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  1. I've started this but not done as much as you guys, am starting to blog it though so will get the progress posted on here.
  2. I’m actually thinking of starting this on fm20. I don’t really like the match day for whatever reason it seems slower in my laptop than 20 does
  3. Cool. In Norway there is the 4th (possibly 3rd) division as unplayable, but SI confirmed last year this was due to there being reserve teams and the need for reserve players to play games, maybe 21 thinks the same way? Either way this is a massive reason why I won't be starting this challenge until full release.
  4. @Jimbokav1971 confirmed it is playable: Has anyone that finished in the relegation places get sacked?
  5. Same with me, removing the widgets and there being no analysis mid match are mind boggling to me.
  6. As long as the match engine gets left the hell alone, I'll be happy with any patches!
  7. What leagues has people got loaded? I'm not 100% sure what set up I'm going to go with yet
  8. I might be missing this, but with the squad view at the bottom of the page for subs, I can't move them around, say if I want to swap my LM with my RM, I have to go into the tactics screen to do so. This is something I think could be added as I'm sure other users would find this handy.
  9. Ahh that's good then, at least if I don't finish top 6 then the season isn't over at that time. Thanks for confirming.
  10. Another slight annoyance of the match day UI we're going to have to get used to
  11. I hope this gets ironed out, youth intakes are a massive part of the game for a lot of people. Surely as a foreign youth player, he'll either have Danish as his second nationality, or will be completing the required number of days needed to gain Danish nationality within days of coming through the youth set up?
  12. That upsets me. But, I'm happy to trade a better ME and overall better gameplay speed for no widgets, just a case of getting used to it
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