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  1. Well hello good sir. Got your message on Steam earlier I wasn't being ignorant lol. How was your Greggs, assuming you've been?
  2. Sorry I'm late to the party boys, was just in the loft dusting off the ol' tin foil cap, putting on my best Nike trainers to go to Greggs for my steak bake and yum-yum breakfast, and grabbing a few Chuck Norris jokes from the newsagent on the way back. Here's the pick of the bunch: Chuck Norris was born May 6th 1945. The Nazi's surrendered May 7th. Not a coincidence (However I'm putting this in the fact column, this is too realistic to be a joke / coincidence) When Chuck Norris was born he drove his mother home from the hospital. Tiffany has breakfast at Chuck Norris's house. Also he's a gif I found on the floor in my street just now: Lastly, please can we all refrain from pronouncing it be-ta this year. It was so annoying last year, the proper pronunciation is beta and you know it.
  3. Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I have an adboards pack, but I want to add the same adboards to another league. If I copy the details from 1 of the leagues already in the .xml file and change the id to the league I want, will that work? Example, the Portuguese Premier League looks like this in the xml: <!-- Portuguese Premier Division, rabcp --> <list id="60"> <integer value="637"/> <!-- Portuguese Premier League ads --> <record id="637" path="pictures/ads/europe/portugal/liga sagres/sag"/> So it's finding the file named sag and placing it in the the position of 637, is that right? In game I can see the adboard when viewing a Portugal premier division match. If I wanted this to be in the third division of Portugal, do I just have to create a folder for the third division and copy the above and change it to the third division like this: <!-- Portuguese Third Division, rabcp --> <list id="55065454"> <integer value="637"/> Will that show the adboard named sag at third division games? Is 637 the location for that particular adboard in that division? If so, how do I find the adboard references for the third division, or any other division for that matter? Thanks.
  4. I was reading through thinking how the hell are these players on that team, but then realised you're playing FM15! Great read so far keep it up
  5. Brilliant mate, looking forward to more of this!!
  6. I like it. I've played it on and off for a while never completed it though.
  7. Yeah it's Holland and Portugal. I used the original database and loaded Holland, and after a few months game time it seems to be okay, Hollands season has only played a handful of games though
  8. Yep can imagine it's time consuming, but I'm grateful as I am sure the rest of the lads are.
  9. Ignore me, it's been a long day, I didn't select default database. As you were lads....
  10. Getting this when I try start a new game, can't select Holland or Portugal. I've added all the file in the first zip titled version 1.0, and replaced the updated versions of each fmf files in the subsequent versions. What am I doing wrong?
  11. Perfect mate, really appreciate the work you've done as well as the lads giving you a hand! Going to try it out now. Will wait until there's logos for the Yugoslav and USSR teams before embarking on a long term save.
  12. I'm going to be starting with this database tonight. Deffo following, good to see you back Naka.
  13. Wow. Some effort here mate! Sorry to sound ungrateful but is the file stable? I will deffo give it a bash if it is, my saves tend to go on for many years.
  14. I was toying with the idea of a building a nation save, and Slovenia were 1 of 2 I was very tempted with, Russia being the other one. I've since put it on hold for now. But am definitely following this.
  15. Sell, without a doubt. He's valued at 57, you're getting triple that back, there is bound to be at least 2 other players as good if not better you can buy with that money.
  16. This. My HOF is terrible as it has all the random managers I have been on all the saves across the board, not to mention the manager from a couple of community saves I've done I hate that the HOF collects all the data and has it all in one and no way to reset it it. It should jsut be the HOF per save file.
