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  1. What a race that was. Obviously I'm a bit gutted about the outcome - drove a pretty much perfect race only to make two major mistakes on the last lap. Congrats to CJ on the win - you were just a bit too quick for me in the end! Sorry I ballsed up T4 - glad it didn't have any major consequences for you. Weirdly enough, when I binned it at turn 12 I was actually trying to take it slow as I'd already resigned myself to 2nd place, and I still managed to **** it up. Think I need to cool it a bit with the racing stuff until the end of the season now. Just too much other life stuff goi
  2. Well I was thinking more of launching it as a beta, but I probably should have mentioned that.
  3. I'm definitely pro-Stadia and the technology has worked flawlessly for me, but I really don't like the way they went about the launch. It immediately put everyone's backs up and I feel like it made a lot of people want it to fail. If they'd just said 'hey, we're gonna try this, check it out if you think it's as cool as we do' then there'd be a lot more good will towards it, I think.
  4. Hoping to be in for tomorrow. I've got my COVID jab in the morning and I've heard there can be some short-term side effects, so if I'm feeling a bit rough I'll probably skip the race. Will try to give plenty of notice though.
  5. Yeah will definitely be interested to see more of the Pokemon Legends game - it's good to see that they've listened to the fans and done something a bit different. Not sure they can pull it off, but we'll see!
  6. My thinking exactly, hence me not voting for it just now. Doesn't look like it'll matter though!
  7. Yeah as soon as it comes to Switch I'll be jumping straight on it, don't think it's something I necessarily want to sit down and play on the PC. Hopefully it'll be released as advertised this summer.
  8. Amazed you got away with this the first time round - given how all the other wall incidents (and your second visit to the wall) turned out. That wall obviously has special powers - like Final Destination - you avoided death the first time but it'll get you eventually.
  9. I was going to say 75-7 seems optimistic, then Leach nails that 6 to take us straight there.
  10. To be fair I probably wouldn't be heaping praise on a bowler who ripped through our tail vs a bowler who ripped through our top order. Then again, our tail and top order feel almost interchangeable at the moment.
  11. Yeah I assumed he'd had a car accident (likely caused by England's batting) rather than a nose bleed. EDIT: Not to downplay the severity of having a nose bleed while driving (hope you're okay SCR).
  12. I didn't get a chance to watch the replays in detail but is Axar actually spinning it to take wickets? Or are they being caught out by straight ones again?
  13. I've been on a call at work while all this has been happening - had the cricket on mute in the background and it's been so hard not to react at all.
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