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  1. Still enjoying this story. Keep it going but i feel (IMO of course) you should leave the Daggers
  2. Does in my experience, should have added that i add extra players on top of Large
  3. Well i'm running a game with over 40 nations and 80 divisions on a small database and its quicker then 10 nations on a large database.
  4. This looks fantastic.
  5. Will have a good look at this when i get back home
  6. Well fair enough lol
  7. Always a cracking read
  8. Do you not regret putting a stronger team out for that considering you A) Lost to Bristol Rovers before B) lost your last 2 games. Or arent you that bothered Still a cracking story mate, enjoy reading it
  9. Enjoying the story. What leagues are you running out of interest?
  10. Has this been tested to prevent a club playing in 2 competitions
  11. Is there a 2017 version of this>?
  12. when i try and load Football manager, it goes to a black screen and it just freezes and nothing happens I have tried reinstalling and clearing the cache. but with no joy Any ideas guys please?
  13. No worries mate will give it a look anyway
  14. If you got rid of the group stage of the UEFA Cup i will use this format...... otherwise its a fantastic effort
  15. Great result against Spurs. But let your reserve team manager lead out the team for the Senior Cup final. He got them there