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  1. Just started a save with the mighty Braintree Town. Predicted to finish 14th and last year they were almost relegated but I'm aiming for top 10 and maybe even promotion, promotion maybe a little too ambitious as I don't sign anyone first season so I'll have a squad of 17 players (3 GK) but will see... Looking forward to starting this properly later, been struggling for motivation this year.
  2. With the delay of FMT21 it's left me with more time to think about who to manage, originally I was going to manage my favourite team Burnley but now I've changed my mind again. I'm now going to manage Elgin City, bit of a road to glory I guess? They have never been past the lowest playable league in Scotland. I'll aim to get them into the SPL, challenge Celtic and Rangers, and then aim for European glory.
  3. I've been playing the FMT20 demo on my laptop to get into the FM groove after the delay. This is the first time I've bought the Touch version, well on PC anyway, I had last year's on the Switch. I gave up on the"full fat FM" year's ago, mainly played mobile lately but it's so easy, can have a player score 100 goals a season who normally would struggle to get double digits.
  4. I also play FMT on a laptop. I played last year's game on my Nintendo Switch but I'm OCD when it comes to FM and I like to have graphics, that the Switch version doesn't let you have, but PC does. In regards to the new features.. ABOUT TIME! Still feel like us Touch players are not wanted, I didn't see anything about squad dynamics, fingers crossed, that isn't in the game. Pointless feature imo.
  5. This is so easy I won the Prem first season with Everyon. Tottenham like a lot of people were crap finished 17th.. But on the other hand I'm not surprised this game is easy, SI only care about money.
  6. That's great! Might help as the mobile version is very close to my heart.
  7. For FM21 I decided to buy the Touch version because FMM20 was hurting my eyes but wow. The features are great, finally being able to arrange friendlies.
  8. Hey@Neil Brockor anyone higher up, any news about Fm21 touch. Feels like we are being forgotten.
  9. Hope everyone is enjoying the beta. If someone would be kind enough to tell me how much Burnley get to spend at the start that be appreciated.
  10. I'll be managing Burnley so I'll like to try sign a skilful winger to bring a bit of flair to the club. Currently thinking of someone like Jon Walters (if he will come out of retirement.)
  11. Seems like we are all in agreement, the press conferences and social interactions are boring.
  12. I'm sorry guys I want to believe as well. Forgive me for I have sinned.
  13. I know it's fun to speculate, but the official FM Twitter said it be 2 weeks before release date, so that will be tomorrow.
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