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  1. Another victory for player interactions. There are rumblings that a 20 year old regen in my B team who I've never even heard of wants a new contract, so I set the B team to deal with it. A couple of weeks later this clown demands a conversation about it, so I check the reports and his stats and find that he's the worst player in the team both in terms of coach reports and actual performances - of course there's no option for me to say this to him so I fob him off another way. This infuriates him but I don't have an option to say "fine, I'll sell you then", just the "I'm not going to back
  2. Just lost a game thanks to conceding during 3 massive lag spikes (including one where I was clean through myself and regained control as the opponent was squaring for a tap-in at the other end) in a match where in the pre-game menu the connection was as solid as it could have been. Nice one. Get booted out of the next game due to losing connection, despite my internet being absolutely fine for every other device and every other game, absolutely brilliant stuff.
  3. Was planning to do the Fer card anyway but definitely will now. Made a start on the second lot of Eredivisie objectives cards earlier too so will have a full team of special cards for the league (except keeper) hich will be cool.
  4. Can anything be done about a player with crap natural fitness? Picked a 19 year old CB up from Real Madrid on a free, looks pretty handy but only has 5 natural fitness - is that going to compromise him for his whole career or is it something that can sort itself out in time?
  5. And then the next over there was 2 wickets in 2 balls, including Pollard facing his first since the 6 sixes. My favourite part was when the previous wicket fell and Jason Holder came to the crease Ian Bishop said "The run rate is fine (4.5 an over or so iirc), the West Indies just need to make sure they keep their wickets in hand" then bang, 6 slogs Ended up chasing 132 with 7 overs left despite losing 6 wickets and having DJ Bravo score 4 from 17.
  6. I will never forget the name 'Maicosuel' for this very reason And that left back that everyone had, Azevado or something
  7. Been working through the Championship Squad Foundations and just as I was fuming about Rooney's 95 shooting being absolute bollocks he smashed in 16 in 2 matches
  8. The best twins I know, definitely the best twins you know.
  9. Nice review JB, he went up so quickly I assumed he must have hit it but (very) clearly not
  10. I feel for Saunders because he should never have been given the job in the first place, they needed somebody to lift spirits after Thibs but not shuffling him back to being an assistant at the end of that season was really stupid, far too big a job for a rookie HC.
  11. Me looking at the team list for S4 I spent literally minutes on now Sunny might be out
  12. I'm from the part of the countryside where Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire meet so know some pretty strong accents, though mine is fairly bog standard southern I think. I remember being told that I'd picked up a slight West Country twang when I finished university but would have thought that's gone during the past 5 years.
  13. Lovely stuff, hope it wasn't too arduous to work out.
  14. Another one in the Hlozek crew. Got him for ~£8m at the end of season 1 for Feyenoord and he's gone at more or less a goal a game for 2 and a bit seasons playing up front. Weirdly the only team that's been remotely interested in signing him is Leicester.
  15. Can't believe that a guy who was an utter scumbag as a college HC would continue to be one as an NFL HC. Hope it crashes and burns (hopefully shouldn't be difficult given it's the Jags)
  16. Can add (pre-cancellation) Louis CK to that list, absolutely loved him when I was 18/19, look back now and wonder wtf I was thinking
  17. Not sure if it was when I joined the boards or when I first starting coming over to OTF but Ratinho had just been banned, it's pretty much the first thing I remember Think there was someone with a huge post count that had just vanished too, Mika perhaps?
  18. Every season that they 'grace' the Premier League Pires is more vindicated
  19. jmr also described Lampard as 'a cancer on the club' when AVB got sacked. Think it was also him that boasted about how much porn he'd downloaded but that could have been someone else
  20. I don't know if he was especially memorable or if his username just sticks in my head, but ROESIDER
  21. Didn't know about Hirschi, hope the 'contract termination' is just about him moving rather than anything more sinister.
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