  17. I like to keep things as realistic as possible, no Sunday league rep manager starting at a high rep league / club. Also only like to join a new club if it is in a realistic distance to the last, so no going from South Africa to Malaysia unless I've become a top manager that you would expect to make such a move. Also second the street view / wiki comments, I always do this for any clubs I don't already know about
  18. Chapter 5 - Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end ‘I was thinking with survival claimed with a game to spare we could discuss extending my stay with the club, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s in everyone’s best interests’ Freddy said to club chairman Hugo Zalor. But before Hugo could continue Freddy himself continued ‘I won us the cup when we had no right to do so, got us to the semi of the other cup and if it wasn’t for the ref in that game we’d have been in the final’ Freddy was staking his claim for an extension to his contract which ran out in a few weeks time. He was correct in everything he was saying. He guided the team to a 9th place finish in the league on 26 points, 7 above relegation, which is no mean feat considering where the team were when he took over. The league cup win was a pleasant and surprising result, but with league safety not confirmed at that time Freddy and the Northern Dynamo players hadn’t really celebrated that win. The ref had an appalling game in the cup semi in which he chalked off 2 goals for Dynamo, which really changed the game. The Dynamo players heads all dropped, and they caved in. Something Freddy hadn’t realised until now is that he’s hardly spoke to the Dynamo chairman at all in the 6 months he’s been here. But during this rare conversation with the man in charge of the club, Freddy dreamt of taking Dynamo to the dizzy heights of, well, above 9th in the league initially but then, then the world is his ashtray, or oyster, or however the song goes. Despite it being a far cry from places such as Benfica, DC United and Real Salt Lake where he plied some of his playing trade, it was a job in management and a job so far well done, or so he thought. Hugo leaned back in the chair on the other side of the table, stroked his chin, eyes firmly on Freddy and said ‘I told you this was a 6 month deal, take it or leave it, and you took it’ ‘Yes, but that was before I won the cup and survi….’ Hugo cut him off ‘6 months Frederick, 6 months, and you’ve got 4 weeks left’ Freddy was trying to convince himself to try and convince Hugo to keep him on, but felt he was losing the battle ‘If I can win the league cup, get to the semi of the FA cup and get ****ed over by the ref, I’m sure with a full pre season with the team I can do better than I already have’ Hugo stood his ground ‘You can say what you like, my mind is made up, I offered you 6 months and you took it. I wish you best in your future end..’ This time it was Freddy butting in ‘Don’t bother saying it, I’ve heard the line before. Just pay me for the 4 weeks I’m owed’ he said through gritted teeth, before adding ‘and my name is Freddy, not ****ing Frederick!’ and with that he left the room and left his first job in management. Freddy Adu leaves Northern Dynamo with a record of 22 played, 13 won, 4 drawn and 5 lost, taking home the League Cup and survival in the process. Elsewhere on the island nation another managerial change was taking place. Cote d’Or manager Bright Brutus had also fallen foul of the chairman of his club and also found himself packing his bags, although his leaving was done of his own accord. In a league as small as the Seychelles league, news about players moving, managers leaving and whatnot travels quickly and it’s no surprise that chairman, scouts and players all seem to know each other. The same could be said of African football in general really. On the same day Freddy was sacked, the first tycoon takeover of a club in Freddy’s new career path took place. Jeunesse Sportive de Kabylie, or JS Kabylie as the club is more commonly known, of Algeria had announced they’d sacked manager Ali Fergani who at the time had managed to get the team sat atop the league which was a surprise for him. The press release confirming the sacking came shortly after, where the club had confirmed the takeover. Freddy made a mental note to keep an eye on that team as historically the clubs that have the most money do well. But money wouldn’t be something Freddy would have to play with as a manager, not yet at least. He had been in his beach side apartment unemployed for 2 days when the phone rang, and it was a Leshole Hall calling. Freddy didn’t do much talking on the call, only speaking when he was made the offer ‘Equivalent of 250 US dollars, 1 year, and if you leave within that year the club receives 90% compensation. Sound good?’ ‘I’ll see you the morning’ --------------------------- Cross posted at From the Cheap Seats with images
