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  1. My Mother and Father have had the vaccine over the last few days (my Dad got the call on Friday Afternoon & had it Saturday), My Mom's a health worker and had it yesterday, both had headaches as a minor side effect. But they were impressed with how professional it all was. Vaccine take up is excellent and the excellent news from protection etc should IMO encourage people who were a bit worried about the speed of the vaccines etc to take it up, The worrying thing in Birmingham currently is the more inner-city areas where the take up is lower then it should (Think Lewis Goodall highlighted
  2. This is really interesting. Wish you the very best of luck
  3. Any of them. But make sure you upload its league as well as you will not get a proper/full experience
  4. Bollocks, I thought it was a newish thing. I only discovered it today
  5. This is a great site where you can find many radio stations from across the world at a click of a button http://radio.garden
  6. Watch this space. I'm working on a file which will include Many teams from Amateur and Welfare leagues as well as the Senior and Junior I'm aiming for 10 levels database with some perhaps funky team names Will be loads of cups, Plus aiming for a Unique way of qualifying for the Scottish Cup.
  7. I think you answered you own question there, You are based in Aberdeen so will play in the Cup & Shield
  8. You dont but you can in Advanced, But i've found a B Team file anyway so all good
  9. Strange, I couldn't get it to work on mine.... oh well not to worry
  10. Why not have a San Marino B Team in the San Marino league.
  11. Tried to do this for the CONCACAF champions league but doesnt seem to work, It works for other tournaments
  12. Great season so far. Promotion is only a few points away
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