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  1. Does anyone have a save with Peterborough Sports as one of the options by any chance?
  2. Decided to put the Posh save on hold until the transfer update as I'd like to build a team around Taylor (assuming he's upgraded) and Szmodics. In the meantime, I may start something with a Championship team.
  3. About time I started my annual Posh save I think.
  4. Hey all, Is there anyway to increase the maximum wage you can offer? I have almost £700k available in the weekly wage budget but can't offer anything more than 73k. Any ideas?
  5. Angel Gomes cost me £5.5m from United as he was transfer listed for some reason.
  6. I picked up Thilo Kehrer for £6m from PSG, seems an absolute bargain.
  7. Anyone else notice that when they press Ctrl+F to do a search, it types the 'F' in straight away?
  8. I recently bought a Razer Phone 2, when I play FMM on it, everything runs super quick until it gets to the match. I play with commentary only but even when I have it set to the fastest speed, a match can take 10 minutes at least to play.
  9. Afraid it wasn't. It kept getting to the 14th November and would crash on that date and not let me past it. I tried holidaying and saving the day before to go past but it wouldn't Not to worry, at least I wasn't massively ahead but I now have learned it's best to keep rolling auto-save on ha!
  10. I seem to have encountered a bug where I can't advance through with my Posh save so I'll be starting again
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