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  1. I dont think he will mate.
  2. International B Teams

    That makes sense to a degree. but shame that no matches can be played
  3. I'm Russia manager ( this is a few seasons in) and their is a B Team option, I have tried to arrange friendlies with any team but they all seem to reject them Whats the point of including a B Team if they are never going to play any matches?
  4. Good story. You possibly best bet is installing In-game editor and use it to transfers these players to clubs
  5. Hi, I purchased the SI in game editor for FM2017. But when i start a new game it doesnt appear, i have unticked the option before i start a new game Weird, Please can anyone help?
  6. House of Flying Daggers

    Tenderhooks now
  7. [FM17] West Bromwich? I'll be 'em.

    Looking forward to this one
  8. Bygmester Fuller

    Oh yes, its been quality
  9. Bygmester Fuller

    Thats me told
  10. UEFA Amateur League

    Good work. Will download
  11. UEFA Amateur League

    This is brilliant. great work.................. Did you do it as a continental cup?
  12. Bygmester Fuller

    Leave and go to an African Nation.
  13. Good to see you posting again. Hope you are getting better too
  14. House of Flying Daggers

    Great stuff have been hoping that Tristan Egueh makes it into your team for a while