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  1. Glasgow Rangers FM 2018

    I would imagine that it involves
  2. Really struggling to find a formation that works for Peterborough here. Getting the best out of Maddison (arguably the best player in the division) is proving difficult.
  3. League One – how to find top players?

    Look at the U21/23 squads of the Premier League/Championship teams. There's normally a few good players that are released but you have to wait for them to actually leave before you can sign them. The Irish/Scottish leagues also normally have some good players who you can agree a pre-contract with.
  4. Great to see this up and running! Will be starting my yearly Posh save soon. Extremely pleased that Maddison signed a new deal irl, otherwise he would've been very hard to hold onto.
  5. Great to see this up and running, massive kudos to @Jogo Bonito! As usual I shall be managing the mighty Peterborough United, looking forward to seeing how everyone else does in the EFL.
  6. FM16 - The Sky Bet Football League thread

    Would also love to see a 17 thread! I would make one but I really don't have the time
  7. Are Gold Coast United from Australia in this?
  8. [FM16][MOD][RELEASED]Instant Match Skins

    Is there anyway to add the Simulate Match option to it as well?
  9. FM16 - The Sky Bet Football League thread

    Finished the season in 11th place, Erhun Oztumer taking both the league's and fans' Player of the Season awards. Then in the offseason a takeover happened. Then I got sacked. Urgh. Time to start another new save! Really enjoyed York so may go again with them.
  10. FM16 - The Sky Bet Football League thread

    I'm at York. Doing really well so far, 6th in the league after 24 and I have two games in hand after some postponements. Second-best defence in the league with only 21 conceded - signed Ricardo Santos on loan from Posh and he's a rock.
  11. FM16 - The Sky Bet Football League thread

    For those of you in League 2, if you can afford Erhun Oztumer from Posh, do it. I signed him for £16.5k and 16 games into the season he has 9 assists with an average rating of 7.89 and 6 POM awards. He's been absolutely brilliant, wages are at £1k a week but hes worth every penny. Currently got him playing in AMC in a wide diamond formation and he just runs the show every game pretty much.
  12. FM16 - The Sky Bet Football League thread

    Merry Christmas to all my fellow Football League FMers!
  13. FM16 - The Sky Bet Football League thread

    Realised I wasn't exactly specific there. I've taken a look at York and I'm considering them - especially with Josh Carson (who was an absolute beast for me in FM15 when I signed him for Posh) still there. Will take a look at Barnet and Stevenage also and see how I feel.
  14. FM16 - The Sky Bet Football League thread

    I agree, I would much prefer a bit of a long-term thing. Don't get me wrong, it's great getting to the PL within 3 seasons but it just feels so unrealistic. In terms of teams I'm looking at, I don't really know where to begin. I'd like to try and play fast, counter-attacking football and have a team of players that maybe aren't the best technically, but give 110% for 90 minutes. Any ideas?
  15. FM16 - The Sky Bet Football League thread

    Thinking of going down to League 2 to be honest. Tried every version to have a decent save with someone in League 2 but it always ends badly, let's give it another go.