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  1. Actually if only the basque players at Sociedad were interested for a transfer, there would still be plenty of choices for transfers. but it sucks that they are never interested, which makes the options even more limited.
  2. Everton Or AC Milan

    Although it looks highly unlikely, I'm still hoping Barkley would stay. thats why i cant start my new and last FM save, because with our without Barkley means so much to the team + the latest forward addition would also make a big difference if we sign someone like Gignac etc.. so i guess i'll wait a while
  3. Everton Or AC Milan

    wait until Barkley leaves and start with everton, thats what i am doing atm. after their latest additions, milan is way too powerful for you to enjoy a new save- you'll easily dominate the league from day 1, so no really competition there if you ask me. wait for everton for a day or two, insert the latest arrivals&departures and start with them.
  4. FM17: Everton - Nil Satis Nisi Optimum

    I'm waiting until the Ross Barkley issue to be resolved to start my final game too. btw, Klaassen and Wayne both plays best as a second striker at AMC, how do you plan on using them? oh and i'm not quite sure if those additions vs the loss of Barkley & Lukaku should be considered a good deal or not. Pickford and Keane are very good additions and they'll fill important gaps in the squad, and Sandro is a bargain buy without a doubt, but Barkley-Lukaku's gaps should not be underestimated i think..
  5. started as bilbao too and i'm trying to loan( or buy) merino in the first transfer window but for some reason the guy keeps rejecting me? any ideas why? because it looks like you guys don't have such a problem
  6. A Rampaging Rightback

    Zappacosta is one of the most useful attacking right backs i had used in this version. if you use him correctly, he makes not less than 10 assists per season.
  7. FM17: Everton - Nil Satis Nisi Optimum

    48months of payment with the minimum amount of front payment possible.
  8. i have analyzed the rivals in his positions and decided to loan him to a domestic club, carpi. sion had a better striker in their squad, so i couldnt risk him not getting regular games in switzerland. Thanks guys
  9. thanks guys. Yeah playing time is a must, but after that i was hesitant about the importance of the standard of the league vs training facilities of the loaned club.
  10. I would like to further develop the ability of my youth player, but his chances of being in the first team next season is highly unlikely SO; i have 2 offers, which offer would benefit my player more (i am playing as Torino) an italian team, carpi playing in Serie A - But with adequate training facilities a swiss team, sion- playing at lesser quality league- but with good training facilities WHICH ONE WOULD CONTRIBUTE MY PLAYER MORE?
  11. This seems like the best option to use both Barkley and Klaassen however Bolasie doesnt have a place in this. So it looks like this new Everton squad (at least as of now) is utterly confusing for formations and using BARKLEY-KLAS-LUKAKU-BOLASIE all together doesnt look possible i think
  12. FM17: Everton - Nil Satis Nisi Optimum

    Thought about that too but then Bolasie couldnt be used. This new squad and its player types are utterly confusing
  13. After the arrival of Klaassen i wanted to start a new save with Everton but struggling for a new formation. Klaassen, without a doubt is best utilised as a shadow striker(A) We still have Lukaku, who is best used as a target man (A) and also Barkley, who is also best used as an advanced playmaker(A) how can i use these guys in a formation without leaving huge gaps in the midfield? thanks
  14. FM17: Everton - Nil Satis Nisi Optimum

    Klaassen is a shadow Striker Lukaku is a Targetman (better with attack instruction) Barkley is an Advanced Playmaker (better with attack instruction) how can we use all these guys together without leaving a huge gap in the midfield?
  15. Lazio or AC Milan

    played with both. with Lazio you can have instant success and you don't need such a major overhaul compare to Milan. with Milan, you have more work to do. the squad seems good but you have insane contracts with many ageing players to get rid of. i'm still playing with Milan though and its my 4th season. however i gave up my Lazio career after 2 consecutive league titles, it became boring too soon.