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  1. NCAA teams can sign players though, not sure on the quality of players you could sign, or if there will be any free transfers
  2. Nooooooo!! Don't do it man! Seriously don't! Your threads are always a great read. Load another country up (Mexico maybe?) or apply for jobs at a higher level, like the NASL maybe with NY Cosmos they go through managers like nobody's business on my save! On topic though do you see a lot of suspensions? I'm having on average at least 2 players suspended each game, got thumped by Las Vegas Mobsters an all, it's between us and them at the top of our group, in UPSL.
  3. Cool man thanks all looks good on my save too. Oh right I found it under the transfers tab in the MLS screen mate. Yeah it sure does. Apart from not being able to register players for the first 6 months with an NCAA team but other than that it works a treat. Inter Miami are a team that starts in the lower leagues then moves to its correct league after the first season. Same with Atlanta and Minnesota.
  4. I can tell you from reading the bugs forum that the MLS issue you describe there has been fixed, I noticed that on an earlier save I had. As for the fake players that must have been on your save as on the few I've done with this file (did a couple of test saves) and all the MLS teams have the proper players, it's only the upsl and NCAA that have the regen 'fake' players mate. Yeah cool man I jus got to January and checked and the super draft happened. Some kid that scored 17 in 17 for Akron got picked first.
  5. Has anyone had a couple of seasons out of this file yet? Just curious if the draft definitely works as I did a test save and used a start date in Argentina and don't think the draft happened, I am in January 2017 and the transfers tab in MLS screen says the draft is on 13/12/2016 but no actual draft.
  6. Go to the MLS screen then transfers then draft. It'll say on there who went to what club. Or I imagine if you go to the transfers tab then transfer history in your clubs page it should say on there.
  7. Ahh right cool, well only got a couple of leagues in South America loaded at the minute, want to go to Chile, Argentina & Uruguay in this save, hopefully all will be okay. Have you had any issues since the patch?
  8. Ahh right so IF a Mexican team won it I should be good?
  9. Good going mate. I haven't been on FM for a few days but will be tonight, hopefully get Borussia to the play offs in UPSL. Don't suppose you could check the MLS and draft could you? Just wanna see what they're both like after a few seasons and if you could check an see if the fixtures and champions league are all scheduling like they should. Also if get chance could you see the winners of the Copa Libertadores and Scudamerica the south american continental comps at all?
  10. Bit gutted about this, I did just restart using the USA database thats been released and actually have Argentina & Chile loaded, using 17.3 I think, do you chaps think I should be alright with libertadores working?
  11. I've read that if / when a Mexican team wins the Copa Scudamerica it buggers up that competition and that competition fails to start again after that year. I can't find a topic in this forum about it just wondering if its been sorted or not as I currently have a save in South America. Cheers.
  12. Great read as always mate, I didn't do too well at LA and now at Borussia Las Vegas (Awesome name) and we're top of UPSL by 1 point and with 1 game to go.
  13. Great read as always mate. I've restarted my save and holidayed until August, applied for and got the LA Highlanders job in UPSL. Keep up the good work.
  14. Well MLS teams don't get youth intake. I'm not far enough into it to tell you what happens to NCAA teams at the youth intake but will post what happens when I do. The transfers seem to only be signing young players on amateur contracts
  15. I holidayed until August and the California job was still free so iv applied and got that. Just about to do the first regular season march now and it's let me register players so far. So all being well it looks like it's working. Thing I'm a bit concerned with is the massive gaps between games when managing NCAA teams. I'll prob only stay until the spring season has finish anyways.