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  1. Cleon, how risky would it be to use a full back with an attack role and combine him with an inside forward attack role upfront? What i am thinking is to use the finishing ability of that inside forward, while also using the good attacking ability of my full back? (i understand that the opponent my exploit me from the wings, thats why i used Danilo as a CAR role, so that he might intervene against the attacking full backs of the opposition) (my tactic is your 4-2-3-1)
  2. 1)I have both Fekir and Stindl. Fekir is best used as Advanced Playmaker (A) and Stindl as Defensive Forward, can both of these roles work together, and if not, how can i get the best out of these two while playing both of them together 2)my tactic is 4-2-3-1 both of my wingers are inside forwards and from the 2 central midfielders one is a DLP(S) the other is BWM(D) should i stick with that or i was thinking of partnering a BWM(D) with a Carrilero(S) which one would be more easy to exploit?
  3. They are probably added earlier to our budget, but you dont really see that huge number though- forget it
  4. I'm not really sure because i had plently left from the first season, but you have lots of players coming back from loan- you can sell them easily- for example i sold Paloschi for 12m, Marilungo for 2.5m, Radunovic for 2.9m etc.. I generated a really solid income from those unimportant players, i sold&released 28 players thats how i generated 80m income and be able to buy Caldara and Orsolini from Juve.
  5. Team To Build A Dynasty ?

    Thought about that, but they are way too powerful to be a fun and long save in my opinion, if you play smart even in the first season their team will easily dominate the league without any problems- thats why i choose Atalanta instead tbh, and enjoying a lot!
  6. We are about to get start with our second season at Atlanta. first season ended with 4th place in the league, with no other significant achievements elsewhere. this transfer season we tried to continue our policy of buying young and talented italian wonderkids, and i'm also very happy to be able to keep our star players Caldara & Orsolini As you can see from the attachments underneath, we spent 89m and received 80m in transfers, we sold or released 28 players and also strengthened the team with great youngsters like Barella and Pellegri (hopefully along with Petagna, he'll be a good cover for the forward spot for many years to come) LAST WORD: our team for the future is set. from this point onwards, unless we sell a star player we'll make 2-3 adjustments per summer, at most.
  7. I highly recommend the Atalanta save. Towards the end of the first season, I was stuck at midtable and we had 10 games left- deservedly we made 10/10 wins and finished 4th and qualified to CL (not to mention i was on level points with the 3rd spot team, Inter) starting to get ready for the second season, my first priority was to secure the permanent deals of our 2 star players-Orsolini & Caldara. we desperately need 3 more players but our budget is gone, we’ll have to figure something out i guess. (loan?) when i get home, i’ll update my development with pictures
  8. Team To Build A Dynasty ?

    Atalanta. a)a great fanbase- one of the best in Italy b)plently of young players to develop c)star players like Caldara & Alejandro-they will make sure you can also achieve instant success d)great facilities, one of the best youth developers in Italy
  9. English Wonderkids

    Thats true but i highly doubt if any club makes an offer for Trent Arnold today, would Liv reject any bids under 100m? or for Tymon, would stoke ask for at least 70m? I really am not sure. Davies is the only exception yes, because he is regularly involved in the first team for sometime now.
  10. English Wonderkids

    wonderkids like Tymon, Trent Arnold or Tom Davies are top class youngsters but they are extremely hard to get, its almost unrealistic.
  11. Jamie Vardy replacement/understudy?

    I’m about to start my third season with Leicester and believe me, you can play with him for at least 4 seasons. Yeah his physical attributes do decrease but from 18 to 17, or 15 to 14 so doesnt really matter he is still awesome He will at least score 20 goals a season, dont worry
  12. No, he is not interested in the beginning of the first season. I finished second but it was still hard to get him though, but at least he agreed to negotiate instead of rejecting my offer right from the beginning. these were the terms i had agreed with him, be aware though anything less, he will reject you right away.
  13. How did jonny worked out for you? I'm thinking about buying him to my Espanyol side, although his mental and defensive numbers are really good, his offensive limitations do worry me.
  14. Brought him to my Leicester side, at the beginning of second season for 44m Playing a similar tactic to Conte's 3-4-3 so its going to be interesting to see how he adapts a "non roaming" style, especially when we face bigger teams.