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  1. Well, this is annoying. Darragh would never accept a bid without a sell-on clause in real life
  2. PETERBOROUGH UNITED - SEASON PREVIEW 2021/22 As mentioned in my season review, I don't think my squad is anywhere near up to Championship standards, so the summer was all about strengthening. I decided to move the vast majority of my transfer budget into wages and set about listing players I wanted rid of. Leaving the club were Mo Eisa (£100k), Ryan Broom (£85k), Dominik Nagy (£100k), Aidan Barlow (£100k), Lynden Gooch (£100k), Frazer Blake-Tracy (£76k), Dan Butler (£60k), Louis Reed (Free) and Daniel Gyollai (£11k). This left me with a good amount to spend in wages and loyalty fees etc.
  3. Will do a full write-up/season preview either later tonight or tomorrow but thought I'd share this. Couldn't resist bringing back a former London Road favourite:
  4. PETERBOROUGH UNITED FC - SEASON 2020/21 REVIEW Well, what a season that turned out to be. Completely topsy-turvy and at one point it seemed I was on the verge of (and indeed was) being sacked. The first five games left us top of the league and feeling very good. Then an eight game run of no wins with five losses left us languishing down in mid-table. We then put together a run of ten games undefeated with nine wins putting us back in contention. A play-off place was finally secured in the penultimate game of the season with a 1-0 victory over Lincoln City. MK Dons proved no match for
  5. One win apiece during the league season, come on lads!
  6. Playoffs made and, as you can see, none of the playoff teams go into them in brilliant form. We face MK Dons who we beat at home and drew away during the regular season.
  7. So after loading up my save this morning, I find I'm still in a job at Posh! Apparently I saved it a couple of days before getting the sack and I pressed continue a few times to see what would happen and made it to the next game without being sacked! I have four games left of the season and I'm in the play-off spots by six points, so it's looking good.
  8. 9 games left, 3 points outside the playoffs. I do have a very tough run-in though with 4 of the top 6 to play.
  9. To be honest, I think I'm just gonna retire and add a new manager
  10. 12 games left of the season and I'm sat just outside the play-off spots with Posh. The team goes on long stretches of wins, and then long runs without a win. I think a big challenge has been rotating - there's so many games in such a short period in the first season that you really have to rotate so it can be hard to get any fluidity going.
  11. Since my update, everything has gone downhill. I'm without a win in the league in 7 games and am now 15th in the table. Only 12 games into the season so plenty of time but we need to turn things around soon.
  12. Have made it to the end of the transfer window in season 1 so thought I'd post an update. The Posh squad is quite strong to start with, assuming you decide to play the way we play in real life ie: 3CBs, 2WBs and the AMC 2ST triangle up front. I decided to go in a different direction as I'm just not a fan of the wingback approach in general but I can see its merits. I also wanted to keep instructions on the tactic quite simple and after a few tweaks during pre-season, settled on the below. Now, with that being said, that left quite bit of business needed to be done in the
  13. @Ronaldo Beckham, where did you get the backgrounds?
  14. To be honest, it never made sense being there really. I don't really think we ever favoured Irish players, in fact I can only think of 2 or 3 that played for us.
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