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  1. As it's Tunisia, I would expect most players to have a great game. It's not so much I'm dropping Trippier, that I'm just moving Walker to the right. If Trippier was effective then by all means play him instead of Walker. He probably could do with the experience anyway, it shouldn't matter who starts against Panama.
  2. Guys... I know it's a vocal minority complaining and some of it's been covered, and granted some people aren't going to have read the whole thread. So I'm not gonna go into detail (unless you want me to) about Iran's tactics and approach, so just a few 'short' things instead without trying to seem curt or illogical: 1) Let's remember that this was Iran v Spain. Iran are underdogs in every match, up against Real and Juve players, but here they were 20/1 to win. In fact some people were 'predicting' (guessing) Iran were going to lose 5-0, 9-0, so it's clear what we thought would happen if Iran just went out and "gave it a go". This was an Asian team with 1 win and 1 clean sheet in only 3 World Cups (50 years) before this week going against one of the tournament favourites. 2) Iran were trying to win, believe it or not, despite seemingly parking the bus and playing for 0-0. Not just because it's hard to win if you leak goals and have your Persian League-based defence and keeper exposed, but the way they play is mostly psychology and percentages. If YOU think Iran were playing for 0-0 and happy to defend for 90 minutes, so do the opposition. So they 'dominate', yet only have about 2 chances, then concede to everyone's (but Iran's) surprise. Even today, alas it was offside, while Costa's was flukey. Iran's chances are always sudden and big ones they "should've scored", and they get them every match. 3) Iran don't have the infrastructure, preparation or players other big nations do (nations that many complainers are gonna be from). While us English just have to moan about what style the kids in the multi-million training centres play and whether one should join Chelsea and City or go abroad to Dortmund or Porto to learn, Iran is a team under a crippling ultra-conservative-religious government who have friendlies constantly cancelled and even got refused boots a week before the World Cup. But Carlos Queiroz has been the most influential manager (and successful post-Revolution) in Iran's history. Simply because he's a hugely experienced and successful coach, and he's changed things off and on the pitch, dragging Iran into the 21st Century. As a result, Iran have had an unprecedented 4 years, qualifying for two World Cups in a row (this time unbeaten with 9 clean sheets in 9), getting a first ever finals clean sheet, first win, upsetting the odds and nearly getting something against two behemoths of world football (with one more Goliath to go). But it's still just one step. You want a team to suddenly have great, experienced players learning from great, experienced players and playing lovely football, beating Serie A and La Liga title winners. That's not happening without a lot of building and time. And some ****ing boots!
  3. If he ****s up, England will need something against Belgium rather than having a decider just for who tops the group. Rotate in the Belgium game if any, assuming Panama is beaten. England never qualify with a game to spare and it's time to start.
  4. Cahill in for Trippier, Walker at right-back. Lessens the chance of dumb mistakes like Walker's. Cahill is experienced and even if he was THAT bad, it's still only Panama. Sterling can start, but if he struggles again he has to be benched for the rest of the tournament. If you're struggling against Tunisia and Panama then you've had your chance. Would also like subtitutions made a bit earlier. Vardy is exactly the chavvy 'nobhead m8' you need to get things lively when you need a goal.
  5. That's what they do. In the first half they give the favourites possession in ineffective areas, so that they gradually commit everyone forward, then they break. In the second half, as the attackers feel like it's only a matter of time, that's when more attacks come. It's all playing percentages. If a ball is knocked forward but they don't have the advantage, they reset. It means fewer chances but (as we still saw), they're huge 2 or 3 chances. And they're up against one of the World Cup favourites. A team who only just kept their 2nd clean sheet and got their 2nd ever win in only their 4th World Cup in about 70 years. If it had been an Iranian manager, they might not have even qualified and they'd just play like Saudi Arabia. Instead they went up against the might of Spain and 2014 Argentina and lost 1-0, with a disallowed goal and a missed stonewall penalty call. Iran. IRAN did this.
  6. This attack will all reach peak age in Qatar, plus it'll probably be a slightly familiar location. It's exciting to imagine what'll happen then, with an easier draw hopefully.
  7. Imagine qualifying for the knockouts by the 'fair play' tiebreaker.
  8. Yeah, abandon the game plan that's given Iran their best ever results in a 4-year period in their entire history so they can get destroyed by Spain 3-0.
  9. So when Iran play like how they're playing, you say you could get behind them if they played more open. But if they did that and lost 5-0 and 3-1 as Saudi Arabia did, you'd say "they can try but they're just rubbish".
  10. Ghoddos finally on with 8 minutes left. My only complaint about Carlos is the late subs, but it worked against Morocco and I'm complaining about a hero who's massively overachieving. Pre-Carlos results include drawing with Angola, losing 3-1 to Mexico and getting thrashed by Peru.
  11. Dude, I've said before the game and during the game several times that this is what happens, even if Spain hadn't scored. But let's pretend everything is ****.
  12. It looked like he got really bad cramp in the final stages of the last game, so he must not've been 100% fit. Also Taremi, who effectively took his place and ain't bad either, was there to support Azmoun in the middle drifting in. With Jahan' on you'd have a kid all on his own against Ramos and Pique.
  13. The central defensive optionsa and goalkeeper are entirely Iran-league based.
  14. Jahanbakhsh the right-winger is the top scorer in the Dutch league with an incredible 21 goals and 12 assists in 33 league games.