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  1. Thank you, I hope you enjoyed it. I will take a slight break, blame FIFA for that.
  2. October 2028 We are playing really well. Roger is so ready for the Bundesliga, glad I didnt sold him for 20 mio last season.
  3. Squad Overview & Transfer - Summer 2028 Transfers OUT Kacprzycki was sold before I arrived, so we had some nice money to build a team. Armbruster was a 15 yr old striker regen with bad mentals and now finishing, so I took bid and ge went for 7 mio + 50% sell on. Transfers IN With 10 days before the first game I need so trusted personal. So I took 3 players with me, with 2 players (Diallo and Ngomba) not even featured this season. HSV had an avarage keeper on 57k/week wage so I went through my shortlist and went for Okada, which In
  4. August 2028 Great start considering the players still needs to learn the formation and how they play together. The database is a bit messed up, since Hertha II cant play in the cup. But its the only mistake. You might see some familiar names.
  5. Preseason 2028/29 Part 2 Only played the game vs Valencia. They are a top 6 side in Spain, so I take that. He is the main man of this team. I take that as a good sign
  6. Its time to say goodbye... The job interview was a success. So we take over and bring some glory back to the HSV. We are on the way to a 4th league title. We are leaving a great squad with great potential and high value. They are also like 10-12 player out on loan, which are really good.
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