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  1. Going to post a mini mid season update tomorrow, got a few games of the season left, I got to the friendship cup final again and into semi of FA cup but I've had an interview and offer from North Village Rams who are the best rep team in Bermuda, not sure whether to go now or stick it with Devonshire until the end of the season, I could win the league if other results go my way with Devonshire, I'm a few points behind leaders Dandy Town Hornets, decisions decisions.
  2. I feel ya brother! The lag between screens, the extra clicks to do simple tasks, match engine I can't even describe! Whilst I aren't asking for a refund in the hope of a major patch to sort this out I am sticking to 17.
  3. Cool man. What's the best way to tackle this do you reckon, should I try and get the 'easier' continental cups out the way. by easier I'd maybe say the Oceania champs league is prob the easiest, I reckon any New Zealand team can win it if you get past Auckland City, or even use them. The North America champs league I'm gonna have to go with a Mexican team I think, the Asian champs league I won with a Malaysian team on a previous save so I'm confident with that one.
  4. Just a quickie, started second season with the charity cup and remember in a previous post I said there's a lot of goals scored? Well check this out Does this count towards the list @TheEarl ? They won back to back league titles so I'm happy to beat them. Also first game of the season and we just beat the team predicted to finish second Also my manager history so far Got New Zealand being loaded up from the end of this season but will see how I get on here before making a decision to move or not.
  5. Can anyone confirm if the lag has been looked at in the new update? The lag between screens for me makes it unplayable! It's not my brand new gaming laptop bought in September as it runs 17 fine, I'm sticking with 17 until the lag issue gets sorted.
  6. On my best save on 17 I ended up at Perlis in Malaysia, ended up with 2 stints at them, anyway first season I got promoted as champs, then second place finish before back to back super leagues, as well as winning the FA cup and league cup twice each too and I'm the only person on the legends tab on the profile screen.
  7. Cool, will try and get on tonight and post my updates. The season in Bermuda ends in March and pre season isn't until August! Lot of waiting around unfortunately.
  8. I didn't play much over the weekend but I did finish my first season at Devonshire Colts, winning both the cups there and finishing a respectable 5th in the league. Main striker that was at the club when I joined I've signed this guy on a free As above I won both the cups this year, here's the end of season awards as well as a new contract: 1 thing I have noticed is there's only 2 teams (North Village Rams & Dandy Town Hornets) that have a squad of actual players in Bermuda as they're all those greyed out players. I've signed a couple of them, you may notice Tevahn Mundy above, he's a greyed out player I offered a contract too and he's Barbadian like my manager is. Also there's a LOT of goals scored in most games. I'll get my schedule posted when I'm at home but we scored a lot of goals each game. Just as a bit of trivia too, my first game was against PHC Zebra's which we won, and the FA cup final was also against them which we just won on penalties. Maybe we'll get a rivalry with them going? The manager for North Village Rams is also the Bermudan national team manager and he's just left his club, I declared interest in that job and it said I'm considered a leading candidate, didn't even get an interview but not that fussed, I'll stay at Devonshire for at least this season and see how I get on. I do have the CFU championship loaded as well, wonder if as I've won the FA cup I'll get in that. Will see. I'll post progress again as I go. CLUB Season | Club | League pos. | Cont. achievements | Domestic cup achievements | Notes | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016 | Devonshire Colts |5th | N/A | Friendship & FA cup winners | Predicted to be relegated, finished very respectable 5th | INTERNATIONAL Season | Team | Tourn. results | World ranking | Trophies won | Notes | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | TROPHIES WON 0/25 League Titles 2/25 Domestic Cups 0/9 Continental Club Trophies 0/1 Worldwide Club Trophies 0/7 Continental International Trophies 0/3 Worldwide International Trophies
  9. FM18 - game speed

    I get it on every screen mate
  10. Also just read online that Devonshire Colts have been relegated in real life, so the pressures on me to make sure I keep them in the Bermudan prem this season!
  11. Oh bugger, yes I did see the age thing, sorry man I'll post a screenie of my manager profile showing Sunday ;league rep.. But as you say Bermuda's not known for it's high rep football league! Will post updates over the weekend.
  12. Well I restarted this and will post updates as I go. My manager is 30 and from Barbados, don't know why Barbados just seemed like a cool place to be from. Anyway his favorite club is Perlis in Malaysia, fun fact I had my best ever journeyman save on 17 and was at Perlis twice on that and had loads of success so that's why his favorite is them, maybe I'll go there on this save. Also favorite formation is 3-5-2, tactical manager with Sunday league rep and I think 2 points in adaptability and 3 maybe 4 in tactical training. Will post screens when I'm at home. Started unemployed and got the Devonshire Colts job in Bermuda. Won the first game 4-1 against PHC Zebras then lost 3-2 at home to North Village Rams who are favourites to win the league. we're expected to finish bottom, told the board I'd battle bravely against relegation. My aim on this challenge is to not leave by my own accord until I've won at least 1 trophy, in the early part this won't do anything for the challenge especially in Bermuda but will help my rep go up to get another job along the way. Lastly leagues I have loaded at the minute are Bermuda, Panama, Australia, New Zealand, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia all playable and France, Scotland, Argentina as view only. Will only add a league once I'm done with the 1 I'm in. Ahh right, I may load up North Korea as I go.
  13. FM18 - game speed

    Same here pal! Got a brand new MSI gaming laptop that 17 with loads of leagues runs fine, 18 however is a right struggle. The time between continues is taking ages, even clicking from 1 screen to another there's a second or so lag. Can't play it at all!
  14. Not much, the game processes so slow for me and the there is a lag between screens so I've given up and gone back to 17 which runs absolutely no problem for me.
  15. FM18 - game speed

    Has there be any update on FM18 game speed?