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  1. Robokid87

    World Cup Underdogs

    Think there's a pretty decent possibility of an Egypt v Morocco second round game which would be incredible. It's a bit of a shame how the groups have worked out though as you'd back Morocco, Nigeria and Senegal to definitely get out of Egypt's group and maybe Tunisia's too but the two weakest sides have got the nicest groups. Then again I always overrate the African sides so they'll probably all go out at the first hurdle now
  2. Robokid87

    England's World Cup 23

    Agree with the two above, when you're arguing about players 21-23 the bulk of the squad is probably pretty solid. Delighted to see RLC in there, would have liked to have seen Cook in the 23 too (certainly over Shelvey and Wilshere) but it's a pretty promising squad imo.
  3. Robokid87

    2018 World Cup squads

    I think Bentancur is preferred over Torreira, though that might have changed. It's a really, really good squad all round though.
  4. Robokid87

    What will you be looking forward to?

    8 full days leave and 6 half days means I'll be able to watch every game - can't wait for all of it but especially love this time pre-tournament when the club season is (effectively) done; squad announcements, frienlies, wallcharts, stickers, team previews, great World Cup stories from history. It's all ****ing brilliant
  5. Robokid87

    England's World Cup 23

    Think Lookman should probably be ahead of Sancho if we're looking at players abroad, but they're both playing in a position where we're pretty good already so neither should be there imo. Could do with a couple more centre backs springing up somewhere overnight too.
  6. Robokid87

    Predict England's World Cup Journey

    Think Tunisia will be better than people are expecting but they've lost their most talented player to injury so we should get past them fairly handily, Belgium are always less than the sum of their parts and the players seem to hate Martinez so we could beat them, but a dreadful 0-0 against Panama would be incredibly England too. Any of Poland, Senegal and Colombia would give us a pretty even game, nothing to fear for us but they'd be looking at us thinking the exact same. Japan are bad. Groups would be disappointing, 2nd round is probably par depending on how we went out, quarters and beyond would be lovely.
  7. Robokid87

    2018 World Cup squads

    Not enough appreciation in here for Costa Rica's "Ian Smith". Excellent stuff
  8. Robokid87

    Portugal - Euro 2016

    Wasn't expecting him to be the type to put himself about so much, really excellent player. Congrats to all of you too ofc, worthy winners
  9. The tournament's been low quality because the heavyweights haven't turned up; Germany have been terrible, France don't start playing until the last 5 minutes and beyond hammering a woeful Turkey Spain haven't been anything either. Croatia were the most impressive team in the groups probably and they've gone with a whimper, Portugal and England are sleepwalking to their eventual disappointing exits (though with the position of that side of the draw it could be the final for Portugal) and Italy are flawed, Austia were the second strongest qualifiers and proceeded to be arguably the worst side at the tournament.
  10. Robokid87

    Robbie Savage

    That's usually my opinion of him but he's been better at the Euros than he ever has been before. Don't have Sky to see him on the Premier League but I've enjoyed Henry on the BBC too while I only ever see him criticised for his Sky work (Carragher leg squeeze excluded)
  11. 7, not a huge number of goals but almost every game pretty tight which is good. Would rather see a tense 1-0 than a 5-1.
  12. Robokid87

    Game 1 - France VS Romania (10/06/2016 8pm)

    I was at what I think was his debut at Bournemouth and he was incredible, absolutely everywhere all game but in the way you said - that he seemed to know where he needed to be before anyone else
  13. Robokid87

    How will you watch Euro 2016?

    I've got a week and a half off work to ensure I don't miss any 2pm kickoffs; good job I have nothing else in my life to get in the way ( )