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  1. the only down side with him is i personally dont really like short goalkeepers, its a big no from me, so for that reason I'M OUT
  2. Greetings everyone, to begin with, i hope everyone a great new year! as for the topic of this thread, I am playing with AC Milan and as you all probably know- they share a common stadium with their rival, Inter. the question is simple: my board agreed to extend the capacity to 85K, and it will cost 88m euros. the issue is, does this mean Inter will automatically get their own home matches in a stadium that will now hold bigger capacity and they paid no money for it?
  3. I loaned him right after his loan with Dortmund ended- he was listed automatically for loan again- then after the second season i used my optional buy fee which was around 75m €
  4. Actually that sounds really exciting, i never had a tycoon takeover randomly happening in my saves, so i would just go ahead and try to create a real dream team Milan if i were you. as for the negative aspect of "easily dominating the league" well lets be honest- even a save with Venezia, it will eventually be inevitable and even a mediocre FM player will eventually dominate its save game anyway.
  5. which save would be slightly more challenging would you say, Leverkusen or Leipzig?
  6. Upamecano is really good- especially due to his pace he is really effective when the opposition tries a long ball through your defensive line. Ajer is effective in both positions, i now use him as a CB but other times i used him as a DM (deep lying playmaker defend) and he always contributes well. Btw I play as Wolves too, this is my team as i am about to start the second season.
  7. two French central defenders of Leipzig, Konate & Upamecano are amazing. if you are obsessed like me with playing a left footed central defender at DLC (central defender left) then Bastoni from Inter or Uduokhai from Wolfsburg are all good choices. other than those, even Tarkowski from Burnley would contribute you a lot, central defenders are in abundance, unlike good left and right backs. some of the other notable options are Godfrey from Norwich, Milenkovic from Fiorentina or Ferro from Benfica. (but there are so many good DC's out there)
  8. If i am not mistaken, in the previous versions when you loaned a player with a mandatory buy option- the fee you agreed to pay his club was deducted from your budget at the time of the offer and not when the loan ends after a year or so. however now it looks like when you loan a player with the mandatory buy, that arranged future fee is not deducted from the transfer budget. so the question is, what happens if i spend all my transfer budget, and next window when that mandatory move is supposed to happen, i dont have that money to pay his club anymore? does the transfer go through regardless of this or does it somehow get canceled because i couldnt afford him?
  9. Man Citeh was 5 & 6th in my 2 separate EPL saves. i would say thats even more silly then Juve being second with 87 points.
  10. I agree that unlike the EPL, the top6 teams can easily dominate the Serie A- however choosing a team like Sassuolo/Genoa/Torino etc. can still be a lots of fun. i dont think its that easy to dominate with them right from the start, and as for that 80 points remark, well i'll let you know what happens in my game, i'm planning on a Torino save.
  11. sorry, who is Trabzonspor? is he playing for Galatasaray?
  12. Unfortunately, Players like Soyuncu and Barnes are massively underrated i think. Soyuncu has better mental attributes then this surely- and as for Barnes, his tech attributes are an insult if you watch him irl
  13. The only major downside with him is his height. 1.78 is really low for a top class central defender. Only Ake comes to mind as an exception.
  14. Okay thats it! After tonight, no matter how easy this save is gonna be, i am ready to start this journey and play De Ligt at this home club until he reaches 36! If not now, when? Next year, its now almost certain this team will be pillaged just like Monaco was! So, @Raymond85 and all the other Ajax people here, whats the recommandations for a first timer in the dutch league?
  15. Ladies and Gentleman, please gather around here for a historical FM achievement FIRST SEASON WITH BLACKBURN: LEAGUE LEADER WITH 111 PONTS!! SECOND SEASON WITH BLACKBURN IN EPL: FINISHED 3RD, ONE MORE WEEK TO GO.
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