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  1. This still going? I've just started as a level 11 club on my new blog.
  2. I find eating a Greggs steak bake and looking at a Chuck Norris gif before any big games have never let me down
  3. You must be using a custom database surely? I was 7 seasons into a save before I restarted, and Bruce is at Everton, Rafa back at NEwcastle (made me smile!) Ole still at Man U. Other managers like Howe is at Celtic, Dyche at Brunley still in Championship, Mourinho has Portugal. I've still got the save so I can look but I can't remember any teams having those god awful regen managers, even in Conference North / South
  4. Has anyone still got the graphics for the 1.3 version please?
  5. Good thread mate. Following with interest.
  6. Hi there fellow beta thread legend! Hope you're well mate. Got a while to wait yet before the beta is announced. Wonder how many posts this years thread will get
  7. Just to help out, that's the laptop I bought recently and works absolutely fine for FM and a ton of other games. You'll be fine.
  8. NEVER LET IT REST ON THE BED! Always have it on a flat surface, I have a cooling pad mine sits on top of.
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