  19. Chapter 4 - On the day of victory no fatigue is felt Stade Linite is the venue for the historic cup final between Dynamo & Foresters which coincidently, or conveniently is also the home stadium of Dynamo. Pre game estimates put the attendance at around 1,400, although there’s not many fans outside as the teams arrive early in the day. An hour before kick off Freddy walked into the familiar home team changing room, not that is was much of a changing room, more an oversized utility cupboard. But this cupboard is todays War Room for Northern Dynamo, as Freddy elegantly put it to the starting 11 ‘Today we have blood in our eyes and murder on our mind!’ ‘What the hell is that supposed to mean?!’ Cried forward Jean Tigana (not THAT Jean Tigana) ‘It sounded good in my head. It was meant to be philosophical, or something…'Freddy replied. Following the rallying cry, the game was just about to kick off. The starters were on the pitch, waiting the referee’s signal. Just as he was about to blow to signal kick off, Freddy waved his arms and the starting forwards, Tigana & Barra looked in his direction as he shouted ‘Alright men, commence Operation Special Delivery! The forwards stood bewildered but Barra asked to no one in particular ‘Has he lost the plot? Innocent Ladouce, the assistant manager also stood in a confused stated, but managed to ask ‘did you just quote The Penguins of Madagascar?’ ‘What, no’ Freddy replied sheepishly. With that both managers sat down and took their seats in the dugouts. After the initial rush of blood and excitement rom both sides you only get from being in a cup final in front of, well not thousands but a couple of hundred fans, the game calmed down and both teams were taking it slow waiting for the other to be the first to buckle, probing for openings, of which the first came in the 30th minute Barra was played in down the right wing and played the ball along the box not aiming at anyone in particular, but Carl Melanie tapped in just inside the box to give Dynamo the lead. Freddy is off the bench in adulation screaming GET IN and waving his arms wildly. Innocent is still sat down making notes in his clipboard. He’s the level headed of the 2 and he expects there to be some response from Foresters and their manager is also up from the bench shouting instructions. The encouragement from the bench pays off for Foresters as they’re back on level terms no fewer than 10 minutes later. A real old fashioned center forwards goal, long ball from wide thundered home with a towering header from their forward. Half time came and Dynamo were the better team despite the scoreline. The words of encouragement from Freddy are brief. Nothing fancy and no need to give too many more instructions, these players aren’t going to be able to take much in. ‘Get the ball forward, get it there quick and for the love of Christ DO NOT CONCEDE AGAIN. Dynamo continued controlling the game from the second half onwards, and had chance after chance but couldn’t find that break through goal. Esther was one on one with the keeper but put it wide. Maria also saw a header clip the post on it’s way over and the keeper was equal to another header shortly after. By the 80th minute Dynamo were getting desperate. Maria found himself over 30 yards out with a free kick. ‘Please don’t shoot, please don’t shoot’ were the words Innocent was screaming from the touch line, Freddy was equally concerned as he was trying to get the team lining up for a routine they’d worked on, but Maria stepped up, took a few steps back and the ball flew high, wide and not so handsome as Foresters were given a goal kick. Not to be deterred from that last effort, Maria made amends as from that goal kick the ball was headed clear at the back and Maria picked up the ball out wide on the left. He played it infield to Mussard who held on to it, then played an inch perfect pass into the box, inside right channel and Maria guided the ball towards goal. It glided into the far corner of the goal out of the keepers reach. There was time for one last chance for Foresters. Another long range effort came but was blocked on it’s way to goal, but just inside the area Padayachy (fantastic name!) latched onto it and time stood still. He took 1 touch, then another and another, all the while the Dynamo defence were nowhere to be seen. Freddy and Innocent were screaming towards the players, but as they did the shot came and it was a straight bullet to goal, too straight all things considered, as Horaeau in goal took the ball full flight into his chest and fell to the ground clutching the ball. As the team filled the dressing room after taking in the moment with the 1,455 fans in attendance, there was a couple of bottles of cheap champagne there waiting for them. As much as the team and Freddy wanted to rejoice they knew this cup win would be soon forgotten if the team ended up getting relegated. Some congratulatory words were said, champagne drunk and high fives all round, but they were now having to get back to the grind. They could still be relegated, and Freddy knew it. --------------------------- Cross posted at From the Cheap Seats with images
