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  1. This actually looks quite fun, and would make a change from my usual journeyman saves. May start this tonight or tomorrow.
  2. Just a thought, Malaysian and Hong Kong don't they only appear in the Confederations Cup and not the Asian Champions League? Also for FM19 there's not that many databases out yet for obscure Asian or Oceanic teams so this challenge can't really go ahead ATM.
  3. I've not read all the posts on this but just my 2 cents on FM19 as a whole is I'm actually loving it. Currently still on the same save as I started in the beta and have no complaints. I didn't like 18 whatsoever and had some reservations about 19, I don't play whilst logged into Steam online and my steam says I've got 47 minutes on 19 which is wrong as I am quite far into my save but my opinion is that this is the best FM I've played, and I've been playing year after year since CM99/00. I've not seen any of the bad ME things posted and the AI team building I've not seen any issues, however I did see Benzema in the Dinamo Zagreb team in his last season before retiring, not that that's anything out of the ordinary. I actually love the new training aspect of the game, the mentoring system is a nice addition and something different. Still not completely sold on the scouting center but it's not game breaking for me. All in all 19 for me is a great game and 1 I genuinely look forward to playing.
  4. Great work mate getting these out so quickly, do they reflect real life rules?
  5. Gonna disagree with you on this pal, just this morning I had a goal go to VAR and it was ruled out. Yesterday I had a game where a foul was made in the box but given as a free kick as it was proved to be outside the box. Not every VAR decision given is positive.
  6. bigmattb28

    [Poland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    I finished 12th overall and did not qualify for Europe which is what should've happened. Didn't see if the game made a point of me not making Europe however.
  7. bigmattb28

    [Poland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    I'm sure this is a bug. The Ekstraklasa splits into 2 groups near the end of the season, championship and relegation, and I'm in the relegation group. The game thinks I'm going to qualify for the Europa league as I'm currently 4th in that group. However nobody from the relegation group qualifies for continental football, so the game has it wrong. I think I know why this is, I think it's because the game thinks as I'm 4th in table and 4th in the championship group qualifies for the Europa league and it's not distinguishing between the relegation and championship groups next game I draw and as I dropped a place the game now thinks I am going to lose out on qualifying I've not got any custom databases or anything like that. If you need me to upload a save game then I can Cheers.
  8. Number 4 is for defensive midfielders, everyone knows that
  9. Have pretend press conferences in the shower, on the home from work and to the dog. When I press shout in game I wave my hands like I'm actually doing it and it's going to make a difference
  10. It's your tactics mate, or the ME is broken that's why.....probably the only answer you're going to get here. However I have the same problem, I've just resigned to the game landing me at the squad page and having to go to the general tab, that or right clicking a team name and choosing overview.
  11. Have you got Serie A on view only or fully playable? On view only teams don't really spend a lot and end up eventually having mainly greyed out players.,
  12. bigmattb28

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    I'm not on my laptop and can't remember the player in question but his description is tireless midfielder, and then right underneath where the status bit is said tired after his last match
  13. bigmattb28

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    Your managers name alone deserves a place on this thread!