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  1. Inside forwards will never be as god like as they were on FM15! However on my beta save with PSG am just 20 games in, Neymar has 4 goals, 4 assists, Mbappe has 6 goals 0 assists swapping with Neymar at AMR & AML, Messi has 15 goals, 9 assists but he has only played AMC as a shadow striker.
  2. Not so much a bug or anything, but I've played Messi as AMC or ST and he gets in the team of the week at CM??
  3. Just Latvia's top division and Denmark's third division as playable as far as I can tell.
  4. No sure isn't. They've played some games in the league so far and the league is still there
  5. I hope this is a bug. In lower league management I have signed players I previously had on trial and not signed at the time, but have gone back and signed them later down the line. I'd have thought all the stats would be visible unless some have drastically changed in the time of the trial ending and my signing him.
  6. Not sure if it's a bug or not, but RB Salzburg have an affiliation with Wolfsberger, and on each of those teams affiliated clubs page it says playing in the same division will terminate the deal, yet they're both in the Austrian Premier Division: Going by this info screen the affiliation should terminate? Both play in the same league
  7. Half a dozen of 1 and 6 of another problem here. Man u are good in game people say it's too easy, if Man U weren't OP in the game people would say it's broken
  8. OOTP is like FM's baseball brother. You've got to be into baseball to really understand and enjoy it though.
  9. need to recreate all my FM21 settings (formations, tables, set pieces, etc.) - bummer - Different game of course you need to set up formations, set peices etc - need to reinstall all facepacks and logopacks and remove name restrictions - bummer - Same again, different game, different game folder / directory. It really is just a copy and paste job. Can't hold anything against SI for this dude. Press conference - same experience. maybe a few answer options were rewritten. - Agree, press conferee answers had been the same for years up until 21, but I doubt they'll change amny from 21 to 22. All in all, FM22 is minor database upgrade with a few improvements. It's more of the same, a bit better. Don't expect anything "revolutionary". - Agree, I don't really know how much they can 'change' to make FM feel like a new game. I'm happy with it personally.
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