  20. Chapter 3 - There should be no triumph, before the victory Freddy stood and stared nervously as the clock ticked ever closer to the 90 minute mark. He looked to his assistant manager and asked ‘do you think we need to try anything else? 5 defenders? 1 striker?’ but before Innocent Ladouce could reply the ref had blown the whistle, but not for full time. Mussard was running toward the touchline arms aloft and smiling. He’d just tapped in from close range to give Northern Dynamo a very unlikely point in the game with La Passe. The 1 person in attendance must’ve been ecstatic at the football on show. That point gained was dearly needed as Dynamo now had the Seychellois League Cup coming up, and they were drawn in group B. A cup run is both unwanted and not exactly helpful as Dynamo and Freddy Adu have 1 thing on their mind and that is survival, but a good showing in this cup might transition into some good performances in the league. Freddy and Innocent worked out that the cup could be a way to experiment with tactics in the hope something sticks, and they secure survival off of the back of it. Heading into the first game against Lightstars they went with a 4-4-1-1 set up and limited Lightstars to 3 shots on target, which were comfortably saved. At the other end, Maria cut an isolated figure as Barra in the hole behind the striker looked lost in a drab 0-0 draw. It was scrapped for the next game. A 5-3-2 set up was also scrapped as by half time in the next game against Cote d’Or, Dynamo were losing 3-0. The game ended 4-1. They finally found a set up that stuck, 4-2-4 with the back 4 staying back at all times and the full team in a structured set up. Back to back 2-1 wins over St John’s & St Louis meant this formation as here to stay, for now. Revengers were the next to succumb to the new set up as they were beaten from behind 3-1 in a very even game, but also the best showing in Freddy’s time so far. League leaders, and Freddy’s first opponents as a manager St Michel were up next in the quarter final. No big tactical meeting was needed, as Freddy told the Dynamo players the pressure is all on St Michel and to go out there and play their natural game. The laid back approach worked, as Dynamo actually controlled most of the game, despite conceding early on and conceding after taking the lead, but the performance was promising. There’s no away goal rule in the Seychellois league cup, not that it mattered by the end of the second leg. Again the pre match words were simple, don’t overthink things and just play football. Freddy thought St Michel were firmly concentrating on the league as they went down in a poor showing, 2-0 to Dynamo. ‘Well done everyone, you’ve surprised me getting to the final. Now before we…’ Freddy started as the team were in the dressing room after the second leg ‘Don’t say it boss, we know we’re going to win this game’ Gino Barra, 17 year old forward said ‘I like the enthusiasm Gino, but it’s going to be tough, we’ve got…’ Freddy started, bur was cut off again ‘It’s fine, we’re playing well, Foresters won’t know what hit them when I step on the field’ the young forward said as he stood up and walked to the showers ‘He’s pissing me off’ Freddy said to no one in particular. Foresters needed penalties to make their way to the final, but nonetheless they’re there on merit, as are Dynamo. Survival in the league is mission objective number one, but they’ve stumbled on a 4-2-4 set up that has got them to a cup final. Win or lose, it’s bound to help in the survival quest, maybe, hopefully. --------------------------- Cross posted at From the Cheap Seats with images
