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  1. Or indeed any other competition. Just interested as i dont think this has been tried by anyone?
  2. Nope you cant do that. But you can dump unwanted players in there
  3. Select Small Database for this and it will give you a better game experience.
  4. You could have a form of a B Team if you have the In Game Editor. You could select a team and have them as your farm club
  5. Yeah you could run 55-60 leagues if you choose Small Database.
  6. Less players= More activity for your players. You would need to run multiple leagues. Having English with Small for example would not make the experience any good.
  7. No you will have to add them in the Editor before you start a new game
  8. Adding Leagues will increase the database, That's the only way you can change the database size really
  9. If you want multiple leagues then i would suggest running it on a small database as you get a better transfer market
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