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  1. Squad March 2028 Yes, that the Bruno Varela! He neither got a cap from Portugal or Cap Verde until 2028! He will be now our backup keeper for the WC! Brazao is almost ready!
  2. January 2028 Part 1 New HoYD for Al-Fateh. A cheeky model citizen!
  3. What's Coming Up In 2028? The first half of 2028 will be the rest of the 2nd round of the WC 2030 quali. Also a friendly away in Greece.
  4. End Of Season Review 2027 What a year it was. We went undefeated all year and won WAFF Championship again and the Asian Cup. Also we beat a 2nd tier European team which will be hopefully only the start. Also we are now a top 20 team!
  5. Indeed. This is the top 10 of KSA players, already 5 foreign players. The impact of those players is really noticeable. Not only the players themself, the league and nation went up and we got some nice KSA players. I think we can do some big things in 2030. Maybe even win this thing. There are so many games to play now in the WC, remember USA won it in 2026.
  6. December 2027 Part 1 Both players bringing more competition to the national team.
  7. November 2027 Part 5 What a player his is for this club and nation.
  8. November 2027 Part 3 Tough game vs Ulsan. The 2nd leg will be hard.
  9. November 2027 Part 2 Finished the year 2027 with a demolition job. Firas got now the same goals for KSA as for Al-Nassr.
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