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  1. Round of 16 Saturday 26 June Wales vs Denmark (17:00, Amsterdam) 2-1 Italy vs Austria (20:00, London) 3-0 *** Sunday 27 June Netherlands vs Czech Republic (17:00, Budapest) 1-2 Belgium vs Portugal (20:00, Seville) 3-2 Monday 28 June Croatia vs Spain (17:00, Copenhagen) 2-1 France vs Switzerland (20:00, Bucharest) 3-0 Tuesday 29 June England vs Germany (17:00, London) 4-2 (why not) Sweden vs Ukraine (20:00, Glasgow) 1-0 How many penalties will be scored in total: 4 How many matches will go to extra time: 4 How many matches will go to p
  2. Germany should be better prepared as have already played France and Portugal where as we've had three games against poor opposition. Maybe the players can up their level a few notches but it'll be hard going by what we've seen so far.
  3. Results go our way and we draw Hungary, they then kicked out and we get a bye to the quarters. Footballs on its way home.
  4. Have to say I was shocked Saka started as wasn't expecting him to get a look in for any of the matches. Guess Sancho hasn't been training great as you could argue that only Foden matches him in terms of ability so seems ridiculous he's played just 10mins.
  5. I'd rather have Grealish, Foden or Saka over Mount. Think he got mentioned more yesterday for not playing than when he was but seems to be one of Southgates favourites.
  6. Really don't see what Foden has done to deserve to start ahead of Grealish.
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