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  1. I've just tried and they are not playable which is bizarre
  2. As ever, I'm enjoying this story as well as others you have done in the past KUTGW
  3. If you are running loads of league. Any database is fine. Small is better then its given credit for as there are less players and more chance of a club going in for your unwanted players.
  4. I got it last week. Its really good you notice the speed difference, the only issue is the lag but its only for a few seconds. The sad thing i can't leave it idle for more then 10 mins as it goes back to the start which is very annoying
  5. How many leagues are you running in your current save. With how many players loaded Always interested to see what people are doing At the moment i'm playing on Google Stadia England (All), Italy, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Holland 65k Players loaded
  6. Love this file. Sadly it wont work on Google Stadia
  7. If you have it loaded up but not selected it to begin with you can
  8. How many leagues are you running compared to what you would normally do
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