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  1. Enjoying this
  2. Thanks for your help @krlenjushka worked like a charm
  3. Yeah its not on the database.
  4. Comes up with an Error when i try and start a new game. anyway its here @krlenjushka Scotland Version 1_CFE423E7-4383-438B-B5D6-4E88B45BE17D.fmf
  5. Ok mate will test thanks if fails I will upload here
  6. It comes up with an Error "Require minimum 5 teams For East Scotland Div , Found 0" Problem is this does not exist in the database and in Real life. Any ideas of how to get this sorted Advanced Rules comes up with the same problem @krlenjushkaWould you be able to solve Thanks
  7. fm2017

    The FA Cup is a mess in the game. Third round day had no Premier League clubs Plus you need to add TV to it
  8. Still enjoying this story. Keep it going but i feel (IMO of course) you should leave the Daggers
  9. Does in my experience, should have added that i add extra players on top of Large
  10. Well i'm running a game with over 40 nations and 80 divisions on a small database and its quicker then 10 nations on a large database.
  11. This looks fantastic.
  12. Will have a good look at this when i get back home
  13. Well fair enough lol
  14. Always a cracking read