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  1. You said 2006 on your first post now you say 2009, you've not got any actual proof or word from SI they used the same sounds though have you? I mean, if the sounds are that big a gripe for you just play with the sounds off
  2. You see a semi decent left back, valued at 15 million, not really sure why he's valued at that, so you put a bid of 20 million in, game comes back with a counter offer of 35 million, plus 24 monthly installments of 150,000, arrange friendly and a sell on fee of 40%!
  3. I still play 17, not come across that bug, what is it? That happens when you add a new league, the game needs to fill itself with players so loads of newgens come in, it does take some realism out of it for me, seeing a 27 year Russian striker for CSKA Moscow who's not played any games, yet is worth 64 million and has other worldly stats. I try not to add league because of this.
  4. To be fair, OP hasn't evens aid what he considers un-playable, so this thread is a bit subjective. The transfer glitch thing, is only a glitch if the user does it themselves, so not really game breaking unless you yourself use that Semi-pro training, not seen an issue with this, other than as a semi pro club you only get 2 days of training which you'd expect being semi pro. I only watch key highlights and in 2D at that, but I've watched a couple of games at full and you can see patterns, but other than that I've not seen anything in this ME that I would consider game breaking. OP needs to be more specific on what he thinks is unplayable
  5. Good effort, will give this a go tonight I've had a soft spot for Perlis since FM17 as did a couple of season with them on a journeyman I did
  6. Stupid question, but where is the download link? Is this file on Steam workshop?
  7. Just read this thread from top to bottom, great read I love saves like this. I'm going to download the file and start at the bottom but instead of youth only I'm going to do it as director of football challenge. Keep it up mate
  8. Totally agree with you on this one!! Say you're unemployed, take over someone relegated from the Prem before 24/06 and the relegation is on your profile and your start date at that club is the season before, despite it technically being over, it does grind me that
  9. Have you actually won 135 cups then? Maybe there's something in the code that screws it when you win so many and it can't translate over to your own history?
  10. If it was me being described that I'd just give up
  11. Not quite the same, but 8 years in mine Erik Bakke left Leeds to join Liverpool as manager
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