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  1. Squad March 2023 Time to continue this one. Game One after the retirement of Atiba Hutchinson. Nations League Semi Final against Costa Rica.
  2. GSS Panionios - Season 2025/26 Media Prediction // Transfers + Released Predictions as expected. Cleared out the youth team again and we sold our best player (to this date). Upgrades/Downgrades/Misc Coaching Badge: Cont A -> Cont Pro Youth Recruitment: Good -> Excellent Job Interview: Galatasaray (TUR1) Finished our badges. Upgraded the Recruitment to the big E. And we a job interview from a pretty big team. Kypello Ellados Games We are slowly gettin better in the cup. But with slight injury probl
  3. GSS Panionios - Youth Intake 2026 We got the keeper I wanted and 2 great wingers. Still mostly Greek players. We got our first player from Sykia, Central Macedonia. Intake Map - 2026 Intake Map - All
  4. In my opinion is winning the PL harded. Overall I think England is one of the hardest ones.
  5. We definitely need a keeper in the future, so why not now.
  6. Well thats new for me. I promised him to sell him in the summer, but nobody wanted him. I even offered him out for 0. So he is goes in the U19 with endurance training and double intensity. EDIT Puh... I take that, better then nothing.
  7. GSS Panionios - Season 2024/25 Media Prediction // Transfers + Released Still only 11th in the predicitions, but the odds are looking good. Also we did a slight clean out of the youth team. Upgrades/Downgrades/Misc Coaching Badge: Cont. B -> Cont. A Job Interview: Panathinaikos (GRE 1) If currently working on the Pro Licence. Also its nice to get an offer from one of the biggest team in Greece. Kypello Ellados Games We got into the 6th round around. This time we pulled the big one. We got roughly 200k from the g
  8. GSS Panionios - Youth Intake 2025 Well...we got a superstar in the making! Also a mercenary showed up. Germany and Croatia gettin on the list. Intake Map - 2025 Intake Map - All
  9. Also we got another GG coming. Slowly the team is gettin better.
  10. We got a brillant start to the season. It feels like the team finaly knows the formation and developed into it. Its still early, but maybe we can do it this season.
  11. GSS Panionios - Season 2023/24 Media Prediction // Transfers + Released Upgrades/Downgrades/Misc Job Interview: Atromitos (GRE 1) Kypello Ellados Games This time we got all the way into the 6th round. We managed to beat a tier 1 side in Volos, but lost in the next round vs Giannina. Super League 2 - Regular Season Games Like last season, we managed to get into the Championship group. Super League 2 - Championship Group Games Like last season We finished the season on a 5th pl
  12. GSS Panionios - Youth Intake 2024 Decent intake again. Dionysis looks pretty good (minus his positioning), he got the holy trinity already. No new nationalites. But we got a player from the region of East Macedonia. Intake Map - 2024 Intake Map - All
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