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  1. Great read I love doing journeyman saves myself, just wish my laptop would run as many leagues as this! What spec is yours? Mines a i5 processor.
  2. I recently restarted a LLM journeyman save and now in season 3 and I've just joined at North Shields English county league (level 9 I think) and although his stats are pants Tommaso Panzavolta starts at Newcastle Benfield but I've signed him and he's banging the goals in for fun.
  3. Nope I definitely don't have that installed.
  4. I'm having similar issue, whilst the game still shows it as speed of 3 stars the actual processing between days has slowed right down considerably.
  5. info provided

    Don't mean to carry on an argument but I'm pretty sure it says on the back of the box (i got a disc copy too) that it requires the internet to install....
  6. Cool, but in the game I've never had a case where by the larger the contract I offer influences the permit decision tho.....
  7. Having a high contract doesn't affect whether they will get a work permit. It's about how many times he's represented his country and how good he is / will be
  8. Has this been tested over multiple seasons at all? Thanks for sending me it btw
  9. fm2017

    I noticed the list as soon as I posted this and couldn't find the delete comment bit, cheers tho.
  10. fm2017

    Is the York leauge on this file mate? I've only ever used it to go down to level 10 and I think the York league is 11 or 12.
  11. @niceman14 If you're distributing it can I blag a cope too? Cheers man.
  12. Ahh my bad sorry man. Not sure about the regens getting Basque tho.
  13. On my lower leauge saves I always try to get Trevor Sinclair or Brede Hangeland as assistant. After a few years in the game if I think I'm going to be at a club a while I'll sign as many regens with 4 star potential as a minimum.
  14. Also Diego Forlan played for Athletico Madrid, not Bilboa.
  15. There's scouts that have knowledge of the Pays Basque area, hire some and the players will appear. I'm sure they had amorebieta who went onto Fulham who was from Venezuela and he was Basque.