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  1. Wonderkids from minnow nations

    ON FM16 I had a world class winger come through from Central African Republic, literally the best left winger in the game! Sadly that laptop is no longer with us so can't get a screen. ON 17 and a save I still have there is a striker from Qatar (maybe not that obscure) that is basically just a goal machine. I'll get a screen of him later, I signed him something like 5 seasons into the game, 44 goals that season I think, then he demanded a transfer elsewhere, as I say I'll get a screen up when I'm home
  2. A Soviet & Asia journey, man that sounds fun

    Cheers man, every time I have done a save in Asia I always see Iranian & Saudi teams dominating so decided to include those leagues in this challenge. Cheers man. I genuinely thought Bulgaria were a Soviet nation, turns out I was wrong. I'll get a proper write up on tonight as just finished first season so will get screens and all that posted too
  3. So I decided to go on a journeyman save across the old Soviet Union nations. I will also be incorporating Asia in this challenge as Asia is always a good save. Standard journeyman rules, start unemployed with no badges. Aims for this save are: Manage for at least 1 season in each of the nations I have loaded Manage for at least 1 season in each of the nations I have as view only at the start (make playable as I go) Win the top division in each of the old Soviet Union nations I have in the game which are: Kazakhstan Azerbaijan Bulgaria Russia Tajikistan Ukraine Uzbekistan Manage Lokomotiv Sofia for at least once Win at least 1 trophy with Lokomotiv Sofia Win the Champions league & Europa league with an old Soviet Union nation Win the Asian Champions league with more than 1 club Longer term aim is to win the Euro's and world cup with an old Soviet nation So meet Vladimir Todorov, a Bulgarian manager that supports Lokomotiv Sofia:- Nations that are playable and set to view only are:- Once I've won the top division in a nation I will either move on by resigning or wait until approached by another club. So starting at the earleist point in the game takes me to February 2016 and after declaring interest and applying for jobs I have landed a job in Kazakhstan's secodn divsion at:- FC Makhtaaral Media expectation of 8th, club objectives as shown:- The key players already at the club are these 2:- Maybe cheating a bit but I this signing as I remember him from an old save I had going in Malaysia:- The other 2 sigings I made are:- I have just started this save and hope to post updates every couple of days or so. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks for reading!
  4. Digging a small club out of debt.

    Gateshead springs to mind.
  5. I thought it was like the pentagon challenge, win the champs league on 5 separate continents? That's the challenge I;m restarting tonight if you fancy a head to head?
  6. So I'm 9 seasons into a save where I've been at 3 teams, Ogre in Latvia, 2 cup wins & 1 promotion, Al-Dhafra in UAE, 3 cup wins & Torpedo Moscow, 1 promotion & 1 cup win, also winning the African cup of nations with DR Congo. I left Torpedo after winning the cup but struggling to get in to the game again. I get refused jobs even in the German 3rd division, refused the Rubin Khazan & CSKA jobs, got a job in Qatar but I'm just not feeling it, I don't know what it is I just can't seem to motivate myself to continue on. Not sure why either. I thought about starting again and doing an Asian journeyman save as the best file I had was in Asia, but not sure what to aim for, shall I see if I can get the Asian champs league with different teams before going to Europe? I can't be the only one to not be motivated to carry on, what's everyone thoughts on what I should do? Cheers!
  7. That would be impossible, if I remember rightly there is a limit to the number of actve leagues you can have. In Claasen's release note he even says only run a maximum of however many at a time.
  8. So FM 18 finally works for me at the minute so am getting involved in this challenge, again! Extra leagues from Claasen I'm using are: Latvia Myanmar Bermuda Algeria Guinea New Zealand Tahiti Papa new guinea Venezuela Those leagues above are going to be playable from the start plus a few others which I'll post as well as my manager screenshot up soon.
  9. Resign and take another job lower down and do it all again. Seems to me that you've achieved enough of this club, move on and see if you can do it again.
  10. Alreet lads, IF, and it's a big IF, I can FM18 working on my laptop (it's juttery and stutters on the home screen, lags like hell on any in game screen and the ME is terrible for me even though I have a 6 month old top of the range gaming laptop) I will be on with this challenge. Definitely 1 for me, I love any and all journemyan challenges. I am going to update 18 tonight and have read that if i can get the game to use only my dedicated graphics chip it MAY solve my problems, not holding my breath tho. Wish me luck!
  11. In my current save, 7 seasons in I have a large database, 10 nations loaded and approx player count of 51k, 4 star game speed. There's quite a few national jobs available, my question is if i restart with say a small or medium database, will the number of national jobs go down? I want to be able to win as many international competitions as possible and I think with a smaller database the game will progress at a faster speed later into the save with a smaller database. Cheers.
  12. So, 6 seasons into a journeyman save I find myself at Torpedo Moscow who were predicted to get relegated. Long story short I won the league and have now got promoted to the Russian premier league. I got an inbox saying our stadium isn't fit for this league so the club need to find funds to build one. In the meantime we are playing at Khimki's stadium. My question is has anyone else gor Torpedo promoted and if so have the board failed to get funds? We've been in the minus all season and the board have accepted no less than 4 offers for my players due to the debt. My worry is that we don't get funding and I'm not sure what would happen in the game if this happened? I guess the game will just put the club in even more debt maybe?
  13. Currently still playing FM17 myself.
  14. What specs you got mate? I don't like having less than 4 / 4.5 stars game speed, puts me off running a lot.