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  1. I think that there's no issue here, he's pretty much saying that the opposition also play a possession style like your team (Boca).
  2. I'm managing APOEL and my objective for UCL this season is "Reach Playoff round" yet I start in Group Stage (Due to winning UEL and the League). I've uploaded the save as "RealSmokePL_APOEL" I also had this in previous seasons, such as "Reach Third Qualifying Round", when I started in the Playoff, in one save I had that as a requirement but lost in the Playoff and the board was disappointed? (Don't have that one save anymore unfortunately)
  3. I don't think so as a few of my players from the first 11 have just been added after winning the UEL final, one of them has only been at the club for 2 seasons. (good form and such but still )
  4. I'm managing APOEL and have won a lot of stuff, even somehow won the UEL just now but I'm still stuck at Favorite personnel for quite some time now, I checked via the editor and I'm at a 100 rating (Also was before the UEL win). Here are my achievements: Yet multiple of my players have already gotten the Icon status being a lesser time at the club then me.
  5. He meant searching here: https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/834-editors-hideaway-download-forum-fm21/ This looks like a good one:
  6. It's probably because in stage 1 in the teams section it only grabs the winners of the qualifying round meaning there's 54 teams in the group stage so less qualifiers from there, you should also work with "Get qualified teams for comp" instead of "get lowest seeded teams" especially since all teams get either a seeding of 0 or 1. Though there's one thing I don't understand, in the qualified teams section you have 134 teams, yet only 108 play in the qualifiers and 10 more get added in the group stage thus making 118, whilst the teams from the summer tournament are put into the "stage" teams and not qualified teams. Whilst it would take a long time I probably recommend re-making the competition as it's kind of messy. I would fix everything for you but this file is HUGE and even my pc struggles with it, like 1 minute of waiting after every click which is just too tedious. I was able to fix it for the "Aichi Preliminaries" but there's a error for the different cup(s) so you should just remake them. You can see what I did to fix the Aichi Preliminaries but unfortunately there's probably a dozen more of these cups to fix and with the slowness of this file it's just impossible. 2099136263_JapanNihon-League2021.fmf
  7. It would be extremely helpful if you could upload your file.
  8. Perhaps giving them the highest seeding (0) and checking "Reverse teams" could fix it.
  9. Also wanted to add this: With promotion already secured and 10 points ahead of the 2nd team, I am being asked whether I will rest players ahead of the upcoming cup semi final, why would I do that, for what reason?
  10. One more that I'll add is Erik ten Hag always becoming the manager of the Netherlands, every time at the start of the 2021-22 season.
  11. I apologize for the weirdly worded title. For me it's always Sean Dyche becoming the manager at England, Marek Papszun becoming the manager of Poland and Stanislav Cherchesov getting hired at FK Rostov, any other managers you always see getting hired at a certain club/nation?
  12. So many months and still no reply from SI is to say the least disappointing, another example: I've looked trough the game files (the ones that can be extracted with Resource Archiver) but I found nothing, would be good if someone from SI acknowledged this, whether it's fixed for FM 22 or any particular fix for FM 21 whatever something. ඩී
  13. Also, if you start unemployed, no badges no experience and you're somehow being interviewed by national media, like imaging walking down the streets of Amsterdam and asking some random guy whether he's interested in becoming the manager of AE ZAKAKIOU, doesn't make much sense if you think about it but for no real reason happens in FM. I get it if you selected some decent past experience, declared interest in a job but if you've done non of that then how the heck does the media know about you? (main character but cmon, let's keep it r–e–a–l–i–s–t–i–c). Also if you've left on contract expiry and you're being asked what went wrong and if it was something to do with board issues, like, what??? But other then that, irrelevant questions like you choosing to wear a suit or tracksuit, some random 'war of words' with managers you've never come across of, players acting like butthurt toddlers all the time, mr 'The public wants to hear a proper answer from you', what part of no comment or neutral is hard to understand? especially when I said I am happy with my squad and won't be buying players, or saying that multiple times and then being asked whether there's positions in my team I'm looking to bolster, or random players no-one's ever heard of. I was asked whether I am pleased with my U19 winning the reserve league, I answered "I'm here to discuss first team questions" (or sum like that) and guess what? the next 3 questions were still about that... 🤬 Or my board expecting a top three finish, understandable, we're top 2 in terms of reputation and we've just won the league, our squad may not be the best but definitely good enough for top 3, so I tell that to my players, every one gets mad and offended like I've just called them a slur, when I was just telling them what the board expects (and tbf what I expected) and they're saying I'm to ambitious, what professional would react like that? cmon especially sine that's our literal board objective. I don't expect press conferences or general interactions to be some house of fun but just make them less tedious and idiotic.
  14. How do you create one of these? I've looked at some of the default in-game awards but it doesn't work for me, [X] of the season / year works but of the month doesn't. Here's the file, it would be handy to use a Cyprus league database for this if one would require, please feel free to DM me for my. Cyprus_Awards.fmf
  15. Hi the issue seems to have sorted itself out in the following seasons. 👍
  16. Why do Israeli teams always play a 30 ca player when they have a 120 ca perfectly healthy player in that position instead? Hapoel Beer Sheva keep on playing this guy, even in Euro Cup II, he's 36 ca btw: Maccabi Tel Aviv played this bloke the whole season, they finished 9th with him conceding 43 and having only 4 cln, he's 60ca: Tel aviv keep on also using 90 ca midfielders instead of their 120-130 ca midfielders, Hapoel released their only good goalkeeper (105 ca iirc) at the end of the 2020-21, he played a huge 0 games. There's various cases like this with big teams using wack players when they have good players eligible and what I don't understand it's only in Israel? I can't see any reason why these teams do this and I haven't seen it in any other teams/countries.
  17. I've been able to add the "Import button" but unfortunately it says "Can't import file" when trying to import fixtures. If any one knows a fix pls tell me, unfortunately currently the only way is via basic editor. Lines added: <boolean id="allow_list_import" value="true" /> <translation id="list_import_example" translation_id="342595" type="use" value="&quot;20/8/2009&quot; &quot;1500&quot; &quot;Arsenal&quot; &quot;Manchester United&quot;3 1 (score optional)[COMMENT: editor; format for importing text files]" />
  18. Hi I'm trying to use a custom fixture plan for my promotion playoff in 3rd league but I don't understand how it's supposed to work, here's how I want it to be: But the way I've done it there's only one match being played per fixture which gives a error of course (since one team plays 6 matches whilst the rest doesn't)
  19. In FM 21 FC Liefering are set as a B club for RB Salzburg
  20. I might be remembering it incorrectly but I swear to god it's possible, I definitely had my board create a B team when I was managing FC Rostov in Russia and they joined, I believe it was the next highest non playable league being the PFL (third tier).
  21. The usual for me, Poland but I'm not yet sure which club, I was thinking either Ruch Chorzów or Zawisza Bydgoszcz
  22. Definitely agree, there needs to be a bigger challenge (aka improving the ai, (better squad building, tactics pretty much everything)) or maybe even rarely if your finances somehow get bad that would also have a horrible effect (unlike currently where you miraculously get rescued by a nice football loving rich owner who's willing to clear all your debt for ya), or just a random season where your team just doesn't perform which also happens irl. So in short yeah there needs to be something done. And I know some people try doing 'challenges' but these are usually handicaps which managers/teams don't have irl either so imo just best if SI could do something about it.
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