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  1. May 2025 This is it!. Thanks Ivory Coast for a lovely time, but I need to go. Off to Ghana! Asante Kotoko!
  2. April 2025 First Cup! Lets not talk about the league. I hope we can clutch the second place. Also we will leaving at the end of the season. Idk how, I find myself again with a silverware merchant which is currently underperforming. 1,3 million transfer budget....holy!
  3. Thanks, I will play it later today. Its basicly who wins the duell between us and AFAD. btw Idk if my tactic is broken, I just works and works and works. Its kinda scary.
  4. February 2025 Armand Kalou is our 4th best striker (just 2 1/2*), but he is scoring.
  5. December 2024 Still in both cups. I guess it a two horse race now.
  6. Yes Tanga got relegated last season. Ivory Coast got a decent league. 3 - 4 top teams, a normal league, 2 cups and a good chance of continental football.
  7. November 2024 I guess I need to accept that we are winning by playing dog sh*t. I need to scream so much during games, but it seems to work.
  8. Preseason 2024/25 Transfers: First 2 already done before I arrived. Loaned out 3 players to save wages. Sold 2 wingers. Ofcause I take Teguedi with me! And yes I put me entire budget in him. Alpha Diane joins us from our old club AS Bamako, he wanted to leave Mali. Squad Overview: Goal Guy-Stephane Diomande // Drissa Diallo Right Back Junior Kouadio // Emmanuel Agbadou (loan) Center Back Constant Kouame // Ange Kouadio // Crepin Kouassi // Abdoulaye Niakate Left Back Sherif Jimoh // Aubin Kouame Defensive Mid Brou N'Goh // Banfa Sylla Central Mid El Hassen Teguedi // Abdoulaye Sylla // Alpha Diane // Daouda Diarrassouba Offensive Mid Lassina Doumbia (loan) // Stephane Kone Striker Adama Keita // Junior Karamoko // Armand Kalou // Joel Topo We climbed from 5th to 3rd after the transfers. The target for me is top 4 and might win one of the two cups.
  9. FC San Pedro LOOK AT THE BADGE!! ITS AN ELEPHANT! NO WAY I TURN THIS DOWN!!11 Now I need to get this badge ingame.
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