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  1. Yeah I've not run into anyone in person today who's being super negative about things. It's mostly just people feeling deflated/disappointed but being generally happy that we got as far as we did.
  2. Other countries must have this though, right? I mean we can't be the only ones with an insufferable bunch of numpties who do what you said. Maybe we just don't hear about them?
  3. You are exactly what England don't need right now tbf. We're finally at a point where representing the national team can be a positive experience for the players instead of a completely thankless task, and now when they get back they're going to be met with the same old **** from the likes of you constantly criticising and refusing to acknowledge anything positive. Turns out winning a world cup is pretty difficult, hence why only a handful of teams have ever done it, but yeah, let's just slag them off. You know, you're allowed to be disappointed that we went out without going on about how **** they were all along.
  4. What a miserable game of football that was. And I missed the only bloody goal.
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