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  1. Ahh game manuals, who remembers that awesome smell they had when you first got a new game!! Memories. Also there is no physical version being released this year, only digital copies.
  2. bigmattb28

    FM19 in comparison?

    Plus - there's loads. Despite less than favourable feedback the UI is class. Training and tactics whilst overwhelming at first once you get the hang of it are really well implemented. Loads of little things like you can give feedback to players on training and if there is more than 1 transfer offer for a player you can try and persuade him to join a certain team. The Game seems to progress quickly enough as well. As for minus for me 17 was the most complete version of the game ever so I'd say definitely give that a go, I have played this game since championship manager 99 and fm17 was absolutely fantastic for me. You'll get it cheaper anyway if you do try it out. On 19 it may seem very overwhelming at the start and may put you off but stick with it.
  3. Already playing, nearing the end of first season in Portugal third division and really enjoying it. Only gripe I have is I don't have enough time to play as much as I want.
  4. bigmattb28

    Anyone see the regens yet?

    Won't quote the full post but that reply was awesome mate!
  5. bigmattb28

    Anyone see the regens yet?

    Well yeah the avatar is my in game manager. I actually don't mind the regen faces this year. You can still turn them off as well.
  6. bigmattb28

    Anyone see the regens yet?

    The regen faces aren't bad, well the skin has the faces a lot smaller than previous years but from the ones I've got at my current team they look alright. My faves were the regens from FM14, ahh memories.
  7. Not had any crashes or anything like that myself however occasionally the mouse will stutter for want of a better word across the screen, and sometimes during matches in 3D it will lag for like a mili second during some animations. Not sure if it's my laptop or not but I did have this issue at a sever level on 18. Also I went to add Norway's second division after having the premier league already loaded and the approx player count went from 48,000 to 60,000 after just loading the one division, not sure if this is an issue or not but 12,000 players from division being added seems a lot. Other than that I am genuinely really enjoying the game this year after not liking 18 at all. Also liking the purple a lot it has grown on me.
  8. I love a good journeyman save, definitively following! Oh and try not to get the P***o job, go for Sporting
  9. ARC Oleiros season 2018-2019 update We start this update with a resounding 3-1 home victory over Alcains with Fidalgo (more on him later) grabbing a brace. This was followed up with a good 2-1 away win over Peniche in a game we didn’t really look good in and on another day the result could’ve been different. We got a late winner totally against the run of play but a win is a win. Our next game before the big cup game against Maritimo saw us come away with a 2 all draw at home to Leiria. We really should’ve won this seeing as how they were down to 10 men but we let in a late equaliser, but we maintained our good form. The big cup game away to Maritimo was next up. I am realistic that a result here is a long shot, however the money we should gain from this game will really help us out. Pretty much straight from the off it was game over, 2 down after 5 minutes. Oh well we were never really going to get anything from this game. We move on and hopefully get back to out good league form. Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Nothing to say about this result, we were absolutely terrible. We let the Fatima result become a distant memory with a well deserved 2-0 home win over Torrense to keep us in third in the league. A 2-2 draw with Oliveira next in another away game where we didn’t play all too well. Not too disheartened however as a point away is always good. Another absolutely terrible and pathetic performance next as we were humiliated 5-0 by Alverca. Not 1 player played well at all. I am absolutely fuming at this result. Next up were Benfica CB who were second at the time of this game. I tell the team I expect a much better showing than that last game and my word did we get it. 6-0 and it really could’ve been more. After the Benfica game we played Caldas away who are top of the league. Another good result against the leaders as we ran out 4-2 winners. A lesson I learnt in the worse way as I have my director of football dealing with contract renewals and he has let Ivan Fidalgo leave, on a free transfer! Okay so the deal doesn’t go through until the end of season but unless we get promoted this can be a massive blow to us! Well here’s hoping he can still fire the goals in for us. The next set of games sees us record consecutive wins over Sertanense, Macao, Sintrense & Santa before dropping points at home to Anadia. The final 2 games of this update saw us demolish Loures 5-2 away and a 1 all draw at home to Vilafranquense. During the January transfer window it seems as thought PSG have a thing for players from clubs in Portugal. Finally the Brexit thing continued with confirmation of the new rules for British teams from next season. Will remain to be seen if / how this affects us in Portugal. Thanks for reading
