problem!
  9. FM18: Everton FC - The People's Club

    It really all depends on the correct sentence you choose, the correct line of speech will trigger the stadium approval, but the new stadium is very much possible this year, mine is already on its way! do continue to try and you'll eventually trigger it i'm sure. Meanwhile, my second season is going great, i am REALLY enjoying this save, i especially LOVED the fact that former players join your squad to take part in the testimonial friendlies. second season update: 7 games in the league so far, 5 wins 1 lost 1 draw sitting at the second place. CL group is Spartak, PSG and Napoli. our squad for 2018/19: Pickford/Mannion Coleman/Byram Keane/Evans/Inigo M/De Ligt/Kik Pierie Aaron/Baines Diawara/Davies/Barkley/Siggy/Van Beek/McCarthy Sisto/Deulofeu/Jadon Sancho/Berardi/Vlasic Sandro/Dolberg *very happy to brought back Deulofeu, he was transfer listed for just 6m! he is an absolute bargain buy!! * Evans, Jadon Sancho, Byram and Van Beek are my other new transfers. *As you can see, we have 4 spanish, 3 dutch and 2 danish players- this makes the newcomers to immediately jump on a social group without any need to blend in. *Next season we'll part ways with Coleman, Baines, McCarthy, and Rooney- its time for the veterans to move on, we will not renew their contracts. *our targets for the next summer transfer window is already planned, we will need 1 DR, 1DL 2 MC's and 1ST. to ensure the best possible choices for these positions our scouts are scouting EVERYWHERE, from the belgium u18 to copa libertadores, they are currently busy with scouting scouting scouting!!!
  10. FM18: Everton FC - The People's Club

    Jonny Evans is an absolute steal when/if WBA gets relegated, don't miss him! Did any of you managed to get rid of Rooney? I even told him i will not register him but he was fine to just sit back and collect his money
  11. Favourite players so far in FM18

    Berardi and Aaron(Espanyol left back)
  12. FM18: Everton FC - The People's Club

    He did good, i used him mostly as a DLP-S and sometimes rotated him with Siggy too. played 29(17-12) 2 goals 2motm 7.05 rating. Btw, this just happened! this save is getting better and better
  13. FM18: Everton FC - The People's Club

    W-H-A-T A- F-I-R-S-T S-E-A-S-O-N !!! LEAGUE: Finished third- and not happy! WHY? because i lost the first spot in the last two games, even though finishing third is still a HUGE achievement, simple games like Southampton+Brighton cost me the title CARABAO: knocked out during the quarter finals, lost to Tottenham in PENALTIES. FA CUP: WON against Man UTD 3-0, but the most remarkable achievement in FA CUP was not the final game! we won at tottenham away even though we were losing 2-0 half time! and thats not even the whole story.. Everton won the game by playing 7 bench players- you heard me correct-not our regulars but our youngsters like Vlasic-Lookman-Holgate-Mannion were the heroes in this outstanding comeback! the game ended 2-3 and we faced UTD at the final game. EUROPA CUP: Knocked out at quarter final-lost to Liverpool even though we won the first leg 3-1 but we had a really unlucky second leg at Anfield, losing 3-0. *a chinese club offered 35M in January for Gueye so i replaced him with a younger version of himself, Diawara. *my best transfer was Berardi and Aaron, but Inigo was a rock at the back too! *the future is bright here in Everton! our young and talented alternatives like Mannion, De Ligt, Kik Pierie and Dolberg will be pushing for a first team spot! competition=success *Holgate & Lookman will probably be loaned out + Klaassen, C.Martina, Bolasie, Funes, Calvert, Onyekuru, Rooney and Jag will be leaving. *our squad is already pretty much set for next season, just a couple of alternatives and we are good to go! LAYOUT FOR NEXT SEASON GK: Pickford/Mannion DR: Coleman/+1 DC: Keane/Martinez/De Ligt/Pierie/Galloway DL: Aaron/Baines DMC: Diawara/McCarthy MC: Davies/Barkley/Siggy/+1 AMR: Berardi/Vlasic AML: Sisto/+1 FC: Sandro/Dolberg/+1
  14. so, mezzala is a roaming+more advanced sort of a box to box, so what would be its ideal partners in a midfield of three? how would guy guys design a midfield trio with a Mezzala in it? i was thinking about a DLP(D) at DMC and then a Mezzala & B2B together, but it looks like those two together could mean my midfield becomes a highway what do you guys think?
  15. Who are you all managing and why?

    managing everton because its the best team in the premier league. my next targets are leverkusen, torino and valencia