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  1. bigmattb28

    Editor requests - Custom league files - ask here

    Ideally needs to go down to level 5 for FC Andorra.
  2. bigmattb28

    Editor requests - Custom league files - ask here

    Anyone have a link to Spanish Lower leagues database? I want to play as FC Andorra but can't find a database that goes that low. Cheers.
  3. bigmattb28

    [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    Does the file work okay then mate? What skin you using
  4. bigmattb28

    Your best/longest career?

    Do you not get bored of being the same team after so many years? I do, that's why I'm all about journeyman saves
  5. So I've seen on a few threads people creating their own Twitter posts to use in there career threads / stories. Anyone fancy letting me know how to do these as I want to do some for my next career thread. Cheers guys.
  6. bigmattb28

    Job history problem / bug

    Also when I move to another job it does put the job history for 2018 in there.
  7. So just into third season on a new save I'm doing and I'm in January 2018, and my job history only shows my history for the first 2 years as shown here:- Even though I'm into 2018 it is only showing 2017, however when I resign it actually shows my 2018 history:- I've loaded up another save from Malaysia and this issue isn't there, I'm using 2 leagues from Claasens megapack and never had this issue suing the same leagues and the same database set up. I have checked players and their history shows them in 2018, although don't think it's game breaking but still concerning, any thoughts?
  8. 81 years old and that far into the game your rep is only 1.5 stars!!
  9. It will prob be a case of as Besiktas are a massive club it will take longer for them to consider you a legend. A smaller team such as my current team Perlis in Malaysia, I have spent 5 seasons there and am a legend and only won 2 domestic cups and the league once. That's my guess.
  10. bigmattb28

    Wonderkids from minnow nations

    ON FM16 I had a world class winger come through from Central African Republic, literally the best left winger in the game! Sadly that laptop is no longer with us so can't get a screen. ON 17 and a save I still have there is a striker from Qatar (maybe not that obscure) that is basically just a goal machine. I'll get a screen of him later, I signed him something like 5 seasons into the game, 44 goals that season I think, then he demanded a transfer elsewhere, as I say I'll get a screen up when I'm home
  11. bigmattb28

    A Soviet & Asia journey, man that sounds fun

    Cheers man, every time I have done a save in Asia I always see Iranian & Saudi teams dominating so decided to include those leagues in this challenge. Cheers man. I genuinely thought Bulgaria were a Soviet nation, turns out I was wrong. I'll get a proper write up on tonight as just finished first season so will get screens and all that posted too
  12. So I decided to go on a journeyman save across the old Soviet Union nations. I will also be incorporating Asia in this challenge as Asia is always a good save. Standard journeyman rules, start unemployed with no badges. Aims for this save are: Manage for at least 1 season in each of the nations I have loaded Manage for at least 1 season in each of the nations I have as view only at the start (make playable as I go) Win the top division in each of the old Soviet Union nations I have in the game which are: Kazakhstan Azerbaijan Bulgaria Russia Tajikistan Ukraine Uzbekistan Manage Lokomotiv Sofia for at least once Win at least 1 trophy with Lokomotiv Sofia Win the Champions league & Europa league with an old Soviet Union nation Win the Asian Champions league with more than 1 club Longer term aim is to win the Euro's and world cup with an old Soviet nation So meet Vladimir Todorov, a Bulgarian manager that supports Lokomotiv Sofia:- Nations that are playable and set to view only are:- Once I've won the top division in a nation I will either move on by resigning or wait until approached by another club. So starting at the earleist point in the game takes me to February 2016 and after declaring interest and applying for jobs I have landed a job in Kazakhstan's secodn divsion at:- FC Makhtaaral Media expectation of 8th, club objectives as shown:- The key players already at the club are these 2:- Maybe cheating a bit but I this signing as I remember him from an old save I had going in Malaysia:- The other 2 sigings I made are:- I have just started this save and hope to post updates every couple of days or so. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks for reading!
  13. bigmattb28

    Digging a small club out of debt.

    Gateshead springs to mind.
  14. I thought it was like the pentagon challenge, win the champs league on 5 separate continents? That's the challenge I;m restarting tonight if you fancy a head to head?