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  1. I was toying with the idea of a building a nation save, and Slovenia were 1 of 2 I was very tempted with, Russia being the other one. I've since put it on hold for now. But am definitely following this.
  2. Sell, without a doubt. He's valued at 57, you're getting triple that back, there is bound to be at least 2 other players as good if not better you can buy with that money.
  3. This. My HOF is terrible as it has all the random managers I have been on all the saves across the board, not to mention the manager from a couple of community saves I've done I hate that the HOF collects all the data and has it all in one and no way to reset it it. It should jsut be the HOF per save file.
  4. I like to keep things as realistic as possible, no Sunday league rep manager starting at a high rep league / club. Also only like to join a new club if it is in a realistic distance to the last, so no going from South Africa to Malaysia unless I've become a top manager that you would expect to make such a move. Also second the street view / wiki comments, I always do this for any clubs I don't already know about
  5. Chapter 5 - Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end ‘I was thinking with survival claimed with a game to spare we could discuss extending my stay with the club, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s in everyone’s best interests’ Freddy said to club chairman Hugo Zalor. But before Hugo could continue Freddy himself continued ‘I won us the cup when we had no right to do so, got us to the semi of the other cup and if it wasn’t for the ref in that game we’d have been in the final’ Freddy was staking his claim for an extension to his contract which ran out in a few weeks time. He w
  6. Chapter 4 - On the day of victory no fatigue is felt Stade Linite is the venue for the historic cup final between Dynamo & Foresters which coincidently, or conveniently is also the home stadium of Dynamo. Pre game estimates put the attendance at around 1,400, although there’s not many fans outside as the teams arrive early in the day. An hour before kick off Freddy walked into the familiar home team changing room, not that is was much of a changing room, more an oversized utility cupboard. But this cupboard is todays War Room for Northern Dynamo, as Freddy elegantly put it t
  7. Chapter 3 - There should be no triumph, before the victory Freddy stood and stared nervously as the clock ticked ever closer to the 90 minute mark. He looked to his assistant manager and asked ‘do you think we need to try anything else? 5 defenders? 1 striker?’ but before Innocent Ladouce could reply the ref had blown the whistle, but not for full time. Mussard was running toward the touchline arms aloft and smiling. He’d just tapped in from close range to give Northern Dynamo a very unlikely point in the game with La Passe. The 1 person in attendance must’ve been ecstatic at
  8. Chapter 2 - The opportunity that God sends does not wake up him who is asleep If finding your way into a career as a player is easy, then football management should be just as easy, right? Well no, actually. Before he departed for Ghana, Freddy Adu actually reached out to a number of professional clubs seeking new first team managers. One of his former sides, and the team he shone most for, Real Salt Lake, actually offered him an interview. But during the course of the 73 minute meeting, most of it was discussing his playing career, his accolades, or lack-thereof and hardly to
  9. Chapter 1 - Potential is a priceless treasure, just like a mothers love Have you ever played that game Metal Gear Solid the Phantom Pain?’ the slightly younger of the 2 men said ‘No, why do you ask?’ ‘It’s unreal, hands down one of my favourite games of all time. In it you get to build this big oil rig and turn it into a base, and go off doing missions from it’ the younger man continued as the older man let him explain his love for this computer game. ‘I still don’t understand why that’s got anything to do with why we’re here of all places though’ the older man said
  10. Turned on Spotify, plug your head phones in. Then press space bar and be taken to a place that consumes your every fiber. Forget what life was like without FM as your life is FM now. Welcome aboard.
  11. Done that, thanks. anything in the mean time I should be looking at doing? I've turned V sync off and that kind of thing
  12. Since this update for that survey button, has anyone else noticed a massive reduction in gameplay speed? The time it's now taking for me to progress through the days is unbearable. Before this update the game was flying by at a great pace, but now, it's taking 40 seconds or so, sometimes up to and over a minute to process through 1 day! It's taken me over an hour to play 4 weeks and 4 games, when before the update it would've taken a lot less than that I am using an added database and graphics so it's not that causing this issue. I've cleared / cache and preferences and it's still th
  13. Same here. Game processing speed has dropped considerably after the update.
  14. There's that interaction you can do to ask whether the player is interested in a move to your club. That's the only way I think
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