  21. Chapter 2 - The opportunity that God sends does not wake up him who is asleep If finding your way into a career as a player is easy, then football management should be just as easy, right? Well no, actually. Before he departed for Ghana, Freddy Adu actually reached out to a number of professional clubs seeking new first team managers. One of his former sides, and the team he shone most for, Real Salt Lake, actually offered him an interview. But during the course of the 73 minute meeting, most of it was discussing his playing career, his accolades, or lack-thereof and hardly touching on why he would make a good manager. They wished him well in his future endeavors, and that was that. Expansion team Minnesota laughed him off, using the excuse of his age as the reason for declining his application. Thinking he had set his sights too high, he reached out to Mexican side Dorados who also declined to offer him an interview. Bermudan side Dandy Town Hornets (great team name) were put off by the fact he hadn’t got any coaching badges. This led to him deciding to give up on the search for a manager role for now. Speaking to Kwame Mundi, one of his oldest friends, who had agreed to come to Ghana for the couple of weeks Freddy first intended to, he had not planned to have anything to do with football and just wanted to relax, however the itch to get involved reared it’s ugly head. African football isn’t really shown outside of Africa, but during the first week or so he managed to watch a lot of games, even attending an Ashanti Gold friendly game. There were plenty of managerial jobs available in Africa, but he felt he wouldn’t get any of the jobs in Ghana at that point, as they were all top division sides. He looked further afield at jobs in Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Cameroon, but nothing jumped out as something a no name manager with no badges would get. Then he had a brainwave. Finally, after playing for over 350 hours managing to get to the final mission in Metal Gear Solid 5, he thought about looking for jobs in The Seychelles, a tiny island nation off the East coast of Africa, sat in the Indian ocean. Most of the teams in The Seychelles are small, semi-pro or amateur teams, and luckily for Freddy, a couple needed a manager. He emailed both the teams that needed a manager, half expecting to not hear anything, but he was pleasantly surprised to be invited to a Skype interview that afternoon. After answering the usual questions with the usual responses ‘I’m a motivator, I can steer the club away from a relegation battle’ and ‘I’m a manager that wants to win now, everything will take care of itself’ he was offered the role at Northern Dynamo on a 6 month contract A couple of days later he and Kwame landed in The Seychelles and much to Freddy’s delight, absolutely no fan fare accompanied his announcement. This Northern Dynamo team is one that had been dragged perilously close to relegation and it was perfect for Freddy’s first job in management. Absolutely no pressure on him to succeed, if the team gets relegated he can say he went in half way through the season and was fighting a losing battle from the off. But if he managed to keep them up, then he can say he went in and saved the team from certain demise. It’s a win win situation all around. Accommodation wouldn’t be an issue. The money he made, of which it was quite a lot as it happens would be used to pay for rent on a small house near a beach in Glacis not far from the teams stadium. As soon as he arrived on his first day there, he was pleased no one knew who he was, or at least no one asked him about it. According to the clubs solitary member of staff, assistant manager by the name of Innocent Ladouce, Marcus Maria is the best player at Dynamo. Not that it’s hard to be the best out of this lot, the coach remarked Good at heading the ball but not much else, long balls forward seemed to be the best bet to get the most out of the star man During that first morning Freddy told the players they have 11 games to save their season ‘And don’t you think for one minute any of you are too good to go down!’ were his final words before they went out for training. As he soon found out, the players in the Seychelles premier league aren’t the most technically gifted footballers, so they’ll need to play basic football and hope to grind out results, at least that’s the feeling early on. The facilities at the club, if you could call them that, consisted of 2 sets of dining chairs at either end of the surface that resembled grass, but looked more like green sand for goal posts, no markings mind you, and the solitary member of staff called the training sessions ‘character building’ or something to that extent. Away against the league leaders St Michel FC was certainly as tough a test any new manager could ask for, in The Seychelles at least, but the Dynamo players were eager to impress, and despite going behind in the first half, they rallied back and produced some good long ball route one football to claim a very well deserved 2-1 win Back to back 4-2 games followed in Freddy’s next 2 games, a win over Cote d’or and a loss away to Lightstars and a poor showing in a 1-0 home loss to Anse Reunion initially sent alarm bells ringing as the team found themselves bottom of the league with 7 games to go. The first real test of Freddy’s young career then, in the form of motivating a team that’s won 3 out of 15 games, 2 of those wins coming in the last 3 weeks since he joined the club ----------------------------- Cross posted at From the Cheap Seats with images
