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  1. Amazingly i think i found a solution. I changed the language to English (US) and it worked. I will change it back to (UK) to see what happens EDIT- Looks like its worked.....
  2. Nope i have the Suzi files off. And it still the same. This isnt happening in any other edit
  3. Again this is happening.... competitions with hungarian names.
  4. This is just a small file with an additional British Cup. This will be a straight knockout between teams from 6 different countries Leagues involved are England (top 7 Tiers) Scotland (4 Main Divisions, Highland/Lowland, East/South Scotland, Scottish Junior Cup finalists Ireland (2 main divisions, top tier of the Provisional leagues N.Ireland (3 Divisions) Wales (League of Wales, 2 tiers below) Gibraltar (2 Divisions) Open draw, Ties are settled on the day, Some interesting ties The attachment is here http://fileshare.link/7a5a703f5299c74e/British_Cup.fmf
  5. FM18 England Level 10 Now Complete

    Will look at this
  6. Also after deleting all the sortitout files. there is still competitions in Hungarian
  7. Northern Division 2 in the same group as Division 1?
  8. Unless its my file. This has a lot of cups in Hungarian
  9. Editor requests - Custom league files - ask here

    In a few weeks. Just putting the framework together
  10. Editor requests - Custom league files - ask here

    I will be making a fantasy version