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  1. Why do you think it's cheating? I'm sure there are a lot of clubs that scout the exact thing you're scouting. It's only 'cheating' if you use and editor or a scouting tool
  2. I've subscribed to the league and kit files but they're not showing in game for me, any ideas? I've restarted 3 times
  3. FM17. Can't get into 20, 19 put me completely off with 3 game breaking glitches.
  4. Oh wow the Ivorians are eligible, love managing them, I genuniley do not know why! Also that pintball story was just mint. Keep it up.
  5. Just a quick question, hoe do you get your images so big? Once I crop mine with snipping tool and put them on the reply, they always go really small.
  6. I've just had a thought. I know this challenge is all about managing and winning the British and Irish nations, but are there any rules against managing in another nation, say Holland for arguments sake to build up your rep, or add a bit of variety to the save? Also I'm thinking about adding the Champions League, Europa League, that Conference League, The Euros and World Cup into my challenge, if anyone is interested in adding these to theirs?
  7. No one? Back to FM17 and probably ask steam for a refund on 20. Unplayable with the fans like this
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