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  1. I literally signed in just to quote this.. cant agree more mate.. havent checked it this year but last season he had an insane PA, something like 169 if i remember correctly.. and he never, ever performs good, never ever improves (and i had a very decent Bournemouth save)
  2. Dear Julius; Unfortunately i am one of those that cant go to sleep without erasing the "digital" trash every night so no previous save games sorry. BUT i have something interesting for you... what i did was, although i offered him a contract that was MUCH BETTER (and he kept refusing it as you read it above) i left the negotiation to my DOF (AFTER i originally offered him) and now, he accepts DOF's modifications even though from the first glance its a much worse offer: i can still upload my save game btw- but it has to be post- transfer offer. so basically he reject
  3. If the agent came to me a couple of days later and ask for a raise or a change in a certain clause etc.. yes then i would agree, it would add some reality to the game. BUT we agree a contract and then out of nothing, he just refuses my originally accepted offer and the negotiations break there. that looks like a secondary bug to me. not as game breaking perhaps (because it doesnt happen with all the players) but still annoying and never ever happened before in FM
  4. Dear Julius, i will double check your suggestions regarding the original issue.. however as i also have mentioned, either there is another bug as a result of the bug or a new aspect of the game? although we agree with the player- he then suddenly refuses my contract offer couple of days later
  5. i always have the numbers put in manually. thanks for the hint i will check it and update it if does work. EDIT: yes it does work. but i am one of weird players where the digits has to be certain amounts, like 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750 etc. these numbers. not 1,620 like the arrows suggest. so for picky players like me this is a night mare LOL please fix it EDIT 2: Ok now there is an another bug that happens as a result... although we totally agree with the player, couple of days later instead of the confirmation screen he suddenly refuses and rejects my offer fo
  6. this is my problem too. never ever happened before ever in the history of football manager. i started two separate saves with the winter patch, it gives the same error. however old patch save versions arent effected. i agree with a player for 4m, lock the value, agree all other details and hit confirm, suddenly the yearly wage increases to an absurd amount. this is a game breaker bug. please prepare a patch immediately to resolve this. thank you
  7. after the latest patch, during new player negotiations- especially if the incoming player is pretty reputable- lets say you agreed with him 4m a year- at the last confirmation screen when the screen turns green, the agreed amount automatically increases to something I havent agreed- (see the screenshot below) this happens EVEN WHEN I LOCK THE WAGE before hand. DOES ANYBODY ENCOUNTERED THIS?
  8. Gencler Turkce konusmayin yabancilara ayip oluyor Bu arada ben hic TR ligi olmadim desem, ki fanatik gsliyim. Ingiltere ligi disinda bayiyor, kolay domine ediyorsun hemen. AZ Alkmaar denedim en son, o da baydi.
  9. he is not a starter for my bournemouth team but plays well when i do need him.
  10. Unfortunately 1.5billion of debt is just for the owner rights of the existing stadium. I was already in deep financial trouble as i have said during my first messages because of my transfer spree, and now on top of that now i have an extra 1.5billion to deal with😃
  11. for the last time.. I did not edit! i dont see any fun at having 1,500,000,000 debt after third season and having two consecutive -9 point seasons. and also i dont think its a bug- i basically found a loophole and exploited it- for every 40 to 80m player, i only paid not more than 5m upfront and the rest was always paid in future payments, meaning it did not effect my current transfer budget that much at all. no matter how weird all these sounds like, all of this actually did happen the club did allowed me to buy players with majority of its payments done later, which resu
  12. when you have Bailey and 15 other wonderkids within your squad, IRL even you would have ignored Noble leaving..
  13. I just have one question. when we ask for training facility or youth facility improvement, the board agrees but a couple of months later, if its no longer possible due to financial reasons, the board often cancels it- i am sure many of us here have witness that. the question is, how can the board doesnt cancel such an unbelievable amount for a stadium purchase? its 1,500,000,000 euros!!
  14. I did not edit anything if thats what you are claiming, if i had manipulated my financials, i am not a masochist, i would have put money in, not take it out. I have FMRTE installed for finding regens, that could be why thats there.
  15. i have two feedbacks for you. a)Haaland performs best as a Pressing forward b)I wouldnt use a MEZ and BBM together.. by default both roams around the pitch and that could make your central mid highly vulnerable to counter attacks. not to mention your third central midfield is also an attacking role. make sure one of those 3 players are at least DLP(s) basically you need 1 midfield to be more static.
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