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  1. What specs you got mate? I don't like having less than 4 / 4.5 stars game speed, puts me off running a lot.
  2. Do you bother taking into account the games star speed rating? I have very similar specs (slightly better) then you but when I put a lot of leagues the star rating goes down, kinda puts me off running loads of leagues.
  3. National jobs disappearing

    Thanks for replying, I don't think that's it because Ivory Coast in their last match had a full team of players, no greyed out players at all. Not sure on the others though.
  4. Your best/longest career?

    My all time fave save currently resides in FM16, complete journeyman, I'll definitely miss some out but in 50 or so years the teams I remember being at include York City, Wellington Phoenix, Tiajin, Guangzhou Evergrande, NY Red Bulls, Flamengo, Gangwon, Amkar, Spartak Moscow, Zenit & a few national jobs. There's definitely more but those are the teams I had success with. I was on with the pentagon challenge but didn't manage it unfortunately. I am currently on with the same challenge on FM17.
  5. FM17, 10 nations:- Argentina, China, UAE, Qatar, South Africa, Serbia, Russia, Poland, Latvia & USA all playable. Brazil, Holland, France & Italy view only. Lare database, currently in 2020, 5 star game speed & computer performance. Is processing really quickly and am enjoying it, think it sitting at 46k players at the minute.
  6. Hi, bit of a wired one here. So I am 4 seasons into a save, and when I started I had 10 nations loaded, large database around 40k players. I go to add manager and have a look at the international jobs I could start with and there's quite a few. Every now and then I'll go to the job security screen and select national jobs only just to see what national jobs I could go for. Anyway in January 2020 I have noticed quite a few are missing from when I started the game. I go to add a new manager just to see and when I go to the national teams a lot are missing. I know they are missing as I have loaded up a save from earlier and they're still there. The African nations I can't seem to select now are Ivory Coast, Kenya, Congo, Zambia & Burkina Faso. As I say, loading up an earlier save of this game and these nations are still there as able to add a new manager to. They are all currently playing in the African Nations champion ship but I can't put a new manager on any of these teams, despite them being available in November of the previous year. I'm on FM17, has this been noticed at all? Does anyone think it's a bug or something?
  7. Editor requests - Custom league files - ask here

    I've used the search function above but can't find anything for the lower leagues of Spain for FM17, don't suppose anyone knows of any databases that unlocks lower than the already playable leagues for Spain in FM17 do you? Cheers.
  8. Right, not been on any FM for a while so am gonna do the hotfix update to 18 shortly and if it improves the god awful lag I've had on it I'm gonna start this challenge, again lol hopefully the hotfix sorts my issues out. Love reading your updates lads! Keep up the good work
  9. Hey man where did you get the file for polish lower leagues? I wanna use it 😁
  10. I've commented at least 3 times saying I'm having lag in both match and general gameplay, who or where do I go for help on lag in other screens?
  11. I have the updated version and the lag is still there, between clicking from 1 screen to another not just in match engine.
  12. Commenting in the hopes of an update. I have an NVidi GTX 1050 ti i7 770HQ gaming laptop. More than enough spec to run the game flawlessly yet get nothing but lag.
  13. good work @CCSantos I've started (again) and got a job in Macau at Chong Wa and the below leagues loaded We won our forst 3 league games and the first game of the Presidents cup, which looking at the fixtures seems to be a lower league cup. If it is a cup for the lower leagues and I win, does this count towards the domestic cups @TheEarl ? Aiming to get Asia & Africa out of the way before going for the Americas, then Europe then finally Oceania.
  14. Awesome, I'me going to start with as playable: Australia China Macau Malaysia Hong Kong China PR Uzbekistan Egypt Russia Want to start in Macau then go to Malaysia & Hong Kong as the top leagues to win, Australia and China loaded as playable to get a lot of nations playable too. My aim is to conquer Asia first, I've had so many enjoyable saves in Asia so will go there first, then will load Ivory Coast & South Africa to go for Africa then onto the Americas. I figure leaving Oceiana til last as I will easily be able to get a job in New Zealand to win the O league. I've literally started this challenge at least 4 times, I've tried playing 18 but can't get on with it with my Nvidia graphics so I'm sticking to this for good this time, I promise! On a side note, are you using any custom skin @CCSantos ? I'll be using an instant result skin, not that it matters.