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  1. We did it Reddit... Err, I mean OTF! This whole episode has brought such a smile to my face every time there's been an update. I can't believe one generous thread from Weezer and one quick post from SCR turned into over £1000 going to such a great charity. Well done everyone!
  2. Me coming into this thread for the first time and seeing all the wholesome posts. Have also sent a small donation to the hospice @SouthCoastRed mentioned. Also, congratulations @Weezer on 30k posts and for inspiring the generosity in this thread. If I win the prize draw please donate to a charity of your choice.
  3. Thank you @Wigmore - this whole quiz has been awesome from start to finish, so glad I decided to take part. Thought I'd be rubbish but I appear to have come a very respectable 5th. Although doubtless I'll be lower than that once @Bliss Seeker counts all the points... Congrats to @Confused Clarity on the win, and to @Sons FC for pipping me at the post for 4th place!
  4. If I lose to @Bliss Seeker because @Gimpy got the name of the PlayStation Classic wrong then I'll be ever so mildly perturbed.
  5. I said 20. Looks like this could be a 'close but no cigar' round for me.
  6. Damn! I couldn't remember the context but at least I was in the right area.
  7. Sent. Proof read them this time, hopefully no duplicate answers!
  8. Couldn't work out how I only scored 4 points on the iconic sporting venues question. Looked back at my answers and realised I wrote Wimbledon twice. There's no chance I can stay at the top of the non-cheaters group based on the November questions and my inability to type my answers properly.
  9. BETTER THAN BLISS SEEKER BUT NOT A CHEATER LEADERBOARD Winning. The 'better than @Bliss Seeker' part is likely to change after September's answers, I reckon.
  10. I was just about to submit my steward's enquiry into that one!
  11. Sent mine. There's a few I'm pretty sure on, a few half-guesses based on me maybe remembering something about the thing, and the rest I just don't have a clue about.
  12. Really wish I hadn't missed June now. I'd be sitting pretty on 34 points. Still, every good tale of triumph needs some adversity along the way.
  13. July was probably my peak OTF usage all year. All downhill from here!
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