  10. I keep seeing penalties given for pushing in the area. At least most of the ones I've had given for me have been for pushing, did see 1 where the last man went through the back of my forward and penalty was given.
  11. ARC Oleiros 2018 season update So the first game of hopefully a hall of fame career sees us at home to AD Nogueirense and what a performance we got. 6-1 was the full time score but the game was over after 40 minutes as we went into half time 5 nil up! Next up were Sertanense away and another dominating performance saw us put 5 past them and win the game 5-1. Vilmar grabbing 4 goals in a dominating performance. Can you believe what happened next, as we put yet another 5 goals away this time at home to Trofense who were no match for our team. Game number 4 of our career and this time wasn't quite as many but we did put 4 goals past Macoa to take us to the top of the league. All was not well as during the Macoa game Chio Chen came off with an injury which will keep him out 2 weeks. We've got plenty of cover so hopefully we don't miss him too much. Back to back draws now as we were held 0-0 away to Sintrense and managed a 1 all draw away to Sporting Ideal in the cup, however we beat them on penalties to go into the hat for the next round. Back to league action and we grabbed a deserved 3-0 win over Santa Iria. A narrow 1-0 victory over Fafe saw our good start continue. The draw for the next round of the cup and I couldn't be happier. Alright it's an away draw but the money we'll get from the game against top side Maritimo will definitely help us out. A game O am very much looking forward to! Despite our good start we went down 2-1 away to Anadia in a game we were absolutely dominated against. How this match ended only 2-1 I'll never know, definitely the worse performance so far. During this game Obayomi sufered an injury and will be out for a few weeks. Whislt not setting the world alight his performances have been key in our good start. 2 more poor performances as we were held 0-0 away to Lourse in a pretty even game really, and then went down 3-1 to Vilafranquense. This game made me tear my hair out. We went 2 down before getting a penalty which Chico missed but managed to pull 1 back almost straight after. We bossed the game from there and had a good couple of half chances before they got the third goal to put the game away. During all this it's confirmed the England will leave the EU. I take it that's the Brexit thing kicking in the. Not sure how much it will impact this save unless I go to England but we'll see. That's it for this update. I'll try and get updates as often as I can. We've done well so far and find ourselves sitting 4th in group C. I'm optimistic we can continue this form and challenge the top end of the league.
  12. Yeah post a thread on here with your updates man. I have always enjoyed managing in Chile.
  13. I've actually started my hall of fame career already I couldn't resist. Are you gonna be posting your progress? Where you plan on starting? But back to your post I'm really enjoying seeing the little things like an overview of the transfers already made before the game started as well as the new mentoring section.
  14. So instead of starting unemployed, I am going to be starting at the lowest rep playable club from the start in Portugal that hasn't just been promoted, that club is ARC Oleiros. They're a 1 star team and expected to finish 50th overall and 13th in Championship Group C. This league is a league with 71 teams split into 4 groups with the top 2 from each group moving onto the next stage to determine who gets promoted. As Manuel was introduced as the new manager of Oleiros, a reporter from The Oleiros Football Post asked most of the questions: 'Manuel, you're a complete unknown in the world of football, what do you say to the fans of this club, as well as in Portugal in general about why you're the best man for the job?' 'Well yes I am an unknown but everyone has to start somewhere right? you may not know my name right now, but believe me you'll soon be saying I'm the best manager Portugal has ever produced' 'That's quite a bold statement, considering that arguably the greatest manager of all time Jose Mourinho is still very much an active manager, as is Jorge Jesus, a very well respected Portuguese manager, not to mention Andre Villas-Boas who is held in very high regards in the footballing community' 'Mourinho, Jesus & Villas-Boas? Never heard of em! But you will know who Manuel Vargas is with time, and 1 day, some day I will lead Sporting Lisbon to glory, mark my words!' First things first, let's see what this team is all about then shall we. Main man and star striker Ivan Fidalgo looks like the type of player to get us some goals, and main center half Tiago Gomes looks good. The rest of the signings made before I arrived and looks like a whole new squad to play with. I do make 2 signings of my own. First in on loan is winger Leo Pinto from Alcains. Next up also on loan is Chico Chen from Cova de Piedade So with that done I decide on a formation and tactics for the season. We're going with the traditional 442 direct passing with a cautios approach with emphasis on the wide areas. In transition I want the team to get back in shape as quickly as possible in the hopes of getting back at the opposition on the break. Next up will be our first few games of the new season. Thanks for reading!