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  1. Turkey could have been in business if not for Yann Sommer, and more importantly their tissue paper defence.
  2. Better to have it in one nation if nothing else so the commentators are actually there rather than talking over the same pictures we're watching and often being a touch behind. Not sure how the tournament in one nation only would have worked with Covid/travel restrictions though as I imagine countries are happier to let people in from three or four other countries than the whole continent, so maybe atmosphere wise it's a bit of a blessing for it to happen across Europe now.
  3. He was crap but let's not kid ourselves that we got any better when he came off. Not sure what the answer is tbh, it's hardly like the rest of the attack was firing on all cylinders and he was holding them back but you also can't really stick with someone indefinitely who looks as off their game as he does. Seemed a lot of poor passes and general mis-controls from him tonight outside of the general lethargy of everyone..
  4. Don't think I've ever been so affected by a national anthem as the Danish one before the match, delighted they've got off to such a good start.
  5. Says a lot for how much I love Bale that he's one of my very favourite players despite Southampton, Real Madrid and Tottenham all being in the 5 or 6 clubs I have the least time for
  6. Ramsey's been brilliant tbf, even factoring in those misses
  7. Best sport presenter in this country by a huge margin imo
  8. Apparently UEFA have a dedicated offside VAR for each game unlike any other competition, which would explain why it's been so much quicker.
  9. Seems very odd to be glad when a game is on ITV, don't watch all that much of the studio stuff but their commentary teams are miles ahead (even Matterface which says a lot). It's a shame the iPlayer delay is so long that listening to the 5Live coverage isn't really feasible unless you don't mind knowing what happened before you see it.
  10. Holland v Ukraine was the best game, Belgium put in the best performance (just pipping Italy by virtue of being away rather than at home) and France are the best team.
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