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  1. Yorkshire is decent to have a game with
  2. oche balboa

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    We Played well in parts and deserved the win, Tunisia were dirty in their approach
  3. oche balboa

    Belgium - Panama 16:00 BST

    Belgium are overrated..... will struggle to reach the QFs
  4. oche balboa

    Outrageous predictions

    Southgate to invite Rooney & Beckham to sit on the bench
  5. oche balboa

    [FM17] Local football to global football.

    Looks good
  6. oche balboa

    The Premier League Reimagined: It's a Whole New Ball Game

    Great story. So you will be using all CMs/FMs for this? If so, thats a massive amount of database work. fantastic stuff
  7. oche balboa

    East Kilbride - Non League to Legends

    Nice start
  8. oche balboa

    Coalition of Chaos - (UK Politics under Minority May)

    I think the rules have changed on this
  9. I know the PDC is the top dog its not hard to see.
  10. "Pub Players" have no chance of qualifying for this No it will not kill the BDO Stone dead. There are still thousands of players who will try and qualify for Lakeside 2019, As they will be the same amount trying to qualify for the PDC version..
  11. Fallon Sherrock averaged 94 in the final. People within Darts cared mate, whether you did or not is a moot point And yes i was one of the 73 people (And i counted) at the final
  12. WDF are useless they make the BDO look very professional. Plenty of people at the World Masters last year. The key is not rivalry but Alternative. For the BDO World Trophy a number of PDC players (Without tour cards) tried to qualify but failed (Pallett, Newton, Hamilton). There is a future for the BDO but its needs to be alternative and offer good things for players. Too much boardroom wars over the past 2 years, BDO almost fell into a conman in 2016 too.
  13. BDO top board are the problem. Failure to market the product as alternative People still play in the tournaments under the BDO System. 1,500 at Wales, 5,000 at Holland etc. There is a change in chairmanship within the BDO come August. interesting times