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  1. I guess this isn't a 'simple' question but I'm not sure it warrants its own thread - if it does let me know and I'll create one. I have in my head (and in various notebooks lying around the house) a fictional continent that I created when I was around 10 years old. This continent had numerous countries, all with their distinct cultures etc etc. Football was the continent's main sport and I used to play out fictional leagues/cups/continental cups using dice and paper. I've had an idea of creating this in FM and I am fully aware that this is a massive undertaking. What I would like to know is: To create this in the editor, I believe my best option (and probably only) would be to edit an existing continent and all the nations within that. Is that correct? I would like this to be completely separate from the rest of the world and have zero incomings or outgoings. Would a transfer ban through the rest of the continents achieve this? To ensure that the outside world has no impact and my continent has no impact on the outside world, would I need to delete the international competitions such as the World Cup? I think that's all I need answered for now. I am still very much in the planning phase but I want to know if it is actually feasible before I start working on it proper.
  2. @Colossus What skin is that you're using, please? Looks lovely!
  3. I've not found a db yet that creates the SM league accurately. I looked into doing it myself but I'm useless with the editor and the league is quite complicated when it comes to the play-offs. Hopefully a proper db comes out soon as I'm really wanting to start this on FM24!
  4. If the club I takeover have a free transfer already arranged, I assume I should be putting them in the B/reserves team and not using them?
  5. After the corruption of my Lidingo save, I couldn't bring myself to go again in Sweden considering how well it had gone in the early seasons. So time to start again, in a country I have zero experience of managing in, Hungary!
  6. Normally, any database changes don't have any effect on save games, but anything changing the match engine or things like that are also applied to save games.
  7. Does anybody happen to know the reset dates for Finland?
  8. Unfortunately I am having to restart this challenge as my save has corrupted and the one uploaded to Steam is a season and a half behind for some reason. Not sure if I'll be doing it in Sweden again but will let you all know when it begins!
  9. What's the ruling on loan-backs, I assume not allowed?
  10. Sorry if I've missed something but I'm a little confused about what the situation is? Was he a player already at the club? If he was, you can renew his contract as you wish and keep him.
  11. IFK Lidingö - Season 2 Review A very good season and we comfortably avoided relegation in the end. As you can see, we concede a lot of goals but luckily we're pretty good at sticking the ball in the opponent's net. At one point early in the season we were in the promotion hunt but it was never going to last as most of the league is considerably better than us. Another good intake this year, including three players who instantly made the first team squad. Improvements made to our junior coaching and youth recruitment means we should be able to replenish the first team squad on a yearly basis. League Table, Squad and Transfers Youth Intake Again, all the candidates were signed. Three went straight into the first team: Again, we're just expected to fight against relegation. I'll be changing our tactics for this season in the hopes of becoming a bit more solid. I think we're good enough to finish mid-table again.
  12. IFK Lidingö - Season 1 Review A very successful season on the pitch as we win the league title at our first attempt and secure promotion to Division 1 and the third tier of Swedish football. Only a mid-table finish was expected but some stellar performances throughout the season put us in the title challenge and we ended up winning the league by 8 points. And it was all done using a grey goalkeeper until the final few games of the season where I was lucky enough to get one in our first youth intake. League Table, Squad and Transfers Youth Intake All of the candidates were signed with a handful moving straight into the first team. Miloš Marić definitely the standout player from the intake. The board expect us to be relegated so there isn't much pressure on us in our first season in the third tier but I'm privately hoping/expecting we can carry on our good momentum and survive the first season at least.
  13. So the team I have chosen have zero goalkeepers on the books. What's the ruling with grey players, can we offer them contracts or is it a case of just having to make do? Edit: Ignore me, I've seen it in the OP now.
  14. I've always enjoyed managing in Scandinavia but I've never attempted the YA challenge here, so let's go!
  15. Let's give this another go but in the more familiar surroundings of England!
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