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  1. It also said Steve McClaren's Newcastle United would win loads of Champions Leagues and Premier Leagues, so...
  2. @DementedHammer I've saved some supposed solutions but if you're still giving your secret away, let me know too please haha.
  3. It's easy to forget that FM stops being real life once you're playing it. Not just because of transfers, newgens and random Brexits, but the fact the world does change, but FM's stays the same. The first CM had players being sold in 2020 for 7 figures maximum on wages of a few thousand p/w, FM 18 didn't predict COVID, CM 01/02 didn't predict Brexit or tiki-taka and, according to my FM 07 everything-loaded game, Scotland is about to become the greatest international side in history. Let's not fuss too much.
  4. If you scroll up, you'll see Neil was the first to make it personal and to get uppity. I cut him off several times when his replies showed that trend would continue. I didn't even reply to him initially either, so he's gone out of his way to... 'engage' with me and in that way It's strange you think my story lacked recognition. It got *checks* 100,000 views over both threads, 2k per update, and was the longest running. I understand why you'd go the jealousy angle but it doesn't make sense here. It also pretty arrogant to call your awards recognition. I reiterate this is the SI community,
  5. I had a story, which is done (for now or forever). This forum is one of many I might go on when a few seconds need to be killed. Maybe read a few stories or whatever's in this thread rather than the general discussions forum due to its infamous toxic nature. Whether that continues is another thing. And I don't mean because, keeping with the theme of exclusive clubs, the mod team have coincidentally been stalking this thread and my profile for the past day since neilhoskins77 burst in to get personal and score points like a mighty internet warrior and presumably have a whine about me on th
  6. Yet you couldn't tell that difference. The difference between a comment and a years-long gripe / vendetta too, but your Occam's Razor was that the latter was less crazy. Next, should we go into how you keep this forum around literally to keep it away from the SI community unwashed masses and have your own tucked away club er "community" or shall we save that completely unrelated elephant for your next tantrum?
  7. But they do say it. Every year. Multiple times every year. Moan about only 3 people voted, only 5 people voted. Moan that this year the winners didn't win when they choose to have that rule, moaned about that the year before, the year before that. Moan about some awards being cancelled. Groundhog Day. Then magically that changes when an outsider comments on it - now the awards are so amazing and we gotta score points with comebacks and tell ourselves he has a problem with our prestigious awards. Yeah that must be it! And this coming from mods. SI forum being SI forum.
  8. Your intent was clear, as it is with this response. Reply to me when you're prepared to talk normally rather than score meaningless internet points, make comebacks and just go "no you!" Or stop moaning at any time... I get it, you don't like that the winners don't win and no one votes. We get it every year. Stahp it.
  9. And I stop reading, your intent in this reply is clear. For the love of God, stop the moaning! I literally wrote to stop moaning and being arsey when people reply to it eeeevery year, especially if you aren't prepared to fix it, and instead you double-down.
  10. That hasn't stopped you in this thread... Edit: Please stop sending abusive PMs, thanks m8.
  11. Erm... it's a bit of a theme that you guys (same avatar so can't tell who's who) moan every year that barely anyone's voted and that awards are sullied because the actual winner didn't vote so you chose to give it to whoever came third and applied like it's the Intertoto Cup. I suggest stop moaning every year (and getting arsey when you ask for suggestions then get them) and / or get rid of the silly No Homers Club 'pre-requisite' that's evidently the cause of the incessant moaning. But hey it's an open forum, so just as you can wallow every year, everyone else can reply to it.
  12. Congratulations, you win 10,000 internet points and continue your 100% internet argument winning streak. *pats your head and turns back around* Now back to the on-topic discussion.
  13. I didn't mention other games. I didn't say how FM is marketed.
  14. There are a lot of things to take into consideration, for example: 1) FM is not a simulation. It's always been an idealistic and simplistic(!) fantasy of what being a football manager is. Never mind the even less control 'head coaches' today have. 2) As it's a game, not real life, it's constrained by its AI. It will always have flaws that you take advantage of just as you would do so with an opponent's weaknesses in real life. We learn and try to use the world's rules. Real life doesn't equate to a game's. I don't know how it is today, but the usual problem is bizarre and short-sight
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