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  1. AC Milan have deffo used it with Pirlo Gattuso & Seerdorf as the 3, Kaka as the 1 and Inzhagi and Shevchenko up front.
  2. Am into my journeyman saves and it all depends on who is at the club I'm currently at. On my current save first at AFC Blackpool there was 2 small quick strikers to I played short passing attacking 442, now at Vauxhall Motors they have 1 big tall striker and a couple of smaller forwards so it's direct 442, both had more closing down and a high line.
  3. Oh. I won that division with South Shields on an old save this year and got promoted. How strange.
  4. What leauge you in? I've seen in Northern division 1 (level 9) Shildon have won the league back to back and still didn't get promoted and there's no explanation from the game as to why.
  5. Great stuff mate, any chance of sharing it?
  6. Is it looking like being created at all?
  7. Has anyone ha any issues with your CFU championship @claassen ?? I have it loaded on my game an there are teams competing in it that I can apply for the job at even though I don't have that league loaded as playable, example I can apply for the job at Dandy Town Hornets in Bermuda but don't have that country loaded but do have the CFU championship loaded from your megapack. Hopefully there won't be any issues with it, just wondering if you or anyone else has noticed anything. Cheers.
  8. Tony Stokes is at Canvey Island and is a beast for LLM players, I always try and sign him if not playing as Canvey myself.
  9. fm2017

    I'm not getting any interview offers, only time I do is when I apply for jobs. What team are you?
  10. Maybe (just thinking out loud here) because the transfer window is shut it's not showing anyone? No that's stupid. No idea mate,
  11. You say you're in Conference north / south, try playing the same way at level 11, I can tell you right now it's not as easy as you're making out.
  12. Well he's english and english players tend to go for more money. I wouldn't be too bothered about it, sorted your club right out.
  13. I'm on level 9 at the minute too mate, got promoted first season. I have 1 scout scouting the league I'm in, 1 scouting the FA vase and 1 scouting future potential players.