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  1. The only major downside with him is his height. 1.78 is really low for a top class central defender. Only Ake comes to mind as an exception.
  2. Okay thats it! After tonight, no matter how easy this save is gonna be, i am ready to start this journey and play De Ligt at this home club until he reaches 36! If not now, when? Next year, its now almost certain this team will be pillaged just like Monaco was! So, @Raymond85 and all the other Ajax people here, whats the recommandations for a first timer in the dutch league?
  3. Ladies and Gentleman, please gather around here for a historical FM achievement FIRST SEASON WITH BLACKBURN: LEAGUE LEADER WITH 111 PONTS!! SECOND SEASON WITH BLACKBURN IN EPL: FINISHED 3RD, ONE MORE WEEK TO GO.
  4. Started with Blackburn, media prediction and the board expectation was not to be relegated.. loaned and brought some players, made several tactical tweaks and look what we have achieved 7 weeks before the end of season. one of my most successful first seasons EVER.
  5. in my both of italian league saves, Rugani goes to Real Madrid and they buy stupid alternatives like Mangala etc..
  6. I want to start with Atalanta (again) but Juventus really struggles to dominate in my saves due to stupid transfers. dont get me wrong, if i dont play in Serie A, they easily dominate.. but when i do play with an Italian team against them, they really do struggle to challenge. does this happen to you guys too?
  7. @JordanMillward_1 I looked at 3 currencies underneath and both euro and dollar seems to be wrong. only sterling seems to calculate the amount correctly. this never happened in previous versions but let me underline the fact that this bug- i think this is what it is- happens in ALL my saves. the total amount is never calculated correctly unless its in sterling.
  8. Unfortunately that is not the case. all of the players i sold had no installments but still are much less then the original figure. is this a bug then? btw- this is not just with this save, these total numbers dont match the real figure when you count it, in any of my saves.
  9. in this years transfer income & outcome sheet, the calculations are not accurate. why is this, what do these numbers underneath are based on, because the real numbers are supposed to be 171m instead of 131m and 102m instead of the 78m. in the previous versions of this game, the numbers were always accurate, but this year they are not. if this not a bug, these total numbers are probably the result of an another calculation, but what is that they are calculating? anyone??
  10. I’m tempted to start with them at one point but i feel its going to be really easy to dominate with them. I mean their squad is crazy good, even their youngsters on the bench are mostly wonderkids!
  11. I'm thinking of Lyon, but their squad is so good that i'm afraid its going to be as easy as managing Juve or Dortmund etc.. how big of a challenge can PSG can pose to Lyon? (i hope a lot) *I dominated really easy with BMG with my old save, Bayern was a no-match
  12. Rulli brought him first season for 13m, just sold him after the end of second season to city for 120m
  13. I did not buy him. he came from the annual youth recruitment. so last year it was starter:toloi backup: corbo this year it is: starter: corbo back up: veteran klavan & di francesco btw, dont just rely on your scouts that much. for some reason they are not really as effective as they should be, instead just roam around all the clubs u18's yourself and then send a scout to those that are interesting. let me also give you guys an unrelated hint, after a season ends, i recommend you to spend around 2 real days just scouting profile pages of different players, training, checking the set piece instructions again, planning your u18's for next season, basically carefully plan for your new season.. dont rush..
  14. I cant seem to find any of my saved games now after the macbook update to Mojave, any ideas why this is and how to resolve it?
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