  22. Chapter 1 - Potential is a priceless treasure, just like a mothers love Have you ever played that game Metal Gear Solid the Phantom Pain?’ the slightly younger of the 2 men said ‘No, why do you ask?’ ‘It’s unreal, hands down one of my favourite games of all time. In it you get to build this big oil rig and turn it into a base, and go off doing missions from it’ the younger man continued as the older man let him explain his love for this computer game. ‘I still don’t understand why that’s got anything to do with why we’re here of all places though’ the older man said ‘It’s literally the middle of nowhere’ ‘That’s exactly why we’re here! In the game, they go to The Seychelles, build the base, kicked ass and became heroes. Do you not listen to me when I told you why I’m doing this?’ The older of the 2 nodded, reluctantly, before adding ‘Yes, but surely there’s more, I don’t know, glamorous places? Or places where you’re not literally starting at the bottom? ‘That’s the beauty of it. I want to start here, I want there to be no fan fare, no un-needed attention, and I want to restart my career. If I ever go back to America, I want it to be as a winner, a champion, a great manager, not a has been player that buckled to the hype and couldn’t hack it’. With that the younger man reached into his hand luggage and pulled out a book, and carried on reading Feet of the chameleon. -------------------------------------------- The younger of the men is Freddy Adu, you know him, of course you do. You may not, probably not, have ever seen him play. You know him because he was an absolute beast on Champ Man 04 & 05. Quite literally the best player in either game he was your go to guy on either edition for complete domination. Breaking records for fun at DC United in America, he was labelled the next Pele. He was sent to Real Salt Lake and did well, earning a move to Portugal’s biggest team, Benfica. He flirted with the first team, but never made much of an impact. Various loans around Europe followed, as did getting released, before he found his way back to the MLS with Philadelphia. A short stay there lasted 8 months before he went south to Brazil. Again he didn’t do much there, and Europe called again for yet more short term deals. Blackpool in England, Stabaek in Norway, Alkmaar in Holland & Jagodina in Serbia all offered trials, but no permanent deals were signed. After an unsuccessful spell in Tampa Bay in Florida, Freddy came to the heart wrenching conclusion that his career as a player has been somewhat unsuccessful, ,and that he has decided to call it a day at 27. He puts his lack of progression down to the overwhelming hype of his playing ability, the fact that 2 editions of the game Championship Manager made him the best player in the world also didn’t help. There was talent there for sure, Benfica and Man United don’t come calling unless a player has some talent, but when the stadiums are full of people there to see one person every game, this happening from when he was as young as 13 no less, really put a strain on him. By the time he was in Portugal he was confident, but the weight of the world was on his shoulders. Afraid to shoot in case he missed and was criticised, unwilling to receive passes in case he mis-controlled them, not even calling for the ball in most games and gradually being overlooked put his playing career in free fall. Simple tap ins were put wide, outmuscled on the ball, blocked off it and generally lacking in confidence also played a part. After a self-imposed exile back to his country of birth, Ghana, to collect his thoughts, be alone and decide on the next steps, a sudden realisation hits home. Here he’s a no one. He’s not Freddy Adu superstar in waiting, he’s just Freddy. He’s not the young sensation destined for Man United, Barcelona or AC Milan, he’s just the guy that lives at the end of the road and trains 5 days a week. From the minute he landed back at a relatives house in Tema, he’s finally been able to be himself and not have to worry about what people think about him or his talent. It’s during this time he’s decided on the next steps. Despite it becoming the most despised competition in European football due to the African Cup of Nations, there is a massive misunderstanding and a lack of respect for African football from the wider footballing world. This is the journey of Freddy Adu, once touted as the next big thing but failed to live up to the hype, as he steps away from playing and transitions into the wide world of football management. -------------------------------------------- Cross posted at From the Cheap Seats with images.
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